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Month: June, 2014

Two Speeches by Julius Streicher


Julius Streicher Spricht

This Day is the Proudest Day of My Life

9 March 1933 in Nuremberg, on the day of the assumption of power in Nuremberg

My German racial comrades! Shame and disgrace ruled here for fourteen years. Today, however, the flags of National Socialist Germany fly from this building as true symbols of German rebirth. In 1924, the police threw us National Socialists out of this building. Today we enter as victors! Once again, German thinking will hold sway. Cowardice has given way and one now speaks again of German justice, which had formerly been banned.

My racial comrades! Do you hear the church bells ringing for the new Germany? Let me say and affirm: “Today is the proudest day of my life! Let us all thank God that it has come! Be thankful that you may experience this hour! Once Hans Sachs [the Meistersinger of Nuremberg] was hailed by the citizens of Nuremberg on the festival grounds. Today, all of Nuremberg celebrates Adolf Hitler. The flags now being raised atop this building will fly there forever. He who sins against them deserves death. We have borne many sorrows and made many heavy sacrifices. Daily we met disloyalty and betrayal. We overcame all these difficulties and emerged victorious from the hard battle. This hour is therefore holy to us, and will forever remain so! I have longed for the day when I could tell the Führer that Nuremberg belonged to him. Today is that day! I am reconciled to my fate. I have forgotten the days that are behind me. Nuremberg, the proud city of the Meistersingers, has become German and will forever remain German! Raise high the flags! Adolf Hitler, Führer and Reich Chancellor of Germany:  Sieg Heil!

The Future Knows Only Germans!

27 April 1933 in the City Council Hall in Nuremberg

German racial comrades! In 1918, the state collapsed in Germany, leading to a complete dissolution of the German people in all areas of life. Respect for the holy, the inheritance of centuries, vanished under the mocking laughter of a misled “mass man.” People did not want to accept that there was a fatherland named Germany. The rootless spirit, the rootless god of an abstract Internationale ruined the source from which the German people had always taken its strength in time of need. The German people lost faith in the strength of its blood, its faith in the strength of its soul, and thus faith in its very self. Thus it had to come that the inward and outward strength, the former power, the glory of the past, sank into shame and misery. But the most terrible aspect of these fourteen years was not that the economy of the productive German people was ruined. Rather, the German people’s faith in itself was taken away — the faith in that which once holy to its fathers. That was the crime against the German people. A people from whom faith in itself and in its own strength has been taken is open to exploitation. Today the German people knows the names of those who enriched themselves in the midst of its need. The German people knows that its misery was caused by a foreign people, the Jews, above all from those who were the lackeys of the Jewish race. The miracle of today has happened because the German people recognized the cause of its misfortune. The German people once again has a Führer in Chancellor Adolf Hitler.

The black-red-gold flags of self mutilation and surrender have been removed from government buildings. The German people have again been given the flags and cockades they once won on the battlefields. Germany’s tribes are once again united and marches once more in the ways of its fathers. Once again, Germany is above all else in the world. The field marshal [Hindenburg] of the Great War, whose whose career reaches back to Königgrätz [1866], and the corporal of the World War, who created the brown battalions that destroyed the Jewish-Marxist Internationale today stand at the head of the people and extend their hands. That is the great miracle of the German people today. This great miracle gave the German people back their faith — a new faith that shines in the eyes of our children and leads us to raise our arms in a Heil for the fatherland. With this will, we enter this ancient hall. The chosen representatives of the citizens of Nuremberg have gathered here to begin the work they have resolved to put in the hands of the chosen leader of the citizens. This receives its solemnity though the men and women here present, the representatives of the people of Nuremberg. When the Great War began, the representatives of the Reichstag promised the Kaiser that the days of discord and strife were over. They promised the Kaiser that there were no more parties. Only a Germany so united could be victorious in the great battles that had to be fought. My city councilors, if you have all come here with this honest and decent intent, this first Nuremberg city council under the national revolution must also begin with the promise that there will no longer be parties here, only representatives of a united citizenry.

Women and men! After fourteen years of struggle, in which thousands of German men voluntarily gave their lives in their brown uniforms, National Socialism has destroyed the crime of November [1918] and laid the foundations for the new state in Potsdam [a ceremony the month before]. We National Socialists, on this the first day of the new city council, are ready to extend our hand to all who are of good will. Just as the representatives in the provincial parliaments and in the Reichstag must feel obligated as representatives of the German people, so too the citizens of Nuremberg demand of their representatives in the city council that they reject all the causes from which hate sprang in the past. Malice and discord make decent work for the good of the community impossible. He who does not enter this hall ready to be an honest, decent man will remain our enemy, and also the enemy of the citizens of Nuremberg, the city of Albrecht Dürer and Hans Sachs. What happened before in this city hall is gone and forgotten. But he who dares to injure or insult honest German work with the spirit of a Jewish-Marxist worldview that brought Germany to its grave will be judged by the people. At the first meeting of a new city council in the former Jewish-Marxist Germany, it was customary for party leaders to speak of their programs. That was then! The time of chattering and lying is over. It will not return. Those who have created the new Germany will be sure of that. The citizens of Nuremberg expect of their newly-elected council not promises, but courage and decisiveness: healing wounds where necessary; maintaining that which is again healthy; increasing our new wealth. That we have already begun to eliminate self interest from the offices in the Nuremberg city hall is no secret. The task of the men who we today elect as leaders of the citizens is, in the view of the citizens, to tear away the facade that even today covers a swamp of corruption. The greater the courage with which the mayors we today elect, the greater will be the confidence of the citizens whom they serve.

As Adolf Hitler entered the chancellory in the Reich capital, he asked the German people for four years. Four years will determine whether he is worthy of the confidence they gave him in the election of 5 March 1933.

Citizens of Nuremberg! Give your newly elected council four years — after which the city of your fathers will again be the city it once was: clean and united. It will be again a German Nuremberg, worthy of the greatness of the masters who once gave it fame and honor. Women and citizens! The bells of the Frauenkirche and the bells of St. Sebaldus have today rung in the new Nuremberg. Get to work, city council members! Get to work, you mayors! Hail to the field marshal of the Great War! Hail to the blacksmith of the new Reich! Long live the city of our fathers! Long live our beloved, ancient Nuremberg!

The Jewish influence in the USA as it was over 70 years ago!

Jews in the USA-1
US Industry

Jews in the USA-2
US Movie Industry

Jews in the USA-3
US Culture

Jews in the USA-4
US Press

Jews in the USA-5
US Radio

Jews in the USA-6
US Finance

Jewish Professor Boasts of Jewish Pornography used as a Weapon Against Gentiles



Jewish Professor of American History at Aberdeen University in UK, Prof. Nathan Abrams. He boasts that Jews were the driving force of the modern pornographic industry and that their motivation is in part to destroy Gentile morals.

Jewish Professor Says Porn Industry is a Weapon used by Jews Against Gentiles

The following is an excerpt from one of the new additions to my book, Jewish Supremacism. It offers more powerful evidence that reveals the Jewish extremist war against Gentiles, a struggle that we Gentiles are not even allowed to know about, much less resist. The new edition of Jewish Supremacism will be available for purchase in about three weeks at

From the new 2007 Edition of Jewish Supremacism by David Duke

After learning about the inordinate Jewish involvement in organized crime, historical slavery and modern white slavery, it did not surprise me when I began to learn of their domination of pornography. Just as Jewish scholars faithfully recorded the Jewish domination of the African slave trade so they have also documented their prominent role in pornography.

In a respected and scholarly magazine of Jewish intellectuals, (The Jewish Quarterly, winter 2004) Jewish professor Nathan Abrams in an article titled, “Triple Exthnics,” proudly documents the leading role of Gentile-hating Jews in pornography.

A story little told is that of Jews in Hollywood’s seedier cousin, the adult film industry. Perhaps we’d prefer that the ‘triple exthnics’ didn’t exist, but there’s no getting away from the fact that secular Jews played (and still continue to play) a disproportionate role throughout the adult film industry in America. Jewish involvement in pornography has a long history in the United States, as Jews have helped transform a fringe subculture into what has become a primary constituent of Americana. These are the ‘true blue’ Jews. Jewish activity in the porn industry divides into two (sometimes overlapping) groups: pornographers and performers. Though Jews make up only two per cent of the American population, they have been prominent in pornography. … In the postwar era, America’s most notorious pornographer was Reuben Sturman, the ‘Walt Disney of Porn’. According to the US Department of Justice, throughout the 1970s Sturman controlled most of the pornography circulating in the country. … It was said that Sturman did not simply control the adult-entertainment industry; he was the industry. … Many are entirely secular, Jews in name only. Sturman, however, identified as a Jew – he was a generous donator to Jewish charities. …

Abrams shows how the corruption and debasement of Gentiles and Christian morality is a primary part of their motivation for intentionally infecting the Gentile community with pornography.

Is there a deeper reason, beyond the mere financial, as to why Jews in particular have become involved in porn? … Al Goldstein, the publisher of Screw, said “The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don’t believe in authoritarianism.” Pornography thus becomes a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very heart of the American mainstream (and is no doubt consumed by those very same WASPs), its subversive character becomes more charged. … Extending the subversive thesis, Jewish involvement in the X-rated industry can be seen as a proverbial two fingers to the entire WASP establishment in America. …

Opposition to Jewish extremist subversion of Gentile, Christian or Muslim morality is frequently defined as anti-Semitic “hatred” in the Jewish dominated media. Abrams writing in a Jewish journal for a presumably Jewish audience writes matter-of-factly about the “atavistic hatred” against us by Jewish pornographers and their motivation to “weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion.”

Jewish involvement in porn, by this argument, is the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian authority: they are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion. Astyr remembers having “to run or fight for it in grammar school because I was a Jew. It could very well be that part of my porn career is an ‘up yours’ to these people.” …

Obviously, there are no articles in the mainstream media exposing Jewish “atavistic hatred” against Gentiles by the promoters of pornographic depravity. Abrams even goes on to talk about the roots of this revolutionary Jewish attack on European values.

Jews were also at the vanguard of the sexual revolution of the 1960s. Wilhelm Reich, Herbert Marcuse and Paul Goodman replaced Marx, Trotsky and Lenin as required revolutionary reading. … Pacheco was one Jewish porn star who read Reich’s intellectual marriage of Freud and Marx. … In light of the relatively tolerant Jewish view of sex, why are we ashamed of the Jewish role in the porn industry? We might not like it, but the Jewish role in this field has been significant and it is about time it was written about seriously.

Notice that all those mentioned: Reich, Marcuse, Goodman, Marx, Trotsky, Lenin and Freud are Jews. From Freud to Goodman, all represent a Jewish revolution against traditional European values and morality.

When sick Jewish pornographers are part of the brutality of Jewish organized crime, the results can obviously be horrifically tragic for our people. In 2000, a Jewish “Russian” organized crime ring was uncovered that specialized in kidnapping Russian children, some as young as two years old, from parks and orphanages and then subjecting them to rape, torture and murder, all on video tape. These tapes were sold to thousands of Jewish and Gentile perverts all over the world. When police in Italy were frustrated by lack of action by the authorities they released some of the video footage to an Italian network which then showed some of the graphic images hoping to cause public outrage. Instead of outrage against the Jewish murderers the TV producers suffered outrage for showing the disturbing images.

In spite of the horror and obvious newsworthiness of this international Jewish child porn/murder operation, it received little coverage in the media in the United States. When Seth Bekenstein, the ring’s American distributor was arrested, there was little publicity, and in spite of being a part of one of the most horrific criminal activities imaginable, he was sentenced to only 18 months on guilty plea.

Porn is no longer 1950s pictures of voluptuous nude women on a deserted beach. It has become permeated with sadism, masochism, scatology, even sexual molestation, rape and murder of young children. I am no prude. I love the beauty of the human body. But, I do think that this kind of sick criminal activity, in which there is so much exploitation, so much degradation, so much catering to the depths of human depravity, should be fought with constitutional law.

Ironically, with Jewish influence over media, societal mores, and government today, it is legal, even chic to make and sell the sickest pornography showing the sick defilement of women. But, if you have unacceptable political opinions about Jewish supremacism, you may find yourself a political and social pariah, or at worst in prison. We live in a Jewish supremacist world where often the sickest porn is legal while political incorrect opinions will land you in prison.

73 years since the German Crusade against the Bolshevism!

Equality: Man’s Most Dangerous Myth

by Dr. William Pierce

All racial difference are either genetic (hereditary, inborn) or cultural (acquired from society after birth). The latter can be changed or eliminated by enforced social changes; the former are independent of man’s laws and customs, except over a period of many generations.

Examples of cultural traits which differ from race to race are mannerisms of speech („Amos ‘n’ Andy“ dialect or „Black English“), styles of dress, and personal grooming. If Blacks and Whites are forced to live together from birth, attending the same schools and exposed to exactly the same cultural influences, they will grow up speaking and dressing in very nearly the same manner. Even Blacks who have grown up in the tribal areas of Africa and who customarily distort their ear lobes or lips with huge wooden plugs or plaster their hair with liquid cow dung as a means of attracting Blacks of the opposite sex can be trained to adopt White standards of personal cleanliness and grooming.

The fact is, however, that the most important racial differences are genetic rather than cultural. Skin and eye color, facial features, skull shape, skeletal proportions, patterns of body fat deposition, tooth size, jaw shape, female breast form, odor, and hair texture are only the most noticeable genetically determined physical characteristics which differ racially.

Beyond these things are the entire biochemical constitution and development of the individual. There are profound racial differences in blood chemistry, in endocrine function, and in physiological response to environmental stimuli. Blacks and Whites mature at different rates. They have different susceptibilities to many disease organisms as well as different patterns of congenital disease. They even have different nutritional requirements.

Only the fool or the mischief-maker can claim that the same soul dwells in the breast of the Negro, the White, and the Jew. Body and soul are interdependent, and the face more often than not reveals the essence of the inner nature. Every man instinctively knows this, but the false propaganda of racial equality has confused and misled many Americans.

Racial differences, in other words, are much more than skin deep; they permeate the individual and are manifested in virtually every cell of his body. They are the products of millions of years of separate evolutionary development which has adapted the different races, with considerable precision, to different environmental demands.

When we understand the all-pervading nature of genetic racial differences, we can see that cultural racial differences are not so superficial as some would have us believe. Far from masking any fundamental „equality“ or exaggerating racial dissimilarities, they simply manifest the genetic differences of which they are, in fact, expressions.

The culture of a race, free of alien influences, is telling evidence of that race’s essential nature. The African Negro with a cow-dung hairdo, a bone through his nose, and teeth filed down to sharp points, in other words, presents to us a far more accurate image of the Negro essence than does the American Black in a business suit who has been trained to drive an automobile, operate a typewriter, and speak flawless English.

Negro culture is not merely different from White culture; it is a less advanced culture and, by practically any standard, inferior. It is a culture which never advanced to the point of a written language or a civilized society. It never saw even the barest glimmerings of mathematics or the invention of the wheel.

The smelting and use of metals and the quarrying and dressing of stone for architectural purposes are crafts that were taught to the Negro by members of other races. The hokum currently being served up in the schools about a centuries-old Negro „civilization“ based on the ruins of stone walls found at Zimbabwe, in Rhodesia, is simply the product of wishful thinking by proponents of racial equality who are willing to ignore all facts which conflict with their equalitarian mania.

Negro cultural inferiority is the consequence of the physical inadequacy of the Negro brain in dealing with abstract concepts. On the other hand, the Negro shows an ability approaching that of the White at mental tasks requiring only memory. That is why the Negro can be trained relatively easily to adapt to many aspects of White culture.

His verbal ability and his ability to imitate allow him, when properly motivated, to assume much of the outward appearance of „equality.“ In a decade of special college-admission quotas for Blacks, many thousands of Blacks have obtained college diplomas-but only in those disciplines in which a glib tongue and a good memory suffice. There have been virtually no Black graduates in the physical sciences and very few in engineering.

Thus, the Negro’s inability to handle the abstract concepts required in problem-solving and technological innovation make a mockery of outward appearances. And this inability is genetic in nature, rooted in the physical structure of the Negro brain.

Until the post-World War II campaign to blend the White and Negro races began in earnest, the Negro’s mental limitations were common knowledge. The 11th edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, for example, says of the Negro, in part:

„Other characteristics

„…appear to be hypertrophy of the organs of excretion, a more developed venous system, and a less voluminous brain, as compared with the white races.

„In certain of the characteristics mentioned above the negro would appear to stand on a lower evolutionary plane than the white man, and to be more closely related to the highest anthropoids….

„Mentally the negro is inferior to the white,… While with the latter the volume of the brain grows with the expansion of the brainpan, in the former the growth of the brain is on the contrary arrested by the premature closing of the cranial sutures and lateral pressure of the frontal bone.“

And the 1932 edition of the Encyclopedia Americana lists, among the distinguishing characteristics of the Negro race, the following:

„3. Weight of brain, 35 ounces (in gorilla 20 ounces, average Caucasian 45 ounces)….

„8. Exceedingly thick cranium, enabling him to use the head as a weapon of attack….

„14. The cranial sutures, which close much earlier in the Negro than in other races. „

As the media stepped up their flow of „equality“ propaganda, later editions of these encyclopedias simply deleted the racial data on Blacks. One had to turn to specialized medical texts to learn that the associative areas of the brain, where abstract thought takes place, are less developed in the Negro than in the White.

It has been well known since the large-scale intelligence testing of U.S. Army recruits in World War I that the average Negro IQ is approximately 15 per cent below that of the average White. Apologists for the Blacks have tried to explain away the earlier test scores as being due to the effects of segregated schools and Black poverty; i.e., they claimed the tests were „culturally biased.“

Later IQ tests, however, showed essentially the same degree of Black deficiency in IQ: whether Black graduates of integrated high schools were tested against White graduates of the same schools, or Blacks in a certain socioeconomic category against similarly categorized Whites, the Blacks always scored substantially lower, even though standard IQ tests measure memory skills as well as purely associative ability. Tests which focus on the latter type of mental function show a much larger difference between Black and White scores.

But it is precisely the ability to associate concepts, to deal with abstractions, to mentally extrapolate the present into the future that has allowed the White race to build and maintain its civilization, and it is the Negro’s deficiency in this regard which kept him in a state of savagery in his African environment and is now undermining the civilization of a racially mixed America. That is why it is vitally important for every White person to understand that there can be no such thing as „equality“ between Whites and Blacks, regardless of the amount of racial mixing forced on Americans by the government.

Black-White Race Differences: A Partial List

Intelligence: The IQ of the average American Negro is 15 per cent lower than that of the average American White. Individuals of high intellect are much scarcer among Negroes than among Whites. This difference is revealed not only by the Negro’s historical lack of achievement, but also by extensive testing. The U.S. government’s PACE examination, given to 200,000 university graduates who are prospective professional or administrative civil-service employees each year, is passed with a score of 70 or above by 58 per cent of the Whites who take it but by only 12 per cent of the Negroes. Among top scorers the difference between Negro and White performance is even more striking: 16 per cent of the White applicants make scores of 90 or above, while only one-fifth of one per cent of the Negro applicants score as high as 90-a White/Black success ratio of 80/1.

Lactase Deficiency: Most adult Negroes lack the ability to digest milk and food products based on milk; their bodics do not produce the enzyme lactase, which is necessary for the digestion of milk sugar. This genetic deficiency stems from the failure of Negroes to domesticate animals in Africa prior to contact with Whites; their ancestors consequently did not use milk as an adult food.

Body Proportions: Negroes have arms which are longer, relative to body height, than those of Whites. This feature, together with their much thicker cranial bones, gives Negro athletes an advantage over Whites in boxing. The skeletal and muscular peculiarities of Negroes’ lower limbs have given them considerable success as sprinters, but have left them relatively undistinguished as distance runners.

Criminality: The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports reveal that Negroes commit violent crimes 8.5 times as often as Whites, relative to their numbers in the overall U.S. population. Negroes are 7.2 timcs as likely to commit rape, 11.2 times as likely to commit murder, and 14.1 times as likely to commit robbery. Violent Negro crime is typically spontaneous rather than planned and reflects a general lack of inhibition and foresight.

Skull and Jaw Shape: The Negro skull, in addition to having a smaller brain volume and thicker cranial bones than that of the White, is prognathous; i.e., the lower face projects forward, rather in the manner of an animal’s muzzle. In consequence, the Negro jaw is substantially longer, relative to its width, than the White jaw. A feature of the Negro lower jaw is its retention of a vestige of the „simian shelf,“ a bony region immediately behind the incisors. The simian shelf is a distinguishing characteristic of apes, and it is absent in Whites. Negroes also have larger teeth than Whites.

(National Vanguard Issue No. 68, 1979) Published in The Best of Attack and National Vanguard, edited by Kevin Alfred Strom (1984).

When you see this symbol…


Cover: “When you see this symbol…”

Page 2: “Remember what the Jews have done to our people.” The page reviews World War I, for which the Jews are held responsible, then states: “Now for the first time, World Jewry openly says what it wants: ‘Germany must die!’”

Page 3: “And you can read the Jew’s solution in the booklet The War Aim of World Plutocracy.” A review of Kaufman’s proposal follows. “The German Wehrmacht will ensure that World Jewry’s terrible plan, as proclaimed by the Jew Kaufman, will never become reality.

Page 4: “You must ensure through your behavior that Jewry never again has even the slightest influence on our people.”

Jews and the White Slave Trade

by Dr. William Pierce

Steven Spielberg’s pseudo-historical film about a 19th-century mutiny and massacre aboard a Spanish slave ship, Amistad, and the subsequent trial of the Black mutineers is being praised by the reviewers. Spielberg, one of the wealthiest and most successful of Hollywood’s Jewish film makers, is also being praised by his kinsmen in various so-called “human rights” organizations for using his propaganda skills to sensitize White, Gentile audiences to the horrors of slavery and make them feel just a little more guilty for treating non-Whites so badly in the past. What the film doesn’t mention, of course, is that Spielberg’s Jewish kinsmen owned many, though not all, of the ships involved in the 18th- and 19th-century Atlantic trade in Black slaves and, in fact, played a very prominent role in bringing Black slaves to America.

The film tends to steer one away from blaming anyone for slavery except White Gentiles. This bit of misdirection is interesting in light of the fact that Jews have been dominant in the slave trade since at least Roman times — especially the trade in White slaves. Jewish slave dealers followed Caesar’s armies everywhere — into Gaul, into Germany, and into other northern lands — eager to buy as slaves all of the captives of the Romans — especially the female captives.

Jews have remained dominant in the White slave trade until the present day — although during the Middle Ages the Christian Church tried unsuccessfully a number of times to stop them, beginning in the fifth century with an edict by the emperor Theodosius II against Jews owning Christian slaves. After being banned from owning or dealing in slaves by one emperor, the Jews would wait until the next emperor came along, then they would buy a charter giving them a monopoly in the slave trade. Then public outrage against the Jews would grow until another emperor would ban their slave-dealing again. Most of the time, however, the Jews were the undisputed masters of the White slave trade, and that is still the case today.

Interestingly enough, this fact was revealed in a recent news report in the Jewish newspaper the New York Times, of all places. The January 11 issue has a major article titled “Contraband Women” and written by a Jewish reporter in Israel. The article deals specifically with the Jewish trade in Ukrainian and Russian women — although it doesn’t label the trade as “Jewish.” What the report does say is this:

   Centered in Moscow and the Ukrainian capital Kiev, the networks trafficking women run east to Japan and Thailand, where thousands of young Slavic women now work against their will as prostitutes, and west to the Adriatic coast and beyond. The routes are controlled by Russian crime gangs based in Moscow.

What the reader must understand is that these crime gangs don’t have a real Russian in them. They are entirely Jewish, but the agreed-upon subterfuge used by the newspapers in this country is to refer to them as “Russian” rather than as Jewish. Thus one reads in various news organs about the recent takeover of organized crime in many areas of America — especially the East Coast and Los Angeles — by “Russian gangs” and of the viciousness and cleverness of these “Russian” gangsters, but there is never any mention of the fact that they are not Russians at all, but Jews from the former Soviet Union: Jews like Mr. Clinton’s supporter Vadim Rabinovich, photographed shaking hands with Clinton at a Miami fundraiser when he was illegally in the United States, as I mentioned in my broadcast of December 27, 1997.

The story of the exploitation of eastern Europe by the Jews is a fascinating and infuriating story. Throughout the Middle Ages and into the modern era they focused on profiting from the weaknesses and vices of the Gentile populations of Poles, Russians, Ukrainians and others among whom they lived as a barely tolerated minority. In addition to being the moneylenders, they controlled the liquor business and owned the drinking establishments, the gambling dens, and the brothels. A number of 19th-century Russian writers, among them Dostoievski and Gogol, have described their destructive effects on Slavic peasant society and the perpetual condition of mutual hostility which existed between the Jews and the Slavs.

During the 19th and early 20th centuries the Jewish trade in White slaves from these lands expanded enormously. It has been described by the Jewish historian Edward Bristow in his 1982 book Prostitution and Prejudice, published by Oxford University Press and Schocken Books in New York. Although Bristow’s book is written from the viewpoint of one opposed to this Jewish trade in women, it is nevertheless enormously revealing. The Jews recruited peasant girls in Polish and Russian villages, usually under false pretenses, and transported them to brothels in Turkey, Egypt, and other parts of the Middle East; to Vienna, Budapest, and other major cities in the Austro-Hungarian Empire; and as far away as New York, New Orleans, and Buenos Aires. This Jewish trade in Slavic women naturally caused a great deal of hatred against the Jews by the Slavs, and this hatred broke out in pogroms and other popular actions against the Jews over and over again.

One would believe from the works of Mr. Spielberg and other Jewish propagandists that the hatred the Slavs bore against the Jews was based only on religious bigotry and that the Jews were completely innocent and inoffensive. One fascinating fact which Bristow’s book reveals is that the center of the Jewish trade in Polish girls was in a little town called Oswiecim. The German name for this town was Auschwitz.

I don’t mean to imply that the Jews were the only ones at fault in the White slave trade. Gentile politicians and police officials gladly accepted bribes from the Jews and in return allowed them to carry on their dirty business. And in the United States non-Jewish criminal elements such as the Mafia collaborated with the Jews or ran their own White slave operations. But the trade in White slaves from eastern Europe has been an exclusively Jewish activity for the last 200 years.

It is ironic that another Jewish enterprise, organized Marxism, put a temporary crimp in the Jewish trade in Slavic women. When the Jewish Bolsheviks seized control of Russia and Ukraine after the First World War, and of Poland and other Slavic lands after the Second World War, they clamped down on all capitalist activity, including that of their Jewish brethren in the White slave business. What they did instead was establish a huge empire of slave-labor camps, of which Alexander Solzhenitsyn has written so eloquently. Jewish slave dealers became commissars and slave camp bosses. And of course, they butchered their Gentile opponents by the millions. The time of communism was the Jews’ time for getting rid of all of the Russian and Ukrainian patriots, who had hated them for so long.

Actually, some capitalist activity did survive throughout the communist years in the form of organized crime. Two excellent books on the subject were published in the United States, both written by Soviet Jews thoroughly familiar with organized crime in the Soviet Union. In fact, one of the authors, Yuri Brokhin, was a former member of a Jewish organized crime gang in Russia, where he worked as a pimp. His book, Hustling on Gorky Street, was published in 1975 by Dial Press.

The other author, Konstantin Simis, was a Jewish defense lawyer for organized Jewish criminals. His book, USSR: The Corrupt Society, was published in 1982 by Simon and Schuster. Both of these Jewish authors write quite frankly about the Jewish domination of organized crime during the communist years. Brokhin brags about it, in fact. He says Russians and other Slavs can only be ordinary criminals, depending on guns and strong-arm tactics, but they aren’t smart enough for successful, large-scale organized crime; only Jews are smart enough for that.

A factor neither author mentions which was more important than smartness was the connections Jewish criminals had with Jewish communists in the Soviet bureaucracy. When Abe, who ran a prostitution and drug racket in Moscow, could count on his cousin Hymie in the prosecutor’s office to keep him informed about police plans for raids, as well as a little covert assistance if matters ever came to court, he had a distinct advantage over his Russian competitors.

Eventually communism bled eastern Europe dry, and with the economies of the countries under their control on the verge of collapse the communists switched hats, declared themselves “democrats” instead of communists, and announced a return to capitalism. The Jewish slave dealers went back into business, and business was good for them. Other Jewish communists went into business too. As the economies were “privatized” — that is, as state-owned factories and businesses were sold to private entrepreneurs at bargain-basement prices — Jews used their connections with their now-“democratic” kinsmen in the bureaucracies to snap them up. Other Jews, who had monopolized organized crime during the communist years, remained as organized crime bosses but greatly expanded the scope of their operations. Often, the new entrepreneurs and the new crime bosses are the same people.

The richest man in Russia today is Boris Berezovsky, who since the collapse of communism has become a multi-billionaire by buying up banks, television networks, and newspapers from the government, with the aid of his fellow Jews still in the bureaucracy. Berezovsky speeds around Moscow in a bulletproof vest and an armored limousine, and anyone who gets in the way of his business interests has a tendency to get shot or simply to disappear. Second only to Berezovsky in wealth is another Jewish media mogul, Vladimir Gusinsky. Between them, Berezovsky and Gusinsky control most of the mass media in Russia. They also exercise pretty thorough control of Boris Yeltsin, Russia’s alcoholic president, who is sort of a Slavic version of Bill Clinton, plus vodka. It was only through the support of Berezovsky’s and Gusinsky’s media that Yeltsin won his last election.

If you remember, Clinton and all of the Jewish media in the United States also were rooting enthusiastically for Yeltsin during that election. They all were afraid that a genuine Russian patriot might beat Yeltsin, in which case the Jewish control of Russia would have been finished.

After the election, Yeltsin appointed Berezovsky to Russia’s national security council, but when some of the few media in Russia which still are independent publicized Berezovsky’s connections to Jewish organized crime gangs, Yeltsin was forced to fire him. Yeltsin has made up for that, however, by appointing another Jew, Boris Nemtsov, to the position of deputy prime minister, one of the most powerful positions in the government. One thing Yeltsin never has done, however, is make any move to curtail the operations of Russia’s organized Jewish crime gangs, which are running rampant through the country and displaying their wealth and power, while ordinary Russians struggle to feed themselves and keep their homes warm this winter.

And tens of thousands of pretty but naive young Russian and Ukrainian women are being swept up by the Jewish gangs — called “Russian” gangs by the New York Times — and shipped off to a life of misery and degradation in Turkey, Pakistan, Thailand, and Israel, as well as to countries in western Europe, where Jews also control organized crime. The young women, unable to find work in Russia, Ukraine, or Poland and facing a bleak future in countries ravaged by decades of communism, are eager for any chance at a better life. They respond to advertisements that offer them work abroad as receptionists or secretaries and also promise free training and transportation. When the girls arrive at their destinations, however, they find something quite different — but by then it is too late.

One of these girls, Irina, a 21-year-old, green-eyed Ukrainian blond, was interviewed in Israel. She told how her Israeli employer took her to a brothel soon after her arrival in Israel. He took her passport away from her, burned it before her eyes, and told her that she now was his property and must work in the brothel. When Irina refused, she was beaten and raped. Luckier than most of the Slavic women lured to Israel, Irina eventually was swept up in a police raid and sent to prison as an illegal alien. She was awaiting deportation, along with hundreds of other Russian and Ukrainian women, when she was interviewed. She lamented the fact that the Israeli who had raped her and forced her to work in the brothel was not even arrested. Indeed, according to Jewish law, the rape of a Gentile woman is not illegal. Nor is it illegal in Israel to buy and sell slaves, so long as the slaves are not Jewish. Amazingly, the New York Times article reveals this fact.

The White slave trade is big business in Israel. Ukrainian authorities estimate that as many as 40,000 Ukrainian women under the age of 30 are taken from Ukraine each year. Some of these women respond to advertisements promising employment abroad, like Irina did, and some are simply kidnapped and smuggled out of the country. Those who try to escape from their Jewish captors are treated brutally. Often they are butchered in front of other captive women to keep the others terrified into doing whatever they are told. At slave markets operated by the Jewish gangs in Italy young Slavic women are stripped, put on blocks, and auctioned off to brothel owners.

The most astounding thing about this whole, filthy business is that most people are forced to learn about it from a Jewish newspaper like the New York Times. And really, you should read for yourself the article to which I referred. It was in the January 11, 1998, issue, and the news is not likely to be repeated.

Ask yourself, why doesn’t Interpol, the international police agency, do something to put a stop to this White slave trade? Why don’t the governments of the countries from which the women are being abducted do something? Why don’t the mass media raise a hue and cry? Why don’t powerful feminist organizations demand the eradication of White slavery?

And the answer to all of these questions is easy: they dare not do or say anything because it is a Jewish business. In places like Germany, where the Jews have almost total control of organized crime, anyone who announces that fact publicly will be arrested and charged with “inciting racial hatred.” Germany and most other European countries have laws against what they call “hate speech.” Saying anything negative about Jews, true or not, invokes these laws.

Jewish organizations — and of course, the Clinton administration — would like very much to have similar laws in the United States. Interpol, which has plenty of other work to keep it busy, is not eager to be charged with “anti-Semitism” by going after the Jewish White-slave gangs. Even if Interpol did arrest the gangsters, it wouldn’t do much good, because the fix is in nearly everywhere. There’s a huge amount of money made from selling women: enough money to pay off politicians, bureaucrats, judges, and policemen.

Jews like to say about the so-called “Holocaust” of the Second World War, “Never again.” They like to talk about how it is necessary to stamp out anti-Semitism and pass laws against so-called “hate speech,” so that there can never be another “Holocaust.” But by their own behavior they guarantee that there will be.

While some Jews beat the drums for more reparations payments from Switzerland, Germany, France, and other countries they claim didn’t treat them right or took some of their ill-gotten gold from them 55 or 60 years ago, other Jews are still bleeding countries like Poland, Ukraine, Russia, and the Baltic nations of money and of their young women. Countries which suffered for decades under the brutal rule of communist commissars are still being exploited by the same people, now calling themselves “democrats.”

The Jews believe that with their deathgrip on the mass media nearly everywhere, with their puppets — like Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin — in positions of power in the East and in the West, with the enormous wealth they have at their disposal, and with so many Gentiles buffaloed by “Holocaust” propaganda of the sort cranked out by Steven Spielberg and a hundred others, they can keep getting away with their exploitation of us forever. But they are wrong. They themselves are building up the hatred and the resentment and the rage which will destroy them. It will destroy them all: the gang members, the media bosses, the “advisers” to Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin, the professional “Holocaust” wailers, the former commissars, and the rest, even those who are not currently involved in any of these activities. They are guaranteeing that there will be another “Holocaust.” And this time it will be a real one.

Thanks for being with me again today — and do find and read that article on the White slave trade in the January 11, 1998, New York Times.


by Arno Schickedanz


Through Karl Marx-Mordechai, Jewry overcame the problems and difficulties that came with industrialization and the transformation of ownership resulting from the development of the fourth estate, falsifying their justified demands in a way that served Jewry’s interests. With his assertion of constant exploitation based on his materialist view of history, Karl Marx created a front that ran through all nations, stamping it with “internationalism” and the Jewish spirit. His doctrine ripped nations apart. Their resistance to outside forces collapsed as parties struggled bitterly with one another. It is surprising that few have noticed that Karl Marx-Mordechai’s doctrines were Jewish in nature. He believed that he could take the materialist view of history and the exploitive nature of the Jewish people and apply them to all the other peoples.

The claim of “constant exploitation” removed the parasitic lifestyle of the “chosen people” from the center of attention of other nations as well as of the class claimed by Marxism. But it continued to reign as the leader of speculative finance capital, bound to no territory or national community. It also led the Marxist organization that spanned all boundaries of land and ethnicity, just as “Jahwe” rules over the universe.

The growing wealth of the Jews, along with the increasing influence that their wealth gave them led to a certain loosening of Jewish cohesiveness. Increasing numbers went from the Mosaic to the Christian faith purely to gain further advantages. There was a certain “assimilation,” and a “liberal” Jewry also developed that accepted those precepts of Jewish doctrine that were pleasant and comfortable, but rejected those that caused discomfort, without however leaving the Jewish faith. Karl Marx-Mordechai’s doctrines were even reflected in the Jewish organization “Paole Zion” among the poor Jews found only in the East who had not accomplished anything.

Zionism resulted from thinking about the position of the Jews within their host peoples and from knowledge of their financial and political power. It was an attempt to balance these facts and combat the spiritually divergent tendencies in Jewry. Its founder Herzl spoke more or less openly in various places in his diaries: “Where it exists, one can no longer abolish the legal equality of the Jews. This is not only because it goes against the modern mind, but also because all Jews, rich and poor, would immediately be forced into revolutionary parties. There is really nothing they can do to us. In the past one took their jewelry from the Jews; can one today take their movable wealth? The impossibility of getting at the Jews has only strengthened and embittered hatred. Anti-Semitism grows daily, even hourly, in the population. It will continue to grow since its causes continue to exist and cannot be eliminated.” (Th. Herzl, The Jewish State). “I do not wish to write about the history of the Jews. It is familiar. I must mention only one thing: In our two thousand years in the diaspora, there has been no unified leadership. That is what I think is our primary misfortune.” To overcome this “misfortune,” Herzl founded political Zionism.

Gentile observers and writers on Zionism, who see political Zionism only as an attempt at “national renewal” rather than an effort to establish a unified Jewish leadership as well as Jewish rule over the world, are therefore incorrect. The confusion of political Zionism with Palestine can be understood only through the Jewish prophecies in which Jewry is assured of control over all the goods of this world. Knowing that the time was near, and would culminate in taking possession of Palestine, Zionism developed the nonsensical notion of an “historic claim” to the “promised land,” to which Jews “without any outside pressure” would gradually emigrate.

In the ideology of political Zionism, Palestine fulfilled the role of an indispensable part of prophecy, just as certain rules are the guarantee for success in the magical ceremonies of primitive peoples. Political Zionism never intended Palestine to be the destination of all Jews, but rather it merely wants to make Palestine the center of Jewish world policy. That must naturally be protected by a strong Jewish population. The Zionist publication Jüdische Rundschau wrote: “No one at any time has proposed that all Jews today should emigrate to Palestine.” Nah um Sokolow, Weizmann’s colleague and current chairman of the Zionist Committee, said it clearly in 1921: “The Jewish people wants to return to Palestine; the Jewish people will have its center in Palestine. Large parts of Jewry will live as a Jewish periphery in the world. They must be cared for; their dignity and their national rights must be assured.”

This is also clear from the text of the state treaty Jewry concluded with England, the so-called Balfour Declaration: “His Majesty’s Government favors the establishment of a national home in Palestine for the Jews, and we will make the greatest efforts to reach this goal, although it is clearly understood that nothing will be done that will affect the civil and religious rights of Gentile communities in Palestine or the rights and political standing of Jews in any other country.”

That provides a correction to the idealization of Zionism, which springs from a different race. From a political standpoint, it would be in the interests of the whole world, of all the host peoples, if the Jews now scattered throughout the whole world were to voluntarily emigrate to some habitable territory. If political Zionism were not interested in such a solution to the Jewish Question, it would be in the interests of the host peoples to point it in that positive direction. The only question would be whether Palestine is the proper gathering place, which no one would likely maintain. Palestine is not able to absorb all the Jews in the world, entirely aside from the fact of increasing Arab opposition to Jewish infiltration. The Arabs are, after all, the undisputed owners of the land. But what other territory would be appropriate? And at the instant Palestine ceased to be the goal of Jewish emigration, political Zionism would collapse, since Palestine is seen as a means for the fulfillment of prophecy. Without that, the whole enterprise would lose its point. Jewry itself would make the most passionate and bitter attacks, and before long any undertaking that ignored Palestine would be crippled by Jewry itself. Palestine incorporates for Jewry its special position. Ignoring this would be ethnic suicide for Jewry, since political Zionism also has as a goal maintaining and strengthening Jewry’s special situation.

Caricatures from “Der Stürmer” – translated in English and colourized!

The Year 1931








Israel’s Sacred Terrorism


  • by Livia Rokach Belmont Mass: AAUG Press, 1986, third ed. Paperback, 63 pages, $6, ISBN 0-937694-70-3.

Blaming the Victims

  • Edward Said and Christopher Hitchins, eds. London: Verso/New Left Books, 1988. Paperback, 296 pages, $15, ISBN 046091487 4.

Reviewed by William Grimstad

Terrorism … terrorists.” Most people who read the ugly words in the newspapers probably take them for granted, not noticing their oddly increasing frequency. After all, what else could you call people who would, say, plant a bomb on a large airliner and kill hundreds? The only thing remaining is to skim the article and see what kind they were this time: PLO, PLO faction, Iranian? Or, maybe IRA? Anything but the real originators, it seems.

Even those cynical of mass media foibles, who might ridicule the spread of a veritable terrorist chic among the newsies, probably will not smell a rat and suddenly realize that we now have yet another word in a very special and potent vocabulary. Terrorism has joined such formidable swear/smear words as Holocaust, anti-Semitism, racism. These fearsome epithets pack a big wallop. Just as voodoo and black magic make use of verbal mumbo-jumbo in (claiming to) conjure up varied occult powers, so have these imprecations been used for generations in the control of untold millions, perhaps billions, of people. One might call them weasel-words. They are a “psy-war” expert’s dream: they don’t cost anything and nobody notices them at work.

When Washington recently began prodding the Jerusalem government for discussions with the Palestine Liberation Organization, the response was a loud protest that Israel “does not talk with terrorists.” Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir (Yezernitsky) is less voluble, however — in fact, he has refused all comment – at recently revealed documents proving that he was directly involved in the 1948 assassination of the United Nations peacemaker, Count Bernadotte.

This certainly was one of the more heinous of the acts of murder and mayhem committed by Zionist squads during Israel’s hear of independence.” That many of these gang leaders and assassins have risen to the top of a government which now spends most of its time denouncing “Palestinian terrorism” must be grounds for the gravest reflection.

‘Holocaust’ Impact in the United States

To understand how and why the new “terrorism” weasel word is being built up, we must observe one of the earlier but immensely successful terms. Those of us who have pondered the stupendous clout of Holocaust” ought to study further the exact relationship between that horrific tableau vivant of the Forties, seen through a (television) glass darkly, and the Zionist enclave which continues to dominate the crossroads of the Mideast.

The “Six Million” legend has been a stunning tour de force of raw mass-persuasive power, ringing seemingly endless changes upon a rather modest body of lies and distortions cobbled together ad hoc at the finale of World War Two. It is clear that the major area of incidence is the United States: without this country, it is unlikely that the tale would have got far in the world’s estimation, or would survive long in future.

Now, a striking analog exists with the Zionist entity itself. No one denies that Israel endures only because of its “special relationship” with the U.S., demanding vast flows of our capital and armaments, and endless political intercession by Washington in world forums. Beyond this, it is an insufficiently appreciated fact that the Zionist state is a highly artificial, even illusionistic phenomenon. It is based upon one part brutal subjugation of increasingly restive non-Jews at home, to three parts misdirection and deception in the outer world, particularly in this country.

Myth Cover for Zionist Onslaught

One sees, then, that Israel and the Holocaust myth are mutually indispensable, bound up together as complementary aspects of the same political thrust, rather like the familiar Oriental yang-yin symbol. Ultimately, if the Holocaust legend falls or fades too badly, Israel will effectively be delegitimized. This is exactly the dilemma facing the Zionists: years, decades generations are slipping away and the hoax is simply growing old, now in an increasingly hectic era living more and more on the instant. Add in the relentless chipping away at the confabulation by Historical Revisionism, and the long-range implications become clear, a lesson we can be sure has not been lost upon the proprietors.

Israel’s carefully cultivated propaganda “image” is that of a heroic little American-style democracy besieged on all fronts by medieval “Arab” tyrannies. Although there never has been much patience with this idea in the Third World, and even in parts of Europe, it has continued to “play in Peoria” among the U.S. intelligentsia, from academe down through the dreariest drudges of the mass media. However, there are unmistakable signs that even this cushy situation is finally deteriorating.

Conclusion: it’s time for new weasel-words.

International Zionism’s astounding ability to prop up the “brave little Israel” facade year after year depends upon continued concealment of the real, blatantly terroristic character of its initial seizure and subsequent expansion of territory, right up to the present. For not overly scrupulous historians and pundits, this remained a workable fantasy until the Moshe Sharett exposes. Now they must risk not only lying to themselves, but to their public — and being called to account for it. At a time when timidly increasing numbers of inquiries into Zionist doings are beginning to be seen, we can only praise Ms. Rokach’s as one of the most unique. Those of us who have spent much of our adult lives probing one aspect or another of the worldwide Zionist enterprise will recognize immediately what an utter rarity it is to be able to listen in on deliberations among the actual high command.

While there is probably little going on in the inner councils of major nations that is not monitored by the Zionists, who are legendary for the power of their espionage, these people are just as abnormally preoccupied with secrecy concerning their own affairs. That is why this study is such a revelation, based as it is on the private journals of Moshe Sharrett, one of the true founding fathers of the state of Israel. No doubt the Israel Cabinet is, along with the Chinese Politburo or the consiglieri of the Jersey City mafia, among the world’s most impenetrable executive bodies. Yet, for a brief period, we now have a glimpse of its inner workings.

Diary of Israel’s Early Era

Sharett was there, in the secret planning sessions, when some of the most momentous actions and policies in the terror-ridden era that is constantly trumpeted as the “heroic” early period of Israel were planned out. Among these were- the pointless 1953 attack on the defenseless West Bank village of Kibya, led by present-day Israeli “hawk” Ariel Sharon, in which 69 Palestinians were killed; the 1954 hijacking of a Syrian airliner to Israel in the wake of Syria’s arrest of five Israeli spies, admitted as such by Sharett, which was the world’s first case of air piracy; the savage 1954 attack on the village of Nahlin, near Bethlehem, with dozens of Palestinian civilians killed.

The real reasons for these and others similar, routinely called “Reprisals” for “Arab terrorism” by Israel, are here explained, from the inside and from the top, as cynical and carefully calculated provocations. The goal was twofold: first, the ongoing intimidation and demoralization of the non-Jewish subject population; but second, and equally important, the creation of a desired climate of fury and amoral adventurism within the Jewish citizenry. Sharett reports that this psychological manipulation via murderous reactions to trumped-up incidents of “anti-Semitism” was justified by Chief of Staff Moshe Dayan as “our vital lymph. They … help us maintain a high tension among our population and in the Army … In order to have young men go to the Negev we have to cry out that it is in danger.”

This, then, is the gruesome process from which Rokach’s title derives. Sharett confesses that, while early Zionists supposedly curbed “emotions of revenge,” those of his era had eliminated the Mental and moral brake” on this impulse and had come to “uphold revenge as a moral value … a sacred principle.”

Sharet’s Authority

Like so many Zionist pioneers, Moshe Sharett (Shertok) was born a very long way from the land he later helped seize, immigrating to Palestine from Russia in the early 1900s. He early showed political skills and advanced quickly in the Mapai (Labor) Party and in the Jewish Agency, where he became a close associate of the Agencyss rambunctious head, David Ben Gurion (Gruen). After independence, he became the first foreign minister of the new state, for a time even replacing Ben Gurion as prime minister during the latter’s much-ballyhooed “retirement to the desert.”

It is Sharett’s participation in Israeli Cabinet sessions that the diary records, and which Livia Rokach quotes. Although the period covered, fall 1953 through fall 1956, is relatively short, Sharett’s notations run to 2,400 pages in eight volumes. Something of the candor with which he documents highly sensitive Cabinet discussions, many of them still potentially embarrassing to the government today, may be gauged from the intensity with which the Israeli establishment attempted to prevent publication of the diary when Sharett’s son announced his plan to do so. That, however, was the original version, in Hebrew and limited to a small edition within Israel. A surprisingly different suppressive effort ensued when the publishers readied the present study by Rokach, this time from the Sharett family itself, and a bevy of New York Zionist lawyers. So, clearly the original publication must have been intended solely for internal Zionist edification. The effort ran aground, however, when the Israeli Foreign Ministry dropped out of the dispute, no doubt reckoning that a squabble probably would only end up promoting the book.

Confessions Damaging to Zionism

It is easy to understand the concern. Second only to the steady erosion of the “Holocaust” legend, which of course formed the propagandistic plinth of “sympathy” and moral legitimacy for the original incursion into Palestine, this testimony by a former prime minister and lifelong operative at the pinnacle of the Zionist movement seems the most damaging.

Sharett’s motives in compiling the diary can only be guessed, although assuaging of a troubled conscience may well have been a factor. He does seem to have been something of a Zionist Hamlet: a man torn by self-doubt, although conscience certainly did not make a coward of him in his spirited public defenses of Israeli excesses that he privately execrates. Most importantly, however, he clearly did not contemplate publication, and that adds greatly to the journal’s credibility.

The value of Sharett’s mea culpa is on two levels: he shows us the early planning stages of some of Israel’s most odious planned terrorism incidents, and he gives us his remorseful evaluations of what this atrocious record says of his own people. Coming from an “anti-Semite,” the latter observations would count for nothing; from this source, they are extraordinarily telling:

“I condemned the Kibya affair that exposed us in front of the whole world as a gang of blood-suckers, capable of mass massacres regardless, it seems, of whether Weir actions may lead to war.” (October 1953)

“I meditated on the substance and destiny of His People, who is capable of such honest aspiration for beauty and nobility, and at the same time cultivates among its best youth youngsters capable of calculated, coldblooded murder, by knifing the bodies of defenseless Beduin. Which of these two biblical souls will win over the other in the People?” (March 1955)

“I have been meditating on the long chain of false incidents and hostilities we have invented …” (June 1955)

Real Holocaust Victims

One cannot condone the undeniable excesses and atrocities committed by desperate anti-Israel partisans in the typhoon of terror and retaliation that has arisen over the Zionist seizure of Palestine. However, we are at least entitled to a balanced perspective on the matter, and this will not be forthcoming from mainstream news and opinion media in most Western countries.

This is the great value of Blaming the Victims. Editors Said and Hitchens and nine other experts offer a masterly critique of the avalanche of spurious reportage on the Mideast disaster to which we’ve so long been subjected. Its overall impact left this writer thunderstruck.

What finally dawns on one, after years of mulling over these problems, is the stupendous irony of the situation. Revisionist scholarship has established beyond doubt that Jews underwent no “genocide” during World War Two, and in fact suffered proportionately far smaller losses than did the Germans and Russians. Yet, here we have it staring us in the face that these very same people — or as least their Zionist heroes-have been carrying out a sort of gasless holocaust of the Palestinian people ever since the war!

Peters Book Deflated

This begins on the ideological level, if that is the right word, with the proposition “There are no Palestinians.” After all, if you employ your not inconsiderable money — and media-power to deny that a stateless, defenseless people even exists, how much attention will the military mopping-up operations attract later on? One of the major documents in this campaign is the 1984 tome, From Time Immemorial, by Joan Peters. Although derided in the British press, and even in Israel where a distinguished professor, Avishai Margalit, denounced it as a “web of deceit,” the Peters volume has been welcomed with dithyrambs of praise by our savants, including, not insignificantly, the “Holocaust” experts, Elie Wiesel and Lucy Dawidowicz.

Peters’s contention is that the territory was “empty” when the Zionists moved in after World War One, whereupon the so-called Palestinians began sneaking in from surrounding Arab lands to find work as the Jews “made the desert bloom.” This, of course, is one of the oldest staples of Israeli propaganda, and indeed has largely been abandoned there; but Peters resuscitates the story with a great flurry of ostensible research, references to Ottoman Empire population statistics, and the like.

Unfortunately for her, she reckoned without Norman G. Finkelstein, a Jewish anti-Zionist historian who has become her book’s untiring nemesis. In separate essays, he and editor Said surgically deflate the vast farrago of errors, misinterpretations, half-truths and outright lies that characterize the Peters volume. Finkelstein uses a particularly effective technique of parallel columns, giving the actual original citation (which obviously cost him an enormous research effort) next to what Peters says it says. The effect is devastating. One can only agree with Finkelstein’s assessment that Peters’s book, which, in America at least, has become the “Bible” of the trendier Holocaustarians and pro-Israel blowhards, is “among the most spectacular frauds ever published on the Arab-Israeli conflict.”

Chomsky’s Valuable Insights

Blaming the Victims contains many other essays of similar Revisionist import unraveling the compounded falsification that has been visited nonstop upon the Palestinians, who share with the Germans the dubious distinction of being perhaps the most lied-about people on earth. Among these, the superb extended piece, “Middle East Terrorism and the American Ideological System,” by the noted Jewish linguist, Noam Chomsky, returns us full circle to our original forbidding subject.

Chomsky starts with the bedrock axiom of Israeli policy, voiced often through the years, but never more sanctimoniously than by future president Chaim Herzog in 1972: the Palestinians can never be “partners in any way in a land that has been holy to our people for thousands of years.” Ergo: the flat ban on (a) independent political organization in the occupied territories, and (b) discussions with Palestinian representatives, regardless of whether they agree to recognize Israel and to eschew violence. Chomsky shows what a stumbling block this incredible disenfranchisement has been, right up to the moment. As this is written, Israel’s leaders continue to tough it out against tepid U.S. urgings that they reach at least some accommodation with legitimate Palestinian spokesmen.

Israel’s Expansionism

Arguably the most valuable of Moshe Sharett’s diaristic revelations are what he tells us of Israel’s long-range planning, in particular its goal of a much larger territory than it currently holds and its implacable determination to become the regional superpower. It is these ambitions that have laid groundwork for the largest-scale devastation yet unleashed by the Zionist state: the ghastly evisceration of the once flourishing land of Lebanon.

What was called “Israel’s Grand Design” in an important essay by the late pioneering Revisionist writer, John M. Henshaw, is a large subject unto itself. It would include such seemingly fantastic goals as controlling everything eastward to the site of ancient Babylon, in the Tigris-Euphrates area of Iraq. However, more realistic objectives lie closer to home, and in an arid region, Zionist chieftains long ago set their sights on control of key waterways to the north.

As far back as the Paris peace conference of 1919, they proposed a northern boundary for the Jewish “national home” mandated in the British Balfour Declaration that would have seized much of Lebanon up to the Litani River. At the same time, Ben Gurion and others tried to inveigle Patriarch Hayak with financial aid promises to abandon South Lebanon for Jewish settlement and set up a Christian state in the Muslim north. The patriarch indignantly refused, but that was by no means the end of the matter.

This Lebanon objective, pursued like an idee fixe through the decades, has formed the pivot point in one way or another for much of Israeli history. Zionist armed bands that took over Palestine in 1948 occupied much of South Lebanon, nearing the Litani River, but were forced to withdraw by international opposition. However, the military campaigns of 1967, 1978 and 1982 once again saw efforts to implement the policy, and these were successful to the point that Israel now effectively controls the Jordan, Banias, Wazzani, Hasbani and Litani rivers, an enormous geopolitical advantage.

Anti-Lebanese Plotting

In his February 1954 diary entries, Sharett details the strategy sessions where a beginning was made to draft plans that have only come to their full, dire fruition now, many decades later, with Lebanon in its death agonies. The overall framework for the plan was creation of a Lebanese Christian state. This was done chiefly to drive a wedge into the largely Muslim Arab League. Sharett writes:

“Then he [Ben Gurion] passed on to another issue. This is the time, he said, to push Lebanon, that is the Maronites in that country, to proclaim a Christian State … It is clear that Lebanon is the weakest link in the Arab League … Now is the time to bring about the creation of a Christian state in our neighborhood … This means that time, energy and means ought to be invested in it and that we must act in all possible ways to bring about a radical change in Lebanon. Sasson … and our other Arabists must be mobilized. If money is necessary, no amount of dollars should be spared … This is a historical opportunity.”

For various reasons, it proved unfeasible to activate this grand scheme for the dismemberment of a harmless neighbor until 1968, when Dayan was appointed defense minister. For twenty years the Lebanese border had been utterly tranquil and certainly no Palestinian guerrillas were anywhere on the horizon. Virtually overnight the situation changed, with mysterious border assaults against Israelis which were instantly avenged with savage military reprisals, escalating eventually to aerial bombing in South Lebanon. Finally, by April, 1975, the conflagration was ignited and Lebanon’s civil war rages on to this day, with incalculable losses and suffering.

Chomsky on Media Liars

Yet, incredibly enough, informed opinion here has dismissed this tragedy as a happenstance that was probably inevitable, given Lebanon’s “sectarian” diversity. Meanwhile, first things first, and “Israel’s security” must be vigilantly looked after, with its occasional understandable excesses explained and quickly forgotten. This is the ideational framework within which the entire sorry history of Israeli destabilization and destruction has been vended to propaganda consumers in this and other “First World” countries. Looking out on especially the American intellectual class, from the philo-Zionist to the opportunistic, as they preside over “news” and other mind-molding, one thinks irresistibly of “the dull, the proud, the wicked and the mad” deplored by Alexander Pope. Nevertheless, these people and their dirtywork are still with us, and cry out to be dealt with.

It is here that Blaming the Victims genuinely excels, in particular the Chomsky essay on the new hullaballoo over “terrorism” as a catchall for militant anti-Zionist resistance. This exhaustively documented, trip-hammer analysis ranges, case by case, atrocity by atrocity, over the violent highlights of the past decades – particularly in southern Lebanon — as they have been served up to us, and as the full facts suggest they more likely occurred. It is hard to believe, but Chomsky’s modest fifty pages seriously damage this old, vast, grotesque tissue of distortions and lies that has relentlessly screened Israeli doings, chiefly the ill-starred but indescribably brutal Lebanon invasion of 1982.

Summing up the whole sordid but still rather amazing process, Chomsky can only marvel: “Meanwhile the media are regularly condemned as overly critical of Israel and even ‘pro PLO,’ a propaganda coup of quite monumental proportions.”

Still Revering ‘Holocaust’

There the matter rests. Having noted the encouraging development that these books seem to portend, I am not sure what next to expect. These authors, and at least the Verso press, are all from the “hard Left” side of the spectrum, which of course entails a quite different set of assumptions from those of a “Holocaust” Revisionist. Marxian notions have almost no broad appeal among Middle Eastern people, but leftist partisan discipline apparently still is effective among writers who aspire to represent them.

That is the only way that I can account for the peculiar fact that the Palestinian, Arab and Islamic activists of the world, otherwise so brave in face of Israeli napalm and torturemasters, still are no less cowed than the rest of the world’s “masses,” and fearful of taking the first step to ridicule the strangely sanctified “Holocaust” and “anti-Semitism” shibboleths.

We shall not be rid of the word weasels who are now trying to diabolize “terrorism” as a cover for their own secret sacred mayhem until this gap can be bridged.

From The Journal of Historical Review, Summer 1989 (Vol. 9, No. 2), pages 223-232.

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WILLIAM GRIMSTAD, a professional journalist, has written for four major American newspapers, and been editor of Georgetown Today, the official magazine of Georgetown University. Grimstad is a longtime student of international Zionism and its far-flung operations.. His two books, Anti-Zion and Six Million Reconsidered, often regarded as classics in the field, are available from IHR.