Jews Behind White Genocide

by Der Stürmer

Jews want to destroy Europe by genociding White’s across the globe. In order for them to accomplish this they must bring in millions of violent, primitive, third worlders who will exploit and harm our people. And eventually the plan is that they outbreed us so we eventually become a assimilated coffee colored minority.

It’s undeniable once a nation loses it’s racial homogeneity it will go into decline and will eventually be completely destroyed.

All whites are becoming minorities in our own countries.

Society is being destroyed by the same evil Jewish forces that changed political hats after their bloodthirsty 70 million Europeans murdered in peace time under JewSSR. Today they are the same group of people, same goal, but different plan.

Fight it or become extinct.

The ONLY thing that matters and will inspire change is motivated action in real life.

If you live in these countries for example need to get in contact with:

Scandinavia: / / /



United Kingdom:

Germany:… / Also vote for AfD

Poland: /