Another Jew admits to Jewish ritual murder


The following pages are from the 1836 book A Resident in Constantinople, and are about a book written by an Hasidic rabbi who converted to Christianity and became a Greek Orthodox monk, and revealed how Hasidic Jews ritually murder Christians.

The following I found in an 1828 American magazine, and is about the same rabbi-turned-monk’s book. The article’s author had read a copy of the book in Constantinople, and says the first chapter concludes:

“When I was thirteen years old, my father revealed to me the mystery of the blood, and cursed me by all the elements of heaven and earth, if ever I should devulge the secret, even to my brethren ; and when I was married, and should even have ten sons, I should not discover it to all, but only to one, who should be the most prudent and learned, and at the same time firm and unmoved in the faith ; but to a female I should never disclose it on any account. May the earth, he said, never receive thee, if thou revealest these secrets. So said my father ; but I, since I have taken as my father the Lord Jesus Christ, will proclaim the truth in every place, and, as the wise Sirac says, even unto death strive for the truth.” pp. 13—15.