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New World Order – Communism by the Backdoor – Part 2

By Denis Wise

This episode shows the roots of the NWO and how it works today. It also shows the connection with the occult.

Dr. Stanley Monteith (Narrator) Sarah McKechnie (Lucis trust) interview.

If anyone does not believe my work … please be my guest and prove me wrong. I have shown my evidence. Please provide yours.

Part 3:

Part 1:

Firestorm over Dresden: A Real Holocaust

On the night of February 13th, 1945 there began one of the most controversial raids of World War 2 – the bombing of Dresden. It is a controversy which still rages today. This documentary, taking into account the latest historical evidence, attempts to shed new light on this event.

Contemporary witnesses, previously unheard, describe the events and the terror of what it was like to be in Dresden through the night of bombing.

The film combines archive images of pre-war Dresden with a night of remembrance 45 years later in the Palace of Culture. Using information from Winston Churchill’s diaries the outspoken historian David Irving painted a comprehensive picture of the time, the background to the bombing, and the strategies employed.

Above all this film was made as a memorial to the loss of human life and of great works of art, and as a warning of the future. It is a demand for peace and a plea for humanity.

Our Patience Has Its Limits!

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The 77-th anniversary of the Anschluss!

The 77-th anniversary of the Anschluss!

The Awaken Austria!

Today is the 77-th anniversary of the Anschluss (the unification) of Austria with the German Reich! 99,7% of the Austrian Germans supported the unification! The private footage in my two videos unconditionally proves this!

Heil Hitler!

The Zionist War on Free Speech

By Dr. David Duke

In the Shadow of Hermes


The documentary “In the Shadow of Hermes” by Jüri Lina shows how freemasons, international bankers, and communists joined forces in an unholy alliance and through the Bolshevik Revolution of November 1917 established in Russia the most brutal and dehumanizing slave society the world has ever seen.

The film “In the Shadow of Hermes” is an important documentation of those financial masonic (VN: Khazar international Zionist banking) forces that cold-bloodedly worked behind the scenes through communism to profit from the suffering of others.

The director, Jüri Lina, stresses that it is his duty to tell the truth about communism and its grey eminences, and not just superficially treat its psychopathic symptoms, while the truth today is not highly valued.

73 years since the German Crusade against the Bolshevism!

Jews Introduce Themselves

A picture book published by Julius Streicher, caricatures by Phlilipp Rupprecht ‘Fips’. You can order the English translation from

Jud Süss / Jew Suess (1940)

In this notorious NS propaganda historical film, a conniving, ambitious Jewish businessman, Suess Oppenheimer, snares a post as treasurer to the Duke of Wurttemburg by showering the corrupt duke with treasure and promises of even greater riches. As the Jew’s schemes grow more elaborate and his actions more brazen, the dukedom nearly erupts into civil war. Persuaded by the Jew, the Duke all but scuttles the constitution and alienates the assembly by lifting the local ban on Jews in Stuttgart. In a final outrage, the Jew rapes a wholesome German girl and tortures her father and fiancee. When the Duke succumbs to a sudden heart attack, the assembly of Elders try the Jew and sentence him to death for having “carnal knowledge of a Christian woman.”

Directed by Veit Harlan; music by Wolfgang Zeller; featuring Ferdinand Marian, Werner Krauss, Heinrich George, and Kristina Söderbaum.

Germany, 1940, B&W, 95 minutes, German dialogue, English subtitles.

GPU (1942)

Produced shortly after war broke out with the Soviet Union, the melodrama GPU draws its title from the initials for “Government Political Administration,” the Soviet state police. This dreaded organization enforced repressive laws, crushed dissent and combated the influence abroad of anti-Communist Russian émigrés. Invading the USSR in 1941, German leaders anticipated the GPU would mobilize Marxists in German-occupied Europe to sabotage the war effort. This film exposes GPU methods as criminal and subversive, of service purely to the Kremlin and detrimental to other lands. Wartime Germany’s only directly anti-Soviet feature film, GPU dramatizes the ordeal of a Baltic couple coerced into spying for Russia. The lovers find unexpected help from a female Soviet agent secretly working to avenge her family’s murder by the GPU years before. Action, suspense and romance combine to make GPU among the Third Reich’s most acclaimed motion pictures, with elements later incorporated into post-war Hollywood spy thrillers. Directed by Karl Ritter; music by Herbert Windt; featuring Laura Solari, Will Quadflieg, and Andrews Engelman. Germany, 1942, B&W, 81 minutes, German dialogue English subtitles.

Here is a download link:!SVsyDSyT!N-yiRikAqgq8l9K1hzuZ3XloQFEBFuGO4ipNeqK_lBY

GPU Film Poster