Jewish Religion, Jewish Politics, White Ruination

by Der Stürmer


Jewish duplicity and flimflam are evident to even the most casual of observers who are willing to trust their eyes instead of unsupported, obviously wrong kosher lies. It is the omnipresent propaganda that turns the despicable, immoral, and hideously alien jewry into a collective patron saint of victimhood, immune not just from criticism but from the very thought of criticism in our debased era. The jews’ endemic use of double-meanings, connotation, and false dichotomies should be not at all surprising, given that a foundational belief of the two-faced chosenites is to have one rule for themselves and another for the goyim. The rat-faced men assure us that they’re just looking out for our best interests, and that it’s The Right Thing To DoTM. Never mind the fact that the jews consider all non-jews to be nothing more than soulless animals, and if you’ve ever seen the horrors of a kosher slaughter you’ll understand how the “light of the world” feel about cruelty toward animals. One of the classic kosher cons is the conflation of the term “jew” as a reference to a race or a religion or an ethnicity. While keeping a straight face, the men in the weird little hats will bloviate about the jewish religion, only later to claim it is a race once it becomes more expedient to do so. If one points out this inconsistent usage the shrieking and wailing begins, followed by holohoax rants, the 6 gazillion, electric belts, German shepherds with poison teeth, and bedroom furniture.

Recently, many of the jewish groups that seem to spring up like poisonous mushrooms across USSA have begun crying out about the separation of church and state. This initially seemed odd, since the jews have burrowed their way deeply into every aspect of Weimerican government. But in this particular context, the jews will simply deny being a religion and claim to be a race or ethnicity instead; just pay no attention to the synagogues, the “g*d’s chosen people” moniker, and chicken sacrifices. The result will be a continuation of jewish groups receiving taxpayer funding, engaging in political activities, and being treated as tax-exempt organizations. The same goes for the cuck-o-licks and other kosher approved Christ-cuck institutions. If a “religion” advocates the surrender of White nations to the endless hordes of sewage colored proto-sapiens from the blackest parts of the globe, it will get a pass. What this seemingly odd and sudden semitic push for promoting the Establishment Clause of the CONstitution is really all about is selective enforcement against any purportedly religious group that resists the jewish agenda of White genocide. Rest assured, there will be no separation of the ZOG and state.

Jewish organizations nationwide, including at least one from the Bay Area, have gone on record saying they prefer the wall of separation between church and state to remain as high and impenetrable as possible.”

Funny how these conniving jewish organizations were conspicuously silent about the separation of synagogue and state when they were receiving $800 million in government grants and $2 billion from government payments for services. The cuck-o-lick branch of judaism swindled the taxpayers for another $1.6 billion at least. Of course both of these odious, government funded religious groups are heavily involved with saturating White homelands (and only White homelands) with the most primitive and savage humanoids from the darkest corners of the world. How many sullen, hostile, low-IQ aliens can completely immoral jews and JUDEO-cucktians import into a formerly safe White nation for $4.4 billion? Enough to commit White genocide.

As a minority group, Jewish interests have always been served by a strong separation of religion and state.”

If we are to believe that the jews, taken as a group, supposedly have a high verbal IQ, then the frequent use of imprecise diction by g*d’s chosen people must be intentional. Doesn’t the jewish state of Israel serve jewish interests without a strong separation of religion and state? What at first appears to be an idiotic and glaring omission is actually an example of the blatant Hebraic double standards that the jews use to further their pernicious nation-wrecking. The purpose of this sudden jewish interest in having a “big beautiful wall” between the state and religion is likely twofold. First, it allows the ZOG to deny funding to religious organizations that are not subservient to jewish interests. Second, and more importantly, it furthers the jewish efforts in subverting, destabilizing, and subjugating their hosts by divorcing them from their religion. It is a tool to replace healthy, folkish religious beliefs that should inform the cultural and governmental practices of a people (a people free of jewish parasitism that is), with empty materialism and guilt-based jew worship.

[Senior Rabbi Jonathan] Singer has talked about immigration issues, for example, even protesting at the airport when the president’s travel ban against Muslims went into effect in late January. He also advocates for gay and lesbian rights, pointing out, “These are not Democrat or Republican issues. People can profoundly disagree, and they do. That’s a dialogue based in values.””

The hollowness of words uttered by lying jewish mouths is on full display. We need an impenetrable separation of religion and state, and politics and religion shouldn’t mix claims the jew. Then in the next breath, the rat-faced men explain how it’s perfectly fine for rabbis to promote the foreign invasion of White homelands, moose-limb rights, and the sodomite sickness. Just because the toxic talmud gives a religious imprimatur for abusing and enslaving the goyim doesn’t make them nonpolitical issues. Of course, the repulsive rabbi mixes in a little truth to make his lies more palatable: these issues truly are not grounded in the fake Democrat-Republican dialectic. They are issues of sovereignty, racial survival, and whether rootless, self-serving jews belong in White nations.

Rabbi David Booth of Congregation Kol Emeth, a Conservative synagogue in Palo Alto, and Rabbi Joel Landau of San Francisco’s Modern Orthodox Adath Israel, speak from the bimah about such issues as gun control, euthanasia, homosexuality and health care.”

In the “conservative” synagogue, the jews who want a total separation of religion and politics preach about such holy and spiritual topics as disarming the goyim, killing off Whites who are no longer useful consumer units, sodomy, and making your health decisions subordinate to government power.

The government should not commandeer the religious square in an attempt to dominate it,” he [Senior Rabbi Jonathan Singer] opines. “We are not a Christian, Jewish, Muslim or secular country. We are the American people.”

The term “American people” used to be synonymous with White people, but not any longer. Now there is no such thing as the American people. A people are protected by borders, we have none. A people are united by a common language and culture and religion, we have none. A people are motivated by shared racial and genetic interests, we have none. Instead the American people (we are told by the ZOG) are a “proposition nation” which, like a prostitute, has no virtue and will sell itself to the highest bidder. The American people, if such a thing can be said to exist, are now defined by empty materialism, instant gratification, a slavish belief in equalitarianism, an insipid and sciolistic celebration of any non-White culture, and a willingness to be ruled by jews in furtherance of ignorant shiftlessness.

The jewish nation-wreckers ruin White homelands by deracinating the people. This is done, in part, by marginalizing their native religion. A people’s native religion is part of their culture, which, in turn, is an expression of the race-soul. The America of today is the end product of two thousand years of religious subversion; a people who have been without the spiritual guidance of their native religion since it was supplanted by the JUDEO-cucktian mind virus those long millennia ago. In the absence of a spiritualism that is compatible with the White race and soul, there was no effective defense against the jewish poisons of hedonism, nihilism, degeneracy, and miscegenation that are being used to destroy the intellect, creativity, distinctiveness, and future of the White race. We must rekindle the belief in the gods of our forefathers, and the guidance we receive from those gods should be brought to bear on how our communities govern themselves. We cannot restore healthy and prosperous White homelands with someone else’s religion, particularly the religion of our implacable racial enemy. We must embrace the traditional European pantheon if we are to stop White genocide.

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