Churchill foresaw and condoned massacres of Sudeten Germans

by Der Stürmer


Winston Churchill

“[Germany must keep] not a single plane, no navy, their war industry must be absolutely broken up. A lot of blood will flow after the war. Many Germans will be killed in your [Edvard Beneš] country [Czechoslovakia] as well—it cannot be helped and I agree with it. After a few months we’ll say “that’s enough”, and we shall start on the work of peace: try the guilty men who stayed alive.”

– Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill, April 3, 1943, over lunch with Edvard Beneš and Jan Masaryk.

Zbynék Zeman, Antonín Klimek, The Life of Edvard Beneš, 1884-1948: Czechoslovakia in Peace and War, New York: Oxford Uni. Press, 1997, p. 185.

The Czechoslovakian diplomat Edward Taborsky quoted what Beneš stated after lunch with Churchill:

“[the British prime minister approved] in principle the transfer of population as

the only possible solution of minority problems in Central Europe after the war.”

Edward Taborsky, President Edvard Beneš: Between East and West, 1938-1948, Stanford, CA: Hoover Institution Press, 1981, p. 125.