Adolf Hitler About the Worker

by Der Stürmer

I will in my life possess no greater pride than to one day at the end of my life be able to say: I have won for the German Reich the German worker!

Speech of May 10, 1933 in Berlin

It will be the firm goal of the movement, which I and my fellow fighters represent, to elevate the word „worker” to the German nation’s great title of honor.

Speech of May 10, 1933 in Berlin

Against him (the worker) no state should be formed, no, it should rise with him!

Speech of May 10, 1933 in Berlin

I lead the struggle for the million masses of our good, industrious, working, productive folk.

Speech of November 10, 1933 in Berlin

The appeal must be directed ever anew to the nation and socialist feeling.

Speech of April 17, 1934 in Berlin

The social idea (must) be the unconditional fundament in a state, otherwise a state cannot hold out in the long-run.

Speech of April 12, 1922 in Munich

Genuine socialism, however, is the doctrine of strictest fulfillment of duty,

Appendix to „Adolf Hitler’s Speeches“: Adolf Hitler’s Sayings

If…the word socialism is supposed to have any meaning at all, then it can only have the one, with iron justice, that means in the deepest insight, to burden each – in terms of the preservation of the entirety – with that, which is appropriate to him thanks to his born talent and hence his worth.

Speech of September 3, 1933 in Nuremberg

For the German worker we National Socialists will from now on open the path to that, which he can demand and claim.

Reply to Weis (SPD) in the Reichstag on March 23, 1933

This broad folk…is certainly often ponderous and is certainly in many regards backward and not so nimble, not so witty and not so intellectual. But it has something: It has loyalty, it has perseverance, it has stability.

Speech of May 10, 1933 in Berlin

Whoever wants to find loyalty and faith, confidence, fanaticism and persistent devotion, must go where these virtues are still to be found; but they are only to be found in the broad mass of this folk. Only there dominates this faithful trust, this blind devotion, this attachment and this heroic courage to stand up for an ideal.

Speech of February 26, 1934 in Munich

The German worker is just like our peasant industrious and loyal!

Speech to the folk comrades in Danzig of May 17, 1933

If we want to endure as a community, then we must overcome what divides!

Speech of March 4, 1933 in Konigsberg

Genuine socialism is the highest folkdom!

Appendix to „Adolf Hitler’s Speeches”: Adolf Hitler’s Sayings

One may be active wherever – and should and must never forget that his folk comrade, who fulfills his duty just like him, is indispensable, that the nation does not exist through the work of a government, of a specific class or through the work of its intelligentsia, rather that it only lives through the common and harmonious work of all!

Speech of May 1, 1933 in Berlin

There is no socialism, which does not have the strength of intellect at its disposal, no social joy, which is not protected by the strength of a nation, yes, obtains its prerequisites.

Appeal for the election of July 31, 1932

On the day when both ideas (nationalism and socialism) merge into a single one, they are invincible.

Appeal for the election of July 31, 1932

So, May 1-st can in the life of folks only be a glorification of the national, creative will as opposed to the international idea of decomposition, of the liberation of the national spirit and also the economic removal of international contamination. That is in the final analysis the question of the rejuvenation of folks.

Speech of May 1, 1923 in Munich

We National Socialists (have) in long work…created in our factory cell institution the organizational prerequisite in order to not allow the armies of German workers, through the smashing of the old, to fall into a leaderless, disorganized confusion, rather to lead them determined with a firm hand into the world of the new facts.

Speech of January 30, 1934 in Berlin

If we win the German worker for the state, then we will also keep him as an indestructible fundament for the new Germany. I am hence of the conviction that our „Work Front” will one day be a pillar of the new Reich.

Speech of May 16, 1934 in Berlin

The „German Work Front” must secure work peace in that understanding is created among the factory managers for the justified claims of their following and among the followers understanding is created for the situation and possibilities of their factory.

Decree concerning the „German Work Front” of October 24, 1934

I want…to wish to the great „German Work Front” that its leadership and all its members never lose faith, come what may.

Speech of May 16, 1934 in Berlin

They must learn to respect each other again, the worker of the mind the worker of the fist and vice versa. Both belong together and from the both of them must a new man crystalize – the man of the coming German Reich.

Speech of April 24, 1923 in Munich

It is necessary to teach each stratum the important of the other.

Speech of May 1, 1933 in Berlin

The productive people, however, regardless whether worker of the mind or of the fist, are the noble folk of our state, that is the German folk!

Speech of April 12, 1922 in Munich

Especially the trained German worker is surpassed by no other force in the world.

Speech of May 1, 1934 in Berlin

There are many tens of thousands among us, who want to make the respect for the individual dependent on the kind of work he performs. No, not what he does, rather how he does it, must be decisive.

Speech of May 1, 1933 in Berlin

What we want is not a state of drones, rather a state, which gives to each that to which he has a right on the basis of his activity. Whoever does not honestly work, should not be a state citizen.

Speech of April 24, 1923 in Munich

The German folk of the future should give no citizen pensions for doing nothing, but give each the possibility to earn his own bread through honest work and thus help and contribute to the raising of the living standard of all.

Speech of March 21, 1934 in Unterhaching

Furthermore, it is clear to the national government that the final elimination of the distress of both the agricultural as well as the urban economy depends on the integration of the army of unemployed into the production process. Herein lies the…greatest economic task. It can only be solved through a gradual satisfaction amid execution of healthy, natural, economic principles and all measures, which are necessary, even if they, seen from the moment, cannot reckon with any popularity. Creating employment and work service obligation are hereby only individual measures within the framework of the overall attack.

Speech of March 23. 1933 in Berlin

We take here (for the elimination of unemployment) paths, for which there is hardly a historical precedent.

Proclamation of September 1, 1933 in Nuremberg

In a quarter of the time I allotted myself before the March election, one third of the unemployed have again been given useful work; the attack proceeded concentric from all sides and only thus enabled success.

Speech of January 30, 1934 in Berlin

A certain percentage of unemployed will always remain in a folk of sixty-five million. Even before the war, we had unemployment of about 800,000 people. If we manage to reduce the number of unemployed to about a million, then we can view the problem of unemployment as solved. Our whole work is initially directed fully toward this work.

Speech of April 17, 1934 in Berlin

A certain load is supposed to be intentionally placed on a portion of the folk, so that it thereby helps to make the distress of the other part more bearable.

Proclamation of the Winter Help Work 1934/1935 on October 6, 1934

The success of the „Winter Help Work” is not only to be observed domestically, rather also discernible in foreign countries. It is difficult to say how many thousands of foreigners have precisely through this social relief work become directly convinced of the value of the new order in Germany… A large part of the mood shift in the world can be traced to the successes of the National Socialist revolution, but especially to the „Winter Help Work”. For from it grew the realization of the towering social significance of the National Socialist idea in our fatherland.

Speech of April 17, 1934 in Berlin

Our task is: work, work and still more work! From the success of the creation of employment we will obtain the strongest authority.

Speech of March 20, 1934 in Munich

If in a state only the person who works honesty is a state citizen, then each also the right to demand that in his old age care and need are kept far away from him. Then the greatest social deed is accomplished.

Speech of April 24, 1923 in Munich

The national government…recognizes as its historical task to support and promote the millions of German workers in the struggle for the rights of their existence. As Chancellor and National Socialist I feel bound to them as the former companions of my youth. The increase of the purchasing power of these masses will be an essential means for the economic recovery. Under preservation of our social legislation, the first step in its reform will be undertaken. Fundamentally, however, the utilization of the whole work force in the service of the entirety should follow. The idleness of millions of human work hours is an insanity and a crime, which must lead to the impoverishment of all. Regardless what assets would be created through a utilization of our surplus labor force, they would be able to represent indispensable life goods for millions of people, who today subsist in need and misery. The organizational ability of our folk must and will succeed in solving this question.

Speech of March 23, 1933 in Berlin

We have given ourselves above all a gigantic task: to lead back the German worker into the German nation. If in the future the question is put to us: „What do you deem to be your greatest accomplishment?”, then I can only say, that we managed to again integrate the German worker into the German nation and to make clear to him: The nation is not a concept in which you have no share, rather you yourself are the bearer of the nation, you belong to it, you cannot separate yourself from it, your life is bound to the life of your whole folk, which is not just the root for your strength as well, rather also the root for your life!

Speech of October 24, 1933 in Berlin

That makes us proud that we again led into the folk, and hence made bearers of the national idea, countless millions of people, who went off to the side, in part full of envy, in part looking with hatred at the portion designating itself „national”.

Speech of October 24, 1933 in Berlin