“My friend and war comrade Marshal Stalin” – Winston S. Churchill

by Der Stürmer


Source: http://winstonsmithministryoftruth.blogspot.com/2014/01/my-friend-and-war-comrade-marshal-stalin.html

 Marshall Stalin, your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, and comrades gathered here.

 I have now come to the end of a most strenuous, but at the same time most agreeable visit to Moscow. We have worked very hard. As I said last night, we have been a, we have been a council of workmen and soldiers, but the generous hospitality and cordial friendship with which we have been welcomed and sustained has left me, and my friend and colleague the Foreign Secretary Mr. Eden, with the most pleasant memories of these crowded and curious days. Most of all, has it been a pleasure to me, and an honour, to have so many long, intimate talks with my friend and war comrade Marshal Stalin, and to deal with a many difficult questions inseparable from the united forward march of great nations through the, through the many, through the many [sic] vicissitudes of war. I hope most earnestly and I believe with deep conviction that the warrior statesman at the head of Russia will not only lead the Russian peoples, all the people of Russia, through this, these years of storm, and tempest, into the sunlight of a broader and happier age for all. And that with him in this task will march the British Commonwealth of Nations and the mighty United States of America.

 – Prime Minster Winston S. Churchill at the conclusion of the Tolstoy Conference in Moscow, October 19 [probably], 1944.