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The Secret Masonic Victory of WW2 – Part 7 – Freemasonry and the Occult

The Virus Apocalypse is the Zio Globalist Shutdown


Revealing the scientific truth about the CoVid-19 Virus and why the crisis is manmade!

Talking Frankly – David Irving

Here is a newly uploaded interview (given in 2009) by British „Real History“ Historian, David Irving. The interview itself is an unedited, uncut „privately filmed interview” lasting over 2 hours, and entitled, „Talking Frankly”. This interview was only, until now, available on DVD. It was filmed in April 2009.

NOTE: About 4 seconds are cut off right at the end of the interview. The end of his sentence, and the talk, is „… to try and find the answers. Thank you for listening.”

The blurb on the DVD jacket states:

In April 2009 David Irving sat for a privately filmed interview lasting many hours, designed to become the basis of a major documentary on his life and his often controversial opinions on history. Eventually the film will be released with full documentation, newsreel inserts, and all the other paraphernalia and embellishments of film history. What we have here however is film in the raw, uncut and unedited, ready for the producer’s knife and the editor’s brush and palette.

In the first part of this film, the writer talks about the England he comes from, the way in which he formed his beliefs, and how he became one for the world’s bestselling historians – through perseverance with sources, and fair play towards defeated enemies. The story takes a sinister turn, as he relates how the traditional enemies of free speech mounted a global vendetta to silence him around the world – but failed.

In the second part, the writer talks about the controversy surrounding what has, since the 1970s, become known as the Holocaust, and what historians should make of it. he will enrage both friend and foe in this two-hour unvarnished talk; but they may find it hard to fault his arguments.

And on Irving’s website, Jaenelle writes:

As the description says, this DVD is completely unedited. Mr Irving really is „talking frankly“. The first part of the DVD is about his life and career and the second part addresses a lot of FAQ about the holocaust. Fans of David Irving, particularly those who don’t have an opportunity to attend his talks in person, will enjoy this DVD about their favourite author and historian.

It is actually a very interesting and entertaining interview. Most notable I thought was he comments, as someone else as stated, that the ‘death toll in the Rheinhardt camps to around 2 million’, that he claims, ‘that limited gassings took place at Auschwitz in „the red room“ and „the white room“ (the „red” and „blue” houses, or „bunker 1” and „bunker 2.”) out back when jews that were too old or couldn’t work arrived’, and that ‘this comes from the personal papers of Auschwitz Deputy Kommadant Hans Aumeier which he found back in 1992.’

The Secret Masonic Victory of WW2 – Part 6 – The Mexican Revolution

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Ernst Zündel – Genocide by Propaganda (Part 1)


This is the very first video documentary ever made by Ernst Zündel. It consists of Ernst Zündel along with a Swedish historian and an American military analyst, and was recorded in Canada in 1983.

It’s a VERY detailed examination (made with numerous “documented sources”) regarding the “Death camp of all death camps”, Auschwitz!

The Secret Masonic Victory of WW2 – Part 3 – Holodomor – Death by Famine

Sylvia Stolz: The Reality of Freedom of Expression (English Audio)



Sylvia Stolz, a criminal defense lawyer, was a member of Ernst Zündel’s defense team during his free speech trial in Germany in 2006/2007. Due to her confrontational defense style, she was eventually banned from defending Zündel. Zündel was convicted to serve a five-year prison sentence for revisionist statements he had made online and in print, even though those statements were and are perfectly legal in the US and in Canada, from where he had distributed his statements.

Following the trial, Stolz was herself put on trial for written statements she had made while defending Zündel in court. In January 2008 she was convicted and sentenced to a 3½-year prison term for defending her client. On November 2012 Stolz was a guest speaker at the Anti-Censorship Coalition’s 8th conference held at Chur, Switzerland, to which she had been invited by Ivo Sasek, the founder of this Swiss association to speak about her experience.

Her presentation was not about history but about freedom of speech and her inability to defend her client without herself violating Germany’s anti-holocaust-denial laws. Almost a year after her speech, in January 2013, the Swiss lawyer Daniel Kettiger filed a criminal complaint against Sylvia Stolz and Ivo Sasek for violating the Swiss anti-racism law, Section 261bis of the Swiss Penal Code. Sylvia was subsequently sentenced to an additional 20 months in jail.

Ursula Haverbeck – “Questions upon Questions” Holocaust German Courts violate Constitution