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The Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery Part I: What Jewish Historians Say

Dr. David Duke exposes the Jewish role in the African and global slave trade.

Jews Behind Race Mixing



By: Dr. Edward R. Fields

circa 1970



Jew Civil Rights Bill Author — Jacob Javits
Jews Behind Race-Mixing in America
The Answers Are Complex
Here Are the Facts
From Their Own Mouths — The Jews Reveal Their Plans
Jews Raise Money for Blacks
Lawyers for Militants Are Jews
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Don’t Date Non-Jews
Why the Jews Seek the Mongrelization of the White Christian People
Self-Hate Instilled Within Whites
Charge Whites Guilty of Negroes’ Crimes
New Jersey’s Little Riot Commission
Communist Party Fought for Race Mixing
Millionaire Jews Back the Black Revolution
NAACP — A Jewish Organization
Jew Civil Rights Bill Author — Emanuel Celler


jews-behind-race-mixing2Sen. Jacob Javits (above) at a dinner given by the Joint Defense Appeal, a Jewish Fund raising organization, at the Hotel Plaza, in N.Y. on Oct. 24, 1957, called on President Eisenhower to name immediately the members of the CIVIL RIGHTS COMMISSION called for under the new Civil Rights Law.

At the time Javits was running for the U.S. Senate, there was much ado about his Red-front associations.

Cong. Emanuel Celler and Sen. Jacob Javits, both Zionists, were the authors of the infamous;

Civil Rights Bill.


The purpose of this article is to prove, through documented evidence that Jews in America are the prime movers and guiding force behind the massive attempt to mongrelize the White Christian people with the Black Race.

Of course everyone realizes that there are many gullible and brainwashed Gentiles working toward this same end.

But the movement to mix the races in America is most definitely sparked and financed by organized Jewry in every city of any size in America containing a formal Jewish community.

The first question which arises is why are the Jews so fanatical in their zeal to integrate the races and why do they intensely resist mixing of their own blood with either us White Christians, or the Blacks?


In order to understand Jewish thinking on this matter, one must first recognize that the Jews are a very unique people.

The Jews are bound to one another by three different means— which no other people in the world have in common.

  1. The Jews have one religion—Judaism!
  2. The Jews are of one nation—Israel!
  3. The Jews are of one Race!

Race is defined as a group of people who have inbred with their own kind for centuries and exhibit like features and characteristics. Thus the Jews of today are a tight-knit race, and highly conscious of the great gulf which separates them from White Christians.

Gentiles do not have even the basic rudiments of unity existing in Jewry. We are of many different churches, different nationalities and from divided language groups of Europe. Feuds, wars, jealousy and hatreds have always divided our White Folk.

This division has made it easy, for a skillful and highly organized Jewish minority to dominate us.

If anyone is in doubt about Jewish control over our daily lives, let them check on who owns all the stores on Main Street. Find out who controls the three T. V. Networks. (Sarnoff heads NBC, Paley (Palensky) heads CBS and David Goldenson heads ABC.)

Check who controls Hollywood, or which racial group controls many of the giant combines buying controlling interest in thousands of formerly Christian owned companies in America!


Within each Jewish Community in every city of any size in America the Jews operate numerous organizations. They are designed to guide and control the lives of every Jew. They are also constructed to give the Jews a tremendously powerful single voice in American politics. Almost every Christian politician lives in dread of offending his local Jewish community. He knows that if he does not tread softly, listen to their every demand, endorse aid to Israel and sale of Israeli Bonds, support United Jewish Appeal—the Jews will vote for the man against him, spend a fortune to elect his next opponent, and direct the local daily press in a hate campaign against him.

All the small Jewish clubs and social groups are united under the American Jewish Committee. All Jew businessmen belong to a secret society called “B’nai B’rith” and they have their own secret spy agency called the “Anti-Defamation League.” These are the groups that harass Right-Wing Patriots and seek to control elected politicians and the daily press. But, their most important mission of all, is to integrate the White Christian people to produce an indolent, Mulatto race for the future.


The following are especially selected quotes from the most important Jewish leaders in America concerning the integration of the races.

Aaron Goldman addressing the National Council of Jewish Women said:

We Jews have played a significant part in securing laws for Negroes that guarantee equality. We have raised the expectations of American Negroes and must not allow them to become frustrated, angry, and desperate if their dreams fail to materialize. The Negro must enter the mainstream of American life.

Mrs. Joseph Willen, president of the National Council of Jewish Women reported on April 9, 1968 that:

Jewish parents must intensify their fight in behalf of the American Negro’s struggle for racial justice and economic opportunity.

Our children ask us to look forward, not backward. We cannot bind our young people to us by reciting past persecutions.

We must set an example far Jewish youth by intensifying efforts in behalf of increased employment for Negroes and to aid anti-poverty programs. This is the best way to combat White backlash.

Sen. Jacob Javits addressing the National Commission of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League in 1967 said:

The Negroes’ struggle for equal rights is of vital importance to American Jews, and is the most important struggle in the United States.

Jewish support of the Negroes’ aspirations for equality should be regarded as a badge of honor.

Sen. Javits called for massive aid to Negroes and asked for the taxpayers to provide $35 billion over the next 10 years to raise the Black man up to the level of Whites. He also called for the adoption of a guaranteed annual wage at double the amount called for by President Nixon.

Philip M. Klutznick, Vice-President of the Anti-Defamation League at the same convention said:

Jewish communities have set the pattern in the area of ‘social action’ in America. The outpouring of Federal funds for poverty programs during the next 25 years will give the Jewish community an opportunity to redistribute their resources and redirect their energies in the most meaningful religious, cultural and special educational activities for Jews that history has ever known. Major Jewish organizations must unite to set up long range survey communities to establish the goals and priorities of American Jewish communities over the next three decades.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Readers should re-read this last paragraph. Jews run the poverty aid and urban renewal programs in many cities. It is not an admission that this tax money is being used by Jews to build political power for Jews).

Saul M. Linowitz, former ambassador to the Organization of American States, told the Zionist woman’s order, Hadassah at its 53rd meeting at Miami Beach:

The bedrock for civil rights is nothing less than economic rights, school integration and the right to vote.

jews-behind-race-mixing3SAUL ALINSKY Trains Black revolutionists.

Rabbi Arthur J. Lelyveld, addressing last year’s American Jewish Congress meeting in Miami Beach said:

All of us must be prepared to make any sacrifice necessary to achieve an effective program aimed at achieving economic justice for the negro. We must make the economic sacrifice of paying higher taxes to win the more important war on poverty at home.

Former Justice Abe Fortas, (removed from the Supreme Court for taking bribes from the corrupt Jew financier, Louis Wolfson) told a dinner of the American Jewish Committee in July of 1968 in New York City:

The battles of the non-Whites for equality in America are essentially the same as those of the Jew, and the Jews must help in his struggle.

Albert Vorspan, addressing the National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods in Miami Beach on Oct. 28, 1969, said:

We Jews should know something about the outer limits of frustration and rage of the Black Communities. We who have suffered better understand the anguish of the Black man today.

jews-behind-race-mixing4MAX FISHER Millionaire Jew Republican finances Black Militants.

Theodore Bikel, Jewish folk singer and star in the play, “Fiddler On The Roof” in a speech of July, 1969, in a Jewish temple in Honolulu said:

A strong commitment to civil rights is implicit in Judaism.

We must speak out against discrimination.

Rabbi Maurice N. Eisendrath, president of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, on Oct. 26, speaking in Miami Beach called for a five year moratorium on the space program and an immediate ceasefire in Vietnam. The rabbi said this would free billions of tax dollars which could be immediately funneled into the Black ghetto:

Call it reparations or simple justice, but some form of restitution is owed to the Negro.

America must rush massive aid to the Negro the way aid has been rushed to the Jews of Israel.


Jewish publications are filled with countless articles about Jews raising money for militant negro causes. The Emma Lazarus Federation in New York City raised thousands of dollars for Martin Luther King’s now infamous Selma, Alabama march. Each year Mrs. Edward M. Warburg, wife of the multi-millionaire international Jewish banker, raises millions for the United Negro College Fund.

The most sensational and publicized fund raising dinner was held by wealthy Leonard Bernstein in his plush Park Avenue apartment for the 21 Black Panthers on trial for bombings in New York City. It was a sight to behold, in Bernstein’s elegant duplex apartment, the Jewesses in evening gowns, welcoming Black Panthers wearing wild beards, bushy Afro-hair styles and blue jeans.

The wife of the famous director of the New York Philharmonic, Mrs. Bernstein said later to the press:

This was not a frivolous party, but a chance for all of us to hear what’s happening to them. They’ve really been treated very inhumanely. The trial of the 21 New York Black Panthers has had me very upset.

Here we have the rich affluent left-wing, whose children all go to exclusive private schools, consorting with the Black militant radicals who are out to destroy this nation. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Bernstein personally made out a check for $12,000 to help the Black Panthers at the dinner.

Two other fund raising parties have been held in New York by millionaire Jews to raise money for the murderous Black Panthers. John Simon, a Jew editor at T.V. panelist Bennet Cerf’s Random House Publishers, gave a similar party, as did Jew film director Sidney Lumet.


In almost every case of radical militants who are caught burning, killing and bombing, we find Jewish lawyers ready to defend them. Eldridge Cleaver, who fled the U. S. to escape prison was represented by the Jew Charles Garry.

The New York 21 are defended by the Jews Gerald B. Lefcourt and Sanford Katz. Of course everyone knows that the “Chicago Seven” (4 were Jews) revolutionaries were defended by the Jew legal team of Leonard Weinglass and William Kunstler.

jews-behind-race-mixing5JACK GREENBERG, lawyer who heads NAACP legal fund explains how busing should take place in Houston, Texas.

Jew lawyers are also pushing for integration of White suburbs. A Harvard trained lawyer named Roger N. Beilenson heads “Westchester Residential Opportunities, Inc.

They purchase homes in fine White neighborhoods for $16,000 up to $50,000 and then re-sell them to Blacks. Beilenson was a former housing director for the Urban League.

Both the Rockefeller Foundation and (Jew) Aaron Norman Foundation have given tax free grants to further his work.

The New York Times” of Sept. 19, 1966, really let the cat out of the bag when it admitted:

 The Jewish community has long been the financial backbone of the civil rights movement. … No special commission on race is needed to arouse Jewish support for civil rights activity in the South. … Jewish support for civil rights is still high.

And, of course, we all know that Jack Greenberg is the head of the NAACP Legal Fund and is responsible for filing all of the suits which have resulted in so much suffering by innocent White children forced into mixed schools by this Jewish conspiracy.


Rabbi Abraham Feinberg of Canada has won the nickname, “The Red Rabbi” for his visits to North Vietnam and efforts on behalf of communist causes. In the Maclean’s Review magazine of Sept. 5, 1967 he states:

Until we learn to fight our ingrown fears of sexual relations between the races, the end of the race problem will not be in sight. Only when we no longer raise our eyebrows at the sight of a Negro holding hands with a White girl will the West have begun to tear the racial poison from its vitals.

Such a change will involve an inside-out remodelling of the White psyche, for our fear of mixed marriages is deeply rooted. But the change must begin sometime. Why not now!

If anything, the law should encourage, not forbid, the intermingling of ‘bloods’. Marches and civil-rights demonstrations can dramatize the immediate imperative of justice. Religious teaching can now enunciate the challenge of brotherhood.

Fair-employment laws and other civil rights legislation can protect minorities from overt discrimination.”

Plan for the Future

The great ideal of Judaism. … is that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teachings, and that in a Universal Brotherhood of Nations—a greater Judaism, in fact—all the separate races and religions shall disappear.

— from the Jewish World, 9th Feb. 1883

ONE WORLD, ONE RACE … the deliberate encouragement of interracial marriages is the only way to hasten this process. And it may be that time is growing short. The dominance of our world has begun to shift, like cargo in a listing vessel, from the White races to the colored.

Thus Rabbi Feinberg urges our White Christian people to surrender the blood of our forefathers and commit racial suicide by helping mongrelize the White race through interracial marriage!


Here we find the great contradiction in Jewish teachings.

While preaching the most extreme forms of race-mixing at inter-religious meetings and on college campuses in the press, on T.V. and Hollywood, the Jews tell their own youth a completely different story in the confines of the Synagogue.

Dr. Immanuel Jakobovits, Chief Rabbi of England, said in the “New York Times”:

Intensive Jewish education must cover youths between 13 and 18.

He said that unless they are warned of the dangers of inter-marriages:

The whole fabric of the Jewish structure will suffer irreparable harm and damage.

Rabbi Pesach Z. Levovitz, president of the Rabbinical Council of America said in the “New York Times,” Jewish;

religious leaders must exercise all of their influence to stop mixed marriages between Jews and non-Jews. Those who marry out of the faith disappear within the preponderant Christian religions and cultural community.


England’s Chief Rabbi, Immanuel Jakobovits recently made a visit to New York, and in point blank terms declared:

Jewish teenagers shouldn’t date non-Jews. … Interfaith marriage is something we view with horror, almost as apostasy. For Jews the problem of intermarriage is the problem of sheer survival. Countless Jewish martyrs did not die for their faith so that we might fritter away our heritage.

We would like to ask the rabbi; What about White Christians whose countless ancestors fought and died so that our race might be preserved? Is not the blood line of our people worth saving in the light of the importance the Jews place on this question? The Jews are not called “bigots” and “race prejudiced” when they fight against inter-marriage for their own kind. Yet, these same leftist Jews attack and vilify every White Christian who dares stand up for racial purity for our folk.

jews-behind-race-mixing6JOSEPH POGÁNY alias SCHWARTZ.

A FAMOUS JEW who came to America from Moscow in 1928 to write the first Civil Rights platform for the U. S. Communist Party.

jews-behind-race-mixing7DAVID GINSBURG. Wrote Riot Commission Report charging Whites were responsible for Negro riots.


The most cleverly contrived scheme in the history of race relations is now being employed by the Jews to break down the resistance of the White race. It is an elaborate plan to make White people ashamed of the color of our skin. It is deliberately designed to give us an inferiority complex whereby we will feel compelled to bring about our own racial destruction to rectify the superior position we naturally hold over the Black race.

It is even more clearly spelled out in a book written back in 1912 by a Communist theoretician named Israel Cohen of London, England. It is titled, “A Racial Program For The Twentieth Century” and has been published in the Congressional Record of June 7, 1957, and even entered as a paid ad some years ago in the Atlanta newspapers by Gov. Lester Maddox (then a prominent restaurant owner). Israel Cohen wrote:

We must realize that our Party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By pounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the Whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. The terms colonialism and imperialism must be featured in our propaganda.

In America, we will aim for a subtle victory. While inflaming the negro minority against the Whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes.

We will aid the negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the negroes will be able to intermarry with the Whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.


This is the most diabolical plan ever conceived, to instill “self-hate” within White people so that we will embrace the Black race in order to “up-lift” them to our level (an impossibility). The plan goes much further and is a master hoax fostered by Jews upon our people.


In March of 1968 Lyndon Johnson’sCommission on Civil Disorder” issued their report on the bloody and destructive negro riots which swept many of our major cities that previous summer. The full time staff director of the Commission was the Jew David Ginsburg. With a $1 million dollar budget, and 200 employees Ginsburg spent 7 months ‘investigating’ the riots. The final report, which he personally drafted found:

Of the filth, crime and slums in which the Negro lives, White institutions created it, White institutions maintain it, and White society condones it — White racism is essentially responsible for the explosive mixture which has been accumulating in our cities since the end of World War II.”

The crux of the million dollar report was that — WE WHITE PEOPLE ARE TO BLAME FOR THE NEGRO RIOTS!

Many Americans openly expressed their outrage at Ginsburg’s findings. But most people missed the real point in question, that this was a brazen attempt to instill an inferiority complex in masses of White Christian Americans in one grand sweep.

We are supposed to feel guilty for the oppression Blacks have experienced in the past. Now we should want to throw ourselves at the feet of the negroes and beg for their forgiveness. The Jews would like for our vast masses to adopt the attitude of the young White girl from San Francisco, whose story was reported in The Thunderbolt. She said she was looking for a negro man to marry, so that in her own individual way she could try to make up some of the oppression Negroes had suffered.

Of course the truth of the story is that the American negro has a far higher standard of living than negroes have in ANY of their own countries in Africa. We do not owe the Black man anything. In fact the negro has shown us the height of ingratitude to the fact that we lifted them out of jungle savagery, gave them sanitary homes for the first time, jobs, welfare, free medical care, poverty aid and free food.

But, David Ginsburg says that we have not done enough.

His Riot Commission Report advocates raising the negro to a real life of luxury by the following methods:

  1. The spending of $10 billion a year on poverty aid and welfare.
  2. Create 2 million federal jobs for Blacks. Guarantee every negro a job.
  3. Provide a Guaranteed annual wage to all negroes who do not want to work.
  4. Build 6 million new dwellings for negroes in White suburbs with either subsidized or free rent.

This is Ginsburg’s plan to chain the White worker to a lifetime of tax slavery to make the negro an elite class of citizens to whom we third class Whites owe a free living.


Also in 1968, former New Jersey Gov. Richard J. Hughes appointed a “blue ribbon” committee to investigate the bloody Newark riots. Once again a Jew named Sanford Jaffe, wound up as executive director of this commission. You guessed it, he also found that White people were guilty of the crimes of the blacks! Sounds unbelievable, even insane, yet when you control the news media, you can make the right seem wrong and change lies into truth.

The Jaffe Commission found the following:

  1. National Guardsmen used excessive force in shooting rioters and looters.
  2. Police antagonize negroes, thus encouraging them to disorder.
  3. More Black police are needed as well as civilian review boards.
  4. Elimination of bail is needed so negroes can be released from jail with less difficulty.
  5. (following point is quoted word for word because it is so hard to believe anyone would claim this:)

Widespread violence in the nation’s urban slums would have happened sooner had not the Negro been patient and forbearing.

  1. Jaffe’s final point absolved the negro of any blame for the riots and said there was no organized conspiracy behind the rioting.


The 1928 Civil Rights Program of the U. S. Communist Party was written by Joseph Pogany. This was the first [party] in America to adopt a civil rights program and the major parties copied them after World War Two.

Pogany was a Jew, born in Moscow and sent to America in 1928 to help build the U. S. Communist Party. Using the alias Joseph Schwartz, he wrote the following program which the Reds adopted and distributed all over America.


  1. Abolition of the whole system of race discrimination and insure full racial equality.
  2. Insure Negroes the right to vote.
  3. Abolish all Jim Crow laws and forbid discrimination against Negroes in selling or renting houses.
  4. Abolish all laws forbidding intermarriage of persons of different races.
  5. Assure full integration of public schools and universities.
  6. Equal admittance of Negroes to railway stations, waiting rooms, hotels, restaurants and theatres.
  7. Full integration of the Army and Navy.
  8. Allow negroes to join all labor unions.
  9. Equal employment opportunity for Negroes.

Every single one of the Jew Pogany’s original Platform points have today been adopted and put in force by both of the Jew influenced Democratic and Republican Parties.


Some people find it difficult to understand how a millionaire Jew can be a staunch supporter of the Black Militant Communist Revolution. It is because of their Jewish nature according to one of the richest Jews in America, Max Fisher of Detroit. Max Fisher owns the Marathon Oil Co. and the Fisher Theater chain. He sits on the board of directors of Michigan Consolidated Gas Co. and Michigan Bell Telephone Co., is chairman of Fruehauf Trucking Co., a director in Allen Industries and Safran Printing Co. and a partner in the huge $150 million Somerset Park apartment project in Troy, Michigan.

Being a militant revolutionary has not stopped him from declaring himself a Republican, and he is George Romney’s chief campaign fund raiser. He recently represented President Nixon at a meeting of Jewish leaders in New York City.

He told them Nixon had assured him Israel would receive all the aid she needs. On the negro question, no one can claim to be more radical than Max Fisher, who the “Detroit News of Feb. 23, 1969 quotes:

My fellow Jews must enter the great American Equal Rights Revolution. The growth of the Black Power concept is healthy because there was no leadership before. Militancy and turmoil are good, because it shows that the Negro is himself concerned and involved. We are in a revolution and the Negro has to be allowed to develop. I think that through my Jewishness I have a feeling of what the Negro wants. It comes from an empathy that springs from my Jewishness.

Or take the Jew Saul Alinsky whose activities are financed by the Jew owned Midas Muffler Co. Alinsky heads a radical group called F.I.G.H.T. They led riotous picketings and demonstrations by Blacks demanding jobs at the Kodak Film Co. in Rochester, N. Y. They succeeded in blackjacking the company into giving them hundreds of jobs.

Alinsky now operates a school for Black revolutionaries— still financed by the Jewish owned Midas Muffler Corp. Recently he said:

Just think of all the hell we kicked up in the past with only four or five organizers. Now we will be turning them out by the hundreds.


Last but not least is the NAACP. The largest and best financed of all the groups fighting for the mongrelization of the White race. This organization has never had a negro as its head.

For the first 35 years of the NAACP’s formal existence it was run by two millionaire Jewish brothers. Joel Spingarn was president of the NAACP from 1920 until his death in 1939. Thereupon his brother Arthur Spingarn ran it until 1966. Due to old age, he turned the presidency over to Kivie Kaplan, a millionaire Jew shoe manufacturer from Boston, Mass. He heads it to this day. Roy Wilkins is merely his secretary and front dressing for the outer office.

The real mastermind behind the NAACP’s massive legal offensive which is almost solely responsible for the destruction of all the South’s laws and traditions keeping the races separate, including all the major school mixing decisions, were suits brought by Jack Greenberg, Jewish head of the NAACP Legal and Defense Fund.

The Jews visualize themselves in a never ending cold war with the White Christian people. They know that we are an independent and freedom loving people. The Jew knows that our individualism springs from the restless creative spirit of our race. They know that eventually our White race will revolt against Jewish economic, cultural and racial domination of our people.

They have but one hope, to put the White race to sleep through assimilation with the lazy, mindless, leaderless, shiftless and slave-like Negro race. As Mulattoes our future descendants would make obedient workers under Jewish masters.

The Jews are organized to prevent assimilation of their racial blood with either us White Christians or the Blacks.

They stand to be the only race in the future which will be mentally alert if mongrelization conquers our unborn descendants to come.

We are now, TODAY in a life and death STRUGGLE for racial survival. We are faced by a tight knit, political machine which is hell bent upon using its money power to destroy our White Folk. The time has come for every White man, woman and child in America to take his stand. The National States Rights Party provides our fellow White brothers with the best fighting attack program in existence to defeat this evil conspiracy.

Remember that your life upon this earth is but a very short one. We are placed here to create a decent and wholesome society in which our children can be raised and propagate. It is our duty to keep the race separate so as to provide for the everlasting continuation of future generations.

This is our God given mission upon this earth. Are you doing your part while there is yet still time to preserve the White race? It is a task more important than your personal life itself. Sacrifice and struggle lie ahead and we must be prepared to give our all for the SALVATION of God’s real ‘Chosen People’, —The White Race. Our White Race is responsible for the concepts of Liberty and Civilization which we have given to the entire world.

Always remember the following quotation from the late Sen. Theodore G. Bilbo who fought all his life to maintain the separation of the races:

If our buildings, our highways, our railroads should be wrecked, we could rebuild them. If our cities should be destroyed, out of the very ruins we could erect newer and greater ones. Even if our armed might should be crushed, we could rear sons who would redeem our power.

But if the blood of our White race should become corrupted and mingled with the blood of Africa, then the present greatness of the United States of America would be destroyed and all hope for civilization would be as impossible for a negroid America as would be redemption and restoration of the White man’s blood which had been mixed with that of the negro.


jews-behind-race-mixing8Congressman “MannyEmanuel Celler (above), Zionist Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee is one of the boastful authors and defenders of the infamous Celler “CIVIL RIGHTS BILL,” which was prepared as part of the plan. to disorganize and condition the U.S. for the Communist take-over.

He gave a “BOYCOTT AMERICANS” speech in the House of Representatives on Aug. 28, 1957, which appears in the Congressional Record of Sept. 11, 1957, on page A-7475. It seems he is more concerned with the welfare of ISRAEL than that of the U.S.

Jewish Blackmail and Sex Slave Island


jeffrey-epsteins-island-1by David Sims

IT MIGHT BE WISE for someone to find out which of the people who have recently been much in the news have ever gone to a party on, or paid a visit to, Little Saint James in the US Virgin Islands. The island, now often called “Sex Slave Island,” is about 140 km east of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and it is owned by billionaire Jew Jeffrey Epstein, a sex offender who has been convicted of molesting children. He received a 13-month nighttime-only sentence in a resort-style prison, a mere slap on the wrist for which he can probably thank his Jewishness, along with a “non-prosecution agreement” from the federal government for any further charges.

One of the ways to keep a politician under control and a slave to your agenda is to get kiddie-sex blackmail on him. Every “private” room in Epstein’s Pedophile Fun House was reportedly equipped with video cameras and recording equipment. It is likely that the Clintons, as detestable as they are, aren’t the ultimate root of the evil that afflicts American society. It might be Jews like Epstein. After one visit to their spider lairs, your elected official will never again be a free man, and his loyalty will never again belong to his constituents.

It might be the case that so many of our Washington politicians have come under the blackmailing thumb of Jews that none of them dares denounce any of the others, not even as a gambit for winning a close election, for fear of having fingers of blame pointing right back at him. Should one of our elected officials actually be innocent of raping children at these little-known Jewish-owned resorts, he would likely be silent also, fearing to provoke any of the guilty into sending assassins after him.

Jeffrey Epstein has a number of cover activities going on. His island has a medical research institute and some sort of forum where physicists and astrophysicists sometimes gather to hear lectures and the latest theories about gravity and the universe and stuff.

jeffrey-epsteins-island-2Part of Jeffrey Epstein’s “facilities” on Little Saint James Island

But his main interest is probably his pedophilia and blackmail business. Those other things, expensive as they might be, are probably only sideshows. That is, assuming that my guess is right about why so many of our politicians act so strangely servile toward Zionism and other Jewish causes, once they get to Washington DC.

The (privately owned – by Epstein) island would be the preferred place to rape children. There’s lots of ocean around it to prevent the little sex slaves from running to the police. While pedophile rape does happen in the continental United States, and while some of the rapists are, I think, political officials, keeping the business under wraps would be more difficult, more risky.

For a long time, I thought that Jewish influence came about purely through their control of the mass media and by their choice about where to bestow the huge Jewish slice of the available donated funds that political candidates need for campaigning. But it might easily be true that there is this extra source of Jewish pressure. It would make sense, and it would fit the pattern of behavior that Jews have been observed to have in other places.

To see what I mean, do Google searches on two names:

  1. Arie Scher
  2. George Schteinberg

What I’m writing about how Jeffrey Epstein and/or other Jews might be corrupting and blackmailing US legislators and US executive branch officials is – at this point – only speculation. But having speculated this far, I’ll go a little further.

jeffrey-epstein1Jeffrey Epstein

Sooner or later, those children who have been or may be being exploited on Little Saint James Island reach their 18th birthdays and become useless to Epstein’s hypothetical blackmail racket. What do you suppose happens to them then? They never seem to show up here in the states. And it would be very unlike a Jewish criminal to support goyim cattle just on charity. So, just maybe, each former rape-boy and rape-girl, upon becoming a young adult, is told that he or she is going for a trip to the United States, to be enrolled in a good university, all tuition and expenses paid courtesy of that noble patron, Jeffrey Epstein. They board a yacht and set sail. About halfway to St. Croix, the youth is murdered, weights are tied around his or her ankles, and the body is tossed overboard, into the sea. Or so I imagine.

Both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump have had the acquaintance of the pedophile Jew, Jeffrey Epstein. That same thing is probably true of many other Democrat and Republican office-holders – and former ones. Some of these – perhaps even most – may have taken the bait and are blackmailable. Because the guiltiness is shared around to the extent it is, rivals in an election don’t dare use the relevant accusations, since they would be returned. And most likely there are hit-men in waiting for any official who is innocent and threatens to expose some other official who is guilty.

Jewish Murder of the Russian Imperial Family


jewish-murder-of-the-russian-imperial-family-01By Mike Walsh

Before the outbreak of the Great War (1914 ~ 1918) and available in selected Warsaw shops patronised by Jews were greeting cards with images unavailable for Gentile customers. The postcards carried the image of the tzadik. This is an image of a rabbinical Jew with the Torah in his one hand and a white fowl in the other. On these particular greeting cards the head of the fowl depicts the Imperial Russian Tsar Nicholas II. Below this image is the inscription in Hebrew: “This is a sacrificial animal so is my cleansing; it will be my replacement and cleansing the victim.”

This relates to the Yom Kippur ritual in which a live fowl is swung about the head before being slaughtered by the shechita method; the creature’s blood drained. This secret greeting card is a facsimile of American (Jewish) greeting cards that first became available in the United States in 1907. The ritual slaughter of Tsar Nicholas II was the aspiration of many Jews. This Talmudic act of treason or assassination is airily dismissed as due to the Tsar’s alleged anti-Semitism.

jewish-murder-of-the-russian-imperial-family-02“This is a sacrificial animal so is my cleansing”

Yakov Sverdlov, whose Jewish name was Yankel Solomon, ordered the massacre of Tsar Nicholas II, his family and assistants. For this Jewish firebrand regicide was a cherished dream.  Evidence of this is to be found in the text of leaflets written by Yakov Sverdlov dated May 19, 1905. This date is the birthday of Nicholas II: “Struck your hour, the last hour of you and all yours! This is a terrible judgement, the revolution is coming!”

jewish-murder-of-the-russian-imperial-family-03The Tsar and his family

The assassination team’s organisers, accompanying guards and key members of the assassination squad were militants involved in the organisation of the future Communist party (RSDLP). Its genesis was in the Urals at the end of 1905 and the beginning of 1906 when the group was under the direction of Yakov Sverdlov.

Long before the 1917 coup that delivered Tsarist Russia to American banking and corporate conglomerates, Yakov Sverdlov (Yankel Solomon) and a number of major figures of Bolshevism had been exiled and serving their sentences in Siberia. Yakov Sverdlov was banished to Turukhansk as was bank robber terrorist, the dwarfish Joseph Stalin, Julius Martov (Tsederbaum) and Aron Solts. Through the region of Tyumen, Tobolsk and Yekaterinburg passes the Trans-Siberian Railway (Transsib). This railway connects Moscow with the Russian Far East and the Sea of Japan. This network delivered the Tsar and his family when they were taken into custody by the Wall Street financed Bolshevik insurgents.

Yakov Sverdlov, even in demonic Jewish minds, was known to be pathologically sadistic. Such were the gratuitous cruelties inflicted by him during crime sprees that party members already inured to extreme violence were appalled. Jakov Sverdlov gathered around him the most ruthless elements of the association. On the eve of the 1905 coup attempt, Sverdlov, still in the Urals, formed what was known as The Battle Squad of the People’s Weapons (BONV). This terrorist group slaughtered police officers and any thought to be sympathetic to the Tsarist system. The group enriched itself through armed raids on banks, post offices, cash desks, trains and shops. “They were desperate murderers” writes E. Hlystalov who describes the group’s leaders as “the frail bespectacled Yakov Sverdlov.”

jewish-murder-of-the-russian-imperial-family-04Yakov Sverdlov stamp

Philippe (Shaya-Isay Fram) Goloshchekin was personal ambassador of Yakov Sverdlov and acted in all the group’s important matters. Across the Ural region Sverdlov placed in government positions those he considered loyal to him. These occupied different positions such as Foodstuffs Commissioner, Commissioner of Justice and Commissioner of Supplies; all of local authority office. Soon, the Ural region became Yakov Sverdlov’s fiefdom.  It was not by chance that the great city of Yekaterinburg during 1924 ~ 1991 bore the name of Sverdlovsk. The street on which was located Ipatiev House where the massacres was carried out was renamed Sverdlov Street. In 1991 this city’s name was returned to its original Yekaterinburg.

On April 30, 1918, the train carrying the unfortunate Romanov Tsar, Tsarina and daughter Maria, arrived in Yekaterinburg. The Imperial Royal family were formally put in the charge of Yakovlev and the Head of Ural Council A. G. Beloborodov. July 16, 1918, the day before the massacre, there arrived in Yekaterinburg from the centre of Russia a special train consisting of a locomotive and  a single passenger carriage. The few other passengers included one person in the black attire of a Jewish rabbi with his face disguised.  The rabbi was greeted by the chairman of the Ural Council Shaya Isaakovich Goloshchekin. The rabbi was accorded maximum respect as might a visiting dignitary. Upon being directed to the basement of Ipatiev house the rabbi traced cabalistic signs on the wall: “The Tsar sacrificed the kingdom destroyed!”

During the same day the rabbi departed. He did so after appointing the assassin Yankel Yurovsky, the son of rabbi Chaim Yurovsky.

jewish-murder-of-the-russian-imperial-family-051st row: Nicholas II and his family (from left to right: Olga, Maria, Tsar Nicholas II, Tsarina Alexandra, Anastasia, Alexei and Tatiana). 2nd row: Surgeon to the Tsar Eugene Botkin and Royal chef Ivan Kharitonov. 3rd row: maid Anna Demidova and the Tsar’s valet Colonel Alexei Trupp. All ritually slaughtered at Ipatiev House. Those who took part in this ritualistic slaughter as far as can be ascertained were all of Jewish race.

In attendance at the bloodbath on July 17 / 18, 1918 was the Yakov Sverdlov and Brigade Commissar Vasily Yakovlev (Konstantin Myachin). Their task was to later remove secretly all remains of the Imperial Russian family. In the immediate aftermath the bodies were mutilated and dismembered before being deposited in a shallow mine. The contents of the mine could be seen from the surface.

jewish-murder-of-the-russian-imperial-family-06Leading executioners of the Imperial family whose Jewish names appear in brackets. Left to right: Top (Yankel Solomon) Yakov Sverdlov, Philippe Goloshchyokin (Shaya-Isay Fram Goloshchekin) and Pyotr Voykov (Pinhus Wainer). Bottom row: Beloborodov Alexander Georgievich (Vaisbart Yankel Isidorovich), Konstantin Myachin (Vasily Yakovlev) and Georgy Safarov (Voldin).

jewish-murder-of-the-russian-imperial-family-07The killers from left to right: Peter Ermakov, Mikhail Medvedev (Kudrin), Pavel Medvedev, Yakov Yurovsky and Grigory Nikulin.

Yurovsky personally supervised the execution of the Imperial family. He was responsible for administering the coup de grâce and then afterwards searching the bodies. Pyotr Voykov (Pinhus Wainer) took part in the shooting and assisted in carrying out the coup de grâce.  He was delegated to destroy the family’s remains by a combination of dismemberment and the use of sulphuric acid. Scrawled writing was afterwards found on the walls of the room in which the Imperial family was slaughtered. These writings were translated and transcribed by German-Jewish poet Heinrich Heine (1797-1856). The lines appear on the backdrop wall to the slaughter and near the window in the basement of Ipatiev House.

“Belsatzar ward in selbiger Nacht / Von seinen Knechten umgebracht,” “Belsatzar was, on the same night, killed by his slaves.”

Belshazzar, the Gentile king of Babylon who, in the Old Testament story, saw ‘the writing on the wall’ foretelling his destruction (Daniel 5) and was killed as punishment for his offences against Israel’s God. In a clever play on the Heine quotation, the unknown writer, almost certainly one of the killers, has substituted Belsatzar for Heine’s spelling Belsazar in order to signal even more clearly his intended symbolism. The Heine inscription described the racial / ethnic nature of the murders: ‘A Gentile king had just been killed as an act of Jewish retribution.’

The destruction of the corpses began the following day and was assisted by Jakov Yurovsky and carried out under the direction of Pyotr Voikov (Pinhus Wainer). Supervision also were Goloshchekin and Beloborodov. Pyotr Voikov recalled that scene with an involuntary shudder. He said that when this work was completed the dismembered cadavers; human bloody trunks, arms, legs, torso and heads were thrown down a forest mine. Upon this dreadful scene of carnage was poured gasoline and sulphuric acid. In a vain attempt to destroy all evidence of the massacre the parts were afterwards burned for two days.

Pyotr Voikov said:

It was a terrible picture. We, the participants of the burning corpses were downright depressed about this nightmare. Even Yurovsky in the end could not resist and said that even those few days and he would have gone mad.” (Besedovsky G. Z. ‘On the Road to Thermidor’ M. 1997. S.111-116).

The site of the carnage and the failed attempts to completely dispose of the family’s bodies was temporarily liberated from the Red Army by the opposing White Armies. Nikolai Sokolov, the investigator appointed by the Commander of the White Armies Admiral Alexander Kolchak, drew the following conclusions:

The corpses were brought to the mine under the cover of darkness in the early morning, July 17, 1918. Clothing was roughly cut (damage is found on buttons, hooks and eyes). The corpses were then chipped and completely destroyed by fire and sulphuric acid. At the end of the operation the bodies were completely incinerated leaving only the melted lead from the bullets from which they had died.

To explain the later finding of jewels Nikolai Sokolov explained that, according to the testimony of the witness Tyegleva, the Grand Duchess secretly sewed jewellery in her clothing. During the burial some of the valuables went unnoticed. The princesses had also secreted gems in their apparel. When the mine shaft was later excavated there was discovered more items of jewellery. From the torn brassieres a rain of pearls and precious stones cascaded. Some jewellery, mostly earrings and pendants lay unnoticed in the surrounding grass. In view of the discovered wealth the executioners and body disposal team worked quickly to finish their work. They did not pay attention to individual items. Witnesses reported the movement of cars and trucks, carts and riders near Ganina Yama 15 km north of Yekaterinburg. This area July 17 to 19, 1918 was cordoned off by Red Guards. Nikolai Sokolov writes that these days also heard grenade explosions.

jewish-murder-of-the-russian-imperial-family-08Nikolai Sokolov. To carry out his investigations the Nikolai Sokolov dressed in peasant in order that he draws as little attention to himself as possible.

Nikolai Sokolov managed to find two orders drawn up by Pyotr Voykov on July 17, 1918. The orders were placed with a local drugstore named Russian Society. With each order was the requirement to supply employee Commissariat Zimin with sulphuric acid. The first requirement was of 5 lbs with 3 lbs more placed in the second jar. In total, Zimin was issued 11 lbs of sulphuric acid for which was paid 196 roubles and 50 kopecks. According to Nikolai Sokolov, the sulphuric acid was delivered to the mine on 17 and 18 July. At the mine traces of two large fires were found. Here, dozens of objects have been discovered that were related to the murdered Imperial family. Many items were burned, some were destroyed. Nothing was spared of the Tsar’s family; even their pet dogs were slaughtered.

 At this point, the reward for the assassination of the Imperial family posted by Wall Street Jewish banker Jacob Schiff was settled with the Bolsheviks. This German born Jew was later to boast and celebrate the funding of the 1917 Bolshevik coup which overthrew Russia’s legitimate government. Schiff personally offered a substantial reward for the murder of the Russian royal family. This Jewish banker’s investment funded a tyranny which, at the time of its collapse in 1990, is estimated to have directly or indirectly led to loss of life estimated between 70 and 100 million, mostly Christians. Jacob Schiff appears to have achieved the dubious distinction of being the biggest killer in the history of humankind.

Will you say for me to those present at tonight’s meeting how deeply I regret my inability to celebrate with the Friends of Russian Freedom the actual reward of what we hoped for and striven for these long years.” ~ Jacob Schiff, New York bankers, ‘Kuhn, Loeb & Co. Quote: New York Times, March 24. 1917.

The Civil War following the American backed coup was to continue until 1922. Upon the final expulsion of the White Armies corporate America and Europe moved in to plunder the assets of the nation that was once Imperial Russia.

American and Israeli Zionists Behind Civil Unrest in Ukraine


For the past several months we have seen all sorts of political turmoil hit Ukraine including violent protests which have left many people injured or dead.  A former member of the Soviet Union and a Russian border country, Ukraine has become a primary target of Zionist aggression.  They have been targeted primarily due to their historical ties with Russia which under Vladimir Putin have successfully blocked a number of Zionist agendas including a potential American military strike on Syria this past year.  By destabilizing Ukraine, they hope to bring in a puppet government that will move the country away from Russian influence.  The on-going protests against the current Ukrainian government are largely being financed and controlled by the United States and Israel.  This is not part of a true popular uprising as the corporate media propagandists will have you believe.

The United States government has actually invested $5 billion dollars into this on-going operation to overthrow the Ukrainian government.  This is more commonly known by those in the propaganda machine as spreading freedom and democracy.  Victoria Nuland the fanatical war mongering Zionist Jew and current assistant U.S. Secretary of State confirmed all of this in a December 13th 2013 speech that is available for all to see.  She may have used more friendly and politically correct terminology to describe the agenda, but considering what is happening now it becomes easy to read between the lines.

This is especially true considering Nuland was recently caught on a wiretap discussing how they were going to place specific people in power once their paid protesters had overthrown the government.  She even had a few choice words for the European Union who she perceived as not being helpful to their agenda.  In fact, she used the specific phrase “fuck the EU” in expressing her outright contempt.

What’s really sick about this whole thing is that the United States government has decided to allocate billions of dollars to interfere in the internal affairs of a foreign country at the same time that we have a whole host of problems domestically.  Surely these billions of dollars would have been much better spent domestically to finance infrastructure projects and things of that sort.  Or better yet how about returning that money back to the American people?  In fact, any number of alternatives would have been preferable compared to this misguided project which promotes Nuland’s wet dream of Zionist world domination.

This begs another question.  Why is that we have so many vile Jews like Nuland in positions of power and influence in Washington DC?  No matter which political party is in power it seems as if Washington DC is constantly infested with these creatures.  Take for example all of the Jewish neo conservatives that were in the regime of George W. Bush.  There needs to be a serious discussion in America about purging these types of people from all government and political offices.  How can any of these people be trusted when we have no idea if they’re serving the interests of America or Israel?   It is unfortunate that such a discussion will unlikely happen anytime soon since the American people have been brainwashed by mass media and Hollywood to view Jews as perpetual victims who cannot be criticized.

Even crazier is the fact that several reports indicate that individuals linked to the Israeli Army and their intelligence agency the Mossad are also involved in helping to organize some of the on-going Ukraine protests.  In fact, the International Business Times ran a report detailing how a significant number of young Jews are involved in protesting the government.

It is painfully clear that Zionist forces in America and Israel are the primary causes of the civil unrest in Ukraine.  Even though some of the people participating in the protests might be doing so because they have legitimate complaints about how Ukraine is being run, they need to understand that much of what is happening now is being orchestrated by outside forces that seek control of Ukraine’s future.  Even if the protests are successful in overthrowing the existing government, the vast majority of the Ukrainian people will be sorely disappointed with the outcome.  Nuland and her cronies will push to setup a government not chosen by the people of Ukraine but instead a government that will serve the interests of international Zionism.

Zionist Strauss-Kahn Evades Justice Again

By Dr. David Duke

How corrupt Zionist Bankers evade justice and are today a ruling class who separate rules from the rest of us.

A perfect example of the special treatment of the new ruling is class is the fact that once Strauss-Kahn was considered a suitable candidate for French President of the Socialist Party. A billionaire, capitalist banker as the candidate of the Socialist Party and hardly anyone in the press points this craziness.

Strauss-Kahn also stated publicly that his heart was wholly with Israel and every day his first thoughts were what he could do for Israel.

How could any media pundit, or any politician support a man for President of his country whose first loyalty is to a foreign nation?

How Zionists destroy YOU

The Taboo Crucifixion

The Taboo Crucifixion1


Throughout the 1914 Russian Empire were listed 54,174 Christian churches. In addition there were 25,593 chapels, 1,025 monasteries, military churches and cemetery chapels. By 1987 only 6,893 churches and 15 monasteries remained. During the Jewish martyrdom of the Church the clergy of Western churches remained silent, media complicit, and capitalism flourished. The German Reich from 1941 ~ 1945 was the only saviour of the crucified Church and its celebrants.

Airbrushed from the Western narrative is the malign Jewish influence on what has been dubbed the Second Crucifixion of Christ. The Bolshevik martyrdom of Christianity was celebrated by atheists and those whose faith is to be discovered between the pages of the Talmud.

The Taboo Crucifixion2

Top L-R Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein), Vyacheslav Menzhinsky, Felix Dzerzhinsky
Bottom L-R Nikolai Yezhov , Genrikh Yagoda (Yenokh Gershevich Iyeguda), Lavrentiy Beria

The desecration of all non-Jewish places of worship permeated from the top echelons of Soviet government. Genhrik Yagoda (Yenokh Gershevich Iyeguda) was director of the notorious Bolshevik security apparatus known as the NKVD. Under his direction 10 million people are known to have died. Yet, those hooked on Western media have never heard of the worst killer in history.

The Taboo Crucifixion3

Bullet marked icon with recovered lead rounds.

Genhrik Yagoda and his closest associates burned with a satanic hatred of all things Christian. An eyewitness account reveals that in Yagoda’s palatial home was an assortment of plundered Church icons. Genhrik Yagoda with other Bolshevik commissars enjoyed cavorting naked in the dacha’s dressing rooms. As they frolicked they pumped rounds of ammunition into priceless Orthodox artifacts. Finally, tiring of their perversity, they would bathe together.

Following his death Genhrik Yagoda’s two Moscow apartments and countryside dacha were examined. Discovered were 3,904 pornographic photographs, eleven pornographic films, 165 pornographic toys such as artificial penises. Also found were the two bullets that had killed his former associates Zinoviev (Hirsch Apfelbaum) and Lev Kamenev (Lev Rozenfeld).

Bolshevik propaganda and strategy was aimed at degrading the Christian faith, destroying its places of worship whilst slaughtering millions of non-Jewish celebrants. Hand-in-hand was opportunity to strip all places of worship of every vestige of Christian symbolism. Most artefacts were priceless and irreplaceable. Seized were the gold-plated domes of cathedrals and churches, gold iconostasis. Plundered were gold and silver rizas. Rizas is the precious metals, gems and diamonds that decorate holy icons. Stripped churches were demolished and some converted into museums celebrating Bolshevik history. Many were transformed into storehouses, houses of Soviet culture, even private apartments.

The Taboo Crucifixion4

Bolsheviks looting a church.

The Western narrative is that the Bolsheviks viewed ‘religion as the opiate of the people’. Untrue, the Jewish religion was spared. “Fifteen years after the Bolshevist Revolution the editor of the American Hebrew could write: ‘According to such information that the writer could secure while in Russia a few weeks ago, not one Jewish synagogue has been torn down, as have hundreds, perhaps thousands of Catholic Churches. In Moscow and other large cities one can see Christian churches in the process of destruction; it is said the Government needs the location for a large building,” (American Hebrew, Nov. 18, 1932, p. 12) “Apostate Jews, leading a revolution that was to destroy religion as the “opiate of the people” had somehow spared the synagogues of Russia.” (p. 211)

February 1918, Lenin published his notorious decree that separated the Church from state and schools. Church property became state property. Soviet power from the very first days set about the total destruction of Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussia Christendom.

On March 19, 1922, Vladimir Lenin in a letter to Bolshevik leaders: “The removal of values, especially the richest laurel, monasteries and churches, must be carried out with ruthless determination, stick at nothing stopping and pick up values in the shortest possible time. The greater the number of representatives of the reactionary bourgeoisie and reactionary clergy will be able to shoot it will be better for us.” (Kremlin archives in 2 books / Book 1, The Politburo and the Church 1922-1925. M. Novosibirsk, Siberian Chronograph, 1997, p. 143).

The Taboo Crucifixion5

Credulous peasants were told Church wealth resulted in their poverty.

Many monasteries, including the internationally acclaimed Miracles Monastery situated in the Kremlin, were plundered. After being totally stripped of all valuables this magnificent rival to St Paul’s and St Peter’s was completely destroyed until no trace remained. Monasteries were converted into factories and workshops. Some were used as shelters for cattle, arsenals, prisons, concentration camps, places for detention in which torture and the casual murder of prisoners was routine.

Deliberate starvation led to ten million peoples deaths in Ukraine; the figure is Stalin’s estimate. During this dreadful period the Soviets exported wheat and other arable foodstuffs to the West. Confiscated produce was sold on the German market to help fund the 1918 – 1922 thwarted attempt to overthrow the post-war German government.

The artificial famine served useful as a means of destroying the Christian Church. As a stroke of master deception, the Bolsheviks in December 1921 requested the Patriarch of All Russia for donations to assist the needy. The Bolsheviks used this ploy to justify the plundering of churches before the eyes of the credulous peasantry. During the first months 33 pounds of gold, 24,000 pounds of silver and thousands of precious stones were seized. Priests and laity were massacred in their thousands as were hundreds of thousands of those who kept the faith. Rome and the heads of Western churches remained silent as did Western media.

The Taboo Crucifixion6

Seized and melted down.

The Church and Christian faith became a state sponsored object of abuse and mockery. In 1918-1920 the Bolsheviks pursued an active anti-church campaign. Opened, defiled and plundered were gold and silver tombs containing saintly relics. During the Resolution of the People’s Commissariat of Justice present at the opening of tombs there was much satanic symbolism and mockery practiced.

The strategy was to institutionalise, weaken and discredit the Russian Orthodox Church. Its purpose was to eliminate veneration of holy relics and as a means to plunder the wealth of the Christian Church. A program of public denigration of saints was practiced. Reference to the mortal remains of saints and the martyred were publicly mocked as ‘blackened bones, dust and trash.’ Each opening of a holy tomb was filmed and photographed. In some cases gross blasphemies were made by committee members. These sacrileges were made by committee members at the opening of the relics of Saint Sabbas of Storozhi. The Saint was an Orthodox monk and saint of the 14-15th century. One member of the Bolshevik committee was seen to spat several times on the skull of the Saint.

On March 29, 1922 Donskoy Monastery was pulled apart after the silver tomb of St. Alexis of Moscow had been removed. During 1919-1920 years no less than 63 last resting places of Christian saints were opened, pillaged and destroyed. After two decades the destruction of the visible structure of the Church was close to completion. The programme of total destruction of non-Jewish places of worship was extended to all Central and Eastern European countries ceded to Joseph Stalin by Britain’s unelected Prime Minister Winston Churchill and U.S President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Media obligingly spun the betrayal of Europe in a way they thought digestible; otherwise all was censored.

The Taboo Crucifixion7

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Moscow

Some gold or silver reliquaries and tombs were placed in Soviet museums. The fate of most of the plundered precious metals is unknown. One can assume from the earlier disappearance of Imperial Russia’s gold reserves it ended up in the vaults and counting houses of Western banks.

The destruction of Christianity paused only during World War Two. Throughout German Occupied Europe and Russia the Church was restored, faith was encouraged and all places of worship were reinstated. Land was returned to private ownership. Repression and destruction resumed only after the Red Army, re-armed by American and British war industries, occupied regions previously occupied by the Reich.

Tyranny would continue until 1955-1957. However, in 1959 under First Secretary Nikita Khrushchev (the darling of the West) there began a new and terrible persecution. During Khrushchev’s tenure were closed more than 5,000 churches most of which had been earlier restored by the armies of the Reich. The Church in Bolshevik Europe no longer existed; the only ecclesiastic buildings permitted were Jewish synagogues.

The Taboo Crucifixion8

Graph showing the period waves of arrests and murders. Red Arrests and Blue massacred.

Although Christianity has since been restored in Russia repression resumed in Ukraine since the U.S inspired coup that ousted legitimate President Yanukovych in February 2014. Under Ukraine’s present government led by Jewish President Pytor Poroshenko and Jewish Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman the Christian Church is once again threatened.

In Dnepropetrovsk on April 28, 2016 bandits attacked the home of the Archpriest Anatoly Lysenko, rector of one of the great city’s churches. Needlessly, the brigands brutally tortured him and killed his wife. His tormentors, after placing the martyr in the trunk of a car, transported the unfortunate cleric to a nearby forest where torture was resumed. When the priest finally lost consciousness he was abandoned. The following morning the priest was able to reach the nearest settlement where he pleaded for help. Later, the priest found his wife dead. The Church leader eventually recovered after a period of care in hospital.

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Communist-Jewish Atrocities

Holodomor also known as Murder by starvation was an engineered famine that was operated in the Ukraine and parts of Russia during the years 1921-23,1932-33 and 1946-47. The planned deliberate genocide was concealed under Jewish Bolshevism’s food ‘requisition’ (seizures) programs. From the early 1920s onwards, many people were starving to death due to Bolshevik issues not to import any food into the Ukraine. People caught stealing even the smallest amount of food were executed. People who squatted on land seized by Jewish Bolsheviks were treated as “treasonists”.

The death toll of ethnic Europeans in the Holodomor genocides was 16.5 million.

Jews today about Holodomor Genocides:

A Jewish group in Ukraine is objecting to a criminal case brought over the Holodomor genocide committed during in the 1930s.

The nation’s security service is pressing the case against a list of former Bolshevik officials accused of committing this Holodomor, which caused the deaths of millions in Ukraine in 1932-33. Most of the names on the list are Jewish and the Jewish tribe do not like being exposed as criminals.

Ukrainian law-inventor Aleksandr Feldman, leader of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, said last week that it was “a farce” to press the case. “All organizers of the Great Famine are dead,” he said. Curiously this closely parallels the farce that took place in Nuremberg post WWII that murdered men that could expose the crimes actually being committed in the Ukraine from the early 1920’s up to 1947.

Last July, the Ukrainian Security Service released a list of high-ranking Bolshevik state and Communist Party officials — as well as officials from NKVD, the police force of Bolshevik Russia — that essentially blamed Jews responsible for perpetrating and executing the genocides because most of the names on the list were Jewish.

The Ukrainian Jewish Committee wanted the secret service to revise the list because in its current form it provided proof of their Jewish domination and hatred of ethnic Europeans. ‘Revising’ i.e removing some of the Jewish names and interspersing with European names would conceal this fact.

Feldman believes there is a danger that the “Holodomor Affair” materials are being used for political purposes similar to the 70 years of ‘Holocaust’ propaganda the Jewish occupied west has had to swallow.

In late May, security service head Valentin Nalivaychenko claimed at a meeting with representatives of the World Congress of Ukrainians that “Ukraine has collected enough evidence to bring a criminal case regarding the [genocidal] famines artificially produced by the Bolshevik regime and caused mass death of citizens.”

Through the World Congress of Ukrainians, Nalivaychenko turned to leading foreign lawyers with a request to help find out the circumstances connected with preparing and committing the genocides.

Jews Behind White Genocide

Jews want to destroy Europe by genociding White’s across the globe. In order for them to accomplish this they must bring in millions of violent, primitive, third worlders who will exploit and harm our people. And eventually the plan is that they outbreed us so we eventually become a assimilated coffee colored minority.

It’s undeniable once a nation loses it’s racial homogeneity it will go into decline and will eventually be completely destroyed.

All whites are becoming minorities in our own countries.

Society is being destroyed by the same evil Jewish forces that changed political hats after their bloodthirsty 70 million Europeans murdered in peace time under JewSSR. Today they are the same group of people, same goal, but different plan.

Fight it or become extinct.

The ONLY thing that matters and will inspire change is motivated action in real life.

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