The Kun of Hungary

by Der Stürmer


This article was originally published in 2015

My friend Dr. Edward R. Fields authored a booklet exposing the dirty deeds and blood-covered hands of Bela Kun (Cohen) a jewish Hungarian Communist revolutionary. The Hungarian Terror: Bela Kun Strangles a Nation was published by The Barnes Review in 2014.

The long-suffering Hungarian people have been ground up in the historical meat grinder for centuries, but the past 100 years have been especially brutal. Long tentacles of Red agitation spread over Hungary after the Russian Revolution. In addition, the Versailles Treaty reduced the land mass of Hungary to a third of its previous size. Destruction, unemployment and chaos enveloped Hungary in the footsteps of the Russian Revolution and the First World War. The beleaguered citizens of 1919, were ripe for the picking by the jewish radicals. One of them stepped onto the podium – Bela Kun, the ugly one.

Bela Kun was born on February 20, 1886, and should have been throttled at birth. He had been fired for embezzlement by his employer before being drafted into the Hungarian army during World War I. When Lenin’s Bolshevik revolution occurred in 1917, Kun was a prisoner in one of the Russian POW camps having been captured on the Eastern front.

From page 8: “Lenin immediately sent emissaries to the POW camps for the purpose of converting those from Germany, Austria and Hungary to the fight for a Communist revolution in their home countries. Bela Kun enthusiastically embraced communism and helped win over his fellow prisoners. Lenin was so pleased with Kun’s success that he brought him to Moscow and put him in charge of building the Communist Party in Hungary. Kun left Moscow with some 300 other POWs to organize a Bolshevik revolution. Lenin also provided Kun with a large sum of money.”

Budapest held a huge jewish population; second only to Warsaw’s jews. The Hungarian chosen ones supported the Communist activist Bela Kun. He became president of Hungary on March 21, 1919. The majority of Kun’s heads of governmental departments were jewish. From page 13: “He would launch a reign of murder unprecedented in Hungarian history.”

Kun’s henchmen were led by the cruel Tibor Szamuely who began an unmerciful reign of terror. Within Kun’s time as president, less than five months (133 days), Szamuely’s “Sons of Lenin” murdered nearly 4,000 Hungarians; some hanged from poles, others shot in the back of the head while many unfortunates suffered deaths by torture. From pages 16 & 17: “Prominent citizens such as Col. Dormandy and Victor Horvath were tortured atrociously in the cellar of the Batthyany Palace. They had burning cigars stuffed in their mouths, enormous amounts of water forced down their throats (Sounds familiar.) and nails driven under their fingernails.” Lenin encouraged the use of such methods against any opponents.

On August 2, 1919, the government resigned and its jews were on the lam. Loyal Hungarian troops liberated the populace and Admiral Nicholas Horthy became the regent. In 1921, Horthy banned the Communist Party and took some steps to control the parasitic jews.

Lenin did not give up on his monster Kun. After Kun escaped from Hungary, he was sent in 1920 to pacify the Crimea where he is credited with the execution of 50,000! Ultimately, Bela Kun himself was executed in Stalin’s purges on November 30, 1939. Too late for his victims.

Poor Hungary was not through with the Communists after Kun was overthrown. The World War II good ‘ole boys acquiesced to Stalin’s demands to retain control of occupied Eastern Europe, which placed Hungary in 1945, under the heavy yoke of Soviet Communism.

The U.S. failed to give anything but moral support to those courageous Hungarians who rose up against the Soviets during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. We promised, but failed to aid the Hungarians who died by the thousands during the uprising. Thousands had to flee their homeland in order to avoid execution or the gulags. Hungary was held hostage for almost half a century due to the cowardly actions of our leaders who were fearful of their own ally Stalin!

America has a history of sweet talking anti-Communists and then ignoring their pleas for assistance. The U.S. did not follow up militarily during the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion by those intrepid Cubans destined to death or cellblocks. Holy America was/is controlled by backstabbers who have given assistance to radical fronts such as the South African ANC.

Recently, while driving my old Chevy truck on a rainy December afternoon, listening to Music from Hungary on my tape deck with a copy of Dr. Fields’ book nearby, I recalled a statement made to me by a Hungarian man I knew way back in the 1960s in London, England. He told me quite bluntly that he did not like Americans, but I was too uninformed to understand his antipathy. My friend had been one of those 1956 uprising escapees from Hungary.

The U.S. liar-land failed the Hungarian people on several levels due to our subversive jewish puppet government which secretly supports Communist totalitarian regimes while publicly braying about democracy to the sheeple. Stalin scared that wretched F.D.R. and boozy Winston Churchill. Stalin demanded and was presented with sovereign Hungary. The U.S.S.R. received the largest slices of that bloodied war pie. The Hungarians were the recipients of a slice of nearly 50 years of occupation thanks in part to the actions of us “ugly Americans.”