Focusing the Fight for White Survival

by Der Stürmer



By Kyle Hunt

Much of our essential anger and activist energy has been diverted into kosher creations and channels that will not result in any long-term success for White people. Sure, such efforts might benefit some people who “look H’White” and their good goy allies, but the Alt-Right is not there to actually ensure the survival of OUR folk.


It is a bit dis-heartening to see how easily White dissidents can be leashed. All the political establishment has to do is give a couple “dog whistles” and the bitches coming running to their master, waiting to be thrown a few bones.

Some of our people get all excited that the Alt Right is mentioned in mainstream media, but refuse to see that this is because this group has been given the kosher stamp of approval – since its inception. Now we have pro-Whites corralled into the GOP (Gay Old Pedophiles), worshiping the jewish homosexual Milo (who spouts NAMBLA talking points), promoting conceived-in-Israel Breitbart, and discussing the latest Trump polls for hours on end. They talk about ISIS as if it is as an organic Muslim terrorist group with no ties to American and Israeli intelligence, and in fact, these same agencies are now being portrayed as the only forces that can save us in our battle for Western civilization. For example, Pinochet throwing “leftists” out of helicopters is seen as heroic by these fools, even after being presented with his CIA-backing and close connections to Henry Kissinger.


They are essentially saying that we need to ally with “right-wing” jews (no enemies to the right, am I right?) and essentially become the American version of the Likudnik Party, with Trump serving as our very own Bibi, who promises to surround us with walls (that Israeli companies seek to build) and promises to employ more extreme methods than waterboarding and “take out” terrorists families. As Chabad-Lubavitch rabbi Manis Friedman proclaimed:

The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children (and cattle).

A lot of people get confused because some of these popular Alt-Right mouthpieces will make some jew jokes or mention jewish perfidy before spouting off jewish talking points. What they do not realize is that jews often love to ridicule their own tribe. For example, Roy Cohn, the faggot jew lawyer who mentored Trump before dying of AIDS, would often call other jews “kikes”. This is just one of the ways that right-wing Jews use to ingratiate themselves to gentiles, basically saying, look goy, I am one of you, I can’t stand the liberal kvetching either.

I respect Israel” ~ Richard Spencer


Have you noticed how some prominent outlets now refuse to refer to the “jewish media”? It’s now the “liberal media” or the “lefty media”. Some thought-leaders are paid operatives, some are unwitting dupes, and others just want to be part of the “cool crowd”, but the result is the same; they are taking dissidents away from activism and real opposition, and funneling the whole movement and its discourse back into the jewish dialectic, which is Left vs Right, when the real fight has always been Jew vs Gentile.


I understand that a Hillary presidency seems so very abhorrent that many can feel compelled to support Trump, since he is being portrayed as the last chance to save the American empire. However, whenever the jew offers you two options – be it a red-pill or blue-pill – the best idea is to reject both. Funny how supporting Trump is considered red-pilled (red state), since the red pill leads Neo to Zion in the Matrix, which was made by the Wachowski jews, who have both since had gender re-assignment to become “females”. They might not really be females, but at least they can use the ladies’ room at Trump Towers, like Caitlyn Jenner.


Not supporting Trump does not mean that you are for Hillary Clinton, despite what the autistic idiots on the Alt-Right say. There is always another way. If you are an honest White activist, please call the “thought-leaders” on their thoughtless bullshit, refuse to respond to the dog-whistles of our supposed masters, and don’t slobber on their kosher bones. In short, don’t be a good goy BITCH.

Instead of becoming a Republican, you can find much better ways to advocate for our people. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Public and Private Outreach – stand on a soap box, hand out flyers, talk to friends and family, send e-mails messages, and do effective internet activism (not just posting frog memes).
  2. Legal Defense – get armed, get prepared, get organized, and plan for the worst.
  3. Community Building – Meet up with others and form strong bonds. You don’t need to all go to one area, like the NW front, but consider moving around some of your closest comrades.
  4. Alternative Economy – Start businesses that can employ and support activists. Look into sustainable farming and bartering arrangements to de-couple from the global jewish economy.
  5. Political Power – Work to get our people into positions of authority locally. This will not be enough to secure our future, especially in a federalized country, but it is a start. If you are serving in some governmental role, do everything in your power to see the traitors and spies brought to justice. We need a kind of new Nuremberg trial, but this time where the real villains are in the docket. The ultimate goal must be to see those guilty of our genocide hanging. Until this happens, we should at least make these bastards think such a day is imminent. Let them be the ones living in fear.

We were making serious progress with some of these efforts before the Trump Train temporarily de-railed our movement, but we must get things back on track. This is not a party, a way to let off some steam, or a stand-up comedy club. This is the fight for the survival of our people and time is running out. We need all hands on deck.

Fight for our future!