Adolf Hitler About the Law

by Der Stürmer

Necessary is… a reform of the law. Present law is only the law of the individual. It does not know the protection of the race, the protection of the folk community. Soiling of national honor, of national greatness (was) permitted. Law, which distances itself so much from the concept of the folk community, requires reform.

Speech of April 27, 1923 in Munich

Our legal system must first serve the preservation of this folk- community. The irremovability of the judges on the one side must correspond to an elasticity of judgment for the benefit of society. Not the individual can be the center point of legal concern, rather the folk. Treason against country and treason against folk should in the future be purged with all ruthlessness. The basis for the existence of jurisprudence can be no other than the basis of the existence of the nation.

Speech of March 23, 1933 in Berlin

All great legislative works have the advantage of making use of a certain lapidary brevity. In such cases the legislator has the task to seek out the damaged point on the motor of communal life and there create change. A sharp distinction must thus be made between the law and the temporary execution regulations. The purpose must not only lie at the basis of the law, rather the purpose must also be clearly visible in each line.

Open Letter to Brüning of December 13, 1931

The worth of a law lies neither in the time spent for it nor in the external magnitude, rather exclusively in the final spiritual content. The lightning of a genius has in all times more thoroughly enlightened the world than a thousand smoking pitch-torches of much of the art of decrees and legislation.

Open letter to Brüning of December 13, 1931

We have…begun the struggle for new law. We want to restore trust in our jurisprudence. For this purpose, we set the principle that everybody is equal before the law and before right, and we have hesitated not a second to reach into the Reich Cabinet in order to have an offender punished without consideration of who he was and what he was.

Speech of October 24, 1933 in Berlin