Killing Christians isn’t murder for Jews

by Der Stürmer


 Paul Isaac Hershon

Paul Isaac Hershon (1818 – 1888) was a Spanish Jew who converted to Christianity (photo stolen from here).

In 1882 he published a book entitled Treasures of the Talmud, Being a Series of Classified Subjects in Alphabetical Order From “A” to “L” it was considered to be a very balanced view on the Talmud, neither hiding, nor merely concentrating on the Talmud’s nastier parts.

It reads:

Or, says Tosephoth, it may be explained thus: He chose from his slaves only such as were Minim (heretics, presumably Christians), and it is not murder to kill such. Upon these comments we put no gloss—they speak for themselves.

 Paul Isaac Hershon2