Why Communism and Capitalism Are Actually the Same Thing

by Der Stürmer

Source: http://www.renegadetribune.com/communism-capitalism-actually-thing/

By Willally

In my article ‘The High Culture of the Germanic Peoples‘ I already mentioned the Jewish myth of patriarchy (i.e. the theory that Capitalism was invented by the Indo-Europeans). There I also explained why this is only a deception to deflect the guilt away from the Jews. For those who have not read it, I quote myself here:

[…] even Jewish scholars admit that usury was invented in the Semitic kingdom of Sumer[15], the same kingdom which invented the first crucified deity[16]. The currency of this kingdom was the Shekel, dedicated to the crucified goddess Inanna[17], who went through a passion and resurrected. Shekel is, as we know, the Jewish name for money to this day.

In contrast to that, Indo-European civilizations were so averse to usury and swindles that even paying taxes was regarded as a sign of slavery and they knew only the reverse of taxation, that is, the government handed over goods to the citizens from time to time[18].These taboos against usury were so stark that they persisted throughout most of European history.

The privatizing of common goods, the exclusion of women from social life, the heritability of privileges, and the extortion of usury, those evils came to Europe from the Orient, through three ways:

  • A Jewish religion called Christianity, which hates Nature and Beauty.
  • Roman law, intended for forcing the life together of total strangers in cities.
  • Classical Greco-Roman culture, developed by narcissistic elites, wanting to justify their cosmopolitan fetishes.

Some kind of proto-capitalism was indeed spreading itself in antiquity, but this was a gradual process during many thousands of years. This Capitalist trend came from the Orient, with its epicenter in the Semitic kingdoms around ancient Israel, and the Indo-Europeans were not their bearers but another victim of it.

This Oriental capitalism profited from race-mixed societies and multicultural empires, finding its most powerful expression in Christianity. This bedded the seeds for a world subjugated by a few ‘chosen ones’, where autochthonous cultures are replaced with Consumerism and the sacredness of life with machines.

Our Jewish patriarchs look forward with all means to make ancient history confusing and inaccessible to the masses, while deferring the guilt of these developments to White people.

Now the purpose of this short essay is to explain in the most concise form possible why Communism is a swindle in order to foster Jewish Capitalism.

As his favorite student (Margaret Mead) pondered about the subject of his dissertation, Franz Boas gave her not only a subject, but actually told her what her work should demonstrate before she had even begun to research! She should demonstrate that among the primitive peoples there was some kind of Communism with no private property, no sexual roles and no violence whatsoever. Needless to say, all revisions of her work demonstrated she had falsified information and even invented parts of her accounts.

Later anthropologists who visited the same islands of Samoa, found nowhere such Communist arrangement of society and to this day, no-one has ever found a society with those characteristics.

This example is illustrative of the methods used in academia when it comes to ideologically loaded subjects. We know, for example, that Karl Marx envisioned with his Ancient Communism also a secular version of ‘the fall of man from paradise’. This Ancient Communism was some kind of paradise, supposedly lost by the arrival of warrior nomads, and only when humanity unites itself again into a universal, global community, with no private property, then salvation can be found.

This international Communism looks in practice no different from Capitalism, where a few Oligarchs have concentrated so many riches that the rest of humanity have no private property anymore (the destruction of all social classes) while an insatiable market has removed all national barriers (internationalism) with its expansion.

The essence of Capitalism has actually always been ‘the war of classes’ and ‘internationalism’ (the same banner-words of Communism). The war of classes means that the poor are being constantly exploited because of their belonging to another class, while the rich identify with rich people of other countries, allying with them in order to make the market into an international business.

Such a war of classes didn’t exist among our ancestors because all members of the society identified themselves as a race or folk, regardless of their position, thus the goal of this war of classes, as proposed by Marx, is clearly to destroy that cohesion and separate the world into people with property and the rest who have neither property, nor culture, nor ancestry.

It seems that the last thing Marx wanted was a world separated into races and sub-races, as it is natural. Many Communists believe to this day that the source of Capitalism and economic oppression is ‘racism’, something totally absurd and preposterous because almost without exception all evils like the slave trade, colonialism, etc. have been predestined by a expanding market and alimented by greediness.

It is only as an afterthought when unscrupulous elites justify their enterprises in the name of religion, human rights or global justice. A good example is the conquest of Mexico, led in the name of a universalist religion of love (Christianity), and Hernan Cortez didn’t seem very racist when he begot many sons among the Aztec Indians (who later became nobles!) and he must have believed White culture is superior when he decided to spend the rest of his life among the Aztecs with little contact with European culture or other White people.

Racial consciousness, or the desire to live among Whites, would never lead to miscegenation or economic dependence from non-Whites. I have never encountered a National Socialist who loves living in a country where the majority are poor non-Whites.

When different races want to exchange goods without mixing, the only way is actually to respect each other’s sovereignty, in contrast to the holy duty of conversion, mandatory for someone who believes in universal equality and universal solidarity.

Thus, when modern communists blame racism as the source of economic oppression, while promoting internationalism as the solution, it is no different than the Spanish priests who condemned the lot of the Indians, while converting them into the church, which financed and ideologically justified their enslavement.

In this context is important to mention that one of the greatest insights of Hitler was the realization that with all promises of universal brotherhood and peace there always came some kind of Versailles Treaty. This Versailles Treaty can be evident or it can be a hidden one, for example in the ever-raising rates of usury we unknowingly pay in everything we buy. The central point remains always the same: Universalism leads to the concentration of riches and the reduction of humanity into destitute tribute payers.


Continuing with how Communism would look in practice: ‘The rule of the proletariat’ would mean that a racially mixed humanity, without property, believes through propaganda that they rule (just as modern democracy), and they are so culturally impoverished that they don’t even know of the existence of these Oligarchs.

Another interesting parallel between Marx’s ideal world and modern Capitalism is consumerism. Marx promoted a materialistic view of morality and culture. Only when every person in this planet could afford to buy anything they wished, could we talk about fairness. This resembles of course the situation today, where we have destroyed all Nature and all culture (real wealth as opposed to artificial wealth) just to produce en masse all kinds of useless, ugly and unnecessary things, which only calm a few seconds the addictive impulse of consume, as promoted by capitalistic corporations.

Karl Marx had also a linear vision of time in which the flow of history led irrevocably to a Communist world-government. This linear conception of history is, of course, the same we find in the Old and New Testaments, and a global rule of Communism reminds us of a global rule of Christ as also prophesied in the Bible.

It is interesting, though, that the Bible puts this global rule of the Jewish god as a preamble to the intentional destruction of our world by this same god. In an ironic way, it seems that the Jewish prophets got it right when they connected globalism with the total destruction of our environment and life.

The essence of life is differentiation and separation, first into species and then into races, as a mechanism which makes sure no life forms overwhelms this planet. We could fairly say that an artificial ideology that attempts to unite all humanity is the antithesis of life.