Ich kämpfe (I Fight!)

by Der Stürmer


Back in 2013 I made the first digital edition of the book “Ich kämpfe” (I Fight!) in English language. I made this PDF digital version of the book because it is very important for the ideological education of every true National-Socialist! Today is the 100-th anniversary of the National-Socialist German Worker’s Party – the NSDAP and it is a good occasion to popularize the book “Ich kämpfe” (I Fight!) again.

This book was presented to every new member of the NSDAP. After WWII the Allies and the Bolsheviks tried to burn all copies of the book, which they were able to find. Fortunately, the book was printed in huge numbers and our enemies failed to destroy all the copies – now the book is available all over Internet and is beyond their reach!

In the book are included: articles by Philipp Bouhler, Alfred Rosenberg, Robert Ley, Viktor Lutze and Joseph Goebbels, quotations of the Führer, a description of the National Socialist way of life, a statement of purpose, a listing of important NS dates, a brief history, an honour roll of martyrs of the Movement, the Pledge of Loyalty, words to the Horst Wessel Song, and more.

Heil Hitler!

Your comrade,