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David Duke & Mark Collett: Zionist Neocons & Commies Fight Over the Corpse of America

Dr. David Duke Radio Show (21-Feb-2020)

Dr. Duke was joined by Mark Collett for a discussion the Democratic primary race becoming a Jew vs Jew affair between Bernie and Bloomberg, with Bernie representing the older Communist tradition in Jewish politics and Bloomberg the more modern triumphalist, market dominant neocon wing.

Race Suicide

Source: Free Speech – January 2001 – Volume VII, Number 1

by Dr. William L. Pierce

With the end of the year at hand this seems like a good time to sum things up. Before we sum up the past year, though, let’s look at the past century. The salient feature of the 20th century was the collective suicide of the White race. In 1900 we ruled the world. We ruled politically, militarily, culturally, economically, scientifically, and in every other way. No other race even came close. We ruled India and Africa directly, and China was for all practical purposes an economic colony of Europe and America. The Chinese Emperor remained on his throne only so long as he let White men have their way in China. Japan was the only non-White nation of any significance that even had pretensions of autonomy.

We had superior weapons, superior armed forces, superior communications, superior transportation, superior agriculture and industry, superior standards of health, superior organization, superiority in every facet of science and technology. We had the best universities – really, the only universities worthy of the name – the best engineers. We built things that other races couldn’t even imagine. We explored, we conquered, we ruled.

More important than anything else was our moral superiority – and please don’t misunderstand my use of that term. I don’t mean that we were meek and inoffensive and turned the other cheek. I mean that we were proud and self-confident. We knew who we were, and we knew that we were far, far better than anyone else, and we weren’t at all embarrassed by the fact that we were better. We recognized racial differences in the same way we recognized that the sun rises in the east, and we felt not the slightest need to apologize to anyone for that. Egalitarianism was a moral and mental disease that afflicted only a few of our people, despite the murderous outburst of egalitarian insanity that was the French Revolution a century earlier. Any sort of racial mixing was abhorrent to us. We looked on miscegenation with the same disgust and disapproval as on bestiality or necrophilia. We didn’t tolerate it. And we didn’t accept or trust Jews. That was our situation a century ago.

We did have some faults, however: some very serious faults. We were not vigilant. We were so confident in our superiority that we failed to heed the warnings of the few among us who were vigilant. We didn’t pay attention when a few warned us, “Hey, we’d better do something about the race problem. We have nine million non-Whites in the United States, according to the 1900 census, and in the future they could become a real problem for us. Let’s start getting rid of them now.”

We thought, “Well, as long as they stay on their side of town and stay out of sight, how can they be a problem for us? Besides, they’re useful for picking cotton and as cleaning women and cooks and gardeners.”

And when a few warned us about the Jews we also didn’t pay attention. A few warned us about the damage the Jews had done to us in the past, about their malevolence, about their growing wealth, but most of us didn’t take the warnings seriously. We saw the Jews as obnoxious and unpleasant people, and we didn’t let them into our private clubs and our better hotels, but we didn’t consider them really dangerous. We didn’t even become alarmed when they began buying up our newspapers and elbowing their way into other propaganda media.

And lack of vigilance wasn’t our only fault. We were too ready to quarrel with one another. No other race was seen as a threat to ours, so we felt no need to suppress our internal rivalries and jealousies and hatreds and form a solid front against the non-White world. We let fester old rivalries between the English and the Germans and between the Germans and the French and between the English and the Boers in South Africa and between those of us who spoke Germanic languages and those of us who spoke Slavic or Romance languages. We didn’t notice our faults, our weaknesses – but others did.

The latter half of the 19th century saw not only the beginning of the acquisition of our mass media by the Jews, but also the nearly simultaneous hatching of two long-term, murderous conspiracies designed to exploit our weaknesses and turn them against us. These two conspiracies were Zionism and Marxism. Some Jews went with one, some with the other, but both were deadly for us.

The Marxists issued their Communist Manifesto as far back as the middle of the 19th century, but it was another 50 years before they were able to have much of an impact on the Gentile world. As for the Zionists, they also began propagandizing and organizing about the middle of the 19th century and only became noticeable at the beginning of the 20th century, when they began having international Zionist congresses and more or less openly laying their plans to foment wars and revolutions, of which they could take advantage to promote Jewish interests.

For example, at the Zionist Congress in 1897, in Basel, Switzerland, the Zionist leader Theodor Herzl told his fellow Jews that they were having trouble persuading the Turks, who at that time controlled Palestine, to turn the country over to them, but that the Jewish leaders had plans for getting around the Turks. And I should mention that Herzl’s address to the 1897 Zionist Congress has been published in a number of places, and any diligent researcher can dig up a copy. Herzl said:

“It may be that Turkey will refuse us or will be unable to understand us. This will not discourage us. We will seek other means to accomplish our end. The Orient question is now a question of the day. Sooner or later it will bring about a conflict among the nations. . . . The great European war must come. With my watch in hand do I await this terrible moment. After the great European war is ended the peace conference will assemble. We must be ready for that time.”

Remember, Herzl was talking about the Jews’ plans 17 years before the outbreak of the First World War. But the Jews were ready when the time came. In 1916, with the war more or less stalemated, they approached Britain’s political leaders and made a deal to bring the United States into the war on the side of Britain in return for a British promise to take Palestine away from Turkey and turn it over to the Jews after the war. The British side of the deal was made public in the so-called Balfour Declaration. And the Zionists kept their end of the bargain by working through Jews close to the Democratic President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson. Wilson had won the election to his second term in the White House in 1916 by promising America’s voters that he would keep the United States out of the European war. But as soon as he took office in 1917 he began scheming to get the country into the war on the side of Britain, which, of course, he did two months later. That cost a couple of million additional Gentile lives, but it got Palestine for the Jews – and it also prolonged the war enough for the Jews in Russia to topple the czar and get their communist revolution off the ground.

When I said that some Jews took the Marxist route and some the Zionist route, I didn’t mean that all Jews became active workers in one or the other of those movements. Most Jews remained full-time money-grubbers and provided propaganda and financial support for their conspiratorial brethren, continuing to buy up mass media and to dispense capital to the Zionists or the communists as needed. And they didn’t wait for the First World War for that. The first big Gentile bloodletting of the last century in which they had a hand was the Boer War in South Africa, between the British and the Boers. This cruel and murderous war, in which Jewish capitalists were allied with British capitalists against South Africa’s Dutch and German and French farmers – the Boers – laid the foundations for Jewish control of much of Africa’s mineral wealth.

In 1904 the Jewish Wall Street speculator Jacob Schiff, planning ahead for a communist takeover of Russia, helped to finance the Japanese side in the Russian-Japanese war and used his influence to block loans to the Czar’s government from America. This was the same Jacob Schiff who a little more than a decade later provided the Jewish-Bolshevik movement with an infusion of $25 million to finish the job in Russia: that’s $25 million from capitalist Wall Street to finance the communist butchery of Gentile Russians. In 1917 $25 million was a lot of money; in any case it bought enough bombs and bullets and communist propaganda leaflets to get the job done.

Now, none of this Jewish activity was really secret. The lemmings didn’t know about it, because it wasn’t in the funny papers or the movies. But Jews weren’t even trying to keep their sympathies or their activities secret, and observant Gentiles continued to issue warnings to anyone who would listen. But, as I said a moment ago, we weren’t vigilant. White Americans didn’t believe that they were in any danger. Things such as the deal to bring America into the First World War in return for the turning of Palestine over to the Jews were too subtle for the American mind.

After the war the mass murder of Ukrainians and Russians by Jewish-Bolshevik commissars might possibly have registered with White Americans, except that the average White American didn’t think of Russians and Ukrainians as real people: they spoke a different language and dressed differently from us. And besides, by that time the Jews had gotten a pretty good grip on Hollywood and the broadcasting industry, and so the only side of the story that most Americans were allowed to see or hear was the Jewish side.

Europeans were more vigilant than Americans. For one thing Europeans had longer memories: they were more aware of the long history of Jewish scheming and predation than Americans were. For another thing, in Europe the danger was quite a bit closer. Communist parties in a number of European countries besides Russia had taken advantage of the chaos in the wake of the war to make grabs for power, and in a few countries – Hungary, for example – they succeeded temporarily. People noticed the ethnicity of the commissars and were horrified by their behavior toward the Gentile populations. Even in insular Britain no less a public figure than Winston Churchill spoke out clearly about the danger of Jewish communism. In a full-page feature article in the February 8, 1920, issue of London’s Illustrated Sunday Herald, Churchill wrote:

This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weisshaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky in Russia, Bela Kun in Hungary, Rosa Luxembourg in Germany, and Emma Goldman in the United States, this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality has been steadily growing. It played . . . a definitely recognizable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the nineteenth century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.

There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders. Thus Tchitcherin, a pure Russian, is eclipsed by his nominal subordinate Litvinoff, and the influence of Russians like Bukharin or Lunacharski cannot be compared with the power of Trotsky or of Zinovieff . . . or of Krassin or Radek – all Jews. In the Soviet institutions the predominance of Jews is even more astonishing. And the prominent, if not indeed the principal, part in the system of terrorism applied by the Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution [the Cheka] has been taken by Jews, and in some notable cases by Jewesses. The same evil prominence was obtained by Jews in the brief period of terror during which Bela Kun ruled in Hungary. The same phenomenon has been presented in Germany (especially in Bavaria), so far as this madness has been allowed to prey upon the temporary prostration of the German people. Although in all these countries there are many non-Jews every whit as bad as the worst of the Jewish revolutionaries, the part played by the latter in proportion to their numbers in the population is astonishing.”

Actually, Churchill said quite a bit more in this article about the dangers of allowing Jewish communism to go unchecked, and if you really want to make a study of the background of our present mess you should read the entire article yourself. That’s the February 8, 1920, issue of the Illustrated Sunday Herald. If you can’t find it yourself in a large research library, the entire article is photographically reproduced in the book The Best of Attack! and National Vanguard Tabloid, which is available from National Vanguard Books, the sponsor of this program. And when you do find the article from which I just read – a major article written by one of the most prominent personalities of the last century and published in a major British newspaper – you might ask yourself why you had never heard of it before I called it to your attention.

As I said, we lacked vigilance. A few people paid attention – America’s pioneer automaker Henry Ford, for example – but most White Americans were too busy with their ball games and funny papers. And we didn’t really care about what the Jews were doing to White people overseas, since they weren’t Americans. About the only people who really paid attention were the Germans, who resolved not to let the Jews do to them what they had done to the Russians and had tried to do to the Hungarians. So they proceeded to get Rosa Luxembourg and her pals off their backs and out of Germany. And when the Germans did that, the Jews in America began screaming bloody murder and calling for another world war to save them from the Germans. And by this time the Jews had almost a monopoly on getting their side of the story to the American public.

Well, our people had one other fault in addition to an inadequate sense of racial solidarity with other Whites around the world and a lack of vigilance: we also lacked responsible leadership. We lacked even a system for giving us responsible leadership. What we had were politicians: skilled liars – actors, lawyers – who never asked themselves, “What policy is good for our people?” but only, “How can I get elected? What must I promise the people in order to get their votes? What policy will make me popular?” And as the grip of the Jews on the mass media, on Hollywood and Madison Avenue – and therefore on the minds of the public – became more and more nearly complete throughout the last century, the question the politicians asked themselves became, more and more: “What must I do to please the Jews and gain their support?”

And so in 1933, in the same year that a German government took office with a policy of freeing the German people from the grip of the Jews, in America a government took office with a policy of doing whatever the Jews wanted done. Franklin Roosevelt surrounded himself with more Jews than any previous American President. In this regard he was the Bill Clinton of his day.

Using Roosevelt as their willing tool, the Jews pulled the same sort of bait-and-switch trick on the American people to get us into the Second World War that they had pulled using Woodrow Wilson to get us into the First World War. Just as Wilson had done 24 years earlier, Roosevelt ran for re-election in 1940 on a campaign promise to keep the United States out of the war in Europe, and while he was making that promise to the American people he was actively scheming with his Jewish advisors and supporters to get the United States into the war as soon as he could, and meanwhile to keep the war in Europe going by making promises of support to those countries opposed to Germany.

It was fighting on the wrong side of that war, more than anything else, that laid us low. It also destroyed the British Empire and laid Britain low. Throughout the non-White world Whites began abdicating their rule, withdrawing, apologizing. The disease of egalitarianism spread like wildfire. There was a moral collapse throughout the White world. It wasn’t just the German people who lost the Second World War; it was all Europeans, all White people, including European-Americans.

The Jews were the only real winners. The First World War resulted in opening up Palestine for their Zionist faction and delivering Russia to their communist faction. The Second World War not only saved them from getting booted out of Europe by Hitler, it delivered all of eastern and much of central Europe to their communist faction and finished delivering Palestine to their Zionist faction. The war cost them a million or so of the less-nimble Jews in Europe, but it gave them the basis for their enormously profitable “Holocaust” story, with which they have beaten the White world over the head ever since.

And so today we have George Bush trying to outdo Bill Clinton in multiculturalizing the government of the United States. Conservative Americans, patriotic Americans, put their hope in Bush to pull America back from the insanity of the Clinton era, and the first thing Bush does is try to ingratiate himself with the Clintonistas, with the Jews, by appointing non-Whites to the most important posts in his administration.

Read the man’s lips. What he’s saying is: “Hey, I’m really not such a bad guy. See, I’m appointing Blacks, I’m appointing Jews, I’m appointing Mexicans. And the Blacks and Mexicans I’m appointing are just as pro-Jewish as I am. My tough-talking Black secretary of state speaks Yiddish and will support Jewish interests around the world just as strongly as Bill Clinton’s Jewish secretary of state has done. You can trust me. I’ll do whatever you tell me. I’ll support Israel. I’ll support ‘speech crime’ laws. I’m your man.” And he’s not saying that, he’s not making these appointments, because that’s what Republicans want or even what Americans want. It’s what the Jews want. George Bush is a hollow man, an empty man.

And George Bush is a splendid symbol of the state of our race today: a splendid symbol of our moral collapse during the past century. It is entirely fitting that such a man should be our figurehead leader as we continue on the course of racial suicide that we have been on for the past century. It is entirely appropriate that he became our figurehead leader through the comic-opera sort of process we have witnessed during the last two months of the first year of this century – which certainly will be our last century if we do not make a radical change of course soon and begin regaining our lost moral strength.

* * *

The Importance of Courage


The Fear of Being Politically Incorrect Has Reached Ridiculous Proportions

Original air date: July 12, 1997

I’ve never been a boxing fan, and so normally I wouldn’t feel qualified to say anything about the sport. However, I have been amused by all of the public commentary by media spokesmen, politicians, and boxing officials about the fact that one boxer of the African persuasion saw fit to bite a sizable chunk out of the ear of another boxer of the same persuasion during a recent match. Rather, I have been amused by the fact that the one thing none of these people has mentioned in the discussions of the ear-biting incident is the racial dimension. They all have carefully avoided saying anything at all about the fact that Mike Tyson is a Negro, lest anyone think that they are suggesting that his race had anything to do with his behavior. Heaven forbid!

The refusal of the media to say anything about race in the Tyson affair doesn’t mean they aren’t aware of it. For the next six months they’ll be scraping up every affirmative-action Black rocket scientist, every affirmative-action Black brain surgeon, every affirmative-action Black university president, and every affirmative-action Black Air Force general they can sign up to interview on TV for one thing or another, in an effort to neutralize the damage Tyson has done to their carefully promoted illusion of racial „equality.“

All of this is eerily reminiscent of George Orwell’s novel 1984, in which people are able to ignore the evidence of their eyes and ears, are able to shut down their reasoning processes, and are able to interpret everything around them in a Politically Correct manner. The force which makes Orwell’s characters subordinate reason to Political Correctness is fear: fear of the Thought Police.

In America today we do not have Thought Police – not yet. We do have thought crimes and thought criminals. They are called „hate crimes“ and „hate criminals“ and are defined in terms of what the perpetrator was thinking at the time he committed an act. Our beloved Big Brother – Bill Clinton, that is – is campaigning hard for more laws against thought crimes, and so are the Jewish media and the other minions of Political Correctness. I suppose it won’t be long before we do have a new secret-police agency to catch thought criminals. Perhaps they will be called the „Hate Police“ or the „Equality Police“ or something of the sort. Or perhaps thought criminals will continue to be hunted down by the FBI, as at present.

However, it is not fear of being caught by the Thought Police and tortured, a la 1984, which keeps all of the boxing commentators from suggesting that Mike Tyson’s race has something to do with his behavior. It is fear of being condemned by all of the other commentators, fear of being ostracized from the ranks of the Politically Correct, fear of not being invited to Washington, New York, and Hollywood cocktail parties. And ostracism can have very real economic consequences. In certain fields, it can result in the loss of employment, for example. To be Politically Correct, one must not only have the Correct thoughts at all times oneself; one also must condemn and shun anyone who manifests Incorrect thoughts. One must drum the Politically Incorrect person out of Correct society.

This fear of being Politically Incorrect has reached ridiculous dimensions. Take the widespread phenomenon of „White flight,“ for example. Millions of White people are fleeing areas which have a high percentage of Blacks, Mexicans, and other non-Whites and are relocating to predominantly White areas. Sometimes this just means a move from city to suburb, or from one suburb to another; sometimes it means moving to another state or another region of the country with fewer non-Whites. But if you ask one of these fleers why he is fleeing, you will hear every sort of answer except the true answer. Hardly anyone will admit that he is moving to get away from non-Whites. He is terrified of being thought a „racist.“ I am sure that many of these fleers don’t even admit their racial motive to themselves. I am sure that many of them feel pangs of guilt whenever they do think about their motives.

This is a deplorable situation, and it is an impressive proof of the enormous power of the mass media to brainwash the population. What George Orwell’s „Ministry of Truth“ did in the author’s imagination, Time-Warner-CNN, Disney-ABC, and the other Jewish media conglomerates are doing in fact.

The more I see things like the reaction to Mike Tyson’s cannibalism, the more I am convinced that the reason White Americans have let themselves be backed into the corner they’re in now is not because they’re stupid: it’s because they’re lacking in the courage to say what they really believe, if they may be criticized for saying it.

I’m sorry to say that I’ve seen the same sort of timidity in myself. When interviewers have asked me whether or not I’m a racist, I have responded by asking, „Well, what do you mean by the word ‘racist’?“ I’ve tried to wriggle out of giving a direct answer to the question, because the Jewish media have made such an enormous investment in demonizing the label „racist“ that one has to screw up one’s courage a bit to come right out and say, „Yes, of course, I’m a racist.“

One can quibble over the details of the definition of the word, but it’s pretty clear what the interviewers have in mind when they ask me whether or not I’m a racist. These days anyone is a racist who refuses to deny the abundantly clear evidence that there are inherited racial differences in behavior, intelligence, and attitudes. A racist is a person who will not pretend that he sees no differences – which is why all of the boxing commentators pretend that race is irrelevant and won’t mention Tyson’s Blackness in connection with his attempt to eat his opponent in the ring.

A racist is any White person who prefers to live among other Whites instead of among non- Whites and prefers to send his children to White schools.

A racist is any White person who feels a sense of identity with, a sense of belonging to, his own tribe, his own people, his own race, and who shows an interest in his race’s history, heroes, culture, and folkways – which is why Western civilization, European history, and other traditional, race-oriented curricula are being phased out at American universities and are being replaced with various „multicultural“ offerings designed specifically not to stimulate racial feelings in the students.

A White racist is a person who finds the members of his own race more attractive physically than members of other races and who is instinctively repulsed by the idea of racial intermarriage or by the sight of a White person intimately involved with a non-White – which is why the Jews in Hollywood are turning out so many films which promote racial mixing, films which portray interracial romance as glamorous and fashionable.

A racist is a White person who is disgusted with the multiracial cesspool that America is becoming under the present government and media policies. A racist is so alarmed about the threat to the future of his people that he is willing to derail these policies – which is why the media and Mr. Clinton have become so shrill recently about the need to combat „hate criminals.“

Courage: that is the key to our survival. Courage is more important than money, more important than intelligence, more important than friends or political and business connections. Unless we have the courage of our convictions, neither we nor our convictions will survive.

I don’t believe that a coward can change his nature and become a hero, but I do believe that many of us who have let ourselves be intimidated and bullied because we didn’t want to give offense, didn’t want to be rude, didn’t want to seem ungentlemanly, didn’t want to be unpopular – I do believe that we can begin reasserting ourselves. We can begin finding a little bit of courage in ourselves, we can resolve that we will no longer be bullied into going along with the crowd when we know that the crowd is wrong.

In my case, I have resolved not to refrain from speaking out whenever speaking out is the proper thing to do. I’ve resolved not to try to wriggle away from saying exactly what I believe when someone asks me whether or not I’m a racist. I believe that it would do many other people a lot of good to make a similar resolution. I believe that it would be good for their souls.

This doesn’t mean that we have to be deliberately rude or offensive. It means that when an interviewer asks me what I think about Mike Tyson’s snacking on his opponent in the ring, I’m not going to waste my time talking about Mike Tyson. I’m going to say that we should not judge the behavior of other races by our standards. I’m going to say that spectator sports in the United States have become a disaster, and that they will remain a disaster until we have swept the whole theory and practice of multiracialism into the trashbin of history, where it belongs.

Professional sports in the United States today have the spirit of the contests staged in the Roman Coliseum during the last phase of the Roman Empire, when slaves from every part of the Empire fought against other slaves for the gratification of a degenerate mob of onlookers. We need to return instead to the spirit of the Greek Olympics, in which only Greeks participated. In the Olympics, as opposed to the contests in the Coliseum – in the original Olympics – all of the contestants and the onlookers were of the same race and shared the same values. The Olympics were an expression of the Greeks’ striving for excellence. They were a racial expression as well as a spiritual expression. Compare that with what we have in the United States today, where degenerates like O.J. Simpson and Mike Tyson, the recent descendants of our African slaves, put on contests for the amusement of a debased citizenry.

Yes, I am a racist, and I believe that we should not make a fuss about the behavior of Black athletes. I believe that their behavior should be none of our business. I also believe that they should not be viewed on our television screens and held up by the Jewish masters of the media as role models for our youth, nor should they be involved in any of our athletic contests. I believe that we should get them out of our country and out of our lives. I believe that we should do away with the system which in this century has changed athletics in America from something at least remotely similar to the Olympics into something very much like what took place in the Coliseum. I also believe that we should get rid of the people behind that system, the people who deliberately conspired to make professional athletics in America what it is.

And as I said, there’s no need to be rude about this, no need to use the „n“ word or engage in name-calling. But we do need to be completely honest for a change, both with ourselves and with others. We need to have the courage to face the whole truth regarding our situation and what we need to do about it. That doesn’t mean that every time I speak with an interviewer I have to tell him that we can’t restore America to spiritual health until we restore her to racial health, and that means total, geographical racial separation. I don’t have to mention all that, unless he specifically asks for it. But it does mean that I should not equivocate when asked whether or not I’m a racist. I should be as straightforward and direct and clear and honest as I can be.

I’ll say just one more thing on the importance of having the courage to tell others what we believe. It’s not just a matter of personal pride. It’s not just a matter of being able to feel good, of being able to pat ourselves on the back because we weren’t afraid to stand up to the media bosses. If we had shown more courage from the beginning, if we had spoken out the first time and every time the Jews and their collaborators had tried to implement their policies for changing America from a White republic into a multiracial garbage dump for the New World Order, I think the Jews would have found themselves some other country to subvert. I think they would have decided to try their poison on the Turks or the Mexicans or the Indonesians instead of on us. If we hadn’t let ourselves be bulldozed and manipulated and backed into a corner, but had said what we believed from the start, I don’t think we’d be in the mess we’re in today. Courage is catching; it’s contagious. If a nation’s leaders show courage, so will the ordinary citizens. But when the leaders are afraid to be honest, then you can’t expect the ordinary citizens to be very courageous.

A concrete example of this is the ongoing scandal of the rape and sexual harassment of White women in our Army by Black officers and Black noncoms. The Jewish media have had very little to say about this scandal. They have preferred to focus on non-racial stories, such as Lt. Kelly Flynn’s resignation from the Air Force after being charged with adultery. But the more the Army’s investigators dig into the sexual-harassment scandal, the bigger it becomes and the clearer the racial dimensions are. The highest profile case the Army’s investigators have turned up so far is that of Sergeant Major Gene McKinney, a Black noncom who was appointed to the Army’s highest post for enlisted personnel at the prodding of the Clinton administration. This top Black noncom used his position systematically to extort sex from White women in the Army.

The first case came to light in February, when a White female sergeant major went public with the story of what McKinney had done to her. Before her case became public the Army had ignored her complaints. Since then case after case of McKinney’s use of his office to force himself on White female soldiers has come to light.

A 25-year-old married White sergeant described under oath to Army investigators how McKinney had raped her last October, when she was nearly eight months pregnant. She is the fourth White female soldier assaulted by McKinney to give evidence in the investigation so far. And the case of Sergeant Major McKinney is only the most prominent of hundreds of cases in the Army in which Blacks used their positions of authority over White women to rape or sexually harass them.

Why was this horrendous situation allowed to develop? It certainly wasn’t because the Army’s leaders wanted it to develop. It may gratify some of the nutcase racial egalitarians in the Clinton White House to read about White women being raped by Blacks, but the Army’s leaders definitely are not gratified. They didn’t want this situation, but they didn’t have the courage to prevent it. They were afraid to take steps to protect White females from Black males. In nearly every case which has come to light so far, the women victims have testified that when they reported what had happened to them to their White superiors they were ignored. The White officers were afraid to get involved. They were afraid that they would be charged with „racism“ if they took action against the Black rapists.

And let’s face it, they would have been. That’s the standard Black excuse for everything: „racism.“ And it’s the excuse of their Jewish promoters in the media too. But that’s no excuse for the cowardice of the Army’s leaders. The horrendous situation we have in our Army today is the result of the failure of courage on the part of the Army’s leaders to deal forthrightly with the racial issue.

And the racial mess we have in American society today is a consequence of the failure of courage on the part of our society’s leaders. When the courage of our leaders fails, our whole society fails, and then we become the victims of the Jewish predators who control our media.

The one thing that all of us can do about this now is to resolve that our own courage will not fail, that we will not be intimidated, but that we will stand up and speak out forthrightly.

David Duke & Mark Collett: The Zionist Media War Against European Mankind (10-Jan-2020)

Dr. Duke was joined by Mark Collett for a discussion of the developments in Iran and the world.

Elites vs. Masses


by Dr. William Pierce

One of the most profoundly depressing experiences an American can subject himself to these days is watching the various presidential candidates campaigning on his television screen. My god, what a sorry spectacle! Bush and McCain, Gore and Bradley: these are the „leaders“ approved for us by the media masters. These are the men they have said it’s OK for us to vote for, the ones they have checked out and decided are safe. And every one of these approved candidates is a man who would be marched straight to the gallows and hanged on the first day of any general cleanup of America: every one of them. There is not an honest man or a patriot among them, not one who will stand up to the media bosses or even wants to stand up to them.

In Austria, where one politician who has not been approved by the media bosses somehow slipped through a crack and ended up with enough votes to gain substantial influence in the Austrian government, the Jews are organizing huge demonstrations of immigrants, communists, feminists, homosexuals, democrats, and the usual rabble. Freedom Party leader Jörg Haider has groveled and apologized to the Jews for saying some Politically Incorrect things in the past, but that’s not enough for them. He wasn’t approved, he wasn’t certified kosher, and they want him out.

In America, on the other hand, all of the major-party candidates have been approved. What a depressing thought! Think how much better off the Austrians are than we are! Well, really, that’s not much better, because Haider is nothing but a conservative. He may slow Austria’s decline for a while, but he certainly won’t clean his country up. Over here we have an approved conservative, a kosher conservative, in the person of George W. Bush, Jr., and three approved liberals, in the persons of John McCain, Al Gore, and Bill Bradley. What a choice!

To me the most depressing aspect of this situation is the way in which the American people have adapted to it. Now, it’s true that in the last presidential election, in 1996, a majority – 51 per cent – of the eligible voters voted, in effect, for „none of the above,“ by choosing not to vote. I suppose that I ought to consider that a good sign, but, really, when the choice was between Bill Clinton and Viagra poster boy Bob Dole, who throughout his political life was a disgustingly subservient flunky of the Jews, like John McCain is today, you can hardly blame people for not bothering to go to the polls. What I’m afraid of is that the percentage of the electorate voting this year will bounce back up from its low point of 49 per cent in 1996. In other words, most Americans – or at least, more than half of them – still take the charade seriously. That’s a shame, but not really surprising.

I always take what I see on the television screen with a grain of salt, but despite the spin applied to the news by the media bosses, there’s usually some truth in what they show us. When they show us a sampling of public opinion, a series of little sidewalk interviews, they certainly are able to slant the impression they give us of public opinion by choosing in the editing room which interviews to keep and which to discard, but for the most part the people we see being interviewed after the editing is done are real people. Unlike the anchor person or the interviewer, they aren’t paid actors. And so we must believe that there really are such idiots in our population: a lot of such idiots, in fact.

I’m using the word „idiot“ loosely here, of course. Most interviewees aren’t really stupid; they’re just lemmings. They say what they believe is expected of them, what they believe other people would say in their place. Which is why these sidewalk interviews are such a useful tool for the media bosses. The lemmings who are watching the interviews on their screens take their cue from the lemmings who are being interviewed, and so any spin put on these interviews has a real effect on public opinion.

That doesn’t really provide a complete explanation of the disaster that has befallen us, however. Lemminghood, I believe, is a hereditary condition. That is, one is either born a lemming or not, and not much can be done to change the condition after birth. But there are other elements of our society who aren’t lemmings, but who nevertheless have contributed to the disaster. I was talking with a secret-police agent last week, a man I’ve spoken with on several occasions in the past. He’s retiring now, after 32 years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and so he shouldn’t be under an obligation any longer to avoid saying anything Politically Incorrect. He’s an intelligent man and not unlike many others in his line of work, I believe. I asked him again last week a question I’ve asked him on several previous occasions: How can he justify working for Bill Clinton? Doesn’t he at least have some misgivings working for a government headed by Bill Clinton?

Well, I got the same answer I’ve gotten from him before. He’s not working for Bill Clinton, he told me, or for Janet Reno. He’s working to uphold the Constitution, he said. He believes in the system we have, he told me. He believes the system still works. And he said that with a straight face, as if he really believed it. And I think that in some sense, at some level, he does believe it. I don’t think he’s like the lemming, who foolishly and enthusiastically jumps aboard every trend that comes along. He simply avoids coming to inconvenient or uncomfortable conclusions. And there’s probably a bit of authoritarianism mixed in there, as is the case with many career cops and military people: a tendency to assume that might is right.

I think that we see the same sort of mentality at work when military officers support Clinton administration policies on homosexuals and on women in combat. In the past they were unanimously opposed to these policies. But then the Jews demanded that homosexuals be accepted in the military and that women be permitted to be on submarine crews, and the political appointees in the Pentagon scrambled to issue new regulations in line with these demands, and the career military people begin readjusting their thinking to bring it into line. I think that they really justify to themselves their changed views on these matters. Not one in a hundred will do the honorable thing and resign in protest. Instead, they will conform their opinions to whatever is demanded of them – just as the secret policeman I occasionally speak with, and his Constitution-supporting colleagues, will without hesitation violate every Constitutional right I have if orders come down from Washington to arrest me as an „enemy of democracy,“ or whatever.

You know, it’s not too difficult for us to figure out what has happened to us in retrospect. It’s not too difficult for us to understand the mechanics of the way in which the people who control the mass media are able to determine public policy by playing on the psychologies of the susceptible elements of the population. What is eerie to me is the way in which the Jews instinctively went for control of the media at a time when no one had the advantage of hindsight. How did they know, in the first quarter of the last century, when motion pictures were in their infancy and television was only a dream in the minds of a few visionary engineers, such as Philo Farnsworth, that the key to the control of the world lay in Hollywood?

When I think about it, I’m inclined to believe that it was part instinct and part luck. Jews always have had a mercantile instinct. It’s evolved with them in the course of thousands of years during which trade was their principal activity. And a good line of patter, the ability to get the rubes to line up and buy a ticket to the sideshow, is certainly an asset to the man who wants you to buy something from him. In other words, showmanship and salesmanship are compatible traits, and so the Jews may have been attracted to Hollywood – and to other media – primarily as a result of their mercantile tendencies, without a long-range plan for using the media to acquire complete domination of our society. Maybe. But it didn’t take them very long to see that potential and then to take advantage of it.

As useful as it may be for us to understand how they managed to get the sack over our heads, the more urgent question now is: what are we going to do about it? How are we going to get the sack off? It’s an urgent question, because our time is running out. The Jews are using their present advantage over us in an attempt to make it impossible for us to recover. They’re keeping our borders open, flooding America with every sort of wretched refuse from the Third World they can coax into the country. They’re pushing miscegenation with all of their media as hard as they can, trying to convince our oh-so-desperate-to-be-fashionable young women that bedding down with a Black or some other non-White is the most fashionable thing they can do – and unfortunately, they’re having a lot of success with this race-wrecking program. And they’re absolutely determined to repeal the First and Second Amendments to our Constitution, so that I can’t warn you about what’s coming, and you can’t defend yourself when it gets here.

Now, I receive many suggestions from listeners as to what we should do about all of this. Some people tell me that we need to buy a television network – and I agree with that, but so far no one with this suggestion has sent me a check for $20 billion to make such a purchase possible. Other listeners have told me that we need to run candidates for public office and take the country back by winning the public offices now being held by the treasonous politicians of the Democratic and Republican Parties.

Actually, I believe that it’s quite reasonable to run candidates for public office, to use the democratic process – and any other process we can use for our purpose – so long as we go about it realistically. That is, we mustn’t fool ourselves into believing that we’re actually going to succeed in taking back the country that way. The problem is that as long as most of the public consists of lemmings and television remains in the hands of the Jews, the public will vote for an approved candidate, a candidate who has secretly pledged his loyalty to the enemies of our people and who has been certified kosher. But election campaigns do provide a forum, they provide another means of communicating with the public. And they may be the best means for communicating with the most conventional and conservative sector of the public, with those who are authoritarians but not really lemmings, and who believe that everything must be done in accord with the system.

But we really don’t have much time for trying things that may be useful in one way or another but that ultimately won’t get the job done. We must do what we can do effectively – and which ultimately will be successful. So let me spell it out for you: America will not be taken back by people who believe Bill Clinton is an OK guy. It will not be taken back by people who believe that Bill Bradley or John McCain or George Bush or any other TV-approved politician ought to be in the White House instead of Bill Clinton. America will not be taken back by the lemmings. As long as those who are determined to destroy our race are able to control the thinking and behavior of the majority of voters, we must not waste our time and our resources on majority-based schemes. The masses of our people can have a part in taking back America only after the grip of our enemies on their minds has been broken. Until then we must look to the minority of our people able to think for themselves. We must have a plan based on elites, not on the masses.

Many of our people who think of themselves as patriots feel that we have been betrayed by our elites – and in a sense we have. After the Second World War, when the Jews began pushing their various programs to multiculturalize America – that is, to break the power of the White majority – these programs impacted most heavily on the Whites at the bottom of the socioeconomic scale. The White professional and business classes, the Whites with more money and mobility, were better able to protect themselves. When government programs began destroying White neighborhoods and White schools, they could move to safer neighborhoods; they could send their children to private schools. Affirmative action was no threat to them, because Blacks couldn’t handle the sort of work they did. The real traitors – the Kennedys and their ilk – lived in private compounds with armed guards and felt that they would be able to live well and be safe no matter what happened to everyone else.

And today we still have a high concentration of traitors among the wealthiest Whites. We have the disgusting spectacle of the richest White man in the world trying to buy favor with the Jews and the non-Whites by giving hundreds of millions of dollars to vaccinate Blacks in Africa and pay tuition for Blacks in America. But really, we have few White heroes in any class. The disgusting behavior of Bill Gates is more than matched by the disgusting behavior of the White workers who cheer for Black basketball players and let their daughters run with sub-humans, and by the mindless adoption by White yuppies of every Jew-promoted fashion, no matter how degenerate. And anyway, when I speak of White elites I am not thinking primarily of rich Whites. I am thinking of Whites able to think for themselves, regardless of income. Being rich doesn’t automatically bestow the ability to think independently, but being able to think independently does give a person certain advantages in the struggle for survival.

And we should note that the struggle for survival has changed during the past 50 years. The lemmings believe that they are better off than before, because they can buy more shiny gadgets at the mall than they could 50 years ago. To them, this makes up for the prospect of mulatto grandchildren. But many thinking Whites in the professional class are beginning to understand that there are limits to what their money and mobility can get them in a society controlled by Jews. The flood of immigrants from Asia already has impacted on their career prospects the way affirmative action impacted on blue collar Whites a generation ago. Medical schools and graduate schools in America are packed with non-Whites from India and Pakistan and China and Korea and a dozen other countries. These Asians are just as alien as Blacks are, but they are vastly more able. They are able to compete with educated Whites for positions in the professions the way Blacks began competing for factory jobs and service-industry jobs with working-class Whites in the 1960s and 1970s.

What has happened in America in just the last decade has made a big difference for many White professionals, though certainly not for all. Many White professionals – and would-be professionals, who now are obliged to settle for blue collar work, because there’s no room for them in graduate school or medical school or other professional schools – really have been hit hard. Many are confused by the change. Most haven’t figured it out yet, but they are more open to the truth now than they have been at any time in the past. That’s why my organization, the National Alliance, is more successful now in recruiting young university faculty members, young engineers, young physicians, young pharmacists, young biochemists, young computer scientists, even young lawyers, than ever before, despite the fact that the economy is keeping most people comfortable.

And, as I indicated a moment ago, it’s not just the professionals to whom we must address ourselves. It is the elite minority of our people able to think for themselves, regardless of what they do for a living. The lemmings may not be bothered by the prospect of mulatto grandchildren, and perhaps Bill Gates isn’t either, but among the thinking minority plenty of White people are bothered by that prospect.

We have two factors at work here. We have the material factor. We have the realization that life-style and security, that career opportunities, have been damaged by the multiculturalization of America, and that has made some of our independent-minded people receptive to the truth, who a decade ago would have preferred not to think about it. And we have the aesthetic factor, the spiritual factor. We have the realization that life has lost much of its meaning, much of its value, in a darkening world, regardless of material considerations. This realization has opened the minds of many people in the arts. The fact that resistance music is booming as never before is just one consequence of this.

Now, thinking people never will be able to outvote the lemmings. And a howling mob of the dispossessed outside the city gates, acting alone, never will take a strong citadel, but with allies inside to open the gates, the prospects for taking the citadel improve dramatically. We live today in a technocratic society. Money and the media and politics may seem all-powerful at first glance, but all of these elements of power are completely dependent on a technocratic elite, an elite that understands the mechanism that keeps the wheels turning and that has its hands on the levers that control the machine.

Furthermore, the mediacrats depend not only on the engineers and programmers who keep their machinery of illusion running, but also on a creative and artistic minority who create their illusions for them, and not all of these toilers in the illusion factory are Jews.

And so while our television screens are filled with images of the media-approved politicians strutting and smiling and kissing Black babies, we’ll continue helping the independent-minded portion of the population understand what’s happening. We’ll continue building an organization based on that elite minority of the White population. And we’ll continue building our media capabilities, our ability for communicating with everyone in the White population willing to listen. I’d be happy to have you join us in this effort.

The Illustrated Protocols of Zion

by David Duke

This is a video preview of Dr. David Duke’s new book, The Illustrated Protocols of Zion is an historical and literary valuation of the original Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

He presents the case that Protocols of Zion could well be titled the Protocols of „Zionism“ in that it predicts many of the horrific wars and conflicts right down to the issues in the Israel or „Zion“ of today and associated with Zionist power and influence that goes far beyond the borders of Israel.

In this video and his book upon which it is based, he shows that many of the most radical claims of the Protocols are today proclaimed by Zionists themselves around the world. such as domination of media, banking, and extensive power and influence in America, the EU and in many governments around the world.

He quotes leading and influential Zionists and Zionist media in showing that many of the most important underlying themes can be documented in historical and contemporary terms.

Dr. Duke points out its true history. He argues that the Protocols is obviously not the secret meeting of earlocked „Elders of Zion“ anymore than 1984 is a true account of Big Brother or Oceania.

He examines it as dystopian literature that is amazingly prescient and predictive since its publishing well over a century ago.

This video and the powerful underlying book The Illustrated Protocols of Zion are essential materials to understanding the Zionist issue from all perspectives.

A Phd in History, Dr. Duke shows how vital assertions of the Protocols can be historically and contemporaneously documented and that many of the most shocking claims of the Protocols can be found in even more extreme expression by modern Zionism.

Lies and the History Channel

Source: American Dissident Voices broadcast of February 5, 2000

by Dr. William L. Pierce

The biggest threat to our people – the biggest obstacle to our survival and progress – is the Jewish control of the mass media of news and entertainment. I’ve said that to you many times. Today I want to talk about some very specific examples of the way in which this threat works. Last month a special television documentary program began airing on the History Channel, which is a subsidiary of A&E Television Networks. The “A&E” stands for “arts and entertainment.” The name of the program is “Nazi America: A Secret History.” It purports to be a serious history of the growth of the Nazi movement in America, starting with the German-American Bund and its precursor organizations in the 1930s and taking us right up to the present

I don’t have the time to view many television programs except the national and international news each day, primarily to see what the party line is: that is, to see what “spin” the Jews are putting on the news. This History Channel documentary was of special interest to me, however, because I was part of it. Beyond the fact that I’m in the program, I knew intimately another person who was given major coverage in the program, and I have detailed knowledge of several other persons and events covered by the program. So when I viewed the program I paid careful attention and took notes. What I noted generally about the program is that in addition to the standard slant, which they put on everything they produce, there were a number of very clear-cut and blatant lies: lies of both omission and commission. And it occurred to me that these lies are so clear and so easily refuted by anyone who knows the facts that I should share them with you. They provide useful clues to Jewish motives – and also perhaps an antidote to other Jewish lies.

One other thing about this particular History Channel program: it will be shown more than once. You can keep your eyes open for it and watch it the next time it is shown, keeping in mind the facts I’ll share with you today. If you’re really serious about what’s happening to America, you can even order a copy of the tape from the History Channel and then study it yourself the way I did. It’ll cost you $29.95, but the lesson is worth it.

The first thing to note is the general slant of the program. That slant is to lump together everyone the Jews consider a threat to their own plans for America as a “Nazi” and then to portray Nazis as dangerous subversives and terrorists who need to be locked up in order for the country to be safe. Nazis are portrayed as weird and unpleasant people, strange and dangerous people, not at all like you and me. The purpose behind this is not just lingering Jewish hatred for the German Nazis, who put a real crimp in the Jews’ plans for Europe 60 years ago. It is a current concern of the Jews that too many people are speaking out against them today, and too many people are listening, especially with the Internet not yet subject to Jewish censorship. The Jews’ aim is first to demonize the people who don’t like them and then to outlaw them, cut them off from contact with the public, keep them from speaking out.

So let’s look at the specifics. The first part of the program deals with 1930s organizations such as Friends of the New Germany and the German-American Bund, which tried to counter the Jews’ hate-propaganda against Germany in America, to build unity among German-Americans, to help Americans generally understand what Adolf Hitler was doing in his rebuilding of Germany, and to a lesser extent to propagate Hitler’s National Socialist ideas in America.

And I should tell you now that this part of the program on the German-American Bund, just like all the rest of the program, is chock full of errors which are the result of ignorance and sloppy research more than malice. For example, the program states that Hitler’s Mein Kampf was published in 1924 and that Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany in 1932. Both dates are incorrect, as anyone can determine by reference to an encyclopedia. In 1924 Hitler was in prison for revolutionary activity and was just beginning to write Mein Kampf. And he didn’t become chancellor until 1933. I point out these errors simply to remind you that the controlled media very often are wrong in their facts even when they’re not consciously lying, but they present those facts in an apodictic way, and few Americans question them.

In its treatment of the Bund, however, the program goes beyond sloppiness in its errors and turns to deliberate deceit. It talks, for example, about New York Congressman Samuel Dickstein’s investigation and harassment of the Bund and his labeling of it as a subversive organization. What the people who wrote the program certainly knew but neglected to tell the audience was that Congressman Dickstein was also a Soviet espionage agent – not just a communist or communist sympathizer like so many of his fellow Jews, but a secret agent actually on the payroll of the Soviet NKVD. So in the 1930s what we had was a Jewish-Soviet espionage agent pretending to be an American patriot denouncing what he called the “un-American” influence of the Bund. Dickstein’s role as an NKVD agent was revealed as old NKVD archives were opened following the collapse of communist power and the breakup of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s. But there wasn’t a word of that in the History Channel program. Dickstein was represented simply as a concerned congressman. But because he was a congressman and a Jew, both the Roosevelt administration and the Jewish media collaborated with him in railroading the Bund’s chairman, Fritz Kuhn, into prison on a trumped-up embezzlement charge in 1939.

Not revealing Dickstein’s employment by the NKVD was a lie of omission. A really outrageous lie of commission occurs a little later in the program when it moves into the postwar period and focuses on George Lincoln Rockwell, the World War Two Navy flier and combat veteran who organized the National Socialist White People’s Party in the 1960s. The program shows news footage of some of Rockwell’s public meetings in Washington, while the program’s narrator comments that Rockwell – quote – “added gays and Catholics to his list of threats to the future of the White race.” – end quote – Then, between scenes of Rockwell speaking, a headline fills the screen. It reads, and I quote: “Hate-Document Bared: ‘I will kill every Jew, Catholic and Negro.’” – end quote – The clear implication is that this statement about killing every Jew, Catholic, and Negro was made by Rockwell. But it wasn’t. It was pure invention by the people who made this program.

I knew Rockwell quite well and worked with him closely on the production of a magazine for a year before his murder in 1967. He was totally removed from any sectarian bickering between Catholics and Protestants and accepted them on an equal basis. He had a number of practicing Catholics in his organization. This Jewish trick of trying to divide Catholics from Protestants has been used before, but in Rockwell’s case it is especially inappropriate. Furthermore, Rockwell never made a statement about killing all homosexuals, although he certainly disapproved of homosexuality.

The deliberate deceit continues as the program moves into the period after Rockwell’s death. The narrator announces that Rockwell’s organization floundered after his death. . . until the next Nazi leader came forward. Frank Collin emerged from Rockwell’s shadow in 1970 . . . . I’m using the narrator’s exact words here. The clear implication is that Frank Collin, a short, dark, hook-nosed, little man with a flair for theatrics, was Rockwell’s successor. There is no mention at all of Rockwell’s actual successor, a man named Matt Koehl.

And there is no mention that Collin was a Jew. Not only was he a Jew, but he was a poseur and an exhibitionist, pretending to be a National Socialist leader while putting on a media sideshow which attracted to him a small group of losers and misfits who liked to wear uniforms and strut around in public. While the media focused on Collin, whose sole claim to fame was the uproar he generated when he announced that he intended to march his uniformed freak show through Skokie, Illinois, a Jewish suburb of Chicago, Rockwell’s real successor was left without access to the media.

At the end of the Collin episode, the narrator does reveal to us that Collin was convicted and sent to prison in 1979 for sexually molesting little boys, but we are left with the impression that this smirking, prancing, child-molesting little Jew was a real National Socialist, the successor of George Lincoln Rockwell. That’s the image of a National Socialist, the image of a “Nazi,” that the writers of this program deliberately and deceitfully plant in the public mind.

Actually, Collin was exposed as a Jew in the Chicago press back in the 1970s. Interviews with his parents were published in the newspapers. But that was more than 20 years ago, and the folks at the History Channel figured that the public has forgotten about that. And Frank Collin is not the only Jew trotted out as a “Nazi” by this program which is supposed to tell us about the history of Nazis in America. The Columbine killers, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, also are represented as “Nazis,” although they are not named directly in the program. Instead, as images flash across the screen, we hear the narrator naming a series of people involved in recent killings, and the narrator tells us, one at a time, that they are Nazis.

James Burmeister, an 82nd Airborne soldier at Fort Bragg, who shot a convicted Black drug dealer in Fayetteville, North Carolina, in December 1995, is described as a “Nazi,” although there has never been any evidence presented in this regard. Certainly, he was not a member of any National Socialist group, or that fact would have been brought out at his trial. Then there is John King, convicted in the dragging murder of a Black in Jasper, Texas, in 1998. King also is described by the narrator as a “Nazi,” although again there is no evidence to suggest this. What we do know about King is that he acquired a burning hatred for Blacks after being gang-raped by them while in prison.

Perhaps we are supposed to assume that everyone who doesn’t like Blacks is a “Nazi” – perhaps even everyone who is not Politically Correct. One of those in this series of supposed “Nazis” is Benjamin Smith, who killed a Black and a Korean in drive-by shootings in Illinois last year. Another is the apparently deranged Buford Furrow, who shot a Filipino postman in California last year after wounding several Jews in a Jewish community center. So far as we know, none of these killers was a “Nazi” in the sense of having a serious belief in National Socialism and belonging to a National Socialist group.

So the way the program worked the Jewish Columbine killer Dylan Klebold into this series was to have the narrator recite a series of names of killers while their faces flashed on the screen and assert in each case that the killer is or was a “Nazi.” It went like this: James Burmeister (face), John King (face), the Columbine killers (no face), Benjamin Smith (face), Buford Furrow (face). Clever aren’t they? They know how to lie without actually lying. Even a reasonably intelligent and perceptive viewer will be tricked by this technique, unless he happens to know the facts. The facts, of course, are that Dylan Klebold was a Jew, and both he and his partner were outspoken anti-racists. But the average couch potato certainly doesn’t know that, and so he falls into the trap of believing that the perpetrators of the worst school massacre in U.S. history were “Nazis.”

Timothy McVeigh also is represented in the program as a “Nazi” and the Oklahoma City bombing as an act of Nazi terrorism. The narrator tells us: “McVeigh was a . . . neo-Nazi . . . .” There is no evidence to suggest that he was or is. What we know about him is that he hated the Clinton government and decided after the government burned all of those women and children to death in the Branch Davidian church in Waco that he would send the government a message. We also know that he read one of my books, The Turner Diaries. If everybody who has read The Turner Diaries is a Nazi, then the media Jews really have a problem on their hands, because the number of readers is now somewhere close to half a million. But really, that’s like saying that everyone who reads the New Testament is a Christian, and everyone who reads the Old Testament is a Jew, and everyone who reads the Koran is a Moslem.

A Nazi – a National Socialist – is a person who holds a very specific set of beliefs, a person who accepts the doctrine set forth in Hitler’s Mein Kampf, just as a Christian is a person who accepts the teachings of Jesus and the claims made in the New Testament about his miraculous origin and his resurrection, and a communist is a person who believes the economic and social doctrines of the Jew Karl Marx. This History Channel program starts with real Nazis – the leaders of the Bund – continues with another real Nazi of a different sort – George Lincoln Rockwell – and then cleverly ties these real Nazis into a series of Jewish child molesters, antisocial freaks and exhibitionists of various sorts, and people who have committed racial killings or acts of terrorism. And it’s all done very smoothly, in a very slick way, a very Jewish way.

The aim, of course, is not only to persuade viewers that Nazis are very unpleasant people – as if more than 60 years of anti-German propaganda films from Hollywood haven’t already done that – but also to persuade us that Nazis are dangerous, and we need to do something about them. We need new laws to protect ourselves from these dangerous Nazis.

You might wonder why they don’t just tell us the truth about Nazis and let the chips fall where they may. Why not just tell us that Nazis don’t believe in equality, that Nazis don’t believe in multiculturalism and enforced diversity, that Nazis don’t believe that men and women are the same? Why not just tell us that Nazis don’t approve of homosexuality? Why not just tell us that Nazis aren’t democrats, that Nazis believe in self-sufficiency and self-discipline and personal honor and a natural hierarchy? Why not just tell us that Nazis are racists, and they don’t like Jews? That should be enough, if all of the Jewish television propaganda about equality and diversity and democracy has had the desired effect. That should be enough to make every Politically Correct viewer hate Nazis. Why do they feel it’s necessary to lie to us and try to make us believe that Nazis are people like the Jewish child molester Frank Collin and the Jewish mass murderer Dylan Klebold? Why do they feel it’s necessary to try to make us believe that everyone who has tattoos and doesn’t like Blacks is a Nazi? Why do they feel that it’s necessary to lie to us by telling us that Nazis want to kill Catholics? Are they afraid that all of their anti-German hate propaganda and all of their Political Correctness propaganda haven’t “taken”?

I’ll tell you what they’re afraid of. They’re afraid of the truth. Listen to the part of this History Channel program which is about me – that’s about 90 minutes into the program – and what they’ll tell you is that all of the violence and strife in America during the past few decades is the result of people reading my books, of people listening to the ideas I talk about. If I hadn’t written The Turner Diaries, if I didn’t have a radio broadcast every week, if I weren’t on the Internet, they’ll have you believe, there wouldn’t have been an Oklahoma City bombing and a dragging in Jasper, Texas, and a Columbine High School massacre, and we’d all be getting along and loving one another in multicultural comfort and security.

And then they very slyly tell you: Pierce is protected by his right to free speech, and they say it in a way that means, Pierce was able to get away with putting people up to all of this violent activity because he hides behind the First Amendment. What we need, they suggest, are new laws to keep Pierce from hiding behind the First Amendment. And you know, there are a lot of couch potatoes out there, a lot of women of both sexes, who believe that.

I get hate mail every day from people who ask me, “Aren’t you ashamed for causing all of those people to die in Oklahoma City?” Others blame me for the Columbine High School massacre. Really. They don’t blame the Clinton government. They don’t blame the liberals for making a pigsty of America. They don’t blame the people who force the races together and generate racial hatred by doing it. That would require independent thinking. No, they blame me, and they nod their heads wisely and agree with the History Channel narrator that we need new laws to keep people like Pierce from causing violence.

The Jews and their hangers-on are afraid of the truth getting to large numbers of people, especially through new media such as the Internet, and they do want to put a stop to it. That’s why they tell the sort of lies that this History Channel program is full of. They want to scare the couch potatoes. And I want to make sure that the independent thinkers see those lies and understand that they are lies and also understand why they’re being told.

If you want to help me with this work, then this History Channel program, “Nazi America: A Secret History,” is a tool that you can use too. Talk to people you know about the lies in it. Help people to understand the poisonous and destructive way in which the Jews use their control of our mass media. Help people to understand that they’re not being educated when they watch the History Channel; they’re being brainwashed; they’re being lied to. And talk about the details.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always skeptical when someone waves his arms and makes a general statement. I want the specifics. I want the details. I want the facts, so that I can make up my own mind. Anyway, that’s why I’ve spent so much time today talking with you about this one History Channel program. It dealt with a subject that I happen to know something about, so I could spot the lies and tell you about them. But there are literally thousands of other programs out there which also are full of lies. When you spot one, don’t keep quiet about it. Speak out. Tell other people. And let me know about it too.

* * *

David Duke & Mark Collett – The Lies of TPUSA and Anti White Pro Zionist Conservatives

The Giant Gold Robbery


by Dr. William Pierce

Free Speech – October 1997 – Volume III, Number 10

I‘ve mentioned the Jewish program of extortion against Switzerland before, but this is such a fascinating subject I just can’t stay away from it. Almost every day the Jews outreach themselves in setting new records for arrogance, deceit, and greed. It’s really breathtaking to watch them.

For the sake of review, the whole thing started last year when a group of Jews, looking around for a new way to milk more money from the “Holocaust,” hit on the idea of announcing that Swiss bankers were keeping money that had been deposited by Jews before or during the Second World War who had then died or been killed during the war. Like most clever swindles, this one contained a grain of truth. Among the dormant accounts in Swiss banks there are some which did belong to Jews who died during the war. Every bank in the world accumulates dormant accounts, and some of these accounts undoubtedly were opened by Jews.

Now, the Swiss bankers have standard procedures for dealing with their depositors and for handling dormant accounts, and those procedures have nothing at all to do with the ethnicity of the depositor. Jewish depositors are and always have been treated just like everyone else. The same efforts are made to contact the owners of dormant accounts, regardless of whether those owners are Jews or Gentiles. And regardless of what you think about bankers as a whole, Swiss bankers are generally recognized as especially reputable – as bankers who are especially careful to play by the rules. That’s one of the reasons Swiss banks are so highly regarded around the world.

If a group of Tibetans or Laplanders had begun raising a fuss about dormant accounts their grandfathers had opened in Swiss banks, the Swiss bankers would have dealt with them in the standard manner: the bankers would have said to them, just show us some proof that you are the legitimate heirs of depositors who have died, and we will give you any money in the accounts, and that would have been it. No one would have expected more than that, and no special media attention would have been given to the Tibetans or Laplanders.

In fact, before this particular swindle was launched last year, Jews, along with people of just about every other race and nationality on the planet, had claimed and been awarded dormant accounts in the standard way, without any special difficulty.

But the Jews who launched this scheme weren’t interested in having dormant accounts handled in the standard way. They were interested in blackmail and extortion on a grand scale. And they had reason to believe that they could get away it, while the Tibetans and Laplanders obviously couldn’t. That reason was the control of the news and entertainment media by their fellow Jews.

The first act in the scheme went like this: The schemers got together with some of their buddies in the media, and front-page articles appeared simultaneously in newspapers all over the world to the effect that Swiss bankers were unscrupulously holding onto as much as $7 billion which belonged to the heirs of so-called “Holocaust” victims. The members of the Jewish group wanted the Swiss bankers to turn this money over to them. The Swiss responded, as one might have expected, with denials and outrage. The president of Switzerland denounced the Jewish demands as an extortion attempt. And had only Tibetans or Laplanders been involved, that’s where the affair would have ended. But instead, the Jewish media shifted into second gear and counterattacked, feigning outrage themselves over the charge of extortion. How could a bunch of nice, Jewish boys possibly be involved in extortion – especially when the magic word “Holocaust” had been invoked to sanctify their claim for money?

Then the Swiss made their first big mistake: they apologized for accusing the Jews of extortion. They explained their procedure for claiming dormant accounts. They hired public relations firms. They said that there couldn’t possibly be $7 billion in dormant accounts belonging to “Holocaust” victims, but that there might be some money and that they would make another examination of their dormant accounts. They announced that as a charitable act they would donate $180 million to the Jews, not from dormant accounts but from their own general funds, just for the sake of goodwill.

The Swiss didn’t understand the Jewish mentality. They didn’t understand that Jews aren’t people you can live with. With Jews there’s no compromising. The Jews correctly viewed the Swiss apology and the Swiss offer of a charitable donation to “Holocaust” survivors as signs of weakness, and so they stepped up their demands. They got one of their step’n’fetchit Gentile politicians involved, New York Senator Alphonse D’Amato, who is chairman of the Senate Banking Committee and who has made a career out of doing favors for the Jews. And they began escalating their demands and their threats.

And the Swiss kept making mistakes. They kept apologizing and backtracking and trying to placate the Jews. Aside from their reputation for honesty, the big thing Swiss banks had going for them was their reputation for confidentiality. A person could put his money in a Swiss bank account and reasonably expect that no one would ever learn about it if he didn’t announce the fact himself. Last month, in an attempt to prove to the world that they weren’t hiding any Jewish money, Swiss bankers compromised their reputation for confidentiality by publishing a list of the names of the account-holders for all 1,756 accounts they could find which had been dormant since the end of the Second World War. These accounts contained a total of approximately $40 million.

Do you think this pleased the Jews a bit? They scrutinized the list, and the first thing they noted was that fewer than ten per cent of the names on it were Jewish. They didn’t say much about this, however, except in their own Jewish community newspapers, because it tended to deflate the fable they had concocted of the Swiss bankers hoarding the savings of many thousands of Jewish “Holocaust” victims totaling billions of dollars. Instead they began screaming that, based on a similarity of names, eight of the 1,756 accounts on the list might belong to people who had been connected in one way or another with the German government during the war. There were names on the list which were the same as or similar to a former vice-president of the Reichstag, Hitler’s official photographer, the wife of a top SS official, and five others. “Oy, veh! You’ve been doing business with Nazis!” the Jews shrieked.

The Swiss reminded the Jews that Switzerland had been a neutral country during the war and that Swiss banks had customers from both sides of the conflict. Reminding everyone of that was another mistake for the poor Swiss. The Jews, Senator D’Amato, and the rest of the Jews’ camp followers began moaning that the Swiss really had sympathized with the Germans, that they had wanted the Germans to win and had helped the German war effort by trading with Germany.

Now, that’s another one of those little grains of truth in this whole fabric of lies the Jews have constructed. A great many Swiss, especially in the German-speaking parts of the country, were pro-German. And of course, they did carry on trade with both the Germans and their allies as well as with the allies of the Jews, such as the United States and the Soviet Union. The Jews seized on the fact of Swiss trade with the Germans and began beating the Swiss on the heads with that. The gold the Germans gave the Swiss in return for manufactured products during the war probably had been confiscated from Jews, they screamed. Some of it probably was gold teeth extracted from Jewish concentration camp victims. “Give it back! Give it back to us!” The Swiss responded by apologizing for having remained neutral during the war and by donating another $100 million to the fund for “Holocaust” victims they already had set up.

That’s nowhere enough to satisfy one Jewish leader, Avraham Burg, the head of Israel’s Jewish Agency. (That’s actually its name: the Jewish Agency.) Burg has demanded for the Jews not only all the gold which had gone to Switzerland from Germany during the war to pay for manufactured goods, but also gold which the victorious Allies confiscated from Germany at the end of the war and have been doling out ever since to various countries occupied by the Germans during the war to compensate these countries for their wartime losses. Burg claims that this gold once belonged to Jews, and he has demanded that all of the vaults holding this gold be sealed until it is officially turned over to Jews. He has demanded – and I quote him exactly – “that the corrupt division and distribution of Jewish spoils from World War II to world governments must immediately be ceased, and every last cent must be returned to Jewish hands.”

Isn’t that interesting wording? “[E]very last cent must be returned to Jewish hands.” Not necessarily to the hands of the Jews Burg claims originally owned the gold, since it would be impossible to determine who those Jews were, but just “to Jewish hands.” Just get it away from the Gentiles and put it into Jewish hands. The Jews will figure out what to do with it.

Imagine how that demand would sound if, instead of Jews, Lutherans or Baptists were claiming the gold. During the war the Soviet government forced millions of ethnic Germans – the so-called “Volga Germans” – off the land they had owned for 150 years, since being invited to Russia by Catherine the Great, and deported them to Siberia. After the war the communist and democratic victors forced millions of other ethnic Germans off their land in eastern Germany in a huge and murderous “ethnic cleansing” program, to which the western Allies consented.

Most of these plundered and dispossessed Germans were Lutherans, and what was stolen from them dwarfs any claim the Jews have made. Imagine the Lutheran church demanding today that it be compensated for everything that had been stolen from those plundered Germans during and after the war. We would laugh at the absurdity of the church’s claim. The fact that Avraham Burg and his fellow Jews make such a claim today tells us something about their mentality, about their ethnocentricity and sense of racial solidarity, about their “us against them” attitude toward the world, as well as about their greed for gold. And it tells us about the folly of thinking of Jews as merely people with a different religion, who become anything other than Jews when they change their religion.

The reason that Avraham Burg can confidently make such demands, while no Lutheran spokesman dares do the same, is based on the fact of Jewish media control. The Jews have spent 60 years, since before the Second World War, using the media to complain about their mistreatment by the Germans, the Poles, the Ukrainians, the Latvians, the Lithuanians, the Hungarians, the Croatians, and so on. After the war they poured such a deluge of pro-Jewish propaganda out of Hollywood that most Americans today think of Jews as being the principal victims of the Second World War. Almost no one has heard about what Jewish Communism did to the Russians, the Ukrainians, the Poles, and the other European peoples unfortunate enough to be ruled by Communists before, during, or after the Second World War. Almost no one has heard about the mass murder of millions of German civilians after the war. In fact, most Americans can’t even give a good estimate of the number of Americans who died in combat during the war. But everybody has heard about the grossly inflated figure of “six million” Jews supposedly killed in gas chambers by the Germans and then converted into soap, lampshades, and gold dental fillings.

This incessant Jewish “Holocaust” propaganda has got most people, including the Swiss, buffaloed. It has given the Jews a special status, a martyr status. Most people are afraid to criticize them or contradict them. But even the Swiss bankers and politicians who aren’t fooled by the Jewish “Holocaust” exaggerations are afraid of the power of the Jewish media. They understand that the U.S. government is practically under the Jews’ control. They understand that American politicians who are in the Jews’ pockets, like Senator D’Amato, can cause them a lot of trouble. They understand that the Jews have enough political power through their media control to persuade the U. S. government to go along with a boycott of Switzerland if they demand one. And so instead of standing up to the Jews the Swiss keep on apologizing and trying to buy the Jewish blackmailers off. And the Jews continue to see this as weakness, and so they keep on pushing. They keep on demanding more.

And, hey, don’t think that’s because the Jews are greedy! They’re not really interested in the gold, but only in the principle of the thing, they assure us. Israel Singer, the secretary of the World Jewish Congress, one of the groups applying pressure to the Swiss, has announced, “This is not about money. It is about justice.” Right.

This business of demanding reparations for things which allegedly happened 50 or 60 years ago does bring up some interesting principles. The descendants of our Black slaves in this country are a bit slower at spotting opportunities than the Jews are, but even they can recognize a profitable principle when they see one. They’re beginning to talk about the reparations that White people owe them for slavery. They might want to add up all of the man-hours their slave ancestors worked, multiply that by, say, $5 an hour, add interest at six per cent since the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863, and present us with the bill. Why not?

And what about the Indians and the real estate they can claim we owe them for? Why should it be only the Jews who can get away with making such claims – and with collecting on them? They’ve already extorted $55 billion in reparations from the German people since 1948. Suppose the Germans started figuring up what is owed to them? Or suppose the Scots presented a bill to the English? Or suppose the English presented a bill to the people of Normandy? Why is it only the Jews who are entitled to go back into history and add up their carefully nursed grievances and present a bill to the rest of the world?

The latest concession they’ve blackmailed the Swiss into is a $5 billion so-called “solidarity fund” to be used to compensate “victims of poverty, war, and genocide.” A panel, a majority of whose members are Jews, is to decide how to dole out this money after it is collected from the Swiss people. If the Swiss are prompt in coughing up this money, then the Jews say they will not organize an international boycott of Switzerland.

Fortunately for the Swiss, they have at least one patriot among their politicians. He is a 56-year-old industrialist and member of the Swiss parliament, Christoph Blocher, and he is telling the Swiss people that they ought not to give in to this blackmail. He is telling his people that they owe nothing to the Jews and they ought to pay them nothing. And he is gaining strong support from Swiss voters. We’ll see what happens next year, when the Swiss vote on whether or not to let the Jews take them to the cleaners for another $5 billion.

So far the Jews have been so pleased with the way the Swiss are caving in to their demands for gold that they’re talking about similar claims against Sweden, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey. Hey, why not? When you’ve got the whole world buffaloed with “Holocaust” baloney, why not go for everything you can get?

If you really want to get some insight into the Jewish mentality, go to any big library – or to the Internet – and start collecting news clippings on these Jewish claims for reparations. Study the details. Try to see the big picture. Make some of the comparisons I’ve hinted at today: comparisons of the way the Jews look at their history to the way in which other races, other nations, look at their own histories. It will amaze you. It will take your breath away. And it will convince you that it’s time for the world to do something about getting this Jewish monkey off its back.

Bolshevism – Jewish Sub-Humanity

Translated from the Third Reich SS Original:

Bolschewismus – jüdisches Untermenschentum

Table of Contents


Chapter One: Russia up to the October Revolution

Chapter Two: The Jew – an Enteral Parasite and Destroyer

Chapter Three: Jewish Heads and Jews in the Soviet Union

Chapter Four: Industrialization

Chapter Five: The Worker in the Soviet Union

Chapter Six: The Path of the Russian Peasant

Chapter Seven: The Soviet Family

Chapter Eight: Terror and Forced Labour

Chapter Nine: Final Observation


The present work recognizes the Jew as the genuine carrier of Bolshevism.

In a short overview, it is supposed to show the Jewish roots of Bolshevism and portray its devastating effects on the whole life of Russian man.

Only when one remembers what world-encompassing and folk-decaying goals Jewish Bolshevism strives for, can one measure the danger that the Soviet Union, as the visible expression of Jewish sub-humanity, means for Europe and the world.

Illustrations are intentionally omitted, for every SS-man and policeman recognizes from his own experiences or from the pictorial reports of the Weekly Newsreels and publications the type of the Jew-Bolshevik and his “works”.

Chapter One

Russia up to the October Revolution


The Russian Mixture of Folks and Races

The most diverse folks and races swept across Russia’s wide regions through the millennia. The shapeless and formless mass of Alpine men of Slavic language, incapable of any state formation, received their first state order from the Vikings. Daring travellers of Nordic blood were the ones who created significant empires from the centres of Nowgorod and Kiev. It almost seemed that the huge space in the east would be organized and led by Europe. But the Nordic blood soon trickled away.

Storm from the East

From the east the world of the steppe surged, Asia’s nomadic world, against the Slavic folk mixture. It was nothing productive that Asia sent. The two-hundred-year Tartar rule over Russia ate deep into the Slavic blood and completed a transformation of Alpine man. And so does a Slav, Johann Peisker, characterize the Russian:

“There is first the Slavic slave would has fallen below the animal, then the Nordic conqueror disciplined in body and spirit, and finally the wild son of the steppe, the Turko-Tartar, the beast. Each of us has something of these contradictory characters. Hence we lack the inner balance, hence our fickleness, our indiscretion. ”

Byzantine Church

This disunity of the racial foundation was covered over by the rigid Byzantine church, which apparently drew everything into its orbit. And as the Roman church raised the claim to world domination, so did Russia’s church also believe it could present a claim to world improvement.

Slavic Ability to Suffer

Slavic ability to suffer, the destructive flame up of the steppe portion in Russian blood and the orthodox sense of mission, form an essential prerequisite for the later breakthrough of Bolshevism in Russia.

The structure of Russia is reflected in the tremendous social injustice that characterizes old Russia. Before the World War over 80% of the Russian population were peasants. They were subordinated to a thin feudal ruling class, which had the unlimited possession of the people. This chasm was never overcome; it produced great tension between the mass of the folk and the ruling class and a despotic bearing of the ruling class.

Call toward the west

Certainly, there was no lack of attempts to absorb European culture, to turn Russia’s face toward the west. But these attempts remain episodes. The non-European racial elements were stronger, so that the spiritual Europeanization did not succeed.

But where the bearers of the ruling class were inspired by Europe’s spirit, the psychological indiscipline of Alpine man is again observed. The unlimited despotism swung around to a radical, social guilt-consciousness (Tolstoy); in political regard, however, a terrorism emerged that only knew destruction. The result is the terrorist, whose activity is summoned up in the slogan: “Revolt! Murder! Shoot!”

But new life seemed to develop in one very important sector of life in Russia. The Russian Minister Stolypin (he was born in Dresden!) tried to establish a Russian peasantry based on the European principle of private property. A class of peasants proud to own their own property was supposed to bear the future rejuvenation of the Russian agrarian state. But Stolypin did not have time for his plans to ripen. In 1912 he was shot dead by a Jew in a theatre in Kiev.

Shots Against the Strengthening Peasantry

The shots against Stolypin immediately illuminate the situation. The Jew murdered the creator of a strong peasantry! With sure instinct, this rootles, destructive spirit of Jewry struck with the murder the bulwark that offered the greatest resistance against any revolution, but most of all against that Jewish claim to power. The shots against Stolypin show the Jewish wirepuller who stands behind the revolutionary movements of pre-war Russia as well. But this assassination of Stolypin reveals even more: The Jew who fired was not only a terrorist, he simultaneously stood in the service of the Russian secret police, with the assignment to protect the Czar! That was always “work” of the Jews: He appears in the guise of the good citizen against the revolution and at the same time destroys everything that could hinder the revolution.

Even in pre-war Russia, Jewry played a leading role in the revolutionary movements. In regard to economics he almost totally controlled the lumber trade, grain export and money- lending to Russian landowners. Among the peasant population, however, the Jew raged as owner of the village taverns and alcohol trader. The Czar regime, which had sometimes sternly intervened against the Jewish subversion, was supposed to be overthrown at any price.

The Russian defeat in the World War of 1914 – 1918 opened the gates to the destructive forces. The Jews’ hour had struck. With the October Revolution of 1917, Russia ceased to exist. Even today we no longer speak of Russia. With complete right. The red wave of 1917 cast up all the elements of destruction, rootlessness and Jewish poison that had accumulated in Russia. In addition, new bands of booty-hungry Jews from all countries poured in, ready to gain a position of power here, from which Judah’s world domination was supposed to be achieved. Hence the new name as well: USSR, Union of Socialist Soviet Republics. Here there were no longer any folks, any Russia; here there were just Soviet Republics, onto which one new Soviet territory after another was supposed to be added, until the goal was achieved: the World Soviet Union.

Chapter Two

The Jew – an Eternal Parasite and Destroyer


A large portion of the bourgeois world saw in Bolshevism a world-view, which was at first unconditionally damned. But when it was later shown that the Bolshevik could also appear in tuxedo abroad, many were ready to accept him as a Russian fact. A skilful propaganda also helped to deceive the world.

Work of the Eternal Jew

The mask is off. Behind it, visible to all, stands the eternal Jew. Rightly, one thus does not view Bolshevism as a manifestation of the modern period, ft is instead the product of Jewish thought – it is as old as Jewry itself. From the Old Testament to the Talmud, from the “financial geniuses ” of the kings and rulers, from the great revolutions of the world and the communist manifesto of Mardochai-Marx to the newest “creations” of the Jewish race, a line runs to the Jew’s single goal: the establishment of Jewish world domination. Only the methods and disguise change, which adapt to the various times and respective situation.

What does the Old Testament say?

‘‘You will rule over many folks, but none should rule over you. ” And further: Jahwe, the Jew god, obviously knows about the industriousness of his “chosen people for he promises: “to give it great and fat cities, which it has not built, and houses full of goods, which it has not filled, and dug wells, which it has not dug, and vineyards and olive gardens, which it has not planted. ”


It is completely clear that the productive folks, who are supposed to build all that, will not voluntarily leave the places of their work and effort, so that the Jew can come and live a splendid life. In such cases as well, the Jews follow the commands of their gruesome god: they murder, plunder and burn down whatever opposes them.

As parasite-folk the Jew emerges already in dark prehistory. Theft, swindle, robbery and murder against non-Jews and the contamination of the blood of other folks is the work of the “chosen people”, a work which visibly rests on the blessing of their god Jahwe. The Jew has never built anything. Destruction was always his work.

Into the most prosperous cities he came as haggler and trader. As soon as he had money and economic influence, he knew how to acquire power as well. He subverted from the inside out the host folk until it was ripe for a revolution, which was supposed to deliver power to him. “The revolution is Judah’s star, which has lit the darkness over Israel’s heads and will light even more”, so judges the Jewish historian H. Graetz in his “History of the Jews”.

Revolution at any Price

Hence revolution at any price! In Europe’s states it was first supposedly to enable democracy, and from this springboard to then proceed to the Bolshevik dictatorship. Only in so-called democracy did the Jew find the opportunity – under the cloak of “freedom of opinion” – to infect economy, culture and politics with Jewish thought.

Here he can agitate the folk against each other under the disguise of irresponsible parliamentarianism. The domination of the press enables him to direct “public opinion”. Any feeling of duty and consciousness of responsibility is labelled ridiculous. He whips up the lowest instincts of the dregs of the folks. He incites desire and agitates the masses’ thirst for destruction under the pretence of a life of paradise. He directs the masses against the racially valuable groups of the folks and destroys all moral feeling.

When the folk has then through self-annihilation and civil war been robbed of its leading strata, he crushes the leaderless folk-masses through the most bloody terror and erects his Jewish dictatorship.

“Rule of the Proletariat!”

Where is the “rule of the proletariat” that the Jew Mardochai has presented so much to the betrayed workers of the world? The worker has only changed the master. He has become the slave of purely Jewish exploitation.

That is the great crime of Marx: He tore the worker from any folkish life foundation, degraded him to an international proletarian, who supposedly only had his chains to lose and a world to gain. He took the soul from work and promised the proletarian the destruction of international capital.

Thus a Jew, who himself shuns nothing so much as honest work, wants to lead the workers to a more beautiful life. A Jew wants to lead the struggle against international capital, which lies in Jewish hands and is directed by Jews! The Jew against the Jew! Here at the decisive point he shows himself again as the great master of the lie.

International capitalism itself is only one of the Jewish means to destroy national economies, to agitate the folks into wars, to achieve power. The names of the great international bank houses, the names of the stock market brokers and the great industrial concerns show their bearers as members of the “chosen people”. The Jewish-capitalist world press then also praises their brothers on the other side, the slave-holders of the USSR, as founders of the most modem state of the world.

New Front for Judah!

Marx only organized a new fi-ont for Judah, when he wanted to create from the leader-less masses of the workers a core troop that was supposed to pave the way to domination for the Jew with armed force. In the dawning machine age he preaches class hatred, in other words the self-mutilation of a folk, not in order to alleviate the needs of the workers, rather to present the chasm as necessary and inalterable.

It had to become doubly fateful for a folk, when the existing social chasm was compounded by the lack of a strong, racially uniform leadership stratum. So the Jew skilfully exploited the disunity in the blood of Russian man. Russia’s unrestrained element and its Jewish parasites were the best soil from which the Bolshevik seed could sprout.

Chapter Three

Jewish Heads and Jews in the Soviet Union


But who provided the money for the Bolshevik revolution in Russia? Certainly only the people whose interests were served in this revolution!

Merchants of Death

Above all others stands the American Jew Jakob Schiff, who brought together a whole circle of other Jews like Warburg, Guggenheim, Loeb & Co., Kahn, Kuhn etc. into the “financial general staff’ of the Bolsheviks.

On April 4, 1919, the “Jewish Chronicle”, the official organ of English Jewry, stated it was noteworthy that so many Jews were also Bolsheviks. The reason was supposedly that the ideals of Bolshevism were identical with many of the highest ideals of Jewry.

The Jew Cohan summed it up on April 12, 1919 in the magazine “77ze Communist”:

“ We can say without exaggeration that that great Bolshevik revolution was indeed fulfilled only with help of the Jews. The Jews were the ones who led the Russian folk to the new dawn of the international. They are the ones who not only managed the affairs of the Soviets and today still manage them, rather this leadership will in the future certainly lie in their hands as well. The red five-pointed star, once the symbol of Jewry and Zionism, is today the symbol of Bolshevism, the symbol that promises victory. ”

The Jews had indeed won a great victory for themselves in Russia in 1917. The great destroyer Lenin, who allowed his Tartar blood portion to fully manifest itself, was already surrounded by Jews.

“Strategist” Trotsky

His closest advisor was the Jew Bronstein-Trotsky, who was later overthrown. This Jew became infamous when he had everyone who would not bow to his military dictatorship massacred. He considered himself a great strategist and attributed to himself the suppression of the counterrevolution led by generals loyal to the Czar. But he neither made the plans for the struggle nor won any battle through his personal bravery. He sat, as the Jews are accustomed, behind the front, had Russian officers fight, later stood them against the wall, and so wished to harvest cheap glory.

Devil Stalin

After Lenin’s death another non-Jew, but by his whole essence a Jew by choice, became the executor of Jewish plans: the terrorist and criminal Stalin.

In short, his past looks like this: 1905 robbery of a money transport in Tiflis. Result: 700,000 Rubles, 34 dead. Head of the Caucasus Bolsheviks, illegal propaganda activity. From 1908 to 1917 he is banished to Siberia six times, but could flee each time. He possesses a limitless hunger for power and lives out of wedlock with the daughter of the Jew Kaganowitsch. He finally destroys the Russian peasantry through his forced collectivization. Through persecution and murder he eliminates all his opponents and knows how to remain in power to the present. His speeches are written by the Jew Kaganowitsch.

When he is worried for himself, the blood of others must flow. One wave of murders follows the other. His lust for murders leads to a limitless fear for his own life. He has himself guarded by a number of GPU agents, it is a consequential rise from highwayman to the head of the Jewish-Bolshevik Soviet state.

And again – Jews!

Stalin’s right hand is the above-mentioned, full-blooded Jew Kaganowitsch. He is the driving force behind the placement of Jews in the important posts. He has brought four of his brothers into the highest state offices. He masters the ruthless extermination of all those who believe that Russians actually belong in the leading positions.

However, he has made the Russian creature Jeschow the head of the personnel department of the central committee. And Jeschow faithfully put into the practice the Jewish personnel policy of his boss and master and placed numerous Jews in leading positions.

Stalin’s instrument to remain in power is the GPU. It has probably discarded its original name, “Tscheka”, because it has become all too infamous abroad. Founded by the Polish sadist Dscherschinski, who primarily uses Jews as helpers and executioners; the Jews Menschinski and Jagoda were then its head.

Organized Mass Murder

Jagoda came up with the idea to use the GPU’s prisoners for state construction. When Leningrad was supposed to be connected to the Artic Sea, hundreds of thousands of workers were used. Jagoda provided these workers. Arrests followed arrests, and soon 2.5 million “political criminals” worked on the construction of the canal. During the three year construction period hundreds of thousands of innocent people perished.

Jagoda made the GPU a state within the state; but one day he became too powerful for Stalin and had to take the path that so many of his innocent victims had taken.

His successor was the already mentioned Jeschow, who proceeded with an energy and passion his predecessors would have envied. He was the one who carried out the great purge in the army, to which officers of all branches fell victim.

Whether Jeschow’s successors in the leadership of the GPU were named Beria or whatever, all of them were Jews or Jew- subservient criminals.

The Hungarian Jew Bela Khun was a worthy member of these Jewish sub-humans. He is responsible for the atrocity in 1919 Hungary, financed the 1919 Munich communist crimes and proved himself as the infamous mass butcher in the Crimea to Stalin, who found in him a useful helper for other shameful deeds.

As Stalin’s instrument of murder, the GPU, was dominated by Jews, so are also all the other spheres of public life in the Soviet paradise. Fourteen Jews sit in the Soviet cabinet. Molotow is married to a Jewess, whose family connections reach to New York high finance. Litwinow-Finkelstein and Maiski are named as examples of Jewish emissaries abroad.

The government wares economy is totally dominated by Jews. The Peoples Commissary for Armament Industry, formed in February 1939, is occupied by Hebrews in all 52 key positions. In the sphere of the Peoples Commissary for Light Industry 58 Jews are directors of industrial works, 56 plant department heads, 32 senior engineers and 18 union chairmen.

All responsible functionaries for finance are Jews, and so it goes down into all the branches of banking in the Soviet Union.

In the Soviet press they have always had the say. Chief of the news concern “lass” is naturally a Jew, I. S. Chawison, and all the other leading posts are occupied accordingly. “Iswestija” and “Prawda”, the official organs of the Soviet government and the communist party, are swarming with Jews. It is the same in the rest of the Soviet press.

Soviet science is in its full breadth Jewish infected. In 1940 alone 699 Jews were confirmed as university lecturers, 174 as scientific coworkers, 202 as professors. Art in all its branches is just as Jewized.

’’Invention” of Bolshevism

The Jew Mardochai-Marx hatched Marxism and put it into sparse principles; Jews put its bloodless constructions into practice in the Soviet Union and call that Bolshevism; Jews transformed the dictatorship of the proletariat into the dictatorship of Judah, without which the Bolshevik system cannot be understood.

That occasionally Jews also fall victim to the ongoing show trials has incorrectly been interpreted as a sign of a growing insight. But it is only a power struggle within the Jewish clique itself and within the Bolshevik apparatus of bureaucrats.

The Jewish clique around Stalin dominates with its cohorts a folk of 180 million. But how is it for the Russian worker, the Russian peasant, for whom the Bolshevik revolution promised a radiant future?

Chapter Four



Slogan: World Conflagration!

The Jewish-Bolshevik revolution was won. The country was in an inconceivable condition of disorganization. In the Kremlin, Lenin waited for the world revolution. But the hope for the instigated revolts in the west remained unfulfilled. It gradually became clear to the Jewish rulers that world domination could only be achieved through a new world conflagration.

Russia is an agrarian state. Although it already had a medal industry in its western portion, concentrated at a few points, it played an insignificant role compared to agriculture. That was supposed to change. The industries of the great economic powers in the west were supposed to be caught up with and surpassed. At the centre of planning stood heavy industry. It was above all supposed to arm the Red Army for the coming war of world revolution. The entire economy of the Soviet Union served this one goal alone.

Five Year Plans

A hurried industrialization started. Five year plans with production goals were set up. Industrial giants emerged. Record figures were proclaimed in statistics to the amazed world.

And what was the reality?

“We all sit here together and instead of dealing with the really sad actual conditions in our economy or making arrangements for their improvement, we occupy ourselves with lying to each other. The most shameful part is that we all know that everybody lies, that all of us hence know that we lie to each other. ”

(Albrecht, The Betrayed Socialism, page 189, henceforth quoted as Albrecht…)

This statement does not come from a journalist, rather a Peoples Commissar for Agriculture, as a member of the control commission, objectively relates the conditions.

In the years 1928/1929 those violent men had increasingly gained influence, who had come to power in the provinces in the revolutionary war. As Jewish mercenaries they were unencumbered by serious expertise and recognized no personal responsibility. Gradually they had come into the central positions of the communist party. They were the champions of all gigantic plans. Every resistance against these incompetents was declared sabotage.

Huge expansions of plans set in. In arbitrary confusion, industrial works of the greatest magnitude were undertaken, even before the existence of a sufficient raw materials basis was proven.

Vast quantities of construction material was uselessly wasted, because these plants could not be completed, since the alleged local sources of raw materials never existed.

Or gigantic energy plants were built in inaccessible, far off regions whose output of energy could not be put to use for years. Often systematic work was inconceivable, because the skilled workers were simply lacking. Complicated machines were purchased in all the lands of the earth; when they arrived, they were immediately ruined by untrained work forces.

“Half-finished industrial buildings, countless machine cemeteries, huge mountains of reject wares, countless complaints from the populace about delivered inferior industrial products… That is the final result, this economic chaos. ” (Albrecht, page 198)

This bureaucratic planned economy, together with the Bolshevik fantasies about the future, produced an untruthful effect manipulation. The figures of works were “would-be figures”. Today’s shortcoming was supposed to be bridged over by the possibilities of tomorrow. The really achieved production figures also say nothing, for all the rejects are included in the numbers. Even in 1940 the reject production for the machinery works was put at over two billion rubles.

No wonder, for the slogan suffocating any responsibility was: the state bears the economic risk. Everything belongs to the state, everything is paid for by the state. Nothing is my property, I never engage in independent economic activity. The compulsion to fulfil the plan led to the factory director producing randomly. Whether the products were sold or could be used, did not interest him.

Also typical of the Soviet system is the blind worship of technology. Only what is big and massive, about which one can brag, is important.

And one must nonetheless view this incurable chaos as in part a manifestation of transition, in part as typical of the industries that do not primarily work for armament. The rich natural resources, the undreamed possibilities offered by the huge, undeveloped space, and the slave whip of the Jewish overseers have despite everything enabled an armament industry that produces tremendous quantities of arms of every kind. The millions of dead and the populace’s hunger existence did not count.

The whole USSR

”is nothing hut a huge weapons factory at the cost of the living standard of the people. A weapons factory against Europe. ”

(Adolf Hitler in his great speech of October 3, 1941)

Shortcomings Everywhere

One of the greatest shortcomings of the Soviet economy was that it totally lacked the type of industrious, resident foreman who concerned himself with everything. Bolshevism had done everything to create a rootless mass without any bond. An atmosphere of distrust and suspicion was intentionally cultivated, which dominated everything. In such a climate, however, industriousness and eagerness do not thrive.

Finally, foreign lands were supposed to help. Specialists came. For several years foreign firms obtained permission to erect factories. But it was soon discovered that the foreign experts failed as soon as they were forced to maintain themselves as individuals against the mass activity.

“The uniform pace of the human mass in the Soviet operations simply does not allow the individual to swim against the current. ” (Albrecht, page 220)

The great sacrifices that Bolshevism demanded from the workers could never come to complete effect, because the burn out of this economic system again devours very large portions of the productive work achievement. For example, for years one complains in the Soviet press about the numerically proven overload of the rails. This overload is to a very substantial degree caused by so-called cross-transports. Namely, because the same wares that are transported from district A to district B are at the same time transported from district B to district A. According to the calculations of experts, roughly 50% of the transports on Soviet rails could be completely forgone. That includes, for example, coal transport across more than 1000 to 4000 kilometers, during which more coal is burned than transported.

Bolshevik economy is an economy without responsibility toward the folk, without really creative forces. The assignment of the functionary replaces the responsibility of the entrepreneur. An infinite quantity of labor is wasted in this economy.

But despite then inconceivable mis-management, despite all the mountains of rejects, despite the many senseless facades, two decades of exploitation of the rich natural resources and the squeezing of the vast human resources have created an armaments industry that produced many thousands of planes, tens of thousands of tanks and guns, which fills the arsenals with weapons of every kind, from the gas shell to the dum-dum bullet.

Chapter Five

The Worker in the Soviet Union


The Soviet Union has been industrialized at a crazy tempo in the last 10 to 15 years. But this tempo has been purchased with the misery, with the tears and the death of millions of people.

Slogan of the Social State

The worker is supposed to simultaneously create for himself and beyond that for the entire populace of his “proletarian fatherland” a joyous and happy life. Supposedly, the Soviet worker knows no need, no exploitation; for everything he produces, is produced “voluntarily’’. He is supposedly the beneficiary of his full work production. The profit that in capitalist lands goes into the pockets of the entrepreneurs does not exist in the Soviet Union, one says. It is supposed to have been dissolved into higher and more just wages and in a welfare system unmatched anywhere in the world.

That is the phraseology of Bolshevik camouflage tactics.

The awakening after the first intoxication with freedom was terrible. Even Lenin had to admit, “that the dictatorship of the proletariat has brought misery and deprivation to the ruling class such as is unknown in history. Starvation drives the people, wherever they may flee. Never has the working class suffered so as in the first years of its dictatorship.” (Lenin. Collected Works, Volume 18, page 128) But these realizations did not improve the situation of the worker, who in the Moscow state of compulsion was supposed to achieve the plans of the Jewish clique in the Kremlin under painful deprivations.

Jewish Deception

Jewish propaganda understood masterfully how to deceive the mass of workers. It awakened the idea that only a temporary exertion with renunciation of personal wishes was required in order to overcome all need. It created a barrier around the Soviet Union that the worker could not scale. They were lied to and told that the worker outside the Soviet Union had it much worse, that he waited for liberation through Bolshevism. Hatred was instilled against the allegedly anti-worker foreign world, and from this hatred and hope for better days the worker was whipped up to ever greater exertion.

Not he was the master as the so-called constitution proclaimed, rather Jewry dictated his working conditions.


Previously, one had portrayed record work as an infernal invention of the capitalists; only created in order to exploit the worker. After Bolshevism had consolidated its power through a brutal system of terror, it disregarded the interests of the workers and pitilessly exploited the work force. One such means of incentive was the Stachanow-System.

In August 1935 one had the until then totally unknown miner Stachanow, who possessed extraordinary physical strength, taken to a coal mine in the Donez base, after thorough preparation with drugs. Stachanow then, not doing any side work, achieved a record accomplishment such as had never before been registered. Instead of an average accomplishment of seven tons of coal, on this record day he allegedly achieved a record accomplishment of 109 tons. Later he collapsed physically.

Immediately, the Soviet propaganda apparatus went into gear, praised this record accomplishment as a very decisive event and demanded that it be made the foundation of work in mining. Wages were reduced and the work quota greatly increased. The workers also soon recognized the deception, and instead of the hoped for increase of productivity, the planned figures were not even close to met. The same ruthlessness shows itself in terms of work protection. Probably no worker in the world must work without any safety features on machines or in the mines like the worker in the Soviet Union. So accidents are frequent. A French miner portrays the conditions in a mine as follows:

“During our visit, we openly admit it, we became afraid. The shaft ceilings are porous and ruptured. The woodwork is extremely bad. In our opinion the danger was so great that we did not dare to go to the demolition spot. I can guarantee that in France not a single miner would work under such conditions. ”

(From Cleber Legay, “A French Coal-Miner with the Russians ”)

Most Crude Exploitation Methods

Originally, it was bragged to the world that the seven hour work day was one of the greatest achievements of the Bolshevik dictatorship. But the Jews hold the reins tighter here. The worker must work 10 to 14 hours a day without receiving higher wages for overtime.

Forced Labour

The Soviet worker fully stands under the law of forced labour. If he loses his work place for the most slight violation, he no longer gets food cards and must leave his residence. The “famous” asylums for the homeless, simple board huts, are then his refuge.

Indeed, a small percentage earns something decent under the Stachanow-System, but the number of these workers is extremely tiny compared to the great mass. According to Stalin ’s own figures, the monthly wage of the worker in the year 1938 averaged 287 rubles, which at best corresponds to the purchasing power of a German wage of 60 to 70 Reichsmark. But even in times of peace, the availability of wares was so small that even this small purchasing power could not be used.

A Pair of Shoes = 200 Rubles

Stalin certainly did not underestimate the monthly wage. However, when a pair of leather shoes costs about 200 rubles and a suit of inferior quality 400 to 600 rubles, the average worker is eliminated as a buyer for such wares. He must cover his need in the government stores, which only deliver the basic life necessities on ration cards and at high prices, and those wares are mostly of the worst quality.

But the worker has the unions as the representatives of his interests; however

“these unions are not at all in the position and do not consider it their task to somehow lighten the difficult work and hard life conditions of their members. They are totally indifferent to the welfare and problems of the worker. ’’ (Albrecht, page 69)


The Bolshevik rulers use them in order to fulfil the production tasks of the plants. Since all positions in the unions are occupied with reliable people, who above all are also closely watched by the GPU, nobody needs to worry that the real mood of the workers will reach the public through the unions. A union member does, however, have one right. In meetings he can without basis denounce people who have somehow made themselves unpopular. No wonder, when under these conditions nobody years for a leading position in the plant, when indeed a downright flight from leading positions of responsibility has set in, since any superior is lost after such a denunciation, if he does not have powerful friends.

Informants Everywhere

The GPU also works close together with these unions. A precise file is kept on every member of the union. If somebody has a reason to keep silent about something in his past, perhaps because he was previously an entrepreneur, priest or officer, then that gets out at some occasion and it is noted in the file. During the great purges of the economy, which are conducted again and again at certain intervals, it is then easy to send these people as enemies of the state to the forced labour camps of the GPU.

The Soviet unions are hence auxiliary organs for the GPU. For all the lands of the world, Bolshevism promotes the strike, the occupation of plants and the terrorization of those willing to work as weapons of the proletariat’s class struggle. Only

“the use of such means of struggle within Soviet territory is never allowed to be considered. ” (Albrecht, page 79)

None of all the promises of the Jewish rulers has come about. The happy life is led by the bureaucrat, the Jew, at the cost of the worker. The Soviet worker is the lowest paid of all the workers of the world and must life under the most miserable conditions. He has become, like the peasant, the slave of international Jewry, which has harnessed him to the wagon of the Jewish world revolution.

Chapter Six

The Path of the Russian Peasant


All the riches of this world empire belong to the folk, the soil above all, whatever it bears or holds, as well as all the fruits of work: that is what stands in the constitution of the Soviet state.

The reality, however, looks somewhat different. With his lying slogan “All land to the peasant”, Lenin had in 1917 ignited peasant revolts throughout the countryside.

The peasant in Russia, in his vast majority, had always been a land-hungry, poor wretch. Now he grabbed. Government lands and estate hands were taken into possession and divided up.

Raped Peasantry

“Normal” peasant goods were supposed to be spared from socialization. But what were “normal peasant goods?” One person considered 20 “morgen” [12 to 18 acres] of fertile land to already constitute a large holding, but not another person. Lenin used this ambiguity to achieve his purpose: it promoted confusion among the peasants. Suddenly, according to the size of the holding, in the village the distinction was made between small leasers and dwarf farmers, landless servants and “kulaks” [kulak = former large farmers destroyed by the collectivization], which left a broad field open for arbitrariness.

Hatred and envy spread among the peasants. The lazy looked with envious eyes at the capable. Each took what he could take. It came to bloody fighting.

So the order in the countryside was destroyed in order to gain control over the peasant, for Lenin did not have the intention to create a strong small farmer. On the contrary, he saw “in the domination of the small peasant economy the greatest danger for the coming communist ideal”. His slogan “All land to the peasant” was only supposed to keep the peasants quiet during the fighting against the white armies.

For what would have come of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, if a strong, free peasantry had risen against Bolshevism and its Jewish helpers?

Therefore, the struggle of the Jew, who has always and in essence been an opponent of any being settled, sought the destruction of the peasantry.

Next to Lenin, Trotsky was a bitter enemy of the peasants. He knew that the safety of the supply of his later world revolution armies would be in the hands of the peasants just as had been the case with the civil war troops. During the civil war, the peasants had hidden their horses, cattle and grain supplies in inaccessible forests. Furthermore, many fields were left uncultivated. The land began to feel hunger.

Trotsky’s “Liberation of the Peasants”

In 1918 Trotsky unleashed his armed bands against the village. They were supposed to get grain and “secure for the city” meat and other foodstuffs. These methods were a complete success. Burning and murdering, the bands of scum swept across the land and even robbed the poorest peasant comrade of his last bread.

And this is the report of a Russian peasant about such a forced collection:

“But then, I clearly remember this July morning, the Bolshevik pest suddenly came and with it several killers. They broke into our village. A few Bolsheviks, former convicts, immediately formed a village council and, with the help of Jewish scoundrels, in the shortest time cleaned out the farms and stalls. Nothing remained to us, not a horse, not a steer, not a pig and not a single hen; they stole everything, even our beds and our few possessions. Three big, strong fellows, who had resisted the Soviets during the pillaging of their farms, were murdered in a bestial manner. “We will sell your goods in the interest of the state, you will get the money for it later! ” they howled at us mockingly. We never received a ruble for our hard earned goods. The only thing they left us was a little grain that was allowed to remain on our fields. When night fell, we slept as beggars under one roof, which also no longer belonged to us. The village councilman only remained a few days. When the last cow, the last horse and the last wagon, loaded high with furniture and clothing, left our village, he also disappeared. ”

Hunger! Hunger!

Under this distress the peasant resorted to the only means still remaining him: he only cultivated as much as he himself desperately needed. The field produce sank and finally hunger reigned over the countryside as well as in the city. Between 1920 and 1922 at least five million people died from starvation (according to Soviet figures). But the Jew did not only need the grain for nourishment, he wanted to arm and arm more, and so the grain was supposed to bring in currency.

So the Soviet regime decided on a step that was diametrically opposed to one of the Bolshevik teachings as well as the former policy. In 1921 it introduced the NEP, the “New Economic Policy”. Now Lenin wanted to “satisfy the wishes of the peasants at any price”. A tax on natural goods was introduced. What remained to the peasant after delivering this tax, he could freely sell, and grain production now immediately rose again.

“For four years one left us in peace ”, so does a peasant tell our German soldiers about this period, “in that period we started over again from the very beginning and did not let ourselves be gotten down. Gradually, prosperity returned to our village. We again had horses, chickens, cooks, and we had furniture again, if even it was primitive, which made our farms liveable. The women laughed again, and we boys were again ready to have fun. ”


When Stalin came to power in 1924, he clearly saw the danger that a strong peasantry had to constitute for the Jew state. He often brags that he is an Asian, and so he again started the fight of the nomad against the settler.

Furthermore, Stalin had realized that a world revolution could only be achieved through a new world war. So it was necessary to build up industry to produce the weapons.

At whose cost should this industrialization come, if not that of the peasant? Where should the work force come from, if not from the land?

Therefore, “elimination” of the peasants!

The rural “great collective” was supposed to replace the “backward peasant small-scale economy”. The limited free trade allowed under the NEP was again abolished.

After the expansion of the infamous GPU, the Jewish clique around Stalin felt strong enough to crush the expected resistance against this campaign of annihilation and to carry out the “socialization” of the peasants.

Peasant without Rights

The peasant was supposed to first lose his rights. Stalin did it through an election reform. The industrial worker got five votes, the peasant one. Thus the “numerically weaker city was guaranteed the same rights as the countryside”. But any peasant who employed more than two strangers as workers, was no longer a peasant, rather an “exploiter”, a kulak. He lost the right to vote. Stalin thus crushed the political influence the peasantry might have been able to win. For according to the opinion of the Soviet big-shots, the peasants are

“the most dangerous class enemies. It does not hurt if some tens of millions of peasants are exterminated. Before the peasant, our mortal enemy, devours us, we must finish him off forever. Collectivization is our means to subjugate the peasant. We will not rest until the last peasant is either put into our collects or neutralized forever. ” (Albrecht, page 248)

The path into the collective was the peasant’s path into slavery!

The Ideal: Agricultural Worker without Land

Agriculture workers without land were certainly easy to bring into the collective. They came with the prospect of a carefree life and without the slightest chance to lose anything. But the capable peasant – and he had delivered the surpluses in the previous years – did not go there. They again left their fields uncultivated, and again since 1929 hunger came to the land. Stalin then resorted to the most severe means, “the elimination of the kulak as a class”. He saw the only escape in the extermination of the kulaks. In 1930 he sent assault troops of the party into the countryside, and the number of state owned properties increased. A peasant describes this service of the assault troops:

Mass Extermination

“Jewish scoundrels and functionaries plundered our farms anew and did not leave us one nail. Later we were driven together on the village square. A Jew put up a list of everybody who had attended a higher school or been abroad. Hours later gun shots revealed what had been done with the innocents. The Soviets were suspicious of anybody who possessed some intelligence. After days of hungry travel, were we resettled about 100 kilometres from our village. The area we were supposed to cultivate was a real desert. The residences they gave us were miserable clay caves. At the beginning there was nothing, not even a board, in these miserable caves. The hole, in which 11 people lived, was five meters long by four meters wide. That is how we became collective peasants. ”

Suffering from hunger and cold, these people, who had been degraded to slavery, made the land fertile.

Even where the collective was established on land that had once come under peasant’s plough, the peasants did not have it better. They no longer had any claim to the harvest from the yield of the soil. Aside from a tiny, few square meter lot of their own, they had totally become boarders of the state, which treated them as it pleased, and above all always tightened the hunger belt when it seemed appropriate.

For their work, the peasants were paid by workdays, whereby a workday is not the same as a day of work, because there are workdays that do not qualify to be figured as a day of work. So the peasant only has about 195 workdays per year. In Slupzer Rayon he is paid for that 300 grams of grain per workday, which is 120 kilograms per year. In addition, the peasant also receives payment in currency, which is however calculated differently based on harvest yield, province and region. Its calculation is done centrally. The swindle by the heads of the organization is hence rampant. The peasant receives between 120 and 150 rubles, hence a sum that corresponds to the purchasing power of 12 to 15 Reichsmark. That is in an entire year!

Double Swindle

But what does the government also do? It pays the collective peasant for the grain it takes from him 1 1 rubles per hundred kilograms. The same government, however, sells the backed bread to the same peasant for 0,90 to 1,20 ruble per kilogram.

Here the double swindle that is perpetrated against the peasant becomes apparent: In practice, the official Bolshevik takes from 120 million peasants in the countryside the yield of their work without payment, sells the bread back to the peasant at a tremendously inflated price, and the profit goes into the great account of the world revolution.

But that is just one of the paths along which the peasant is driven into misery. A large percentage of the peasants was simply declared kulaks and sent to gigantic labor camps in the undeveloped regions of the Soviet Union. From one village south of Smolensk, 68 out of 200 peasants were deported as kulaks; from another, 54 out of 1 12 peasants.


The scope of these deportations is revealed by a dispute that broke out in 1930 between local authorities and the central administration of the transportation system.

The local authorities accused the transportation leadership of sabotage, because they did not get enough trains for the deportation of the kulaks. The central administration pointed out that 18,000 rail cars had been demanded in the year 1930 alone, but that nothing of that scope had been envisioned in the plan, and that they could not tie up all their rolling stock and throw off all their travel schedules!

But what was the success of the collectivization? Into the most fertile regions of the Soviet Union came the spectre of famine. The harvest had to be secured with the help of the Red Army. Any peasant who kept a mere handful more grain than allowed was shot.

How do tractors and agricultural machinery help, when neither sufficient trained workers were there nor the necessary spare parts could be obtained. And even if enough ploughs, seed, tractors and trained workers had been there, there would always still be the passive resistance of the dispossessed peasants.

Again and again, it was a struggle to secure the harvest – This struggle was in 1934 “waged like a military offensive”. The folk starved and stole, stole in order to preserve life.

The Famine Catastrophe of 1932/1933

About six million people fell victim to the great famine in the winter of 1932/1933.

In that same winter the Soviet Union exported almost two million tons of grain! The Jews exported, even though that meant that even more peasants had to starve.

The grain brought in currency, currency brought machines and certain raw materials for heavy industry, heavy industry delivered weapons for the future global Soviet Union.

“Let us presume”, said the representative of the American communists, Sklar, “that another six million people had died of hunger, what is that supposed to mean? It is just the price of communism!”

Raw Material or World Revolution

For the Jew, the peasants are the raw material of the world revolution, nothing more. Since they were, as peasantry, a danger for the Jew, he exterminated millions of them. Any peasant feeling was broken in the ones who remained. So did the Jew mold the empty model of Soviet mass-man, who knows nothing of his own, no joy of creation, no responsibility.

With the extermination of the leadership and intelligence, the Jew created the mass “man”, the type of Soviet man.

Chapter Seven

The Soviet Family


Destruction of the Family

Workers and peasants were squeezed as empty components into the gears of the Soviet state machinery. The Jewish hatred against everything that grows organically also destroys the cell of any healthy state, the family. The Jew’s aversion to all emotions that spiritually elevate man and bind him inwardly must by nature undermine family life, if the Bolshevik state is supposed to survive. The Jew had clearly realized that. “The revolution is powerless as long as the concept of family and family ties exist.”

Hence seeing in marriage a bond of spiritual or moral kind was sharply fought as a bourgeois or capitalist prejudice.

Unbridling the Woman

In accordance with the Stalin constitution of 1936, the woman was given the same rights as the man in all spheres of life. She was supposed to help fulfill the proletarian revolution. That means nothing other than that the woman was surrendered, unnerved and adapted to the machine. Her own consciousness for mortal values was slowly killed.

The great ally of the Bolsheviks was the economic need, the small wage of the worker. Just in order to barely survive, the woman had to go into the factory, and since she had the same rights as the man, she could also perform heavy male labour.

“If you go to a factory or a tractor works, go to a hall where machinery parts are processed at blast furnaces, and who do you see there? Robust workers? — No! — Women! Women, who are lightly dressed with bare arms and legs are at work at the blast furnaces. And if you express your amazement to them, then one tells you that is the great conquest of the woman, that she has won the right to perform male labour ”.

(Viktor Boret, “Leparadis infernal”)

And what does the home of the woman look like after exhausting labour? Millions of dispossessed peasants had been sent into the cities in order to balance the lack of industrial workers. The cities were not up to this influx. The Soviet government did not think at all about caring for the housing of these people. Indeed, here and there some new living barracks were built, but they are far from sufficient. In the new industrial centres, miserable barracks are the home of the Soviet workers.

According to Soviet figures, in Moscow only four squares of living space per resident are available. In other cities the conditions are even less favourable.

Catastrophic Living Conditions

The tremendous shortage of living space has a consequence, that often several families share one larger room. Frequently, three or four families must live and sleep in one room. A Spanish wall, a chalk line or window blinds then separate the individual living spaces. That is the domestic environment of the Soviet family. Furthermore, due to overtime and plant assemblies, the eternal standing in lines for the simplest commodities even in times of peace and the deficient transportation conditions, the leisure time of the workers and women is extremely limited, and so the domestic life of the worker family is totally undermined.

Unrestrained Sex Life

With his so-called marriage laws and the law for freedom of abortion, the Jew put the axe to the roots of the family. Man and woman can change marriage partner whenever they want. An unprecedented promiscuity spread. The wantonness became a frivolous self-destruction. The desire become uninhibited to compensate oneself for everything that one had lost precisely through this freedom. The loyalty of conscience, responsibility and duty had become obsolete capitalist concepts.

When the birth rate then sank alarmingly, the Bolshevik rulers did indeed attempt through modification of the laws (abortion was banned in 1936) to secure the offspring for military and political purposes. But the foundation of the folk had been ripped open, life unrooted. And that was also how it was intended to be.

Child Misery

The decades long promoted dissolution of the family caused the number of abandoned and roaming children to increase so alarmingly that it became a danger to the county. Today these hordes are the soldiers of the Soviets. But even the introduction of the death penalty for children over 12 years did not help much against this. But how can a state resume to educate children, when it itself misuses children as informers against the parents?! Triumphantly, Bucharin declared:

“The children strive, with their weak little hands, to undermine the family, this most conservative refuge of all the perversions of the old life order. They run away from their parents, spy on and denounce them, and force them to join the communist party. What ingenuity and gift of persuasion must these young beings summon up in order to accomplish all that. ”

So are the souls of the children poisoned. Whether in the school, which has the precise task to undermine the influence of the parents, or elsewhere in public life, everything is aimed at this:

“to educate the children to be social functionaries, who carry on the cause of Lenin-Stalin and who will achieve the victory of communism in the whole world. ”

(Lenin’s widow 1938)

The woman, next to the abandoned youth and the dispossessed peasant, has become the pitiful victim of the Bolshevik regime. She lives – without duty toward the family – apparently free. The natural energy field of her life rivers has been paralysed. She has already long since lost the feeling for joy.

The gun moll in the Bolshevik army is the final result of this development: deformation and vegetation, the no longer curable state of being delivered to the powers of destruction and annihilation.

Chapter Eight

Terror and Forced Labour



The all-dominating feature of Jewish Bolshevism is terror.

Lenin was fully aware that the criminal system of Bolshevism could only keep power, if it annihilated its opponents with the means of the most brutal terror. He demanded a Bolshevik institution whose sole task had to be to mortally strike the class enemy at any place and at any time, to “bite into him lethally”. “Surely you don’t think that we can emerge as victors without the most gruesome terror?” so did Lenin agitate the whipped up mob to murder.

In the period of the civil war of 1917 to 1922, everything was annihilated – the Bolsheviks says “liquidated” – that stood over the dregs of the people. For, again according to Lenin, the communist moral lies in the “murdering and annihilating” of all opponents.

The number of the murdered is not the decisive thing. It cannot be even roughly approximated.

Decisive, however, is that the terror did not cease for even one day as long as the Jewish-Bolshevik clique in the Kremlin has had power; decisive is that the Jewish sub-human, even in the 20th century, could commit these monstrous crimes. Decisive is finally, that a small, unscrupulous group of rulers could have the leadership stratum of an entire folk butchered in order to mold this folk into a will-less, animalistic, agitated, uniform mass, which is supposed to, beyond Europe, conquer the whole world for the Jew.

When the first five year plan was introduced in 1928, a huge wave of terror again started to Hood across the land. This time the peasantry was subjected to the special rage of Jewish lust for murder. “The bullet”, says Jagoda, Chief of the GPU, “is the very best means of struggle against the class enemy.” Any peasant who owned a middle-sized or even larger-sized holding, was liquidated, that means shot, without further investigation.

“Light Cavalry”

The Jew Steingart had the privilege to think up a special baseness in the organization of the “light cavalry”. He formed groups of peasant children, who as young “pioneers of socialism” are employed in agriculture. They have the task to watch and spy on the peasants. Any field theft, any holding back of supplies and any anti-collective comment must be reported by these children to the GPU. The children are rewarded for the denunciation. Yes, Steingart even holds competitions among the children brigades for the highest number of denunciations.

“Iswestijd”, the government organ, was the first newspaper to publish photos of youths who had denounced their parents for theft of collective property and delivered them to Jewish executioners.

The worker is subject to the same terror, if he does not allow himself to be used as a will-less exploitation object.

The infamous murder cellars of the GPU, most gruesome torture and forced labour, are the means of the Bolsheviks to stay in power.

No citizen of this land may have the feeling of being unobserved by another for even one hour of day or night. This constant fear of spies and GPU executioners paralyses the people and makes them unable to revolt. So does each become the other’s enemy. The most base denunciations advance the informant, until fate one day catches up with him as well.

Forced Labour

The greatest slavery, however, occurs in the forced labour camps of the Soviet Union. The construction of new armaments centres and the extraction of new raw material deposits demand a massive utilization of workers, who usually most be resettled in the most distant and inhospitable areas of the Soviet Union. In the Kremlin they solve this huge task very simply and with the usual brutality. One turns these regions into penal camps. Political expellees and criminals were sent into the camps by the millions. Enduring a cold down to 50 degrees minus centigrade, these slaves of the 20th century have to live their miserable existence in tents.

Slave Acquisition Post

In Moscow there is a slave acquisition post, the so-called “Gulag”, whose head is simultaneously the Chief of the GPU. In order to quickly deliver the slave material demanded by the camps, the GPU started its arrest waves. Through their flourishing business, this “Gulag” has grown into a downright paradise for swindlers, where the packs of Jews nested in there not only earn huge sums, they are also morally honoured in Soviet society through presentation of special awards. The “Gulag” makes contracts with the state bank, from which it is paid for the mass utilization of the worker material.

This human capture in the USSR is done under changing slogans. There was the government campaign for “dekulakization” (annihilation of large and mid-sized farmers) in the years 1923 to 1926, whereby millions of peasants were sent into the primeval forests of Siberia and Karelia. Then there was the battle for the “collectivization of the Soviet economy” in 1926, whereby hundreds of thousands of so-called pests of the collective economies were arrested. Campaigns against pests of industry were also conducted. For that way one acquired skilled workers and engineers for the new armaments centres. And so the human capture was carried out in the red slave paradise with changing slogans and increasing success.

Forest Worker Misery

But the life of these forced labourers in the great forests of Northern Russia defies any description. People who had never seen a forest, who came from the Southern Russian steppe regions, had to perform work that even a trained lumberman could have never done. Certainly, each banned man had a claim to certain food rations. But they could only be handed out, if the demanded total work performance of the entire “colony” was met. And that was impossible. Hunger and exhaustion, illness and death were the result of this deficient nourishment.

In the middle of the most severe frost period, these unfortunates had to work in the forest without proper shoes and warm clothing.

Medical care, medicine and bandages did not exist. These forced labours were intentionally annihilated. K. Albrecht writes about their housing:

“In a row of low earth caves, whose roofing consisted of branches and twigs, peasants from all of Russia were housed with their families. Although these earth holes serving as housing were located in the middle of the forest, so wood for heating was plentiful, they were unheated. These unfortunates sat or lied on the cold ground, totally broken by hunger and deprivations, cares and grief, apathetically starring in front of themselves. Many of them had not eaten a piece of bread for days, to say nothing of having brought something warm to their lips. Trembling from cold, the already half-starved children huddled against their mothers and fathers with tired, mournful gestures, begging me for bread. During my four war years at the front I had certainly seen much misery, and I had seen much pitiful misery during the long years of my Soviet life, but this horror surpassed everything that a human brain can come up with in terms of maliciousness, baseness and senseless cruelty. ” (Albrecht, pages 158 and 162)

Sex Orgies of the Youth

But Stalin still was not satisfied with it. He made sure that even youths of both genders aged 14 to 18 were sent to the forest labour camps. Year after year, larger numbers of these youths were sent into the forests, it order to remove them from the influence of their parents and through allowance of “the most free sexual behaviour” to win them for the communist party.

Among these torments belongs also the blood terror of the guards and commandants. The GPU had decreed a reward of five rubles for every escapee brought back alive, but 500 rubles worth of flour if dead. So one of the guards, after looking around to see if he was alone, called a forced labour over during a work break, pressed a tea kettle into his hand, and ordered him to go to the creek 25 meters away and fetch water for him. Unsuspecting, the young forced labourer set off, and then the sentry grabbed his rifle and shot the unfortunate from behind. According to regulations, only forced labourers shot from the rear were recognized as “escapees shot during an escape”.

(Albrecht, page 181).

Whether at the construction of the Artic Sea canal or in forest regions or in the new industrial centres: Stalin’s executioners and his Jewish murders raged everywhere.

Chapter Nine

Final Observation


Bolshevism has ruled for 24 years. It sacrificed millions of people to the Moloch of the industrialization, it also sacrificed the material well-being of the whole folk to it.

That is only one side, and indeed the more harmless side, of the USSR.

It would have had to be the Jew ruling in Moscow to know that even the horrible misery of the mass of millions did not yet totally secure of his rule. He hence also destroyed all the prerequisites on which people can build: he waged the fight against God with fanaticism and he promoted racial chaos. It is no coincidence that Jewry throughout the whole world helped to conceal the events in Russia.

All these peaceable speeches and references to the “interesting social experiment” in Russia were only supposed to win time until it was possible to so deform a whole, huge folk, that one could dare to use this mighty mass in order to conquer the rest of the world. Aside from this deformation of the folk certainly occurred a breeding in the negative sense: the development of a new “leadership stratum” from the great dregs of the intellectually gifted sub-humanity of the Jewish ghettos and the Tartar-Slavic bastards.

We today recognize the effect of this contamination in the soldiers of the Soviet army. Up to at least the fourteen year olds of the year 1917, hence those today 38 years old, all active soldiers and reservists are 100% trained and shaped by Bolshevism. Of the rest, only those have maintained themselves who have been a thousand-fold tested by the Soviets. In fact, a totally Bolshevik armed force! And these millions had been, with all the means of mass psychology and brainwashing, with blinkers and proletarianization and the fanaticism of bestial drive, molded and turned into machines. Machines that were constructed for the attack, to crush, to kill, for blind annihilation.

Machines that are far from any humanity as dead iron and unfeeling mechanism.

Machines for whom death only means the incapacitation of an individual part, which is quickly replaced.

Machines that cannot be suddenly transformed into people again in order to be reasonable or to have compassion for the defenceless.

And these machines have at their disposal other machines, planes, tanks, guns and weapons of every kind. For 20 years, day after day, stood the overseer with the whip, the commissar with the revolver, the dictator with his executioner behind the peasants, workers and engineers.

Strategic canals and streets toward the west were built.

For the joy of man, for his peace? Hatred stood behind everything that stubbornly took place in the USSR. The hatred of the cast-out, of the Jewish pariah.

A blind, pitiless, steel wave was supposed to sweep across Germany and Europe. Triumph of materialism, which set out to gain rule over the work, triumph of Jewish rage of destruction and arrogance.

Fate wanted it otherwise. The German armies did not assemble one moment too early in order to meet the Jewish- Bolshevik threat.

The Reich has already often become Europe’s saviour against the floods of annihilation from the east. And more than ever, Germany looks with trust and gratitude to the Führer, who with the annihilation of the eternal Jewish enemy crowns his work and gives it permanence.