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The New World Order



This video shows the New World Order that our chosen overlords have brought to fruition after destroying Europe’s best and brightest.

Narrated by Truth Media Films and Edited by The Impartial Truth. Check out the new site:


Dr. David Duke on Harvey Weinstein & Race Realism

Topics David Duke lectures about: The rapes by Hollywood Jewish mogul Harvey Weinstein are critical in exposing Jewish domination of America.

What the Jewish press in Israel writes for themselves is very different than what the Jewish owned press writes for the gentiles.

Behind Liberalism

by Dr. William Luther Pierce

When anyone wants to eliminate a problem or overcome an obstacle, it’s usually a big help to him to understand the nature of the problem or the obstacle. If he misunderstands the nature of the problem and bases his attempt to eliminate it on that misunderstanding, he’s far more likely to fail than if he tackles the problem with a thorough understanding of its nature. That’s self- evident, and probably my worst enemies would agree with me on that. And yet there are some very important problems that are frustrating us in our efforts to solve them simply because most of us have made no serious effort to understand their true nature. We have just assumed that the nature of the problems is self-evident when in fact it is not.

The most important example of this is the assumption that the reason our civilization is self- destructing is so-called „liberal“ social and political policies. There is a general belief that we have a preponderance of liberals in our government, in the media, among school administrators, among Christian preachers, and so on, and that most of the White public goes along with the destructive policies of these leading liberals because most members of the public also are liberals.

And I’m using the word „liberal“ to designate a person who has a particular set of beliefs, much in the way a Christian has a particular set of beliefs. That is, a Christian believes, among other things, that a man named Jesus of Nazareth, born approximately 2,000 years ago in Palestine, was the son of God; that he walked on water, resurrected the dead, and performed other miracles; and that after he was crucified at the demand of the Jews he rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. And a liberal believes, among other things, that all featherless bipeds are „equal“ – that is, that they all are born with the same potential and would be equal in their accomplishments if they all had the same advantages and opportunities.

And as I said, there is a very common assumption made that the ongoing destruction of our society and our civilization is the consequence of applying the fallacious belief system of the liberals to the formulation of public policy. But this very common assumption is incorrect – or perhaps it would be better to say that it misses the point. Liberal policies certainly are destructive, but they aren’t the ultimate driving force behind the assault on Western civilization and our race. And so any attempt to restore our society to health and save our civilization from ruin based on an effort to change the beliefs of liberals – to convince liberals of the incorrectness of their ideas – is likely to fail. It is likely to fail because the problem is only superficially, but not fundamentally, the consequence of a group of people – namely, liberals – basing their policies on a particular set of incorrect ideas, such as the innate equality of all featherless bipeds. The problem is not one of belief, but one of psychology, of human nature, and of the skillful psychological manipulation of that nature by hidden agents.

I am sure that there are real liberals: that is, people who have thought about the world around them and then consciously adopted the liberal ideology. They constitute a fraction of a percent of the people who adhere to liberal policies and pay lip service to liberal ideas. The rest – that is, nearly all so-called „liberals“ – are liberals for the same reason that Catholics are Catholics and Lutherans are Lutherans and Buddhists are Buddhists. It has nothing to do with the ideologies of the various religions and everything to do with psychology. With a few rare exceptions, a Catholic is not a Catholic because he has thought about the world around him and decided that Catholicism is what makes the most sense. He is a Catholic because his parents and his neighbors are Catholics. He is a Catholic – or a Lutheran or a Buddhist – because he is a lemming, and lemmings don’t make up their own minds about anything. They believe – really believe – whatever they think the people around them believe.

With liberals today it’s not so much a matter of believing what one’s parents or neighbors believe as it is believing what one perceives to be fashionable in one’s peer group, and the perception most often comes from one’s television screen. It is possible to persuade an occasional liberal that his view of the world is incorrect and his policies are destructive and he should straighten out his thinking, just as it is possible to persuade an occasional Lutheran that Martin Luther really was the Antichrist and that Lutherans should beg the Pope for forgiveness and return to Holy Mother Church. It’s a hard sell in either case. And as I said, it misses the point.

The point is this: Liberals are tools. Most of them are not inherently evil or destructive, any more than a hammer used to smash a statue by Phidias is evil or a match used to burn a great library is evil. Liberals are morally neutral, like the hammer and the match. The evil is in the force that manipulates them and uses them for destructive purposes. The evil is in the mind that plans the destruction and then uses the liberals to carry it out. And that force is the force that controls our mass media of news and entertainment. That mind is the mind that formulates the slant of the news and the content of the media entertainment; the mind that determines which news will be reported and how it will be reported, and which news will be suppressed; the mind that determines which trends will be made fashionable and which ideas will be deemed Politically Correct.

And it is that force, that mind, that malevolent spirit that we must counter: that we must be aware of in making our plan to restore our society to health and halt the ruin of our civilization. When I said a moment ago that our problem is not one of belief but one of psychology, of human nature, I meant that we should not focus our efforts on trying to change the beliefs of the liberals but rather on exposing and then destroying the malevolent entity that manipulates the liberals by exploiting their psychological compulsion to conform to perceived norms.

That’s a fact, but as I said at the beginning, most people who are interested in eliminating the problem fail to see it that way. They still want to fight the liberals rather than the hidden force behind the liberals. What I’ll do now is try to persuade you that my understanding of the nature of the problem is correct by providing a few examples or illustrations of the way in which the problem manifests itself.

We might note first the global nature of the problem, the global way in which it is being orchestrated. Almost everywhere one looks in the White world, one sees the same destructive forces at work, the same governmental policies, the same wrongheaded attitudes and fashions being promoted by the media. There are, of course, local differences of detail. The United States had a large population of Black slaves until 136 years ago, and no country in Europe has that sort of history. One would expect this difference to have a strong effect on racial attitudes and policies, but in fact the policies of governments throughout Europe and the party line promoted by the mass media of news and entertainment throughout Europe are in broad outline the same as those in the United States.

The denial of racial differences and the doctrinaire promotion of egalitarianism are as much policies of the mass media and the government in Germany, in France, and in the United Kingdom, for example, as in the United States. Most European countries have no common border with a non-White country, as the United States does, and yet one sees the same insanely destructive policy regarding non-White immigration nearly everywhere in Europe that one sees in the United States. Nowhere is non-White immigration popular, and yet every government pursues a policy of bringing non-White immigrants into the country and then favoring and protecting them after they are in. One sees the same sort of corruption of the society by Turks, by Arabs, by Blacks, by Pakistanis, by Vietnamese, by Chinese, or by other non-Whites in the big cities of Sweden or Denmark or England as in the United States. The majority of the Whites everywhere are against it, while their supposedly democratic governments and the media are for it.

A good example of this is what’s been happening in northern England recently, where Asian gangs have been attacking and terrorizing Whites, and the government and the media have been trying to blame it on „White racists,“ such as members of the British National Party, the BNP. In fact the dynamics of the current racial rioting in the Manchester, England, area and in nearby Leeds is remarkably similar to the racial conflicts we’ve seen in places like Seattle and Cincinnati recently in this country. In Seattle and Cincinnati, Blacks were attacking Whites – specifically targeting Whites, especially young, White women, for vicious beatings fueled by racial hatred – while the media tried hard to persuade the public that race had nothing to do with the attacks, and the politicians were making promises of more handouts to the Blacks and looking for Whites to arrest in connection with the rioting so that they could not be accused of „racial profiling“ because they arrested more Blacks than Whites. In the Manchester suburb of Oldham, with a population of nearly a quarter of a million-15 percent of which consists of Asian immigrants brought in by the British government against the will of the British people since the Second World War-gangs of Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and Indians have been attacking Whites, while the media and the politicians have been trying to blame it on Whites, who supposedly provoked the Asians. Change the names of the cities, and the news stories in England about the Oldham race war or the race riot just three days ago in Leeds could have been written in this country about the riots in Seattle and Cincinnati.

I’ll read to you excerpts from a couple of news reports that came from Oldham during the last two weeks. An Associated Press International story from Sunday, May 27, reported:

At the height of the clashes – which continued off and on for seven hours, into the early hours of Sunday – up to 500 youths fought pitched battles with police in full riot gear. The fighting left the main thoroughfare in the town’s Glodwick district littered with broken bricks, shards of glass, and the hulks of several burned-out cars.

Paul Barrow, proprietor of a pub that was trashed in the fighting, said rioters burst in and began beating his patrons. „The first of them got through the door and attacked the customers with whatever they could get their hands on – bottles, stools, and glasses,“ he said.

Did you hear anything about that? I’m sure that you would have heard plenty and would still be hearing about it if 500 Whites had been the ones rioting and beating up Asians. And do you know how the rioting started? The same Associated Press International story says:

The riot apparently was sparked when a gang of white youths attacked a home in a neighborhood where most residents are of Pakistani, Bangladeshi, or Indian origin, police said. Soon after, a group of about 100 youths from the neighborhood attacked a pub mainly patronized by whites.

Actually, gangs of Asians have been attacking Whites in Oldham for months. Most of these attacks have been ignored by the media, although an especially vicious incident earlier this year did make national headlines. In that incident Asians nearly killed a 76-year-old White man, Walter Chamberlain, when they smashed his face with bricks while screaming anti-White insults at him.

I’ll read you another news report, this one from the May 30 issue of London’s The Times:

White families barricaded the windows of their homes with planks of wood last night as residents in the Oldham riot zone retreated behind ethnic lines….

Earlier Jack Straw, the home secretary, tried to blame racial conflict in the town on intervention by the British National Party, but angry local white people told a different story. After Chief Superintendent Eric Hewitt said on television that all but a few of the 20 people arrested overnight were white, The Times sought the views of the town’s shrinking white community.

People described themselves as being under siege. Neighbors told of sending children to stay with families in Manchester and Ashton-under-Lyne so that they were not injured by bricks flying through windows or kept awake at night by police helicopters….

Mr. Straw told the Oldham Evening Chronicle yesterday: „It is plain beyond doubt that relations between different sections of the community can only be poisoned by the intervention of extremists like the BNP. I utterly deplore their attempts to exploit the situation in the town.“

Straw’s comments about the BNP are nearly identical to those of the local media and government people in York, Pennsylvania, about me and the National Alliance when some of our material was distributed in York recently. I told you about that in my broadcast two weeks ago. If one isn’t aware of the underlying forces involved, that sort of global unanimity might be surprising.

By the way, Jack Straw, the United Kingdom’s minister of home affairs, who among other things is in charge of the country’s police agencies, is a Jew. So was his predecessor as home secretary, Michael Howard. I have no idea how he managed to appropriate a good English name like „Howard,“ but while he was in office Howard banned me from the United Kingdom. He told me that if I ever attempted to enter that country again I would be arrested. The reason for my banning, he said, is that I might cause a breach of the public order. I told him that I had never in my life caused a breach of the public order anywhere. But the banning still stands. A Jew is able to tell me that I cannot visit the land of my ancestors, and his order is enforced by English policemen!

What do you think is the likelihood that the present Jewish home secretary, Jack Straw, will ban any of the Pakistanis or other Asians who smashed in Walter Chamberlain’s head with bricks? Well of course, you know that there’s no chance at all of that because the same unwritten rules apply in Britain that apply here. An attack on a White by a non-White is not regarded as a breach of the public order. It’s only when a White defends himself against non-Whites that the media begin yapping about „hate crimes,“ and the government politicians spring into action.

And it’s not just Britain and the United States. The same controlling force is at work in Germany, in Scandinavia, in France, in Canada, in Australia, and everywhere else in the White world. From Switzerland to Sweden it is against the law to question the Jews’ claims about how many of them died during the Second World War in the so-called „Holocaust“ or how they died. In Switzerland people are in prison now for saying, „I’m not convinced that six million Jews were killed in gas chambers by the Germans. I think that fewer than six million Jews died during the war, and most of them died from disease in the concentration camps, rather than from poison gas.“ Say that over here, and the media will denounce you hysterically as a „Holocaust denier.“ Say it in Canada or Australia or Switzerland or almost any other country in Europe, and the government will lock you up.

It is not just an amazing coincidence that we have this global similarity in conditions at this instant in time. What we can see is the same organized campaigns, the same well-oiled legislative and social programs, the same hidden forces behind these campaigns in every country. As I said, there are differences in detail, but the same evil minds, the same schemers are at work globally. Take any program, any campaign – the current campaign by Jewish groups to have more „speech crime“ legislation enacted in the United States, for example – and if you want to see where it is headed, look at any other White country where the same program has met a little less resistance and been able to gain more ground. Where the campaign has gone in one country is where it is headed in every country, because the same malevolent force is behind it.

I’ll give you another indication that it’s not soft, weepy liberal sentiment that’s wrecking our society today, but rather a cold, hard, cunning, evil force behind the liberalism, using the liberalism to push a hidden agenda. It’s not some soggy, mushy idea that everything that somehow qualifies as „human“ is equal that is the driving force behind the ruin of our civilization, but rather it is a strongly cohesive group of people that consider themselves superior to everyone not in their ethnic/racial/religious group and only use egalitarianism as a wrecking tool against our society. My organization, the National Alliance, has for several years been publishing information on the racial differences in the incidence of HIV infection in the United States. One of our leaflets, which we have distributed widely on university campuses, points out that heterosexual Black males are 14 times as likely as heterosexual White males to be carriers of the AIDS-causing virus. We’ve also pointed out that while AIDS among Whites is largely a disease of homosexuals, among Blacks it’s largely a heterosexual disease. Well, when we point out this startling difference between Black and White HIV infection rates for heterosexual males, with Blacks 14 times as likely to be infected, liberals don’t want to believe it. They don’t want to believe it because it is contrary to their primary belief in equality, in the essential sameness of Blacks and Whites.

But of course, the people behind the scenes – the schemers – are concerned with facts, with reality, not with nutty notions of equality. The sophomore college girls can squeal in disbelief when we present our information about racial disparities in the spread of AIDS and can denounce us as „haters,“ but the AIDS professionals, the experts, understand the truth of the matter. I have in front of me, on my desk at this moment, a poster – a large, colorful poster – published by the Florida Department of Health, intended for distribution in Black neighborhoods. It says, in large black and red letters „1 in 50 Blacks in Florida has HIV.“ And it gives an 800 number for Blacks to call for free HIV testing.

So why aren’t the White college girls in Florida told that two percent of Blacks are HIV infected? The government is telling the Blacks this but hoping that Whites won’t find out. Why is that? Could it be that the people behind the scenes don’t want White college girls to be wary of having sex with Blacks? Could it be that they want White college girls to become infected with HIV?

I believe that’s exactly what they want. I believe that the people behind the scenes want the destruction of our people by any means, including racial mixing with Blacks. That’s why the experts, the people who know the facts about AIDS, are afraid to speak up and tell the college girls that the National Alliance is correct. They are afraid of bucking the Jews behind the scenes. I have seen this fear manifested over and over again, and it is another evidence of the powerful forces that simply use liberalism as a destructive tool against our people.

Israel: The Promised Land for Organized Crime – Part 3

By Dr. David Duke

Knowledge and Discipline

by Dr. William Pierce

As I was preparing this week’s broadcast, the news story causing the most excitement in the controlled media was a series of drive-by shootings last weekend in Illinois and Indiana by a 21- year-old student at the University of Indiana, Benjamin Smith, who killed himself as police were trying to arrest him. In addition to himself Smith killed only two other people – not much to get excited about by today’s standards, when drive-by shootings are a nightly occurrence in a number of our larger cities. What really had the media people stirred up about Smith, however, was the fact that he was a member of a pro-White church, and his targets were all non-Whites: Blacks, Jews, and Asians. A Black and an Asian died.

I don’t know anything about Smith except what was on the television news and the Internet, but I cannot help but feel some sympathy for him. Smith, according to those who knew him, was intelligent, quiet, and serious. He was a student of criminal justice at the University of Indiana.

Most notable, however, he was racially conscious. He was unhappy about the destruction of our White society in America and the perversion of our European culture by the program of multiculturalization promoted by the government and the media. He distributed leaflets on the University of Indiana campus in Bloomington expressing his views, and the university administration harassed him for it. He distributed leaflets off the campus in Bloomington and in the Chicago suburb of Wilmette, Illinois, where he grew up. Leftists, feminists, and Jews organized a public demonstration against him in Bloomington in an effort to stop his leaflet distribution, and the police in Wilmette arrested him. Blacks repeatedly smashed the windows of his apartment in Bloomington to show their disagreement with Smith’s „racist“ views. It must have been very stressful for Smith, trying to exercise his freedom of speech in a society which pays lip service to our Bill of Rights but which actually tries its best to make life difficult for anyone who doesn’t toe the party line.

Finally something snapped, and Smith began shooting at Jews, Blacks, and Asians. He apparently had given up completely at trying to make a difference with his leaflets, and his shooting was an expression of his frustration. He obviously didn’t intend to survive. He didn’t try to conceal his identity. He simply drove up to groups of non-Whites in his car in broad daylight and began shooting, then drove off until he saw another group of non-Whites and began shooting again.

Now the media people are wringing their hands and asking the question: „How did this man’s talk about hate lead to a racist killing spree?“ And the media are trotting out all their Jewish experts to ask similar questions. I saw Rabbi Marvin Hier, one of the head Jews at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and Mark Potok, a Jewish expert at the Southern Poverty Law Center, both on television asking, „How can we stop hateful talk like that in Benjamin Smith’s leaflets from leading to hateful acts like this series of shootings?“ And from the leers on their Jewish faces when they ask this question you can see what they’re thinking; you can guess what they want the television viewers to think. They want to plant the suggestion that the way to stop racial violence and hostility is to stop what they call „hate speech.“ If no one is permitted to say hateful things, they suggest, then people will be less inclined to do hateful things. That’s the sort of feminine reasoning which seems to be agreeable to America’s couch potatoes.

You know, I haven’t seen any of Benjamin Smith’s leaflets, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was nothing hateful at all in them. What the Jews call „hate speech“ these days, what they want to have outlawed, is any Politically Incorrect speech. They don’t care about crude or vulgar expressions of hatred, because they don’t see that as very persuasive or effective. The speech they want outlawed is any speech which might be dangerous to them, any speech which exposes their schemes or interferes with their plans.

As I said, I cannot help but feel some sympathy for Benjamin Smith. When I lived in Washington, DC, I was almost constantly enraged by what I saw all around me. In Washington it wasn’t just the presence of the Blacks and the Jews and what they were doing; it was at least as much the behavior of the Whites which enraged me. It was the effeminate and pusillanimous behavior of the members of the White majority, who really didn’t like Blacks and Jews much more than I did but who were terrified of being thought „racist“ or Politically Incorrect if anyone found out what they were thinking.

It was the trendy, liberal airheads, mindlessly parroting every cliché they learned from television and eagerly embracing every fad which came along, no matter how degenerate or destructive. It was the homosexuals and the pushy, obnoxiously assertive feminists, who knew they were on a roll and were determined to make the most of it.

And it was the utterly corrupt and deceitful behavior of the politicians and the bureaucrats and the media people in Washington which enraged me. If anybody in this country really needs to be put to death, it’s not the convicted serial killers sitting on death row in the various state prisons: it’s the people sitting in public offices in Washington – all of them. And it’s the lying, treacherous minions of the controlled media, panting and wagging their tails frantically in the hope of receiving a pat on the head from their Jewish masters every time they slant the news in the required direction or put the proper „spin“ on a story.

Washington is really the armpit of the universe, where nothing is too corrupt or treacherous or destructive, and I did find it frustrating being there and watching all of the degenerates and criminals doing their filthy work and not being able to stop them. There were times when I had some pretty violent thoughts. But I am not suicidal, and perhaps I have a little more self- discipline than Benjamin Smith had. Perhaps I am a little better able to postpone my gratification. And so I wrote books instead of going on shooting sprees. But I still sympathize with Benjamin Smith. It’s just a shame that he didn’t have a little more self-control.

The media circus resulting from Smith’s activity last weekend is what we have come to expect from the Jews who control the media. It was another excuse for them to harp on the dangers of permitting Whites to think „racist“ thoughts and express „racist“ sentiments. And this time they even had the titillating twist of a White „racist“ church to work into the story.

It’s really too bad that they had virtually nothing to say about a Black church which has been involved in the racially motivated murder of Whites. The charges recently brought against one of the members of this Black church for the murder of a White man would have given them an opportunity to tell us about some far more interesting things than the two killings by Benjamin Smith. The Black church to which I’m referring is the Black Hebrew Israelites, led by Yahweh

ben Yahweh. The murderer I mentioned is Robert Rozier, a Black former National Football League player. On March 23 of this year – that’s just three and a half months ago – Rozier was charged with the ritual murder of a White man outside one of his church’s meeting places in Newark, New Jersey. Rozier and another Black member of the church, John Armstrong, stabbed 52-year-old Attilio Cicala to death as a ritual sacrifice of a White man to their Black leader, Yahweh ben Yahweh, who was born with the name Hulon Mitchell.

The murder charge against the Black football player Rozier was reported by the Associated Press in March, but I’ll bet you never heard about it. The news was even printed in the New York Times, but no one I’ve spoken to remembers seeing it. People tend not to notice little two- paragraph news items which appear just once on page 126, tucked in among the ads for hemorrhoid relief and telephone sex. You still can dig it up from the New York Times site on the Internet, however, if you’re interested.

The point is that the way in which the news is reported makes all the difference. Most people in this feminized age simply don’t relate to bare facts. They relate only to other people. They aren’t able to assimilate evidence that doesn’t appear in a personal context. It just doesn’t mean anything to them unless Tom Brokaw or Bill Clinton or someone else they can relate to explains it to them and tells them how they should respond to it. They really do need to be told whether or not a news item is interesting and what attitude they should have toward it. I’m sorry, but that is the level to which the television-viewing American public has sunk.

And that’s why the news about the ritual murder of Attilio Cicala outside the so-called Black Hebrew Israelite temple in Newark has made virtually no impression on the consciousness of the public. And that’s too bad, because it’s really an interesting story: much more interesting than the story of Benjamin Smith’s shooting of a Black and a Korean last weekend. The Jewish media bosses hoped that you wouldn’t pay any attention to the news about the murder of Attilio Cicala, but I’m going to tell you about it now, because I think it’s something you ought to know.

The story goes back 25 years to a horrendous series of racial murders in California, many of them in the San Francisco area. Over a period of six months in 1973 and 1974 members of an offshoot of the Black Muslims called „Death Angels“ murdered several hundred White men, women, and children. The exact number will never be known, because many of the victims were so-called „street people“: runaway teenaged girls on drugs, hippies, and the like – people who weren’t missed. There were many of these pitiful lost souls on the streets of San Francisco in the 1960s and 1970s. Their corpses often were hacked up and dumped in the ocean or buried. But the San Francisco police who tracked the Death Angels counted 15 very tangible victims from all walks of life, not just street people: 15 murdered White people, and eight others who were seriously injured during attempts to murder them. While they were looking for the killers the police referred to the series of murders as the „Zebra“ killings: all Black on White.

Eventually the Death Angels were broken up when San Francisco police arrested eight of them. Four of them were put on trial, and after the longest trial in California history – a year and six days – were convicted on all counts. The transcript for the trial filled nearly 14 thousand pages and was bound in 141 volumes.

You say you never heard of any of this? Could that be because the Jewish media bosses – the ones who have been making such a circus of Benjamin Smith’s killing of one Black and one Korean – didn’t want you to hear about it? Could it be that the news of the Zebra murders didn’t fit the pattern of White aggressors and non-White victims that the media bosses wanted to imprint on the consciousness of the White public?

During the trial of the four Death Angels between March 3, 1975, and March 9, 1976, a great deal of interesting information came out that the White public should have been told about. One of the Death Angels who had been involved in many of the murders, Anthony Harris, obtained immunity from prosecution by testifying against the other Death Angels. Harris was on the witness stand for 12 days, and the chilling details of his testimony make very interesting reading. He told the court that the Nation of Islam – the so-called „Black Muslims“ – taught that the murder of a White person – a „blue-eyed devil“ – was pleasing to Allah. There was an elite organization in the Nation of Islam whose members had especially pleased Allah. That was the Death Angels. To become a Death Angel one had to murder nine White men or five White women or four White children. In 1974 the San Francisco chapter of the Death Angels had fifteen accredited members.

Harris related the horrifying details of some of the murders. There were the young White couple, Richard and Quita Hague, who were grabbed off a San Francisco street at gunpoint, taken to a rail yard, and butchered with a machete. Richard, a mining engineer, was 30 years old. His wife Quita, a reporter, was 28. They were out for an after-dinner stroll when three Black Muslims forced them into a van. Two of the Muslims were in the process of raping Quita when the third grabbed her by the hair, dragged her over to the railroad tracks, and slashed her throat.

Some of the White victims were taken to a loft used by the Death Angels, where they were tied to chairs and tortured to death. Harris testified that he was given the butchered remnants of one of these kidnapped torture victims, all trussed up in a plastic sheet like a turkey, and told to drive the package to a bluff overlooking San Francisco Bay and throw it into the water. Other victims, more fortunate, were simply gunned down on the street. And the killing wasn’t confined to San Francisco or even to California. Other groups of Death Angels murdered Whites in other states: in New York, in Georgia, in Florida. The word spread among Black Muslims everywhere. The only people who didn’t hear about what was happening were ordinary White citizens, like Richard and Quita Hague. They didn’t hear about it because the Jewish media bosses didn’t want the White population to become alarmed. They didn’t want Whites to take measures to protect themselves. They didn’t want Whites to stop feeling guilty about how badly they had treated minorities.

One Black Muslim in Atlanta who learned that the murder of blue-eyed devils was pleasing to Allah was Hulon Mitchell, known at the time as Hulon X. Hulon was given control of a Muslim mosque in Atlanta, but his career in the Nation of Islam was cut short when he was caught dipping into the collection plate and having sex with underage Muslim girls. Hulon moved to Florida. In 1978 he founded his own Black church in Miami. He called it the Nation of Yahweh, called its members Black Hebrew Israelites, and took for himself the name of Yahweh ben Yahweh. Hulon’s new church flourished, and he soon formed an elite group in it, which he called the Circle of Ten. He also branched out to several other cities, including Newark.

He taught his followers that the killing of blue-eyed devils was pleasing to Yahweh, rather than to Allah. Soon one of the members of his church, NFL player Robert Rozier, brought him the ear of a White man he had just murdered: his first victim. A number of other victims followed during the next few years. One of these victims was Attilio Cicala, the 52-year-old Italian man murdered in Newark.

As with the Death Angels in California, many of the ritual murder victims chosen by Yahweh’s followers were the easiest White victims: people who wouldn’t be missed – young runaways, street people, Whites who lived in Black neighborhoods or who associated with Blacks. It wasn’t until November 1990 that the police finally wound up Yahweh’s murder spree, charging him and sixteen of his followers with a number of felonies, including 14 murders. Actually, the murder of Attilio Cicala was not one of the 14 murders the Black Hebrew Israelites were charged with.

That murder remained unsolved until last year, when Black Israelite John Armstrong, also known as Yokonon Israel, was charged. And finally Rozier also was charged in the murder of Cicala this March. He will be tried later this year.

Well, Blacks will be Blacks, and they, at least, understand that we’re engaged in a race war. But that’s our fault, really. We shouldn’t have brought them here. As soon as we rectify that mistake a big part of the war will be over. Meanwhile, there’s not much point in our being angry at Blacks or shooting one or two of them here and there, a la Benjamin Smith. That’s just foolishness.

What we need to win this war is self-discipline: iron self-discipline, and Benjamin Smith didn’t have it.

We also need knowledge of the sort I try to disseminate with these broadcasts. If we are to make intelligent decisions about the world around us and about our future, we need to know that hundreds of White Americans have been ritually murdered by members of Black religious groups during the past 25 years. Even more do we need to know that news of these murders has been suppressed by the Jewish news media, and we need to understand why this news has been suppressed. We need to know what the Jews and their political, ideological, and religious allies are aiming for when they deliberately suppress the news of the mass murders of Whites by the Death Angels of the Nation of Islam and the Black Hebrew Israelite followers of Yahweh ben Yahweh, while filling our television screens day after day with the details of Benjamin Smith’s killing of one Black and one Asian. We need to know these things if we are not simply to be led like lambs to the slaughter.

Knowledge and discipline, those are the keys to our survival as a people: knowledge of what is really happening in the world and why, and the self-discipline to deal collectively and effectively with the very real threats to the future of our people, rather than expressing our frustration in foolish and undisciplined acts of premature violence. And if our knowledge leads us to anger, to rage of the sort that I felt while living in Washington and of the sort that Benjamin Smith presumably felt while attending the very Politically Correct University of Indiana, let us direct that rage not at the random Black or Asian on the street, but rather at the evil creatures who planned the government policies which are putting more and more Blacks and Asians on our streets, policies which are leading America into becoming a non-White country in the next few decades. Let us direct our rage at the evil creatures who conspire to keep our people ignorant of the real dangers around them by suppressing the news of the Zebra murders and the Black Hebrew Israelite murders.

And if we sometimes feel ourselves frustrated by the willful ignorance of the lemmings and by the malice of those among our people who have cast their lot with our people’s enemies, let us remember that it is we who are becoming stronger, not they; let us remember that more and more of our people are understanding what is happening and are drawing the correct conclusions. Let us remember that with growing knowledge and growing self-discipline among our people, we – not they – will prevail.

The Jews as Instruments of the Dark Age


By Savitri Devi (1978)
From And Time Rolls On, Edited by R.G. Fowler, Black Sun Publications

The Jew, originally, was not different from other Semitic people. He was just as good as they are. I have absolutely nothing against him. I mean to say, the real Jew in antiquity. He believed in a God of his own. And he didn’t think twice of praying or sacrificing to the gods of other people. You get that in the Bible. Again and again and again in the Bible you have examples of Jewish kings: — they are called bad in the Bible, of course, all bad — sacrificing to gods of Syria, to Astarte or to different Baalims. “Baal” means “god” in Syrian religions. And the average Jew had no scruples about that. Only Moses and the prophets are the ones who made the Jews what they are. Really, what distinguishes the Jews from other people of antiquity is the intolerance that was given to them through the Mosaic law and through that command of Deuteronomy: “People you come in touch with and people that your God will give into your hands, don’t spare them, don’t make friends with them, destroy them. Destroy whatever opposes you.” That is the new thing. And most of the Jews didn’t stick to it. So many times you get in the Bible: “They are a hard-necked people.” “They will whore after other deities.” And they did whore after other deities. Take the story of the King Manasseh. He erected altars to all the stars in heaven and bowed down to them. He worshipped the stars.

Everybody did the same in those days. And you get worse than that, especially in the sixth, seventh, and eighth centuries BC. Excavations have turned up heaps of children’s ashes in Palestine. It was the custom among the Semitic people to sacrifice their first born by fire. An awful thing. I don’t condone it. I wouldn’t do the same. But the Carthaginians, the Tyrians, the Sidonians, all these people did it. The Jews are one of them. They did the same. And God, of course, was angry. Jehovah was angry. These were not the orders of Jehovah. They had to be different from the other people. They hadn’t ought to do what the others did. But you get heaps of these places. And there’s one awful place south of Jerusalem called ge Hinnom. It’s the original word for Gehenna, hell. Hell because I suppose if you were passing by when they were sacrificing you must’ve heard the screaming and smelt the burning. It must’ve been awful, really.

But the Jew has become what he is now through Moses and through the prophets. Through the prophets, in order to make them a different people. And the prophets were extremely resentful of any other people who opposed the Jews. You only have to read in the Bible the prophet Nahum. Nahum, when he hears of the fall of Nineveh in August 612 BC, is rolling with pleasure. “Woe to the bloody city,” he says. “She’s punished now, she’s fallen.” He probably didn’t hear it at once. There was no radio in those days. But perhaps three months later, after the fall, he heard that Nabopolassar of Babylon and his son, young Nebuchadnezzar who was then seventeen, had stormed Nineveh and set it on fire. He was pleased.

I have nothing against the Jew as long as he stays in his place. That is to say, as long as he is a Jewish nationalist. A Jewish nationalist, proud of his race. All right, I’m proud of mine. The Negro should be proud of his too. Every creature should be proud of what he is. But what I resent in them, and what is a sign of the Dark Ages, is that they are used for the purpose of this Dark Age of deracializing everybody. What I resent in the Jew is not that he’s proud of being a Jew. All right. I can have a cup of tea with him, and he’ll talk of his pride. I don’t mind that. But I resent it when he starts telling me that I must consider race as nothing. I must be an internationalist and an interracialist, while he is not.

What I resent is this. On the 15th of September, 1935, the Nuremberg laws were promulgated in Nuremberg, interdicting any Aryan from marrying a non-Aryan and especially a Jew. The Jews are allowed in Germany as guests only. They are not allowed to raise the Reich’s flag, the flag of Germany. But if they wanted to raise their own flag, the flag of Israel — Israel did not exist yet, but it existed among themselves — they had a flag of their own. The Jew in Germany can raise his own flag. And if the neighbors object, they will have to deal with the German police. The German police will protect the Jew against public opinion. He can raise his own flag, but not the German. He’s not a German. When people all over the world heard that — I was in Calcutta at the time — they raised hell. “Oh, awful racialism! Look at the tyrant Hitler, persecuting the Jews.” He wasn’t persecuting them at all. He was giving them what should be given to them, and that’s all. They are foreigners in Germany. They have the right to be proud of their foreign origin, and they are not right to call themselves Germans. They are not Germans. That’s all right. That was 1935.

Twenty years later in Israel, a law comes out: interdiction for a Jew to marry a non-Jew. Nobody raised hell then. It was perfect. Nobody said a word. Why didn’t they make the same kind of fuss about that as they did with the Third Reich? Why? One law is as good as the other. I approve of both. They approve of none. If they approve of none, and if they raise a fuss for the first, they should raise a fuss for the second. And that is the success of the Jew: “I am a racialist, but you mustn’t be.” That’s the sign of the Dark Age. He’s an instrument. An Orthodox Jew who keeps to himself, all right. I like that one. But I resent the other one that keeps to himself, or lets his family keep to themselves, and goes out of his way to propagandize the Aryan and any race that is not his and tell them, “Your race is rubbish. You mustn’t believe in it. Believe in mankind, mankind, mankind. All men are equal. All men are loveable. You can marry anybody.”

We Aren’t Winning


by Axe of Perun

Let us become realistic for one moment today. I believe that every now and then such a thing is healthy for the mind, body and soul – for one reason particularly – because it gives clear vision as to what must be done. One can get stuck every now and then, especially in this Jewish controlled society, in various so-called “bubbles”, primarily recognized as controlled oppositions, ridiculous ideologies or topics/themes/discussions which lead to nothing, truly god damn nothing. Let us therefore analyze our current situation and let us look into what the current generation is doing in our lifetimes. What needs to be done, what has been done to it, and where our current state of mind is going to lead us to.

Recently I had been at the dentist. I don’t really like them as one never knows what the hell is being injected into one’s mouth – I believe that a Jewish dentist is capable of slowly killing off thousands of gentiles. It surely is one of their most liked professions in terms of monetary gain and physical control. Anyways, I found myself again in a purely White area. A top notch dental facility, offering the best possible health care that you could ask for. As I wasn’t in need of anything special, it wasn’t expensive. Rest assured, the rest of their procedures do milk a lot of money from you. Looking at the faces of the various doctors walking around, I failed to recognize any rat among them and felt somewhat at ease.

And there she was sitting – the darkest African female I had ever seen in my life. Black as Darkness itself, surrounded by the Light of at least one hundred White people. No one was giving her a hard time, no one told her anything, she even got into the service sooner than anyone else. As I was thinking deeply, time almost stopped for me. I tried real hard to imagine the opposite situation – imagine if she was the only White person surrounded by at least one hundred Blacks. Yeah, that thought alone should be enough. But, I took it one step further. Assume that the Jews did not manipulate the Blacks into outright hating Whites. Let us go as far as to say that Blacks were never brought to America by Jews on Jewish slave ships. In such a scenario this one single White female would be surrounded by 100 pure Black Africans.

What do you think would those tribal people have done to her? What do you think – would a Race which still to this day eats their own people, farms them as chicken in human cannibal farms – what do you think would they have done to one White woman sitting among them?

The thought alone should be terrifying. But, the other scenario isn’t that much better, now is it? Blacks have been brought on Jewish slave ships, have been enslaved both by Blacks and Jews, and were then indoctrinated by the Jews into believing that it was the “evil White devil” who enslaved them in the first place. Again, the idea of having one single White woman being surrounded by such primitive, outright stupid and dangerous darkness – should make you shiver. In both scenarios, the White woman is raped and killed – in at least one of them – she is also eaten. Since this is a dental healthcare we are talking about – one has only two end results about her teeth – she’d either have no teeth at all anymore, or the only thing that would remain of her are the teeth.

And there she was sitting – getting top notch dental healthcare from the evil White devil. Being operated by instruments, machines, technologies which she would have never dreamed of. Going through doors which open themselves, staying on stairs which move on their own, sitting in a closed room on a cloudy day while having light in the room through electricity, surfing on the internet on her smartphone, wearing modern designer clothes to keep her warm, etc. All of this of course, simply fell from the sky and has nothing to do with White European people inventing all that stuff and creating a civilization which supports it. You know, sometimes I marvel at all the things our Race has accomplished. I look at even the most basic things that we use each and every day and simply take a moment to grasp in that someone invented this, someone created this, and I’m still using it. All of it European.

One shouldn’t judge a Bear by his knowledge of Mathematics, they say. One shouldn’t expect a fish to be able to build a house and wield a hammer. But the Jew has managed to convince us that we should look at non-White Races and fool ourselves into thinking that they are the exact same as we are. Why is it that the Africans never developed anything, that they didn’t even have the Wheel or Fire up to the late 1800’s until we gave it to them? Why do we expect of them to be able to grasp our civilization, our lifestyle, our way of thinking – our soul, spirit, mind and body? Well, the healthy and sane among us do not expect anything like that of them. As for the Africans – it serves them no good either to try to live like Europeans – it is not natural for them and it will never fulfill them.

We know we are different. We know that we won’t ever be the same. It is a fact. An undeniable fact.

But the Jew got us convinced that we are the same because their One Single God Yahweh created all of us. Let that statement sink in for a moment. There are hundreds of millions of White European Christians, White European Freemasons, Liberals, Anarchists, Communists, Bolsheviks, Feminists, Democrats, etc. – who believe that shit. They believe it, because they believe in the Jewish ideology which supports such a claim. The Jewish ideology which the Jews have sold to them. A sickness, a mind virus, a mental delusion which the Jew, as the Virus, has implanted into them.

Is anyone really going to convince you that the Chinese are exactly the same as the Africans? That they are exactly the same god damn being with just different skin color? How stupid must one become in order to swallow such a pile of crap? But the masses have taken it all in – hook, line and sinker. Are we to believe that the hyena is the same as the lion? Are we to believe that the eagle is the same as the mockingbird? At what point does this mental idiocy stop? Where is the end to it? By this same pattern of thought do the Jews then manipulate these imbeciles into thinking that homosexuality is the same as heterosexuality, that it is perfectly natural and normal – as if Nature and God intended for any Species to simply cease to exist by being homos. And such a “liberal” train of thought simply must come to pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, incest – because it doesn’t stop ever. Degeneracy keeps on sinking into the abyss until it becomes the abyss itself. Lifeless, dead and void of existence.

This is why any form of degeneracy hates Nationalism and the European idea of Self-Preservation, Self-Sufficiency – because the Disease of Degeneracy cannot survive on its own. Jews, as parasites who need a host, create other parasites who need the same host in order to further weaken the host. The homosexuals cannot simply separate and exist on their own as they would die out in one generation. The same is true for all the other degenerate imbeciles who walk among us nowadays, be they transgenders or feminists – it is the same hive mind of parasites who need a host to look out for them. None of them want something of their own – they just want us to live for them, to let them vampire us to death while they enjoy the bloodbath.

The Jew creates mindless servants who, once they have eradicated us as their enemy, will cease to exist on their own. The degenerates are not a Jewish concern. The degenerates will defeat themselves in the end, on their own.

The Jewish overlords have reached a point of our White genocide where they are openly indoctrinating our children into believing that their very existence is a Sin, that they should race-mix in order to atone, that they should not have White children, that they should sacrifice themselves for non-Whites and so on. And we do nothing against this. This same pattern started a long time ago with Christianity. The more Christian the first fronts that fell in ancient Europe became, the less European they were. Greece is not even comparable to what it was in Ancient times. It would take you a long time to find a blond or red-haired Greek person, a common sight 2000 years ago. The indoctrinated Christian will refuse this to the very last day, but I have written on that subject so much that it has become annoying to me as well.

Every kind of White group is immediately labelled as “White supremacy”, a term which has no meaning or value whatsoever. Being master of your own house is suddenly Racism, Supremacy and Privilege. A mother being the mother of her own children is privilege. Let that sink in for a moment. If Africans can’t control a farm and therefore supply their own people with food, but White people can – then it is simply “White supremacy and privilege” – it just couldn’t be White Genetics, White Nature, White Capabilities to survive, strive and better their own existence. We are privileged because we are capable of living on our own without any god damn fucking help from anyone. The Jew knows very well that Natural Hierarchy exists, and even though he hates Nature and tells us that his entire worldview is anti-Nature, he does everything he can to plan according to Natural Laws.

The Jew has given the weapons and the means to the hyenas in order to destroy the lions. He has convinced the mockingbird to be the same as the eagle, and has told the eagle to be privileged for being born a god damn eagle. The stopping of the Jew is truly the only mission any intelligent and aware person should have in his life. I’d wager to say that it is the ultimate purpose of life itself for any intelligent humanoid who once recognize this planetary infestation. Wherever the Jew has managed to invade a Nation or a People, he has turned it into a shit hole, into a degenerate culture of apathy, arrogance, ignorance, death and destruction.

Egypt fell, Rome fell, Greece fell, Persia fell, Babylon fell, Sumeria fell, etc. – but the Jew who destroyed each and every one of them – still remains.

So you see, we aren’t winning. We haven’t been winning against the Jew for the last 3000+ years. We identified him many times before, throughout our entire history, but never really had the guts to end him once and for all. We always underestimated the Jew in his first form where he entered a host Nation “just a day ago” – we looked at him as the disgusting, vile, horrible smelling creature who would set up a shop in dark alleys and try to sell something. We looked at him as the annoying and loud character who would always try to create problems or make himself important. Theft, murder, lies and deception lurked wherever he existed.

And we looked at this first Jewish form with disgust but never with true hatred. We kicked them out and never really dealt with them. Alas, the Virus mutates, it adapts, it looks for a way to penetrate the organism – again and again and – again. It camouflages itself and tries to act, walk and talk more like us in order to become accepted. It creates an artificial link by which we can identify as “brothers” – Christianity, Freemasonry, and various similar cults of idiocy. It creates ideologies and statutes of victim-hood behind which we can unite as “brothers in suffering” – Feminism, Liberalism, Democracy, etc. The virus attempts to penetrate, infiltrate, manipulate and finally destroy the Host – by any means necessary.

It is no wonder therefore that the idea of never-ending growth and Capitalism came from the Jew as well. It is a parasitic mindset that has no other purpose but growth – just as the cells of cancer have no other purpose but to keep on growing until they consume the very host body which allowed them to exist in the first place. What the cancer cells do to the body manifests in our organic life as Communism – the destruction of the body which got infested.

The more apathy and tolerance our Society develops, the easier it will be for the Jew to exterminate us.

We have to look at everything from our own perspective. It has nothing to do with “human rights” or “humanity“, when the Jew doesn’t allow us to speak the Truth. The Jew is merely forcing us to “tolerate” everything that is happening to us by not allowing us to speak out against it. We are told to “tolerate” all the rapes, deaths and murders that are going on with the planned invasion of every European Nation. We are told to “tolerate” gays, pedophiles and transgenders who are not only a danger to our children, but to the entire fabric of the family unit. We are told to “tolerate” the loss of our lands, the loss of our political systems and governments – we are told to “tolerate” the replacement of our people. We are told not to “hate” any of this, as hatred is a Sin – and has been a Sin – since the day of the invention of the Jewish New Testament.

This tolerance and apathy is further empowered by the fact that the Jews control the entire infrastructure of food, government, politics, money, media, etc. Whoever does not comply to their rules is going to end up without a job, will have no money, will die from hunger, will get jailed, character assassinated, or if necessary – murdered. This is the way the Jew controls the Host nation once he installed himself as the True Shadow Government behind the scene. This is the dictatorship we live under. This is true Tyranny. The total control of everything through fear.

Therefore nothing will change until we get rid of the current money system we live under – the current Jewish FED and Usury, which has consumed every single Nation on this planet. Until the last Jewish Bank has been burned to the ground, we won’t know what it means to be free. Not only is the Jewish Bank destroying you through Usury, but it is literally eating away your existence through taxes and various other percentages which you have to pay for. A Jewish commandment from the Old Testament of the Bible – to rule the non-Jewish world through Usury.

Nothing will change until we destroy the Jewish control of Money.

Through this money the Jews can brainwash the masses in every possible way they like. They can finance, buy up, take over, control and manipulate whatever and whomever they please. There is no way that a non-Jewish person can rise up to power anymore without them destroying him or taking him over. The Jews can “award” any lemming with money in order to manipulate his behavior. And they award, of course, effeminate, degenerate, marxist ideologies and people – people who would perish on their own, but the Jews keep them alive in order to destroy those of us who are sane, healthy and normal. Just as it said in the New Testament : The Jewish God chose the stupid to destroy the wise. He chose the low to destroy the noble. All written a long fucking time ago for us to identify and understand and yet we simply overlooked the Jewish pattern and strategies – over and over and over – again.

Millions of people are playing video games every single day and the Jews have been promoting this lifestyle through platforms like Twitch – where young people are their own one-man TV program and thousands of others watch them. The Jew, as per usual, awards you for the amount of time you waste collectively for all people that watch you. Every now and then an “anonymous” person will “donate” to these streamers thousands of dollars in order to keep them going for more – in order to make them think that what they are doing is really worthy of their existence, is really a good life choice, is really a way to live.

And these lemmings do not wish to lose that easy lifestyle – so they will do everything in their power to keep it alive – and to keep getting that money flowing in. You can replace Twitch with Jewish Democracy, Feminism, Liberalism – the “platform” which the Jews provide for the lemmings is irrelevant – it serves two main purposes : To steal the time of the Gentile population and to further any and all Jewish goals and agendas. How is a mass of Twitch players, of effeminate people who will drink themselves to suffocation on a live stream in order to earn more money, ever going to resist the Jew? They won’t. They don’t have the nerves, nor the time anymore to research anything that is important.

Donations, Likes, Dislikes, Upvotes and Downvotes – these are all mental and psychological manipulations through which the Jew enforces certain behavior in the Gentile population.

Recently a Jewish leader of a Socialist Communist party in Austria got jailed – the party itself struggles now to survive – because the Jewish “socialist” was actually Capitalizing, read financing, the party with a constant flow of cash. Rest assured, another Jew will soon pop up to continue financing their little idiots in that party, but it goes to show you that the degenerates have no way to survive once the Jewish link has been disconnected. The problem is that most of these idiots are also our own Racial brethren and that they become useless, dangerous and outright hostile – if the Jewish link lasted for far too long.

Therefore our next problem is that we, the healthy and sane ones, in order to save, help and heal those who were linked to the Jewish mind hive – we must create an infrastructure and society that is going to be able to take care of them and turn them on our side again. Not merely as “allies”, but as truly aware White European people who will learn and understand again what it means to be truly Free, to be capable of taking care of one’s own Self, to be able to walk the streets without being harassed or murdered at night, to be able to have your children play outside without worrying that a degenerate will rape or steal them – the list goes on and on – they have to witness again what it means to live in a purely European Society made by Europeans for Europeans. They have to understand the difference between being totally free or being allowed to exist as long as you work against your own people.

Nothing will change however because our people are not getting the right data and information on a daily basis – we do not control the Media, the Newspapers, the Television, hell we don’t even control the Internet. We do not control the Propaganda all of these sources push forward, and we do not control our Governments, nor the people behind them. The average lemming has no way, he lacks the means to awaken on a daily basis – and is constantly being bombarded with lies and deception. This must change. We are trying to do this with the Internet as we speak, but it is way too slow, way too easy to destroy and corrupt – we must find a better way.

The Jew controls the Money, the Media, the Government, the Propaganda and the Lemmings. We aren’t winning.

The Jew is taking over one City after the other by importing non-Europeans into our homelands. The Jewish purpose and goal is but one : To exterminate White Europeans. Only then will one finally understand what is going on in the world right now. The hyenas were never meant to be able to kill off the lions. The mockingbird was never meant to be an eagle. The Jew was never meant to acquire the Power he has – because with this Power – he is going to destroy the whole Earth, the entire Planet, all of that which is Good, Noble, Pure and Natural.

Alas, the parasite doesn’t see the end of that story – he doesn’t understand and see that he himself is going to also perish in the end. Thus, the Jewish parasite invented the idea of a Messiah – of someone, or something that will somehow change the course of Reality and Nature itself – who will reshape existence as we know it and allow the Jews to keep on existing as parasites once all other life has been extinguished. They need a Messiah – no one else on the planet needs one.

Therefore, nothing will change until we outplay this Jewish control, until we take it away from them, or until we destroy the system which supports it. Perhaps destroying all the values which are associated with it could be a good way of approaching this problem. But, do not ever talk about winning again, because we aren’t winning anything at all. A day does not go by in which you can’t see one more White person being killed, raped and murdered – a day does not go by where more and more of our territory has been lost. We haven’t been winning for the last 3000+ years, but it is about damn time that we realize this fact and transform everything we do.

We must evolve and transform. We must heal ourselves. And healing means that we must entirely destroy the Virus that has invaded our Body, our Organism, our Nations.

It is truly a blessing that our Immune system operates on its own without waiting for a Message or Approval of the Mind. The Immune system is, in many ways, the “Warrior“, the “Samurai“, the Aryan, who acts upon evil the moment he sees it. There are no discussions, no debates, no rules being exchanged or made – the Immune system tries to destroy the bacteria and virus immediately when it encounters it. And if it fails, you get sick. And if you don’t manage to recover, if your Immune system does not find a way to fight against the invasion of your organism – you die.

The same is true on every other metaphysical level of our existence. However, the Jewish Virus in human form used his power of Speech, of Mental manipulation, of Propaganda, of his “Mouth”, in order to disable our Immune system from reacting against it. Not only has the Jew injected us with sicknesses which we were not able to defend ourselves against, but he also convinced us to not defend ourselves against those which we did recognize as dangerous. Do not Resist Evil. Love your Enemy. Hate your Family. One message after the other – and our Immune system was overwritten by ideologies which didn’t allow it to act or react. Christianity was the first Jewish propaganda tool used on us in order to destroy us. And it succeeded.

Our Firewall has been penetrated. Our Immune system has been disabled. Our Thoughts are not our own anymore. Our Freedom has been taken away from us and we have been turned into Slaves who work for the interest of the Virus. Life as we know it has no purpose at the moment. The average White European has no ideal, no meaning to exist, but to keep on existing from day to day. All visions have been lost, all the glory of the White Man discouraged, the beauty of the White Woman neutralized. All that remains is an almost dead body which knows not what to do, except that it should try real hard to go on for at least one more day.

That, my Aryan brothers and sisters, has to change! Every single one of you is a Creator, a Torch-bearer of our Ancestors, an Aryan noble with the potential of becoming a God and Goddess once again. Let us find the courage, the strength and the willpower to live our lives again as we see fit, as our Nature demands it, as the Creator himself designed it. But, nothing will happen as long as we are led to believe that we are “winning” and that something “good” is actually going on. It isn’t. We aren’t winning.

And the main reason for that is that YOU haven’t become more involved. That you haven’t made another White person aware today. That you haven’t decided yet how nothing else is more important in your life than this mission: To save our people. Think. Organize. Evolve. Learn. Become a self-appointed agent of this movement. Group with others, invest money into building up organizations and safe-houses.

We aren’t winning, but we haven’t been entirely defeated yet either. Control your time, control your thoughts, be ever vigilant and have but one goal in front of you – the Resurrection and Restoration of the Aryan European. Only YOU can make that happen. It is YOUR destiny – to become strong, intelligent, wise, to be a leader, to become a legend – I am merely reminding you of it.

Individualism and Alienation

by Dr. William Pierce

Most of the comments I receive from listeners are very supportive, but I do get some hate mail as well. Most of the hate mail is either nutcase stuff from people who have some personal problem, which they project onto me, or it’s from lemmings who are very indignant that I’m not in step with everyone else in the mass media. They just need someone to hate, and I think it makes them feel better if they tell me what a rotten person I am.

But I also receive a somewhat more thoughtful type of hate mail from people who curse me because I can’t understand that race really doesn’t count. They tell me that I should never judge another person as a member of the race to which he belongs, but only as an individual. They tell me that many Blacks are law-abiding, hardworking people who don’t use drugs or throw their trash in their yards and that many White people are criminals, are on welfare, and are generally trashy and worthless. Therefore, these individualists tell me, racism is stupid. I’m stupid, they say, because I embrace all White people, the bad along with the good, and I condemn all Blacks, the good along with the bad.

They tell me that when they’re looking at a neighborhood with the thought of renting an apartment or buying a house and moving into the area, they don’t judge their prospective neighbors on the basis of whether their names are Chung Lung Fu and Abraham Goldberg or Bill Smith and Earl Turner; they judge instead on how much their neighbors paid for their homes and how well they keep them up. They’d rather live next to an Abe Goldberg or a Rastus Brown with a nicely waxed, new BMW in the driveway than next to a Bill Smith with a ten-year-old Ford.

Individualists also believe that whether a person is homosexual or heterosexual is unimportant. What counts is whether or not he’s well groomed, well mannered, and pays his bills on time. Undoubtedly there are individualists who will say that sex doesn’t matter, either. No one should be judged by group characteristics, but only by those individual characteristics relevant to the immediate situation: will he or she make a good neighbor, a good employee, a good congressman? That’s all that counts, the individualist will say. And I’m sure that many individualists actually believe this. In fact, it is a religion for many of them, judging from the emotional nature of their hate mail to me.

To explore this matter further: some individualists — a minority of them, I suspect — have bought into a semi-religious, semi-philosophical world view called “Objectivism” and peddled most notably by a Soviet-trained Jewess named Ayn Rand, who came to America from the Soviet Union in 1926 and began writing books extolling the virtues of selfishness and individualism. Some of her best-known books are The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, and The Virtue of Selfishness. Another notable individualist in the Ayn Rand mold is Harry Browne, who recently has been the Libertarian Party’s candidate for President of the United States and who wrote a book titled How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World.

The basic idea of Browne’s book is that no one owes anything to anyone except himself, and that the only rational objective for any individual is to look out for himself, get as much for himself as he can, do whatever he wants to do that he can get away with, and to hell with everyone else. Anyone who doesn’t accept this view of things is either a sucker, just waiting to be fleeced by a more objective and rational person — or is a person with ulterior motives aiming to fleece others.

As I said, some people have made a semi-religion out of this way of looking at things. One finds many of these people in organizations such as the John Birch Society and the Libertarian Party. But for other people — the majority, I suspect — individualism is simply an excuse for their selfishness and lack of responsibility. Perhaps for some it’s an indicator of cowardice: faced with an intolerable racial situation in America today, they opt for an explanation of things that will not get them kicked out of the country club. They are aware of what non-White immigration is doing to America, for example, but they are afraid to take a position that might be considered “racist.” They are afraid of the label. And, at the same time, they can see the catastrophe that is looming for America, so they simply abjure all responsibility.

The views of most individualists have grown out of alienation. When people have been cut loose from their roots, when they have lost all sense of community and belonging, when they have become simply human atoms floating in a cosmopolitan soup, they try to make sense of things. They look for some standard or rule to go by to justify their behavior and their feelings. And some opt for individualism. Individualism doesn’t have the social stigma that “racism” does. Individualism has been given the stamp of approval by Jews, and Jews are powerful people who are in good odor with the media and with the government, so it must be OK. They can’t get kicked out of the country club for being individualists.

Before I talk further about the connection between alienation and individualism, let’s back up a bit and look a little more closely at the individualist mind-set itself. Why do individualists send me hate letters? Because, they say, I stupidly embrace White welfare trash and condemn honest and hardworking non-Whites.

Now, that’s really a misleading claim, although in a sense there may be some truth in it. I don’t embrace White welfare trash, as such. I embrace my people, my race — all of it — recognizing that some White people are trashy and are not the sort I would want as neighbors or would want my sister to marry. It’s like embracing my family, while recognizing that some of them are black sheep. And I don’t condemn honest and hardworking non-Whites. It’s not my business to set standards of honesty or industry for non-Whites. That’s their business. I just want them off my people’s turf, out of my people’s territory — all of them. When we have settled our external problems, then we will deal with our internal problems — including our White welfare trash.

You know, this whole debate of individualism versus racism is really tricky. It’s easy for people to become confused. I, for example, am more of an individualist than most of the individualists who hate me. What that means depends upon how one understands the term “individualist.” I am an individualist in the sense that I don’t have a lot of sympathy for people who can’t or won’t pull their own weight. I don’t like to meddle in other people’s business, and I like it even less when other people meddle in my business. If one of my fellow Whites doesn’t want to take care of himself, that’s his business. Just don’t ask me to take care of him. I believe in natural selection and the survival of the fittest. I believe that we weaken our race when we help the least fit to survive and reproduce. If we’re going to have a welfare system for our people, then we need a compulsory sterilization system to go along with it. I become more upset when I see a 400-pound White welfare mom surrounded by her brood of runny-nosed kids in the checkout line in front of me paying with food stamps than when I see a Black welfare mother.

I believe in helping my fellow White people in a way that strengthens them as a whole, not in a way that weakens them. I believe in helping the best and brightest and strongest of my people to be more effective, because by strengthening my whole people I strengthen that of which I am a part. That is my selfishness. That’s the sense in which I’m an individualist. I’m an individualist within a certain framework: the framework of my race and my civilization. I’m an individualist with roots, an individualist with a sense of community, a sense of belonging, a sense of responsibility.

And you know, that’s the sense in which our people have used the term for a long time. When the Greeks talked about individualism 2,500 years ago, they spoke about it with the same understanding I have today. In the sixth century BC, when individualism characterized Greek poetry, one of the greatest of the Greek poets, Theognis of Megara, expressed his sense of responsibility and his concern for his race when he deplored the careless breeding habits of many of his people and the consequent decline in their racial quality. Theognis wrote:

“The best men . . . wed, for money, runts of poor descent. So too a woman will demean her state And spurn the better for the richer mate. Money’s the cry. Good stock to bad is wed, And bad to good, till all the world’s cross-bred. No wonder if the country’s breed declines. . . .”

And what is the understanding today of the individualists who send me hate letters? To be frank, I think that they understand nothing. They don’t see themselves in any framework of race or history or civilization. They think of themselves as pure, disconnected individuals, with responsibilities to no one, existing only for themselves. They do not embrace a race. They embrace only themselves. When they choose neighbors or co-workers or business partners — or marital partners — they do so solely on the basis of what pleases them at the moment. A Chinese neighbor is just as good as a White neighbor of the same socioeconomic status. A Jewish co-worker is just as good as an Aryan co-worker. Individualists may form alliances with others they perceive as having similar interests, but their own interests always are strictly personal.

And they really think they’re smart. Not only do they avoid the stigma of “racism,” but by shedding all responsibility to anyone but themselves they believe they gain an advantage over suckers like me who are burdened with responsibility to my people, to my forefathers, to my descendants, and so on.

Let me tell you: this rootless individualism is not a “smart” way of relating to the world. It is an infantile way. It is based on the same attitude we see in an infant screaming and throwing things because he didn’t get what he wanted. In a normal world, in a healthy environment, as an infant grows up he learns that he can’t always get exactly what he wants when he wants it. He learns not to expect that or even to make that his goal. He learns that he is a part of something larger and more permanent and more important than himself. He develops roots in his community, in his race. He learns to see himself in a larger context, in a framework of race and history and culture. His concept of “self” expands to include these things of which he is a part.

That the type of development is normal and healthy, the type of development that leads to a sense of community responsibility and racial responsibility. And it leads to a stronger and healthier community and to a stronger and healthier race, in which the members of the community and of the race care about these larger collectives. But if a child grows up in a world where he is deliberately cut off from tradition and history, so that he cannot develop any sense of rootedness, or if his environment is so polluted with “diversity” and multiculturalism that he cannot identify with his racial community, then he does not have a proper framework within which to see himself relative to the world. He feels no sense of belonging and no sense of responsibility. He becomes an individual in the sense of Ayn Rand and Harry Browne.

There’s a name for this condition. It’s called alienation. It’s what happens to many young White people who attend schools where they are in a minority, who attend universities where “Eurocentrism” is Politically Incorrect, who live in cities swarming with Third World immigrants, who see Black and Brown faces and get the Jewish slant on things every time they turn on the TV. Strong and healthy people react to this alienating environment by seeking their roots anyway, by doing whatever it takes to develop a sense of racial identity anyway, but many weak or confused people become individualists.

And you know, this alienating environment in which we live is not an accident. It was imposed on us deliberately by people who want to increase the level of alienation in our society, by people who encourageour people to become rootless individualists, by people who use all of the propaganda media at their disposal to convince everyone that it’s “racist” to have roots, that it’s “hateful” to have an interest in the history and traditions of one’s own people, that it’s practically criminal to be concerned about the welfare or even the survival of one’s race — if that race is White, if it’s European.

My organization, the National Alliance, attempts to fight alienation among our people in many ways. For example, we distribute a sticker showing the simple message, “Earth’s most endangered species: the White race. Help preserve it.” That’s all. No mention of any other race. Nothing even remotely “hateful.” And yet every time these stickers of ours are mentioned by the controlled news media they are called “hate propaganda.” Really: “hate propaganda.”

Now, that is deliberate. This simple message calling on our people to be concerned about the preservation of our race always elicits a hysterical reaction from the controlled news media. The media bosses are afraid of our racial consciousness. They are terrified that we may feel responsible for our race. They are desperate to stamp out any feeling of rootedness or identity. That’s why they always respond to our simple, inoffensive message with their favorite scare-word: hate, hate, hate. And that’s a collective response. It’s not based on the decision of any single, individual media boss. They have gotten together and formulated a strategy to advance their collective interests. And that is why they’re winning their war against us now.

Well, I don’t know that anything I’ve said today will change the attitude of the rootless individualists. They’re lacking something in their upbringing that I can’t give them in half an hour. They really do think they’re being smart by not accepting any responsibility. They believe that they can survive and prosper as individuals, with no community or racial connections.

Listen: the world doesn’t work that way. The rootless individualist doesn’t realize it, but he really is all alone out there. The other people with whom he is competing — the Jews, the non-Whites, the feminists, the homosexuals — think of themselves as members of groups. They think collectively. They collaborate. Their aim is to disarm and destroy us — collectively. And they’re doing it.

I’ll give you a very recent and shocking example of how this works. Do you remember the case of Matthew Shepard, the homosexual who went into a bar in Laramie, Wyoming, last year and tried to get a date? Two of the men in the bar gave him a good beating and then left him tied to a fence, where he died of exposure. Of course, there’s no way you could forget that case. It has been a cause celebre in the national media ever since it happened. It has been on every television screen in America again this week in connection with the trial of Aaron McKinney, one of the men accused of killing Shepard. Janet Reno and Bill Clinton have given solemn commentary on the case and have cited it as a reason for why we need to have an expanded “hate crime” law to protect homosexuals from heterosexual White males. Half the Christian preachers and rabbis in America have publicly deplored the “hate” they say was responsible for Shepard’s death.

Now I’ll tell you about another case involving murder and homosexuals that I’m certain you haven’t heard about, unless you happen to live in northwestern Arkansas and read the newspapers there carefully. Less than three weeks ago, on September 26, two adult homosexuals in the town of Rogers, Arkansas, grabbed a 13-year-old boy off the street, took him to their apartment, drugged him, and tied him up and gagged him so that no one could hear his screams, and then they raped him to death.

The 13-year-old boy was Jesse Dirkhising. The two adult homosexuals are Davis Don Carpenter and Joshua Macave Brown, each charged with capital murder and six counts of forcible rape. I mention these names to help you search for information about this horrible crime on the Internet, so that you can verify for yourself what I’m telling you. Try the Internet site of The Morning News of Northwestern Arkansas, the local newspaper there, which has been virtually the only newspaper to carry news of the murder.

As I said, this vicious rape and murder of an innocent child by two adult homosexuals occurred less than three weeks ago, and it’s been totally blacked out of the national news. At the same time the beating death of homosexual Matthew Shepard, who made the mistake of looking for a date in the wrong bar, is still receiving national news coverage every day, more than a year after it happened.

Why? I’ll tell you. It’s because other groups in this country want it this way. No individual in America has the power to black out the news of the homosexual rape and murder of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising. And no individual has the power to give the enormous, non-stop national coverage to the beating of Matthew Shepard that we are seeing. This is the result of a collective decision — a racial decision — by the Jews who control the news media in America. The message the Jews want to send to White Americans is that homosexuals are innocent victims and that heterosexual White males are aggressors who prey on them. And so they give us the news that fits this message, and they black out the news that doesn’t.

I mean, really, think about it. Which is the more newsworthy crime: the beating to death of Matthew Shepard by two men he approached for a date or the kidnapping and raping to death of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising by two adult homosexuals? The Jews do this manipulation and distortion of the news for a reason: a collective reason, a racial reason. And it’s working. Idiot White women and idiot White Christians are joining the homosexuals around the country in even more candlelight vigils in memory of Matthew Shepard. But there will never be a candlelight vigil for Jesse Dirkhising. No one will ever hear about Jesse Dirkhising — except those of you listening to me now.

That is the way this world in which we are living works. The suckers are not people like me who feel a sense of racial identity and racial rootedness and racial responsibility. The suckers are the rootless individualists who follow the poisonous teachings of Ayn Rand and Harry Browne.

Israel: The Promised Land for Organized Crime – Part 1

By Dr. David Duke

The New „Patriotism“

by Dr. William Pierce


You know, I think that the word „patriotism“ has a different meaning today than it did when I was growing up. It used to mean a love of one’s native land and one’s people: one’s fatherland, according to the etymology of the word. The fatherland was the land where one’s ancestors had been born and where a large extended family — everyone descended from those ancestors who originally had settled the land — now lived. Patriotism really had a tribal or racial meaning. It was a feeling based on blood. And although our ancestors had come to America from all parts of Europe, they were enough alike that they still could feel the bond of blood. They still felt themselves members of a large family, a family with European roots, and they could stand together as brothers against those who were not part of the nation. Whether they came from Scotland or Ireland or England or Sweden or Germany or Poland they could fight together against Indians or Mexicans. They felt their kinship, and that was the basis of their patriotism.

Well, that racial meaning of patriotism is one that the people who control our mass media obviously don’t like. They’ve multiculturalized patriotism along with everything else. Their propaganda for a new brand of patriotism is pretty blatant stuff. I’m sure you’ve seen the television ads a hundred times where a very diverse bunch indeed — Blacks and Browns and Yellows, with a few Whites thrown in — proclaim sequentially, „I-am-an-American.“

These days, to be „patriotic“ means to wave the flag and shout slogans whenever the mass media deem it appropriate. It means to cheer the government whenever the government decides to use its cruise missiles or its smart bombs to kill a bunch of people in some other country, regardless of the reason. Instead of blood-based patriotism, today we have government-based patriotism. If you wave the flag and support the government, you’re a patriot. If you don’t like what the government is doing and you say so, then all of the flag-waving, slogan-shouting yahoos look at you as if you are the enemy.

Back in the 19th century American patriots — real patriots — were winning land for us from mestizos and pushing them back across the Rio Grande. „Remember the Alamo!“ was a patriotic slogan then. Today it’s something the media and the government want us to forget or to feel embarrassed about, as the mestizos come flooding back in this direction again in a great wave of re-conquest: the reconquista. And the government in Washington is helping them. They’re flooding not just into Texas and the other parts of the Southwest, but wherever greedy employers want cheap labor. And if you raise your hand against this government-sponsored invasion, if you try to push a few mestizos back across the border, you’re not considered a patriot; you’re a terrorist or a „hate criminal.“

Two years ago, in July 2000, a group of White men chased some Mexicans out of a park in Billings, Montana. Just chased them out, told them the park was for Whites, didn’t hurt anyone. Last week a Federal judge in Billings sentenced one of the White men to 15 years in prison and two other White men to 10 years each. For chasing some Mexicans out of a park. The media thought those sentences were just about right. So did the Bush government, which had one of its Justice Department Jews, a Mark Blumberg, acting as prosecutor. Fifteen years in a Federal prison for chasing some Mexicans out of a traditionally White park, without actually hurting anyone. If you looked carefully you could have seen that in an Associated Press report from Billings last Saturday.

Imagine the Billings situation reversed: Mexicans chasing Whites out of a barrio park in some Browned-out area of Texas or California. Do you think the Federal government would rush a Jewish prosecutor to the area to make sure that the Mexicans were locked up for 15 years? Let me tell you, the Bush government would pretend that nothing had happened. There wouldn’t even be a prosecution. Patriotism, government style, these days means not fighting back against what is being done to the country that our ancestors fought and bled to win for us.

At least, that’s one side of government-style patriotism. The other side, as I said a moment ago, is to wave your flag and cheer mindlessly whenever the government, on orders from Israel, kicks the bejesus out of some little country without an adequate air-defense system. The government-style patriots never ask why we’re beating up somebody or pounding some other country back into the Stone Age. They don’t really care. They’re as mindless as baseball fans. To them all that matters is that our team is pounding the other team, and so they cheer.

It used to be that, in order to have the patriotic support of the people, the government had to have a good reason for starting a war. It used to be that our people had to feel that they were defending themselves — or at least, defending some legitimate American interest — before they could feel patriotic about killing people in other countries. Making it easier for Israel to hang on to stolen Arab land in the Middle East is not a legitimate American interest. But the government-style patriots, with the little flags tied to their car antennas, don’t need a reason. It makes them feel good that their government is able to kick sand in the face of just about anybody else on the beach and get away with it. They like cheering for the biggest bully in the block, as long as the bully is successful. They cheer the government in the same way the Roman mob used to cheer for their favorite gladiator in the Colosseum.

I spend half an hour every day scanning through the TV news channels — not primarily to find out what has happened in the world, but rather to find out what the party line is on what’s happened in the world. In this regard, Fox News is probably the most revealing. Nearly every day Fox interviews one or more Defense Department consultants or retired generals or other government officials as „experts“ on the current U.S. war in the Middle East. Without an exception these „experts“ are enthusiastic supporters of the current war. Was our blasting of Afghanistan and the ousting of the government there a good thing? They are absolutely certain that it was. Should we start another war with Iraq next? They are unanimous in their opinion that we should. What about Iran? Hell, yes, we can lick them too. But never a reason. Never an explanation of why it is good for us to tear up all of these countries, beyond the fact that we’re bigger than they are and can get away with it: no explanation of how it serves our interests, of how it makes the world a better place for America.

With „experts“ like that to set the tone, it is no wonder that the yahoos are going around with their chests stuck out now because we beat up Afghanistan and will go around with their chests stuck out even further after we beat up Iraq or Iran.

You know, I just said that no one ever asks why we have to whip all of these other countries. Of course, the stock answer, if you raise the question to one of the Fox News „experts,“ is that we’re „fighting terrorism.“ What we’re doing in the Middle East now is waging a „war against terrorism,“ they’ll tell us. Well, that’s an explanation that doesn’t bear close examination. If our war aim is to protect ourselves from terrorism, why do we need to wage war against Iraq? Iraq has never inflicted any terrorism on us or even threatened to do so. Every Fox News „expert“ takes it for granted that it would be a good thing to kill Saddam Hussein. Why is that? Saddam Hussein is not a fanatical Muslim fundamentalist who is likely to do anything wild and crazy against America that would provoke retaliation.

I’ll tell you what Saddam Hussein is. He is a strong leader of his nation. He may be a mean and ruthless SOB — he may be the kind of fellow you wouldn’t want your sister to marry — but he is a strong leader who refuses to take orders from Jews or from the U.S. government. He does not threaten America and has no reason to do so unless he is pushed into a corner, but the Jews are worried that he might provide help to the Palestinians. They are worried that he will be a threat to further Israeli expansion in the Middle East because he refuses to be bullied or bought. That is the reason that all of the Fox News „experts“ agree that it would be a good thing to assassinate him — although they won’t come right out and state that reason. Instead they give us the standard, mealymouthed party line about Iraq and Saddam Hussein being a potential terrorist threat that we need to neutralize.

Of course, if we do wage war against Iraq or against Iran, then we will have to worry about terrorist reprisals. When they have nothing else to lose, then they will strike at us with whatever means they have. But if we mind our own business and look out for our own interests, neither Iran nor Iraq has any reason for provoking us. If we had been looking out for our own interests before September 11 instead of for Israel’s interests, 3,000 Americans who lost their lives on that day would still be alive.

Sometimes the Fox News „experts“ use a more abstract justification for killing people in other countries who haven’t done anything to us: they might do something to us in the future, so we’d better kill them now. The notion that they put forward in a roundabout fashion is that the only way for America to be safe is to kill off everyone who has the potential for hurting us in the future: which is to say, everyone who has the resources for developing weapons of mass destruction and who also refuses to take orders from us. That’s a rather interesting way of looking at things, and some rather extreme conclusions can be drawn from it. But if our government actually did believe that is the best way to protect America, then we should launch an all-out nuclear attack on Israel immediately. Israel not only already has developed a very dangerous arsenal of weapons of mass destruction but also is a psychotic nest of murderous thugs posing a danger to the whole world. More than that, Israel has repeatedly shown itself willing to use terrorist tactics against anyone, including America, anytime it thinks it can get away with it.

A memorable example of that is Israel’s murderous attack on the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967, which killed 34 American servicemen. The Israelis attacked our ship without warning, using jet aircraft (supplied by the United States) and torpedo boats. Their plan was to sink the Liberty, kill all the survivors in the water by strafing, and then blame it on the Egyptians, in order to cause hostility between the United States and Egypt. That was not the first time Israel had tried such a trick, but it was the most murderous. It failed only because the radio operator aboard the Liberty was able to get off a message identifying the attackers as Israelis before the attack had knocked out all of the Liberty‘s communications.

But of course, the Fox News „experts“ who advocate going to war against Iraq and Iran, sending in occupation troops, and then placing them under puppet governments, because otherwise they might someday develop weapons of mass destruction and use them against America, would faint dead away if it were suggested to them that the same reasoning should be applied to Israel, but even more so. These same „experts“ also pretend that the reason for the September 11 attack was that Osama bin Laden „hates our freedom“ and had nothing at all to do with the U.S. government’s support for Israel.

One might forgive this sort of behavior on the part of the yahoos. In a sense they don’t know any better. They’ve been raised with the new patriotism — the government-patriotism — and they really don’t see anything wrong with cheering a government that attacks other countries that haven’t attacked us. All that matters to the yahoos is that their team beats the other team: Yea! We’re the greatest! Don’t mess with us!

But people don’t get to be generals by being so shallow in their sensibilities and understanding. The Fox News „experts“ understand all the subtleties of the issues involved, but they’re too crooked to speak the truth.

I’m sure that it didn’t used to be so bad. I’m sure that the „experts“ have become more crooked than they used to be, and the truth has become a scarcer commodity. This was brought to mind last week by the media uproar when a Baptist preacher’s remarks to President Richard Nixon, made 30 years ago, came to light. Billy Graham, the high-profile celebrity preacher, media star, and adviser to presidents, was about as oily as other Baptist preachers most of the time, but occasionally he spoke frankly on sensitive subjects, as the Oval Office tapes from the first half of 1972, released to the public last week by the National Archives, reveal.

During a meeting with Nixon and others in the Oval Office on February 1, 1972, Graham complained about the total domination of the mass media of news and entertainment in America by Jews. This Jewish control of the media certainly was no secret. I had published the first edition of my exposé of Jewish media control, complete with names and mug shots, which I titled „Who Rules America?,“ in 1968. Every politician and other leading figure in Washington knew about the Jewish domination of the media; they were just afraid to talk about it for fear of reprisals from the Jews. The result of this timidity was that Sally Soccermom and Joe Sixpack didn’t have a clue. The big shots all knew what the Jews were up to, but they were afraid to tell the public. Most of the big shots were even afraid to discuss the Jews among themselves.

In 1972, however, Billy Graham not only complained to Nixon and others in the Oval Office about the Jewish stranglehold on the media, he understood what this Jewish media control was doing to America, and he told those in the Oval Office, and I quote, „This stranglehold has got to be broken, or the country’s going down the drain.“ — end of quote — President Nixon agreed with Billy Graham, but he was too cowardly to do anything about it. Nixon said, and again I quote from the Oval Office tape, „I can’t ever say that, but I believe it.“

That’s a poor commentary on the quality of leadership we have in America. The President understands what Jewish media control is doing to the country, but he is afraid to take any action to protect the country. He prefers to stand aside and let the country go down the drain. And you know, he could have stopped it then. There were enough top military leaders then who still had some old-fashioned patriotism. With a little planning, every Jewish media figure from Hollywood to Madison Avenue could have been arrested and eliminated in a single day. The same thing could have been done with the courts, the Congress, and the Federal bureaucracy. A clean sweep could have been made. The country could have been pulled back from the brink and put on an entirely different course.

Think what an enormous difference that would have made during the past 30 years. We could have cut off all immigration from the Third World and from Asia. The whole hip-hop, rap, MTV culture being pushed by the Jewish entertainment media could have been nipped in the bud. All of the Jewish filth and poison and brainwashing that America has been saturated with during the past 30 years could have been flushed down the drain in 1972, and the country could have been put on an upward course again.

The flow of weapons and money from the United States to Israel could have been halted in 1972, and Israel would have ceased to exist the following year, during the 1973 war. There would be no belligerent Israel in the Middle East today with a nuclear, biological, and chemical arsenal threatening to spark the Third World War and providing the impetus behind the efforts of every other country in the region, Iraq and Iran included, to develop their own weapons of mass destruction in order to counter Israel. But the man with the power to change everything, the man who understood that it needed to be done, the President of the United States, was afraid to act, afraid even to talk about it except among his associates in the White House.

Things clearly are worse today. When Billy Graham’s 1972 conversation with Richard Nixon was made public last week, Graham was afraid to acknowledge it. He said that he didn’t remember the conversation, but he groveled and apologized anyway. And I cannot imagine anyone in the Bush government today having the courage or the honesty even to have a conversation in the White House about what the Jews are doing to America and to the world and what needs to be done to counter them. Richard Nixon was a crook and a coward, but George Bush is far worse. And the top military leaders today are far less patriotic than the ones of 30 years ago were. The top military leaders today are like the retired generals that one sees being interviewed on Fox News: a sorry lot indeed, who will not even acknowledge the reason for the September 11 attack on America. The are not patriots; they are prostitutes.

The men who control America’s mass media are the men who really rule America today. They understand that, and the prostitutes do too. It is essential to both the rulers and the prostitutes that no real patriots gain the power to upset their applecart. The military system over the past 30 years has evolved in a way that weeds patriots out early and keeps them from reaching the top. Actually the military leadership system has been evolving that way over the past 50 years, with an Affirmative Action promotion policy that favors non-Whites and looks with suspicion on White males who still have old-fashioned ideas about patriotism. But 30 years ago there were still a few patriots willing to speak out. General William Westmoreland was the last of these really to say much.

The political system is even worse. It ensures that only men like Bill Clinton and George Bush can reach the highest levels: totally corrupt men, with absolutely no sense of honor or responsibility or real patriotism. We are in real trouble, and it will take real patriots to get us out, but real patriots are in short supply these days. What we have today masquerading as patriots are crooks at the top and flag-waving yahoos at the bottom.

Nevertheless, there still are a few real patriots, a few old-fashioned patriots, here and there, and as America continues down the drain I will not be surprised to see one or two of these begin to take action of some sort, but it is unlikely that they will act through the conventional channels of electoral politics or the armed forces.

Thanks for being with me again today.