Adolf Hitler About Poetry and Music

by Der Stürmer

Finally, we need a reform in the area of art, literature and theater. The government must take care that its folk is not poisoned. There is a higher right, which is based on the realization, what harms a folk. And what harms a folk, must be eliminated.

Speech of April 27, 1923 in Munich

Whoever is chosen by Providence to reveal the soul of a folk of the present time, to make it resound in tones or to speak in stone, he suffers under the force of the almighty compulsion dominating him, he will speak its language, even if the present time does not understand him or does not want to understand him, he will rather accept any distress than to even just once be untrue to the star, which inwardly guides him.

Speech of September 1, 1933 in Nuremberg

It is not necessary to first discover the musically talented people as race, in order to entrust them with the care of music, rather music discovers the race, in which (people) it finds the ability.

Speech of September 3, 1933 in Nuremberg

One of these men. who embodies the best nature of our folk within himself, who has risen from national, German greatness to international significance, is Richard Wagner, the greatest man of this city (Leipzig), the most mighty master of the tones of our folk!

Speech of March 6, 1934 in Leipzig

When I for the first time stood before Wagner’s grave, my heart swelled with pride!

Speech of March 27, 1924 in Munich

With the genuine oath to correspond to the wish and the will of the great master, to continue to nurture his immortal works in eternal, living beauty, in order to also drawn future generations of our folk into the miracle world of this mighty poet of tones, I set this cornerstone of the German National Monument for Richard Wagner as eternal witness and ongoing admonishment.

Speech of March 6, 1934 in Leipzig