Adolf Hitler About Religion

by Der Stürmer

It is no coincidence that religions are more stable than forms of government. They mostly tend to sink their roots deeper into the earth; they would not be conceivable at all without this broad folk.

Speech of May 10, 1933 in Berlin

In that the government is determined to undertake the political and moral detoxification of our public life, it creates and secures the prerequisites for a really deep return of religious life.

Speech of March 23, 1933 in Berlin

The Reich government, which sees in Christianity the unshakeable fundaments of the folk’s ethics and morality.

Speech of March 23, 1933 in Berlin

And no less have we taken up the struggle against the decomposition of religion. Without us committing ourselves to any denomination, we have nonetheless again given faith the prerequisite, because we were of the conviction that the folk requires and needs this faith. We have thus taken up the struggle against godlessness not with a few theoretical declarations, we have exterminated it.

Speech of October 14, 1933 in Berlin

The discussion of the new state with both Christian denominations: Filled with the wish to secure for the German folk the great religious, ethical and moral values anchored in both Christian denominations, we have eliminated the political organizations, but strengthened the religious institutions. For a contract with the energetic National Socialist state is more valuable to a church than the struggle of denominational federations, which in their coalition-determined politics of compromise must also buy personnel advantages for party supporters with the surrender of ideals and of the really inner religious education and consolidation of the folk. We all, however, live in the expectation that the merger of the evangelical provincial churches and denominations into a German evangelical Reich church may give real satisfaction to the yearning of those, who believe they must fear in the absent-mindedness of evangelical life a weakening of the strength of the evangelical faith in itself. In that the National Socialist state has in this year proven its respect for the strength of the Christian denominations, it expects the same respect from the denominations for the strength of the National Socialist state!

Speech of January 30, 1934 in Berlin

We have endeavoured to produce the reconciliation of the denominations with the new state, are determined – insofar as the evangelical denominations are meant – to end their purely organizational fractionalization in a great evangelical Reich church, filled with the conviction that it is not acceptable to make a virtue out of the respect and consideration for the individual states, forced on Martin Luther by need, in a time when the states themselves already no longer exist. And we know: If the great reformer stood among us, then he would – happy to have escaped the need of that time – just like Ulrich von Hutten in his last prayer, think not of provincial churches, rather of Germany and his evangelical church.

Proclamation of September 5, 1934 in Nuremberg

The national government sees in both Christian denominations the most important factors for the preservation of our folkdom. It will respect the contracts made between them and the provinces. Their rights should not be infringed. It expects, however, and hopes that the work on the national and moral rejuvenation of our folk, which the government has made its task, likewise receives the same appreciation. It will deal with all other denominations with objective justice. But it cannot tolerate that membership in a specific denomination or in a specific race could be a release from the general legal obligations or even a license for unpunished committing or toleration of crimes. The concern of the government is directed at the honest coexistence of church and state.

Speech of March 23, 1933 in Berlin

Not we, rather those before us, distanced themselves from it (from Christianity). We have merely made a clean separation between politics, which concerns itself with earthly things, and religion, which must occupy itself with the spiritual.

Speech of August 27, 1934 at Ehrenbreitstein

And above all, we have removed the priests from the marsh of political party conflict and led them back into the church again. It is our will that they should never return to an area, which is not created for them, which degrades them and must invariably bring them into opposition to millions of people, who inwardly want to be devout, but who want to see priests who serve God and not a political party!

Speech of October 24, 1933 in Berlin

Lord, you see, we have changed. The German folk is no longer the folk of dishonour, of shame, of self-mutilation, of faint-heartedness and of small faith. No, Lord, the German folk is strong again in its will, strong in its perseverance, strong in the endurance of all sacrifices. Lord, we will not depart from you! Now bless our struggle for our freedom and thus our German folk and fatherland!

Speech of May 1, 1933 in Berlin