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David Duke & Mark Collett: The Racist War Against White People


Dr. David Duke Radio Show (19-Jun-2020)

Dr. Duke and Mark Collett had a discussion on the acceleration of the attack on white people world-wide by the Jewish elite using blacks and immigrants as a front.

Fashion for Genocide


by Dr. William L. Pierce

American Dissident Voices broadcast, September 26th 1998

A month ago, I told you about the murder of two White girls, Tracy Lambert and Susan Moore, in Fayetteville, North Carolina, as part of the initiation of new members into the Black and Hispanic Crips gang. I’m still receiving comments about that program. Apparently many listeners – especially those with Internet access – checked out the facts as reported in the Fayetteville newspaper, and they were shocked that, just as I said, there was no media coverage of these terrible murders outside the Fayetteville area. They were shocked that virtually all of the mainstream media around the country would deliberately hide the news of these racially motivated murders from the White public – and these were the same media which had made such a sensation about the killing of a convicted Black drug dealer and his girlfriend in Fayetteville by a White soldier, James Burmeister, in December 1995.

But really, no one who has been listening to my broadcasts should have been shocked. I have commented over and over again about the virtual control of all of America’s mass media by the Jews, and I have pointed out many times that the Jews’ policy is to disarm the White population morally as well as physically by deliberately creating the false impression that Whites are oppressors and victimizers, and non-Whites are our innocent victims. They want us to feel guilty. They want us to feel that it would be immoral for us to resist any of their schemes for more non-White immigration, for more so-called “diversity” and “multiculturalism,” for more racial mixing and racial intermarriage.

That is what the Jewish media bosses are deliberately pushing: the destruction of our people through racial mixing, and they don’t want us to put up any resistance. And I am sorry to say, their program is succeeding. When they send their step’n’fetchit Bill Clinton around the country making speeches about how much he is looking forward to an America with a non-White majority, about how any resistance to the government’s programs for the darkening of America would be un-American, he is applauded by brainwashed young Whites who have been deceived by this deliberately falsified media impression of Whites as oppressors.

Now you know, I am making a pretty serious accusation. I am accusing the Jewish population as a whole – and the Jewish media bosses in particular – of planning our annihilation as a race, of planning to commit genocide against us. And I don’t want anyone to think that I am basing my accusation on only the few instances of racially motivated killings I already have cited: their suppression of the news of the Fayetteville murders of two White girls by the Crips and their sensationalizing of the news of the Fayetteville shooting of a Black drug dealer and his girlfriend by a White soldier and of the dragging death of another convicted Black criminal in Texas by three Whites. And so today I’ll talk a bit more about anti-White crimes which the Jewish media have deliberately covered up. The details aren’t pleasant – in fact, they are shocking – but I believe that many listeners need to be shocked.

Let’s begin with another crime which occurred in Fayetteville. This is timely because the trial of the criminals began just last week. Here’s what happened: Donald Lange, a 25-year-old White soldier at Fort Bragg was leaving an International House of Pancakes in Fayetteville. He accidentally bumped into a group of seven Black soldiers who were going in. The Blacks began punching Lange while shouting racial insults at him. They dragged him into the adjacent parking lot and stomped and kicked him while continuing to shout racial epithets.

A witness in the trial of the Blacks, Tracye Cochran, was in the parking lot where the assault took place. She told the court last week, “The Black person who threw the first punch was the one who knocked him down… It dropped him down to his knees. He got back up and got hit again… I was walking toward the fight screaming and hollering for them to leave him alone… By then he was just getting hit by people left and right.” Another witness, Gina Perez, testified that she saw eight or ten Blacks kicking and stomping Lange as he lay on the pavement. She told of seeing one Black kicking Lange in the face, causing his head to slam into the pavement and bounce back. The Black would then kick him again, over and over. Perez said, “They just kicked him to death. I remember him being on his side, being kicked over and over again.”

Actually they didn’t quite kick Lange to death. They just destroyed his brain. He has neither moved nor spoken since the beating. His brain was so badly damaged that doctors say that he will never again be more than a vegetable.

Now, if you live outside the Fayetteville area, I’ll wager that you’ve heard not a word about what happened to Donald Lange before this broadcast. Imagine what you would have heard if Donald had been Black and the soldiers who destroyed his life had been White. The networks would have shown Mr. Clinton denouncing the attack on television and calling for new laws against “hate crime.” In fact, that’s exactly what they had Clinton doing last year when a White teen-ager beat up a Black teen-ager who had come into his White Chicago neighborhood. Clinton referred to the incident in his weekly radio address and used it as an example of why we must do something about “race hate.” But Mr. Clinton has responded to the stomping of Donald Lange with silence.

If Donald Lange had been Black and his attackers White, the media bosses would have had Janet Reno on television announcing that she was sending in the FBI. The media would have been interviewing every professional hate merchant: the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, Morris Dees and his Southern Poverty Law Center, and all the rest. The media would have made a real circus of it, and the whole world would have had it drummed into their consciousness: another hate crime against a poor, innocent Black by White racists in Fayetteville.

In order to convince the media bosses that he was doing something to “end hate” after the Burmeister shooting of the Black drug dealer, the commanding general of Fort Bragg ordered a witch hunt among the White soldiers on the base. Every White soldier was checked for tattoos that might suggest a skinhead affiliation. As the media frenzy continued, the witch hunt for White racists in the Army eventually spread to other bases. Now, don’t hold your breath waiting for the general at Fort Bragg to start questioning Black soldiers about their racial beliefs and their gang affiliations because of what Blacks from the base did to White soldier Donald Lange. The media pressure just isn’t there, and the general has better things to do with his time.

Last month a Black mob in Alton, Illinois, which is a suburb of St. Louis, beat a White man to death who had made the mistake of coming into their neighborhood looking for his stolen television set. As they were beating and kicking 48-year-old Richard Skelton to death on August 10, the Blacks hooted, laughed, and shouted racial insults, according to a number of eye-witnesses.

Now, it’s possible that you may have read a few words about this racially motivated murder – if you’re a careful reader of the small news items in the back pages of your newspaper. But you certainly didn’t see anything about it on television or read any detailed news accounts, unless you live in the immediate vicinity of Alton. Even the news accounts in Alton tried to excuse the Black murderers by suggesting that Skelton may have precipitated the attack on himself by using racially insensitive language in asking about his stolen television set. But there is no dispute about the facts. Blacks began beating the unarmed White man. Black bystanders watched and shouted encouragement to the attackers. Others joined in the attack, and soon as many as 25 Blacks were beating and kicking Skelton. They continued kicking him until he was dead.

Again, imagine the response of the controlled mass media if the races of the victim and the killers had been reversed: a Black wanders into a White neighborhood and is beaten to death by a mob of 25 Whites who laugh and shout racial insults as the Black dies. My god, the media would be apoplectic! They would be calling for martial law and a roundup of all heterosexual White males who weren’t registered Democrats. Everybody in the world would be hearing about the killing over and over and over again, along with sermons against White racism. But as it is, most of my listeners are now hearing about last month’s racially motivated mob murder of Richard Skelton for the first time.

Here’s another one that you may have read a few words about if you’re a news hound or if you live in eastern New York state. Earlier this month in Poughkeepsie, New York, a town on the Hudson River about 70 miles north of New York City, police discovered the decomposing corpses of seven White women and one Black woman in the house of Kendall Francois. The women had been murdered over a two-year period, with the latest being killed just a month ago. Francois is a 27-year-old Black man who works as a hall monitor in a nearby high school. Affirmative action got him the school job even though he had a previous arrest record. Francois was living with his mother and father and younger sister – and eight decaying corpses. Police found the dead women lying on beds and in the midst of piles of rotting garbage in various rooms of his house. Francois’s parents and his sister, who is employed as a nurse at a nearby hospital, said that they hadn’t worried about the stench from the dead women because they thought it was the odor of the garbage which had been allowed to accumulate in the house. Francois had picked up the women, one at a time, taken them to his house, had sex with them, and then strangled them.

Now, in a sense the murders of these women may not have been race crimes. The women were all prostitutes, and aside from the fact that Francois had a preference for killing White prostitutes, we don’t really know what his motive was for killing them. And I should add that I believe that any White woman, prostitute or not, who consents to sexual relations with a Black deserves death, so I cannot really condemn Francois for killing them.

The real racial angle to these killings is the media response – or lack thereof. Do you remember John Wayne Gacy or Jeffrey Dahmer? I’m sure you do, even though Gacy was arrested 20 years ago and Dahmer more than seven years ago. Both of them also were serial killers who stashed the bodies of their victims in or under their houses. Both received enormous publicity when police caught them – so much that we still remember them many years later. But they were both White.

Gacy and Dahmer, of course, received extraordinarily heavy media coverage not because they were White, but because their shocking crimes were extraordinarily newsworthy. Francois has received almost no media coverage outside the Poughkeepsie area, not because his shocking crimes were not extraordinarily newsworthy, but because he is Black and most of his victims were White.

Earlier this month a court in Colorado convicted Francisco Martinez of participating in the abduction, gang rape, torture, and murder of a 14-year-old White girl, Brandy Duvall. Martinez and six other members of the Black and Hispanic Bloods gang grabbed Brandy from a bus stop in Denver on the night of May 30, last year. They took the young White girl to the house of one of the gang members and spent several hours raping her and then sexually torturing her with a knife and a broomstick. During the trial one of the gang members told the court how Martinez laughed as he repeatedly rammed a broomstick into the body of the bleeding girl while she screamed and pleaded for her life. Later they stabbed the 14-year-old girl 28 times and dumped her body in a ditch. Then they went home and disposed of the bloody mattress on which she had been raped and tortured.

Four of the Bloods gang members have pleaded guilty, one other besides Martinez has been tried and convicted, and one is still awaiting trial. This case is reminiscent of the Fayetteville murders last month of two White girls by members of the Crips. The Crips and the Bloods are the two largest non-White gangs in the United States. Like the Fayetteville murders, Brandy Duvall’s murder and the subsequent trials have received virtually no national news coverage, although Denver-area newspapers did report them.

Once again, imagine the reaction of the television networks and all of the other national media if instead of the Bloods raping, sexually torturing, and murdering a 14-year-old White girl, seven Ku Klux Klan members had done that to a Black girl or a Mexican girl. The gruesome details would be on every television screen in America night after night after night, and there would be no end to the parade of politicians and preachers and professional hate merchants telling us about the evils of White racism. We know that’s what would happen, because we have seen it before in far less egregious cases, most recently in the dragging death of the Black convict in Jasper, Texas, this summer.

Now, all of the Black-on-White crimes I’ve just mentioned – the stomping of Donald Lange by Black soldiers in Fayetteville until he became a mindless vegetable; the kicking of Richard Skelton to death by a Black mob in Alton, Illinois, when he tried to retrieve his stolen television set; the murder of seven White prostitutes by a Black school monitor in Poughkeepsie, New York; the horrible rape, torture, and murder of 14-year-old Brandy Duvall by members of the Bloods gang in the Denver area after they had snatched her from a bus stop – all of these either occurred during the past month or came to trial during the past month. And I could have given you twenty more recent examples of horrible race crimes committed by non-Whites against Whites which have received the silent treatment by the media, except in the areas where they occurred. And these are all crimes which would have received extensive national publicity if they had been White-on-Black crimes.

Anyway, I hope that I’ve made my point. And my point is that the controlled media are far more likely to publicize White-on-Black crimes than Black-on-White crimes. And this is not just a fluke. It’s not that I have carefully selected a few Black-on-White crimes which somehow escaped the attention of the media. No, their way of dealing with interracial crime is systematic. It is consistent. We all understand that. If the Ku Klux Klan does something, the Jewish media act as if the sky is falling. If the Bloods or the Crips do something, they ignore it. There is no denying that. We know it’s true.

So why do they do it? If I ask a non-Jewish newspaper writer or television reporter or magazine editor: “Why do you and your colleagues minimize the news of Black-on-White crime? Why are you protective of non-White organizations such as the Bloods and the Crips? Don’t you believe that you have a responsibility to warn the White public about the dangers posed for us by non-White crime in general and by non-White gangs such as the Bloods and the Crips in particular?

“And why do your colleagues maximize the news of any White-on-Black crime? Why do you go ballistic if there’s any possibility of a White organizational connection, even if some racially oriented literature is found in the White offender’s possession? Don’t you understand that the Bloods and the Crips are essentially anti-White criminal organizations, while the Klan can only be accused of having members who sometimes do stupid things? Why do you deliberately create the false impression in the public mind that White-on-Black crime – that’s what you call “hate crime” – is a big problem in our society, and at the same time you hide from the public the truly horrendous and dangerous problem of Black-on-White crime? Why do you do it?”

I’ve never gotten really clear and honest answers to these questions. But what is clear is that they all know how they’re expected to report the news. They know what the party line is. They know which side their bread is buttered on. It’s clear that the top media bosses have set the fashion for reporting interracial crime, and no one who works for them is willing to depart from the fashion.

That fashion, which is almost never stated explicitly, which is only implied, is this: White people are evil – especially heterosexual White males. They have persecuted non-Whites for hundreds of years. White people really shouldn’t complain if non-Whites sometimes strike back at them. That’s only justice. When Blacks and Mexicans organize in gangs, it’s only to protect themselves from Whites. But when Whites organize, it’s to oppress non-Whites. Whites need to be reminded that they are oppressors. That’s why White crimes against non-Whites should be emphasized. And if we’re to have a happy and prosperous multicultural society with lots of diversity, which is of course a wonderful thing, then Whites need to mix more with non-Whites . . . so we shouldn’t give them any news which might make them reluctant to mix. We shouldn’t tell them about Black crimes against Whites, because that might frighten White women away from Black men. It might even lead Whites to organize against non-Whites. In the long run the only sure way to have a peaceful society, in which everyone gets along with everyone else, is to get rid of the White majority: to replace the present White majority with a non-White majority. A lot of racial mixing and racial intermarriage will help to achieve that, and we should report the news with that aim in mind.

That is the prevailing fashion in the controlled mass media today, whether the media people will admit it or not. That fashion has been set deliberately by the media bosses. And I, curious and inquisitive person that I am, have looked at where that fashion is taking us, and when I have done that I have looked into the face of death: racial death, racial extinction. And I, hardheaded cynic that I am, have decided that the Jewish media bosses who designed the current fashion in reporting the news have in fact designed it with that aim in mind. And I also have decided that it is our responsibility to ourselves, to our posterity, to our ancestors, and to the God of Nature which made us what we are to use any and all means – any and all means – to combat these Jewish media bosses and their collaborators in the government, in the schools, in the churches, and wherever else we find them.

The Virus Apocalypse is the Zio Globalist Shutdown


Revealing the scientific truth about the CoVid-19 Virus and why the crisis is manmade!

Toward a Healthy Society

By Dr. William L. Pierce

I’ve spoken before about the deliberately destructive role of the mass media in American society. I’ve talked about the psychology of liberalism, about what makes liberals do the crazy and destructive things they do. Today, though, instead of talking about the enemies of our society, the enemies of our people, let’s just talk about our people and the sort of society that we need.

You know, a society is a very complex thing: it is like a living organism. It responds to selective environmental forces, and it evolves. In past ages it was the struggle of our people to survive, the competition of our people against other peoples, other races, which determined the nature of our society. Societies which functioned well survived. Societies which didn’t function well perished. Historically, if some crazy liberal came along and were able to change all of the rules and structures in a society to suit some egalitarian fantasy of his, the society would sink like a rock, and its people would perish. And that’s what’s happening to our society today, although it may not be apparent to us because of the time scale. After the experimenters finish their deadly work, it may take a society 200 years to disintegrate completely and sink out of sight. That’s not long from a historical viewpoint, but it’s long enough so that most of the people involved never realize what’s happening to them.

The society we had in Europe up until the end of the 18th century — or one may say, the various national societies there, which really were very much alike when compared with any non-European society — this European society had evolved over a period of many, many generations of our people, and it had fine-tuned itself to our special nature; it had developed its institutions and its ways of doing things which suited us as a people and allowed us to form viable, efficient communities. And when we colonized North America and other parts of the world, we brought the essential elements of our society with us.

And what were those essential elements?

The first essential element was order. Everyone had a place in our society, whether he was the village blacksmith or the king, and he knew what that place was. He knew how he fitted in, what his responsibilities were, to whom he owed loyalty and respect, and to whom he in turn was obliged to provide guidance. It was a hierarchical society. There was no pretense that everyone was just as capable or just as creative or just as brave or just as suited for leadership as anyone else. People had social rank and social status and social authority commensurate with their social responsibilities and with their contributions to society.

The second essential feature that our society had was homogeneity. Everyone had the same roots, the same history, the same genes, the same sensibilities. Or at least, there was enough genetic similarity, there was a close enough family relationship among the people, so that people understood each other. A village, a province, a nation was like a large, extended family. People felt a sense of kinship, a sense of belonging, a sense of loyalty and responsibility that extended to the whole society. This feeling of belonging, this sense of a common history and a common destiny, this sense of identity, was the glue that held the society together and gave it its strength. And it gave men and women their individual strength too. Just knowing who they were, where they had been, and where they were going made an enormous difference in their sense of personal security, in their ability to plan ahead and be reasonably confident of what the future held for them.

This homogeneity and the consequent sense of family, of identity, was thousands of years in developing, just like the hierarchical order in our society. And we developed, we evolved, along with our society. The type of society we had become imprinted on our genes. Of course, it wasn’t a perfect society. It was full of problems and imperfections. We always were developing new technologies, for example, and our society didn’t always have time to adjust itself to these innovations before even more innovations came along. But it was a society in which we were strong and confident and more or less spiritually healthy.

You know, the opponents of social order and racial homogeneity will try to confuse the issue by pointing out that we have a longer life span today, that our infant mortality rate is much lower, that we don’t have to work as hard to support ourselves, that we can buy all sorts of shiny gadgets that our ancestors couldn’t, and so on. They want you to believe that these changes came about as benefits of the breakdown of order and the destruction of homogeneity. But they didn’t. They are all the results of technological innovation. Our medical scientists learned how to control the diseases which shortened our lives. Our scientists and engineers learned how we could work more efficiently. And they learned how to make new tools and new toys for us.

Now, to be sure, not all of the degenerative changes in our society which have occurred in the past couple of centuries have been the consequence of the destructive efforts of the Jews and the liberals. The Industrial Revolution really was a huge shock to our traditional form of society. The Industrial Revolution took people off the farms and out of the villages and packed them into factory towns like sardines in a can. This was a great strain on the old order. The new relationship between factory owner and factory workers was not as healthy a one as had existed between landowner and workers on the land, nor was the new, urban life-style as spiritually healthy as the village life-style.

Unrest and revolution were fomented from the latter part of the 18th century and throughout the 19th and 20th centuries: egalitarianism, Communism, democracy, equal rights, no responsibilities, welfare programs, feminism. The old order was drowned in blood. In France the aristocrats and the landowners were butchered in response to the resentments which the liberals had stirred up among the rabble. Later in Russia the same process took place, when the Jewish Bolsheviks finally gained the upper hand and butchered not just the aristocrats, but everyone who had worked a little harder and been a little more successful than the rabble. The kulaks, the small farmers and landowners, were murdered en masse, by the millions, in order to “equalize” Russian society and destroy the last traces of the old, hierarchical order.

And into the social chaos of the 20th century the enemies of our people were able to introduce their idea of racial equality alongside their idea of social equality. We were told that the descendants of our slaves are just as good as we are — maybe better — and so they should become our social equals. We should bring them into our schools and neighborhoods, and we should intermarry with them, and we should buy Food Stamps for them with our taxes, and we should give them preference in hiring and promotions. And we should open our borders to all of the non-White wretched refuse of the Third World’s teeming shores. They also are our equals, we are told. The more diversity the better. Diversity is our strength. Et cetera. Et cetera. Blah, blah, blah.

We were too disoriented and confused by the destruction of our social order to resist this poisonous propaganda. And so here we are at the end of the 20th century. There are some people who will try to convince you that things never have been better. We certainly have more equality and less order, more diversity and less homogeneity than ever before. And that obviously suits some people, in addition to the liberals and the Jews who have been pushing for these changes.

Are these changes better for us?

The suicide statistics, the drug statistics, the crime statistics, the divorce statistics, and the mental illness statistics give us part of the answer. The statistics should help us keep our grip on reality when the Jewish media try to persuade us that we need more of the same poison they have been dishing out for so long: more equality, more chaos, more diversity.

And we should be able to look into our own souls for the rest of the answer. We should know that we need again to have an ordered, structured society, in which we all have a place and will be appreciated according to how effectively we fill that place. We should know that we need again to have a homogeneous society, in which we can feel a sense of belonging. We should know that we need a society in which we have a sense of permanence and stability, not chaos and uncertainty. We should know that we need a society in which everyone strives for quality, not for an imaginary equality. We should know that in order to be spiritually healthy again we need a society in which we can feel a sense of rootedness and responsibility, rather than the aimless, wandering, rootless, cosmopolitan, egoism which characterizes American society today.

If we are honest with ourselves we know that we all crave a healthy society again, we need it. But too many of us have let ourselves be persuaded by the enemies of our people that the type of society we need is no longer attainable. Our enemies tell us, “We have destroyed the order in your society. We have made everyone equal, and you dare not try to take that equality away. That would be like trying to take candy away from a child. We have opened the candy store and told all the children that they can have as much as they want, and it’s all free. They all will fight you if you try to change that, if you try to tell them that they must earn their candy.” And our enemies grin in triumph when they see how that demoralizes and discourages so many of us.

And they tell us, “We have destroyed the homogeneity in your society. We have replaced your homogeneity with diversity. We have brought every non-White type on the face of the earth into your midst, we have brought them in by the millions, and we have forced you to mix with them. Now there’s nothing you can do to restore your homogeneity.” And again they grin and say, “What will you do? Will you try to root out every non-White and every mongrel and send them all away or get rid of them? You don’t have the stomach for that. So you’d better just learn to live with all of these non-Whites and mongrels. Pretty soon you’ll be a minority in your own land.” And they gloat.

And it is true, of course, that many of us do not yet have the stomach to do what must be done. And so the suicide rate and the divorce rate and the abortion rate will keep rising. The government will continue building more prisons. The cults will continue thriving. And the Jews and the liberals will keep telling us how wonderful everything is, how things have never been better, how we should appreciate all of the equality and diversity.

But, you know, all the while the number of us who do have the stomach to do what must be done will be growing. Our numbers are growing, because more and more of our people are coming to understand that the only alternative is death: death for our society, death for our children, death for our kind. What the Jews and liberals have done to our society is lethal. It cannot be sustained.

Order and homogeneity, a sense of identity and belonging, are not just luxuries for us. They are essential. Without them our society sickens and dies. The liberals may not be able to understands that, and the Jews, with their media propaganda, try to keep the rest of us from understanding it, but we can see the proof of it all around us. And we are determined to do whatever we must do to have once again a society for our own kind, a society to which we can really belong and feel a sense of responsibility to, a society in which we have a place and are appreciated if we fill that place well, a society based on order and quality and structure and commonality. We will have it. We will do what is necessary.


From Free Speech, May 1997, Volume III, Number 5

David Duke & Mark Collett: The ZioDemic Apocalypse and Hysterical Zio Media

Dr. Duke and Mark Collett discussed the botched response of (authorities) to the COVID-19 virus. Dr. Duke explained why it would have been preferable to protect, support, and isolate the vulnerable while allowing the rest of the population to develop herd immunity. Moreover, while the virus is a serious public health issue, authorities smothered the coronavirus flame with the jobs and livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people around the world, which will no doubt lead to millions of lost and wrecked lives and undermine the healthcare system by depriving it of the foundation of a solid economy on which it depends.

David Duke & Mark Collett: Zionist Neocons & Commies Fight Over the Corpse of America

Dr. David Duke Radio Show (21-Feb-2020)

Dr. Duke was joined by Mark Collett for a discussion the Democratic primary race becoming a Jew vs Jew affair between Bernie and Bloomberg, with Bernie representing the older Communist tradition in Jewish politics and Bloomberg the more modern triumphalist, market dominant neocon wing.

Race Suicide

Source: Free Speech – January 2001 – Volume VII, Number 1

by Dr. William L. Pierce

With the end of the year at hand this seems like a good time to sum things up. Before we sum up the past year, though, let’s look at the past century. The salient feature of the 20th century was the collective suicide of the White race. In 1900 we ruled the world. We ruled politically, militarily, culturally, economically, scientifically, and in every other way. No other race even came close. We ruled India and Africa directly, and China was for all practical purposes an economic colony of Europe and America. The Chinese Emperor remained on his throne only so long as he let White men have their way in China. Japan was the only non-White nation of any significance that even had pretensions of autonomy.

We had superior weapons, superior armed forces, superior communications, superior transportation, superior agriculture and industry, superior standards of health, superior organization, superiority in every facet of science and technology. We had the best universities – really, the only universities worthy of the name – the best engineers. We built things that other races couldn’t even imagine. We explored, we conquered, we ruled.

More important than anything else was our moral superiority – and please don’t misunderstand my use of that term. I don’t mean that we were meek and inoffensive and turned the other cheek. I mean that we were proud and self-confident. We knew who we were, and we knew that we were far, far better than anyone else, and we weren’t at all embarrassed by the fact that we were better. We recognized racial differences in the same way we recognized that the sun rises in the east, and we felt not the slightest need to apologize to anyone for that. Egalitarianism was a moral and mental disease that afflicted only a few of our people, despite the murderous outburst of egalitarian insanity that was the French Revolution a century earlier. Any sort of racial mixing was abhorrent to us. We looked on miscegenation with the same disgust and disapproval as on bestiality or necrophilia. We didn’t tolerate it. And we didn’t accept or trust Jews. That was our situation a century ago.

We did have some faults, however: some very serious faults. We were not vigilant. We were so confident in our superiority that we failed to heed the warnings of the few among us who were vigilant. We didn’t pay attention when a few warned us, “Hey, we’d better do something about the race problem. We have nine million non-Whites in the United States, according to the 1900 census, and in the future they could become a real problem for us. Let’s start getting rid of them now.”

We thought, “Well, as long as they stay on their side of town and stay out of sight, how can they be a problem for us? Besides, they’re useful for picking cotton and as cleaning women and cooks and gardeners.”

And when a few warned us about the Jews we also didn’t pay attention. A few warned us about the damage the Jews had done to us in the past, about their malevolence, about their growing wealth, but most of us didn’t take the warnings seriously. We saw the Jews as obnoxious and unpleasant people, and we didn’t let them into our private clubs and our better hotels, but we didn’t consider them really dangerous. We didn’t even become alarmed when they began buying up our newspapers and elbowing their way into other propaganda media.

And lack of vigilance wasn’t our only fault. We were too ready to quarrel with one another. No other race was seen as a threat to ours, so we felt no need to suppress our internal rivalries and jealousies and hatreds and form a solid front against the non-White world. We let fester old rivalries between the English and the Germans and between the Germans and the French and between the English and the Boers in South Africa and between those of us who spoke Germanic languages and those of us who spoke Slavic or Romance languages. We didn’t notice our faults, our weaknesses – but others did.

The latter half of the 19th century saw not only the beginning of the acquisition of our mass media by the Jews, but also the nearly simultaneous hatching of two long-term, murderous conspiracies designed to exploit our weaknesses and turn them against us. These two conspiracies were Zionism and Marxism. Some Jews went with one, some with the other, but both were deadly for us.

The Marxists issued their Communist Manifesto as far back as the middle of the 19th century, but it was another 50 years before they were able to have much of an impact on the Gentile world. As for the Zionists, they also began propagandizing and organizing about the middle of the 19th century and only became noticeable at the beginning of the 20th century, when they began having international Zionist congresses and more or less openly laying their plans to foment wars and revolutions, of which they could take advantage to promote Jewish interests.

For example, at the Zionist Congress in 1897, in Basel, Switzerland, the Zionist leader Theodor Herzl told his fellow Jews that they were having trouble persuading the Turks, who at that time controlled Palestine, to turn the country over to them, but that the Jewish leaders had plans for getting around the Turks. And I should mention that Herzl’s address to the 1897 Zionist Congress has been published in a number of places, and any diligent researcher can dig up a copy. Herzl said:

“It may be that Turkey will refuse us or will be unable to understand us. This will not discourage us. We will seek other means to accomplish our end. The Orient question is now a question of the day. Sooner or later it will bring about a conflict among the nations. . . . The great European war must come. With my watch in hand do I await this terrible moment. After the great European war is ended the peace conference will assemble. We must be ready for that time.”

Remember, Herzl was talking about the Jews’ plans 17 years before the outbreak of the First World War. But the Jews were ready when the time came. In 1916, with the war more or less stalemated, they approached Britain’s political leaders and made a deal to bring the United States into the war on the side of Britain in return for a British promise to take Palestine away from Turkey and turn it over to the Jews after the war. The British side of the deal was made public in the so-called Balfour Declaration. And the Zionists kept their end of the bargain by working through Jews close to the Democratic President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson. Wilson had won the election to his second term in the White House in 1916 by promising America’s voters that he would keep the United States out of the European war. But as soon as he took office in 1917 he began scheming to get the country into the war on the side of Britain, which, of course, he did two months later. That cost a couple of million additional Gentile lives, but it got Palestine for the Jews – and it also prolonged the war enough for the Jews in Russia to topple the czar and get their communist revolution off the ground.

When I said that some Jews took the Marxist route and some the Zionist route, I didn’t mean that all Jews became active workers in one or the other of those movements. Most Jews remained full-time money-grubbers and provided propaganda and financial support for their conspiratorial brethren, continuing to buy up mass media and to dispense capital to the Zionists or the communists as needed. And they didn’t wait for the First World War for that. The first big Gentile bloodletting of the last century in which they had a hand was the Boer War in South Africa, between the British and the Boers. This cruel and murderous war, in which Jewish capitalists were allied with British capitalists against South Africa’s Dutch and German and French farmers – the Boers – laid the foundations for Jewish control of much of Africa’s mineral wealth.

In 1904 the Jewish Wall Street speculator Jacob Schiff, planning ahead for a communist takeover of Russia, helped to finance the Japanese side in the Russian-Japanese war and used his influence to block loans to the Czar’s government from America. This was the same Jacob Schiff who a little more than a decade later provided the Jewish-Bolshevik movement with an infusion of $25 million to finish the job in Russia: that’s $25 million from capitalist Wall Street to finance the communist butchery of Gentile Russians. In 1917 $25 million was a lot of money; in any case it bought enough bombs and bullets and communist propaganda leaflets to get the job done.

Now, none of this Jewish activity was really secret. The lemmings didn’t know about it, because it wasn’t in the funny papers or the movies. But Jews weren’t even trying to keep their sympathies or their activities secret, and observant Gentiles continued to issue warnings to anyone who would listen. But, as I said a moment ago, we weren’t vigilant. White Americans didn’t believe that they were in any danger. Things such as the deal to bring America into the First World War in return for the turning of Palestine over to the Jews were too subtle for the American mind.

After the war the mass murder of Ukrainians and Russians by Jewish-Bolshevik commissars might possibly have registered with White Americans, except that the average White American didn’t think of Russians and Ukrainians as real people: they spoke a different language and dressed differently from us. And besides, by that time the Jews had gotten a pretty good grip on Hollywood and the broadcasting industry, and so the only side of the story that most Americans were allowed to see or hear was the Jewish side.

Europeans were more vigilant than Americans. For one thing Europeans had longer memories: they were more aware of the long history of Jewish scheming and predation than Americans were. For another thing, in Europe the danger was quite a bit closer. Communist parties in a number of European countries besides Russia had taken advantage of the chaos in the wake of the war to make grabs for power, and in a few countries – Hungary, for example – they succeeded temporarily. People noticed the ethnicity of the commissars and were horrified by their behavior toward the Gentile populations. Even in insular Britain no less a public figure than Winston Churchill spoke out clearly about the danger of Jewish communism. In a full-page feature article in the February 8, 1920, issue of London’s Illustrated Sunday Herald, Churchill wrote:

This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weisshaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky in Russia, Bela Kun in Hungary, Rosa Luxembourg in Germany, and Emma Goldman in the United States, this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality has been steadily growing. It played . . . a definitely recognizable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the nineteenth century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.

There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders. Thus Tchitcherin, a pure Russian, is eclipsed by his nominal subordinate Litvinoff, and the influence of Russians like Bukharin or Lunacharski cannot be compared with the power of Trotsky or of Zinovieff . . . or of Krassin or Radek – all Jews. In the Soviet institutions the predominance of Jews is even more astonishing. And the prominent, if not indeed the principal, part in the system of terrorism applied by the Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution [the Cheka] has been taken by Jews, and in some notable cases by Jewesses. The same evil prominence was obtained by Jews in the brief period of terror during which Bela Kun ruled in Hungary. The same phenomenon has been presented in Germany (especially in Bavaria), so far as this madness has been allowed to prey upon the temporary prostration of the German people. Although in all these countries there are many non-Jews every whit as bad as the worst of the Jewish revolutionaries, the part played by the latter in proportion to their numbers in the population is astonishing.”

Actually, Churchill said quite a bit more in this article about the dangers of allowing Jewish communism to go unchecked, and if you really want to make a study of the background of our present mess you should read the entire article yourself. That’s the February 8, 1920, issue of the Illustrated Sunday Herald. If you can’t find it yourself in a large research library, the entire article is photographically reproduced in the book The Best of Attack! and National Vanguard Tabloid, which is available from National Vanguard Books, the sponsor of this program. And when you do find the article from which I just read – a major article written by one of the most prominent personalities of the last century and published in a major British newspaper – you might ask yourself why you had never heard of it before I called it to your attention.

As I said, we lacked vigilance. A few people paid attention – America’s pioneer automaker Henry Ford, for example – but most White Americans were too busy with their ball games and funny papers. And we didn’t really care about what the Jews were doing to White people overseas, since they weren’t Americans. About the only people who really paid attention were the Germans, who resolved not to let the Jews do to them what they had done to the Russians and had tried to do to the Hungarians. So they proceeded to get Rosa Luxembourg and her pals off their backs and out of Germany. And when the Germans did that, the Jews in America began screaming bloody murder and calling for another world war to save them from the Germans. And by this time the Jews had almost a monopoly on getting their side of the story to the American public.

Well, our people had one other fault in addition to an inadequate sense of racial solidarity with other Whites around the world and a lack of vigilance: we also lacked responsible leadership. We lacked even a system for giving us responsible leadership. What we had were politicians: skilled liars – actors, lawyers – who never asked themselves, “What policy is good for our people?” but only, “How can I get elected? What must I promise the people in order to get their votes? What policy will make me popular?” And as the grip of the Jews on the mass media, on Hollywood and Madison Avenue – and therefore on the minds of the public – became more and more nearly complete throughout the last century, the question the politicians asked themselves became, more and more: “What must I do to please the Jews and gain their support?”

And so in 1933, in the same year that a German government took office with a policy of freeing the German people from the grip of the Jews, in America a government took office with a policy of doing whatever the Jews wanted done. Franklin Roosevelt surrounded himself with more Jews than any previous American President. In this regard he was the Bill Clinton of his day.

Using Roosevelt as their willing tool, the Jews pulled the same sort of bait-and-switch trick on the American people to get us into the Second World War that they had pulled using Woodrow Wilson to get us into the First World War. Just as Wilson had done 24 years earlier, Roosevelt ran for re-election in 1940 on a campaign promise to keep the United States out of the war in Europe, and while he was making that promise to the American people he was actively scheming with his Jewish advisors and supporters to get the United States into the war as soon as he could, and meanwhile to keep the war in Europe going by making promises of support to those countries opposed to Germany.

It was fighting on the wrong side of that war, more than anything else, that laid us low. It also destroyed the British Empire and laid Britain low. Throughout the non-White world Whites began abdicating their rule, withdrawing, apologizing. The disease of egalitarianism spread like wildfire. There was a moral collapse throughout the White world. It wasn’t just the German people who lost the Second World War; it was all Europeans, all White people, including European-Americans.

The Jews were the only real winners. The First World War resulted in opening up Palestine for their Zionist faction and delivering Russia to their communist faction. The Second World War not only saved them from getting booted out of Europe by Hitler, it delivered all of eastern and much of central Europe to their communist faction and finished delivering Palestine to their Zionist faction. The war cost them a million or so of the less-nimble Jews in Europe, but it gave them the basis for their enormously profitable “Holocaust” story, with which they have beaten the White world over the head ever since.

And so today we have George Bush trying to outdo Bill Clinton in multiculturalizing the government of the United States. Conservative Americans, patriotic Americans, put their hope in Bush to pull America back from the insanity of the Clinton era, and the first thing Bush does is try to ingratiate himself with the Clintonistas, with the Jews, by appointing non-Whites to the most important posts in his administration.

Read the man’s lips. What he’s saying is: “Hey, I’m really not such a bad guy. See, I’m appointing Blacks, I’m appointing Jews, I’m appointing Mexicans. And the Blacks and Mexicans I’m appointing are just as pro-Jewish as I am. My tough-talking Black secretary of state speaks Yiddish and will support Jewish interests around the world just as strongly as Bill Clinton’s Jewish secretary of state has done. You can trust me. I’ll do whatever you tell me. I’ll support Israel. I’ll support ‘speech crime’ laws. I’m your man.” And he’s not saying that, he’s not making these appointments, because that’s what Republicans want or even what Americans want. It’s what the Jews want. George Bush is a hollow man, an empty man.

And George Bush is a splendid symbol of the state of our race today: a splendid symbol of our moral collapse during the past century. It is entirely fitting that such a man should be our figurehead leader as we continue on the course of racial suicide that we have been on for the past century. It is entirely appropriate that he became our figurehead leader through the comic-opera sort of process we have witnessed during the last two months of the first year of this century – which certainly will be our last century if we do not make a radical change of course soon and begin regaining our lost moral strength.

* * *

The Importance of Courage


The Fear of Being Politically Incorrect Has Reached Ridiculous Proportions

Original air date: July 12, 1997

I’ve never been a boxing fan, and so normally I wouldn’t feel qualified to say anything about the sport. However, I have been amused by all of the public commentary by media spokesmen, politicians, and boxing officials about the fact that one boxer of the African persuasion saw fit to bite a sizable chunk out of the ear of another boxer of the same persuasion during a recent match. Rather, I have been amused by the fact that the one thing none of these people has mentioned in the discussions of the ear-biting incident is the racial dimension. They all have carefully avoided saying anything at all about the fact that Mike Tyson is a Negro, lest anyone think that they are suggesting that his race had anything to do with his behavior. Heaven forbid!

The refusal of the media to say anything about race in the Tyson affair doesn’t mean they aren’t aware of it. For the next six months they’ll be scraping up every affirmative-action Black rocket scientist, every affirmative-action Black brain surgeon, every affirmative-action Black university president, and every affirmative-action Black Air Force general they can sign up to interview on TV for one thing or another, in an effort to neutralize the damage Tyson has done to their carefully promoted illusion of racial „equality.“

All of this is eerily reminiscent of George Orwell’s novel 1984, in which people are able to ignore the evidence of their eyes and ears, are able to shut down their reasoning processes, and are able to interpret everything around them in a Politically Correct manner. The force which makes Orwell’s characters subordinate reason to Political Correctness is fear: fear of the Thought Police.

In America today we do not have Thought Police – not yet. We do have thought crimes and thought criminals. They are called „hate crimes“ and „hate criminals“ and are defined in terms of what the perpetrator was thinking at the time he committed an act. Our beloved Big Brother – Bill Clinton, that is – is campaigning hard for more laws against thought crimes, and so are the Jewish media and the other minions of Political Correctness. I suppose it won’t be long before we do have a new secret-police agency to catch thought criminals. Perhaps they will be called the „Hate Police“ or the „Equality Police“ or something of the sort. Or perhaps thought criminals will continue to be hunted down by the FBI, as at present.

However, it is not fear of being caught by the Thought Police and tortured, a la 1984, which keeps all of the boxing commentators from suggesting that Mike Tyson’s race has something to do with his behavior. It is fear of being condemned by all of the other commentators, fear of being ostracized from the ranks of the Politically Correct, fear of not being invited to Washington, New York, and Hollywood cocktail parties. And ostracism can have very real economic consequences. In certain fields, it can result in the loss of employment, for example. To be Politically Correct, one must not only have the Correct thoughts at all times oneself; one also must condemn and shun anyone who manifests Incorrect thoughts. One must drum the Politically Incorrect person out of Correct society.

This fear of being Politically Incorrect has reached ridiculous dimensions. Take the widespread phenomenon of „White flight,“ for example. Millions of White people are fleeing areas which have a high percentage of Blacks, Mexicans, and other non-Whites and are relocating to predominantly White areas. Sometimes this just means a move from city to suburb, or from one suburb to another; sometimes it means moving to another state or another region of the country with fewer non-Whites. But if you ask one of these fleers why he is fleeing, you will hear every sort of answer except the true answer. Hardly anyone will admit that he is moving to get away from non-Whites. He is terrified of being thought a „racist.“ I am sure that many of these fleers don’t even admit their racial motive to themselves. I am sure that many of them feel pangs of guilt whenever they do think about their motives.

This is a deplorable situation, and it is an impressive proof of the enormous power of the mass media to brainwash the population. What George Orwell’s „Ministry of Truth“ did in the author’s imagination, Time-Warner-CNN, Disney-ABC, and the other Jewish media conglomerates are doing in fact.

The more I see things like the reaction to Mike Tyson’s cannibalism, the more I am convinced that the reason White Americans have let themselves be backed into the corner they’re in now is not because they’re stupid: it’s because they’re lacking in the courage to say what they really believe, if they may be criticized for saying it.

I’m sorry to say that I’ve seen the same sort of timidity in myself. When interviewers have asked me whether or not I’m a racist, I have responded by asking, „Well, what do you mean by the word ‘racist’?“ I’ve tried to wriggle out of giving a direct answer to the question, because the Jewish media have made such an enormous investment in demonizing the label „racist“ that one has to screw up one’s courage a bit to come right out and say, „Yes, of course, I’m a racist.“

One can quibble over the details of the definition of the word, but it’s pretty clear what the interviewers have in mind when they ask me whether or not I’m a racist. These days anyone is a racist who refuses to deny the abundantly clear evidence that there are inherited racial differences in behavior, intelligence, and attitudes. A racist is a person who will not pretend that he sees no differences – which is why all of the boxing commentators pretend that race is irrelevant and won’t mention Tyson’s Blackness in connection with his attempt to eat his opponent in the ring.

A racist is any White person who prefers to live among other Whites instead of among non- Whites and prefers to send his children to White schools.

A racist is any White person who feels a sense of identity with, a sense of belonging to, his own tribe, his own people, his own race, and who shows an interest in his race’s history, heroes, culture, and folkways – which is why Western civilization, European history, and other traditional, race-oriented curricula are being phased out at American universities and are being replaced with various „multicultural“ offerings designed specifically not to stimulate racial feelings in the students.

A White racist is a person who finds the members of his own race more attractive physically than members of other races and who is instinctively repulsed by the idea of racial intermarriage or by the sight of a White person intimately involved with a non-White – which is why the Jews in Hollywood are turning out so many films which promote racial mixing, films which portray interracial romance as glamorous and fashionable.

A racist is a White person who is disgusted with the multiracial cesspool that America is becoming under the present government and media policies. A racist is so alarmed about the threat to the future of his people that he is willing to derail these policies – which is why the media and Mr. Clinton have become so shrill recently about the need to combat „hate criminals.“

Courage: that is the key to our survival. Courage is more important than money, more important than intelligence, more important than friends or political and business connections. Unless we have the courage of our convictions, neither we nor our convictions will survive.

I don’t believe that a coward can change his nature and become a hero, but I do believe that many of us who have let ourselves be intimidated and bullied because we didn’t want to give offense, didn’t want to be rude, didn’t want to seem ungentlemanly, didn’t want to be unpopular – I do believe that we can begin reasserting ourselves. We can begin finding a little bit of courage in ourselves, we can resolve that we will no longer be bullied into going along with the crowd when we know that the crowd is wrong.

In my case, I have resolved not to refrain from speaking out whenever speaking out is the proper thing to do. I’ve resolved not to try to wriggle away from saying exactly what I believe when someone asks me whether or not I’m a racist. I believe that it would do many other people a lot of good to make a similar resolution. I believe that it would be good for their souls.

This doesn’t mean that we have to be deliberately rude or offensive. It means that when an interviewer asks me what I think about Mike Tyson’s snacking on his opponent in the ring, I’m not going to waste my time talking about Mike Tyson. I’m going to say that we should not judge the behavior of other races by our standards. I’m going to say that spectator sports in the United States have become a disaster, and that they will remain a disaster until we have swept the whole theory and practice of multiracialism into the trashbin of history, where it belongs.

Professional sports in the United States today have the spirit of the contests staged in the Roman Coliseum during the last phase of the Roman Empire, when slaves from every part of the Empire fought against other slaves for the gratification of a degenerate mob of onlookers. We need to return instead to the spirit of the Greek Olympics, in which only Greeks participated. In the Olympics, as opposed to the contests in the Coliseum – in the original Olympics – all of the contestants and the onlookers were of the same race and shared the same values. The Olympics were an expression of the Greeks’ striving for excellence. They were a racial expression as well as a spiritual expression. Compare that with what we have in the United States today, where degenerates like O.J. Simpson and Mike Tyson, the recent descendants of our African slaves, put on contests for the amusement of a debased citizenry.

Yes, I am a racist, and I believe that we should not make a fuss about the behavior of Black athletes. I believe that their behavior should be none of our business. I also believe that they should not be viewed on our television screens and held up by the Jewish masters of the media as role models for our youth, nor should they be involved in any of our athletic contests. I believe that we should get them out of our country and out of our lives. I believe that we should do away with the system which in this century has changed athletics in America from something at least remotely similar to the Olympics into something very much like what took place in the Coliseum. I also believe that we should get rid of the people behind that system, the people who deliberately conspired to make professional athletics in America what it is.

And as I said, there’s no need to be rude about this, no need to use the „n“ word or engage in name-calling. But we do need to be completely honest for a change, both with ourselves and with others. We need to have the courage to face the whole truth regarding our situation and what we need to do about it. That doesn’t mean that every time I speak with an interviewer I have to tell him that we can’t restore America to spiritual health until we restore her to racial health, and that means total, geographical racial separation. I don’t have to mention all that, unless he specifically asks for it. But it does mean that I should not equivocate when asked whether or not I’m a racist. I should be as straightforward and direct and clear and honest as I can be.

I’ll say just one more thing on the importance of having the courage to tell others what we believe. It’s not just a matter of personal pride. It’s not just a matter of being able to feel good, of being able to pat ourselves on the back because we weren’t afraid to stand up to the media bosses. If we had shown more courage from the beginning, if we had spoken out the first time and every time the Jews and their collaborators had tried to implement their policies for changing America from a White republic into a multiracial garbage dump for the New World Order, I think the Jews would have found themselves some other country to subvert. I think they would have decided to try their poison on the Turks or the Mexicans or the Indonesians instead of on us. If we hadn’t let ourselves be bulldozed and manipulated and backed into a corner, but had said what we believed from the start, I don’t think we’d be in the mess we’re in today. Courage is catching; it’s contagious. If a nation’s leaders show courage, so will the ordinary citizens. But when the leaders are afraid to be honest, then you can’t expect the ordinary citizens to be very courageous.

A concrete example of this is the ongoing scandal of the rape and sexual harassment of White women in our Army by Black officers and Black noncoms. The Jewish media have had very little to say about this scandal. They have preferred to focus on non-racial stories, such as Lt. Kelly Flynn’s resignation from the Air Force after being charged with adultery. But the more the Army’s investigators dig into the sexual-harassment scandal, the bigger it becomes and the clearer the racial dimensions are. The highest profile case the Army’s investigators have turned up so far is that of Sergeant Major Gene McKinney, a Black noncom who was appointed to the Army’s highest post for enlisted personnel at the prodding of the Clinton administration. This top Black noncom used his position systematically to extort sex from White women in the Army.

The first case came to light in February, when a White female sergeant major went public with the story of what McKinney had done to her. Before her case became public the Army had ignored her complaints. Since then case after case of McKinney’s use of his office to force himself on White female soldiers has come to light.

A 25-year-old married White sergeant described under oath to Army investigators how McKinney had raped her last October, when she was nearly eight months pregnant. She is the fourth White female soldier assaulted by McKinney to give evidence in the investigation so far. And the case of Sergeant Major McKinney is only the most prominent of hundreds of cases in the Army in which Blacks used their positions of authority over White women to rape or sexually harass them.

Why was this horrendous situation allowed to develop? It certainly wasn’t because the Army’s leaders wanted it to develop. It may gratify some of the nutcase racial egalitarians in the Clinton White House to read about White women being raped by Blacks, but the Army’s leaders definitely are not gratified. They didn’t want this situation, but they didn’t have the courage to prevent it. They were afraid to take steps to protect White females from Black males. In nearly every case which has come to light so far, the women victims have testified that when they reported what had happened to them to their White superiors they were ignored. The White officers were afraid to get involved. They were afraid that they would be charged with „racism“ if they took action against the Black rapists.

And let’s face it, they would have been. That’s the standard Black excuse for everything: „racism.“ And it’s the excuse of their Jewish promoters in the media too. But that’s no excuse for the cowardice of the Army’s leaders. The horrendous situation we have in our Army today is the result of the failure of courage on the part of the Army’s leaders to deal forthrightly with the racial issue.

And the racial mess we have in American society today is a consequence of the failure of courage on the part of our society’s leaders. When the courage of our leaders fails, our whole society fails, and then we become the victims of the Jewish predators who control our media.

The one thing that all of us can do about this now is to resolve that our own courage will not fail, that we will not be intimidated, but that we will stand up and speak out forthrightly.

David Duke & Mark Collett: The Zionist Media War Against European Mankind (10-Jan-2020)

Dr. Duke was joined by Mark Collett for a discussion of the developments in Iran and the world.

Elites vs. Masses


by Dr. William Pierce

One of the most profoundly depressing experiences an American can subject himself to these days is watching the various presidential candidates campaigning on his television screen. My god, what a sorry spectacle! Bush and McCain, Gore and Bradley: these are the „leaders“ approved for us by the media masters. These are the men they have said it’s OK for us to vote for, the ones they have checked out and decided are safe. And every one of these approved candidates is a man who would be marched straight to the gallows and hanged on the first day of any general cleanup of America: every one of them. There is not an honest man or a patriot among them, not one who will stand up to the media bosses or even wants to stand up to them.

In Austria, where one politician who has not been approved by the media bosses somehow slipped through a crack and ended up with enough votes to gain substantial influence in the Austrian government, the Jews are organizing huge demonstrations of immigrants, communists, feminists, homosexuals, democrats, and the usual rabble. Freedom Party leader Jörg Haider has groveled and apologized to the Jews for saying some Politically Incorrect things in the past, but that’s not enough for them. He wasn’t approved, he wasn’t certified kosher, and they want him out.

In America, on the other hand, all of the major-party candidates have been approved. What a depressing thought! Think how much better off the Austrians are than we are! Well, really, that’s not much better, because Haider is nothing but a conservative. He may slow Austria’s decline for a while, but he certainly won’t clean his country up. Over here we have an approved conservative, a kosher conservative, in the person of George W. Bush, Jr., and three approved liberals, in the persons of John McCain, Al Gore, and Bill Bradley. What a choice!

To me the most depressing aspect of this situation is the way in which the American people have adapted to it. Now, it’s true that in the last presidential election, in 1996, a majority – 51 per cent – of the eligible voters voted, in effect, for „none of the above,“ by choosing not to vote. I suppose that I ought to consider that a good sign, but, really, when the choice was between Bill Clinton and Viagra poster boy Bob Dole, who throughout his political life was a disgustingly subservient flunky of the Jews, like John McCain is today, you can hardly blame people for not bothering to go to the polls. What I’m afraid of is that the percentage of the electorate voting this year will bounce back up from its low point of 49 per cent in 1996. In other words, most Americans – or at least, more than half of them – still take the charade seriously. That’s a shame, but not really surprising.

I always take what I see on the television screen with a grain of salt, but despite the spin applied to the news by the media bosses, there’s usually some truth in what they show us. When they show us a sampling of public opinion, a series of little sidewalk interviews, they certainly are able to slant the impression they give us of public opinion by choosing in the editing room which interviews to keep and which to discard, but for the most part the people we see being interviewed after the editing is done are real people. Unlike the anchor person or the interviewer, they aren’t paid actors. And so we must believe that there really are such idiots in our population: a lot of such idiots, in fact.

I’m using the word „idiot“ loosely here, of course. Most interviewees aren’t really stupid; they’re just lemmings. They say what they believe is expected of them, what they believe other people would say in their place. Which is why these sidewalk interviews are such a useful tool for the media bosses. The lemmings who are watching the interviews on their screens take their cue from the lemmings who are being interviewed, and so any spin put on these interviews has a real effect on public opinion.

That doesn’t really provide a complete explanation of the disaster that has befallen us, however. Lemminghood, I believe, is a hereditary condition. That is, one is either born a lemming or not, and not much can be done to change the condition after birth. But there are other elements of our society who aren’t lemmings, but who nevertheless have contributed to the disaster. I was talking with a secret-police agent last week, a man I’ve spoken with on several occasions in the past. He’s retiring now, after 32 years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and so he shouldn’t be under an obligation any longer to avoid saying anything Politically Incorrect. He’s an intelligent man and not unlike many others in his line of work, I believe. I asked him again last week a question I’ve asked him on several previous occasions: How can he justify working for Bill Clinton? Doesn’t he at least have some misgivings working for a government headed by Bill Clinton?

Well, I got the same answer I’ve gotten from him before. He’s not working for Bill Clinton, he told me, or for Janet Reno. He’s working to uphold the Constitution, he said. He believes in the system we have, he told me. He believes the system still works. And he said that with a straight face, as if he really believed it. And I think that in some sense, at some level, he does believe it. I don’t think he’s like the lemming, who foolishly and enthusiastically jumps aboard every trend that comes along. He simply avoids coming to inconvenient or uncomfortable conclusions. And there’s probably a bit of authoritarianism mixed in there, as is the case with many career cops and military people: a tendency to assume that might is right.

I think that we see the same sort of mentality at work when military officers support Clinton administration policies on homosexuals and on women in combat. In the past they were unanimously opposed to these policies. But then the Jews demanded that homosexuals be accepted in the military and that women be permitted to be on submarine crews, and the political appointees in the Pentagon scrambled to issue new regulations in line with these demands, and the career military people begin readjusting their thinking to bring it into line. I think that they really justify to themselves their changed views on these matters. Not one in a hundred will do the honorable thing and resign in protest. Instead, they will conform their opinions to whatever is demanded of them – just as the secret policeman I occasionally speak with, and his Constitution-supporting colleagues, will without hesitation violate every Constitutional right I have if orders come down from Washington to arrest me as an „enemy of democracy,“ or whatever.

You know, it’s not too difficult for us to figure out what has happened to us in retrospect. It’s not too difficult for us to understand the mechanics of the way in which the people who control the mass media are able to determine public policy by playing on the psychologies of the susceptible elements of the population. What is eerie to me is the way in which the Jews instinctively went for control of the media at a time when no one had the advantage of hindsight. How did they know, in the first quarter of the last century, when motion pictures were in their infancy and television was only a dream in the minds of a few visionary engineers, such as Philo Farnsworth, that the key to the control of the world lay in Hollywood?

When I think about it, I’m inclined to believe that it was part instinct and part luck. Jews always have had a mercantile instinct. It’s evolved with them in the course of thousands of years during which trade was their principal activity. And a good line of patter, the ability to get the rubes to line up and buy a ticket to the sideshow, is certainly an asset to the man who wants you to buy something from him. In other words, showmanship and salesmanship are compatible traits, and so the Jews may have been attracted to Hollywood – and to other media – primarily as a result of their mercantile tendencies, without a long-range plan for using the media to acquire complete domination of our society. Maybe. But it didn’t take them very long to see that potential and then to take advantage of it.

As useful as it may be for us to understand how they managed to get the sack over our heads, the more urgent question now is: what are we going to do about it? How are we going to get the sack off? It’s an urgent question, because our time is running out. The Jews are using their present advantage over us in an attempt to make it impossible for us to recover. They’re keeping our borders open, flooding America with every sort of wretched refuse from the Third World they can coax into the country. They’re pushing miscegenation with all of their media as hard as they can, trying to convince our oh-so-desperate-to-be-fashionable young women that bedding down with a Black or some other non-White is the most fashionable thing they can do – and unfortunately, they’re having a lot of success with this race-wrecking program. And they’re absolutely determined to repeal the First and Second Amendments to our Constitution, so that I can’t warn you about what’s coming, and you can’t defend yourself when it gets here.

Now, I receive many suggestions from listeners as to what we should do about all of this. Some people tell me that we need to buy a television network – and I agree with that, but so far no one with this suggestion has sent me a check for $20 billion to make such a purchase possible. Other listeners have told me that we need to run candidates for public office and take the country back by winning the public offices now being held by the treasonous politicians of the Democratic and Republican Parties.

Actually, I believe that it’s quite reasonable to run candidates for public office, to use the democratic process – and any other process we can use for our purpose – so long as we go about it realistically. That is, we mustn’t fool ourselves into believing that we’re actually going to succeed in taking back the country that way. The problem is that as long as most of the public consists of lemmings and television remains in the hands of the Jews, the public will vote for an approved candidate, a candidate who has secretly pledged his loyalty to the enemies of our people and who has been certified kosher. But election campaigns do provide a forum, they provide another means of communicating with the public. And they may be the best means for communicating with the most conventional and conservative sector of the public, with those who are authoritarians but not really lemmings, and who believe that everything must be done in accord with the system.

But we really don’t have much time for trying things that may be useful in one way or another but that ultimately won’t get the job done. We must do what we can do effectively – and which ultimately will be successful. So let me spell it out for you: America will not be taken back by people who believe Bill Clinton is an OK guy. It will not be taken back by people who believe that Bill Bradley or John McCain or George Bush or any other TV-approved politician ought to be in the White House instead of Bill Clinton. America will not be taken back by the lemmings. As long as those who are determined to destroy our race are able to control the thinking and behavior of the majority of voters, we must not waste our time and our resources on majority-based schemes. The masses of our people can have a part in taking back America only after the grip of our enemies on their minds has been broken. Until then we must look to the minority of our people able to think for themselves. We must have a plan based on elites, not on the masses.

Many of our people who think of themselves as patriots feel that we have been betrayed by our elites – and in a sense we have. After the Second World War, when the Jews began pushing their various programs to multiculturalize America – that is, to break the power of the White majority – these programs impacted most heavily on the Whites at the bottom of the socioeconomic scale. The White professional and business classes, the Whites with more money and mobility, were better able to protect themselves. When government programs began destroying White neighborhoods and White schools, they could move to safer neighborhoods; they could send their children to private schools. Affirmative action was no threat to them, because Blacks couldn’t handle the sort of work they did. The real traitors – the Kennedys and their ilk – lived in private compounds with armed guards and felt that they would be able to live well and be safe no matter what happened to everyone else.

And today we still have a high concentration of traitors among the wealthiest Whites. We have the disgusting spectacle of the richest White man in the world trying to buy favor with the Jews and the non-Whites by giving hundreds of millions of dollars to vaccinate Blacks in Africa and pay tuition for Blacks in America. But really, we have few White heroes in any class. The disgusting behavior of Bill Gates is more than matched by the disgusting behavior of the White workers who cheer for Black basketball players and let their daughters run with sub-humans, and by the mindless adoption by White yuppies of every Jew-promoted fashion, no matter how degenerate. And anyway, when I speak of White elites I am not thinking primarily of rich Whites. I am thinking of Whites able to think for themselves, regardless of income. Being rich doesn’t automatically bestow the ability to think independently, but being able to think independently does give a person certain advantages in the struggle for survival.

And we should note that the struggle for survival has changed during the past 50 years. The lemmings believe that they are better off than before, because they can buy more shiny gadgets at the mall than they could 50 years ago. To them, this makes up for the prospect of mulatto grandchildren. But many thinking Whites in the professional class are beginning to understand that there are limits to what their money and mobility can get them in a society controlled by Jews. The flood of immigrants from Asia already has impacted on their career prospects the way affirmative action impacted on blue collar Whites a generation ago. Medical schools and graduate schools in America are packed with non-Whites from India and Pakistan and China and Korea and a dozen other countries. These Asians are just as alien as Blacks are, but they are vastly more able. They are able to compete with educated Whites for positions in the professions the way Blacks began competing for factory jobs and service-industry jobs with working-class Whites in the 1960s and 1970s.

What has happened in America in just the last decade has made a big difference for many White professionals, though certainly not for all. Many White professionals – and would-be professionals, who now are obliged to settle for blue collar work, because there’s no room for them in graduate school or medical school or other professional schools – really have been hit hard. Many are confused by the change. Most haven’t figured it out yet, but they are more open to the truth now than they have been at any time in the past. That’s why my organization, the National Alliance, is more successful now in recruiting young university faculty members, young engineers, young physicians, young pharmacists, young biochemists, young computer scientists, even young lawyers, than ever before, despite the fact that the economy is keeping most people comfortable.

And, as I indicated a moment ago, it’s not just the professionals to whom we must address ourselves. It is the elite minority of our people able to think for themselves, regardless of what they do for a living. The lemmings may not be bothered by the prospect of mulatto grandchildren, and perhaps Bill Gates isn’t either, but among the thinking minority plenty of White people are bothered by that prospect.

We have two factors at work here. We have the material factor. We have the realization that life-style and security, that career opportunities, have been damaged by the multiculturalization of America, and that has made some of our independent-minded people receptive to the truth, who a decade ago would have preferred not to think about it. And we have the aesthetic factor, the spiritual factor. We have the realization that life has lost much of its meaning, much of its value, in a darkening world, regardless of material considerations. This realization has opened the minds of many people in the arts. The fact that resistance music is booming as never before is just one consequence of this.

Now, thinking people never will be able to outvote the lemmings. And a howling mob of the dispossessed outside the city gates, acting alone, never will take a strong citadel, but with allies inside to open the gates, the prospects for taking the citadel improve dramatically. We live today in a technocratic society. Money and the media and politics may seem all-powerful at first glance, but all of these elements of power are completely dependent on a technocratic elite, an elite that understands the mechanism that keeps the wheels turning and that has its hands on the levers that control the machine.

Furthermore, the mediacrats depend not only on the engineers and programmers who keep their machinery of illusion running, but also on a creative and artistic minority who create their illusions for them, and not all of these toilers in the illusion factory are Jews.

And so while our television screens are filled with images of the media-approved politicians strutting and smiling and kissing Black babies, we’ll continue helping the independent-minded portion of the population understand what’s happening. We’ll continue building an organization based on that elite minority of the White population. And we’ll continue building our media capabilities, our ability for communicating with everyone in the White population willing to listen. I’d be happy to have you join us in this effort.