Jews operating on the cultural front of FEMINISM

by Der Stürmer


Gloria Steinem (1934- ); founder, Ms. Magazine.

Bella Abzug (1920-1998); Civil rights and labor attorney elected toCongress (House of Rep.) from New York City; served 1971-1977.

Betty Friedan (1921- ); feminist leader and author of the book “TheFeminine Mystique” (1963).

Shulamith Firestone (1945- ); Canadian feminist. Wrote “TheDialectic of Sex” (1970).

Andrea Dworkin (1946- ); radical; apparent lesbian. Author of thebook “Intercourse” (1987).

Susan Brownmiller (1935- ); U.S. feminist. Wrote the book “AgainstOur Will” (1975).

Susan Faludi (1959- ); author of the book “Backlash” (1992).

Naomi Wolf (1962- ); advisor to Al Gore in the 2000 U.S.presidential election.

Emma Goldman (1869-1940); early U.S. feminist.

Ernestine Rose (1810-1892); b. in Poland; early feminist.

Phyllis Chesler (1941- ); U.S. feminist; author of the book “Woman’sInhumanity to Woman” (2002).

Judy Chicago (Cohen) (1939- ); U.S. feminist. Author of thebook “The Dinner Party” (1996).

Robin Morgan (1941- ); U.S. feminist. Former editor-in-chief, Ms.magazine.

Letty Cottin Pogrebin (1939- ); U.S. feminist; co-founded Ms.magazine.

Gerda Lerner (1920- ); b. in Austria.

Annie Nathan Meyer (1867-1951); U.S. feminist.

Maud Nathan (1862-1946); sister of Annie Nathan Meyer; U.S. feminist.

Geri Palast (1950- ); chair, Committee on Women in the GlobalEconomy; U.S. feminist.

Rose Schneiderman (1882-1972); b. in Poland.

Anita Pollitzer (1894-1975); U.S. feminist; pal of artist GeorgiaO’Keeffe.

Gene Boyer (no birthyear available); a founder of N.O.W.; presidentof Jewish Feminists; U.S. feminist.

Lucy Komisar (1942- ); author of the book “The New Feminism” (1971);U.S. feminist.

Karen Nussbaum (1950- ); (apparently Jewish); leader of 9to5-National Association of Working Women.

Eleanor Flexner (1908-1995); (apparently Jewish-relative is aZionist); U.S. feminist.

Riane Eisler (1931- ); b. Vienna; author/feminist; (apparently aJewish-fled Nazi). Author of the book “The Chalice and the Blade” (1987).