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Dr Duke & Mark Collet Expose the Q Opposition and List the Jewish Supremacy in the Biden Cabinet!



Today Dr. Duke was joined by Mark Collett, leader of the British nationalist movement Patriotic Alternative.  They discussed the inanity of the Q narrative that tells people there is a secret group of white hats that are in the process of rounding up the bad people who have destroyed our country and all patriots have to do is be patient and wait. Likewise, there are other false narratives about the Chinese being behind our problems, and the risk of World War III with China and/or Russia has never been higher.

Don’t forget! If we let the Jewish-dominated power structure get away with stealing this election, we will surrender our freedom and everything that is important to us and have our Republic terminated and we will become a despised minority in our own homeland.

Caricatures from “Der Stürmer” – translated in English and colourized – The Year 1941 – Part 3!

The Year 1941 – Part 3


The Nature of the Beast


by Dr. William Pierce

Last week we spoke about the growing trade in White sex slaves in Israel and the reaction – or lack of reaction – to that trade in America. I read to you from the June 16 edition of one of Israel’s major newspapers, the Jerusalem Post, in which two Israeli feminists reported on the luring of Gentile girls from Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Hungary, and other eastern European countries to Israel with the false promise of high-paying jobs as secretaries or teachers and then the grabbing of these girls by Jewish slave dealers as soon as they land in Israel. The girls are raped, beaten, and terrorized by the Jewish slave dealers to make them compliant, and then they are auctioned to the owners of brothels and sex clubs, where they are kept in locked apartments and forced to work as prostitutes. The Jerusalem Post article also reported that the reason Israel is the center of the international trade in White female slaves is that in Israel it is perfectly legal to buy and sell human beings and to own slaves, provided they are not Jews.

And we spoke about the fact that Americans still support the state of Israel with billions of dollars in military and financial aid every year, and we still behave as if the attempt by the Germans 60 years ago to rid their country of Jewish influence – the so-called „Holocaust“ – was the most terrible crime in the history of the world. Our news media here still refer to the slave state of Israel as a „bastion of freedom and democracy“ in the Middle East. Our President welcomes the prime minister of Israel at the White House with open arms, instead of sending our Navy to the eastern Mediterranean to blitz Tel Aviv with cruise missiles and smart bombs until the Jews free all their White sex slaves and permit an army of United Nations „peacekeepers“ to occupy Israel so that country can be taught that slavery is a „no, no.“

Why is that? Why are Jews not held to the same standards as other people? Indeed, I received some reactions from listeners to last week’s broadcast who told me that Jews cannot be held to normal standards of behavior because they are „God’s people“ – did you get that?: „God’s people“ – and it is wicked to criticize them: it says so right in the Bible, these listeners told me.

Our first tendency might be to dismiss such listeners as hopelessly primitive Bible-thumpers. Why should we take seriously any White person who believes literally and lets himself be governed by the Jews’ own collection of superstition, myth, and pseudo-history? Well, one reason for taking the thumpers seriously is that, unfortunately, there still are a lot of them out there – and many of them, aside from their habit of Bible thumping, are not really bad people. They have been deluded by preachers and churches; they have had a lot of nonsense pounded into their heads when they were young. But really, are people who believe that the universe was created in six days and that the Jewish fortune teller Isaiah was able to make the sun reverse its course across the sky – are they any more ignorant or gullible than people who maintain that the only difference between Whites and Blacks is the color of their skin? Is the religion of the Bible worse than the religion of egalitarianism, the TV religion?

A better reason for listening to the thumpers is that they have a good point: a point that is relevant to our own concern with the Jews. The Jews are the „chosen people,“ the so-called „people of the Book.“ It’s not just the more primitive Christian sects that make that claim; it is the Jews themselves. That claim, in fact, is the fundament on which all of their religion, all of

Judaism, is based, and it merits our serious consideration. We don’t have time on this program for a comprehensive study of the Bible, but I recommend strongly such a course of study to anyone who is seriously interested in the Jewish question.

We can note quickly a couple of things about the Jews’ Bible, however: about the Old Testament. It does condone slavery; it does condone the buying and selling of human beings. The Jewish god, Yahweh, or Jehovah, also sets his own stamp of approval on slavery in the Jews’ Bible; he gives specific instructions to the Jews on buying and selling slaves. Slavery, of course, was an institution practiced by others as well as the Jews during the period of the Old Testament. What makes it relevant to the subject under discussion here is that Judaism is the most conservative of religions practiced in the world today. The Jews always have regarded every word of their Bible as inerrant. For centuries their rabbis have quibbled legalistically over the tiniest details, and their quibbling is set down in the Talmud, to serve as a guide for all observant Jews today. Every comment in the Old Testament about diet or clothing or grooming is taken as a divine commandment, which must be obeyed today by Orthodox Jews.

The Jews have insisted that the Christians change their religion to suit the Jews, and the Christians have been disgustingly accommodating. The New Testament accounts of the crucifixion, for example, have been drastically reinterpreted to absolve the Jews of all blame. The New Testament describes the Jewish mob which handed Jesus over for crucifixion and then demanded that the crucifixion be carried out, threatening to riot and screaming that they and their descendants would take the blame. When the Roman official in charge wanted to acquit Jesus of the Jews’ charges against him, the Jews insisted that he be crucified and said, „His blood be on us and on our children.“ But in modern times the Jews complained that this New Testament account had led Christians to hold a grudge against them. And so the Christian theologians and church officials got busy and announced that it wasn’t really the Jewish population of Jerusalem the New Testament was talking about in its accounts of the crucifixion – it isn’t the Jews who must bear guilt for the shedding of Jesus’ blood – it is all of humanity. That is the new interpretation.

And the rewriting of the account of the crucifixion is only one example of the ways in which the Christians have changed their religion in a vain effort to please the Jews. As a general rule, whenever the Jews yell, „Jump!“ every Christian leader, from the Pope down to the most primitive radio evangelist, immediately responds, „How high, sir?“

But with the Jews it is quite different. Nobody even asks them to change their religion in order to make it less offensive to Christians or Muslims or others. And the Jews wouldn’t dream of making any changes anyway. The interpretation in the Talmud is inerrant. If Yahweh told the children of Israel 4,000 years ago that it’s okay to buy and sell slaves, then it’s still okay today.

And in the state of Israel today even the atheistic Jews in the government are very careful not to offend Orthodox Jews.

When the Romans conquered Gaul and Britain and parts of Germany, every Roman legion which marched north from Rome was followed by Jewish slave dealers, ready to buy from the Roman commanders their prisoners of war and the civilian inhabitants of conquered towns and villages. It wasn’t just that some of the slave dealers happened to be Jews; buying and selling slaves was almost a Jewish monopoly, to the extent that being in the fur business or being a diamond dealer in New York is a Jewish monopoly today. There’s no law against a Gentile setting up a shop on New York’s 47th Street and buying and selling diamonds, but no Gentile in his right mind would consider doing that. The Jews would gang up on him and have him fleeced and bankrupted within a week. An so it was with the buying of captives from the Roman Army. Jews, in fact, like to boast that they have been in some parts of Germany longer than the Germans have been there. And that’s true to the extent that in the settlements that grew up around the permanent Roman camps along the Rhine and other places, the Jewish slave dealers had their own trading posts attached to the camps. When the Germans later forced the Romans out, some of the Jewish traders stayed.

A thousand years later the Jews still were buying and selling slaves in Europe to an extent which scandalized their Christian neighbors, resulting in a number of royal edicts during the Middle Ages prohibiting Jews from owning Christian slaves. After the discovery of the New World and the beginning of large-scale commerce in Black slaves between Africa and the West Indies, the Jews of the Netherlands – especially those who recently had been expelled from Spain and Portugal – were quick to grab a substantial part of the commerce in Black flesh for themselves. They were well positioned to do so, because they were prominent among ship owners and those already engaged in international trade.

My reason for making these historical and theological digressions is to establish the fact that slave dealing is sanctioned by both religion and tradition among the Jews. They can’t get away with it in Europe or America these days, but in Israel, among themselves, they see no reason why they shouldn’t follow their natural inclinations. They must disguise those inclinations, of course. But disguise, deception, is something that also comes naturally. The Jews have a modus vivendi that really is unique among the races of man. For at least the last 2,600 years – that is, ever since the so-called „Babylonian captivity“ – and perhaps even much earlier, the Jews have striven to maintain their own separate identity and at the same time to live as a minority in non-Jewish societies. Other races have chosen one course or the other: either to be themselves, among their own kind, or to lose their own identity and assimilate into another society. The Jews always have wanted to have it both ways, and their skill at disguise and deception has been essential in the degree of success they have had.

And that gets us to the question I want to discuss with you today. What are the Jews really like? Which is the true Jew: is it the leering, hook-nosed slave dealer in Tel Aviv who brutalizes our women because his religion and the laws of his country permit him to do so, or is it the sensitive, violin-playing philanthropist Jew presented to us by Hollywood? More generally, is the real Jew the Israeli citizen who, while not a slave dealer himself, is comfortable with the traditions of his people and with the fact that his fellow Jews are still in the slave business – or is it the friendly Jew who owns the clothing store at the mall where you shop and seems no more sinister than any other shop owner? Is it the alien-looking Orthodox Talmud-Jew, with his long sidelocks and yarmulke and black garb, that one sees in New York’s „diamond district,“ or is it the normal- looking Jewish economics professor one had in college, who seemed like a nice guy?

Well, of course, the question is misleading. All of these Jews are „real Jews,“ but no one of them has all of the characteristics as an individual Jew that all of them together have. The fact is that there is quite a bit of diversity among the Jews. As an illustration of this, in Israel today the

Orthodox Jews – that is the Jews who take Judaism seriously – and the rest of the Jews are practically at war with each other over policy issues. The Orthodox Jews are actually burning down the synagogues of the non-Orthodox Jews. They are calling each other „Nazis.“ The atheistic and other non-Orthodox Jews outnumber the Orthodox Jews in Israel, but the latter are more tightly organized and more fanatical. The point is that Jews do disagree on many things.

So is it at all meaningful to associate things such as the White slave trade in Israel or the promotion of interracial sex between Whites and non-Whites in America with the Jews as a whole?

And the answer to that question is yes, it is meaningful to assign certain characteristics to Jews as a whole – as a people, a race, a nation – and also to hold the whole Jewish people accountable for certain policies and certain actions: „His blood be on us and on our children.“ That is something which has been understood for a long time, much longer than 2,000 years. Yet, a great many Americans today have been so confused by the brainwashing propaganda of the past few decades that they no longer understand it. They think that it is a reasonable policy for newspapers not to mention the race of a criminal, for example, because to do so might prejudice people against Blacks. You might argue that if a Black rapist or a Black mugger is on the loose, our people should know about it, so that they can protect themselves. They should know what he looks like. Yet, the liberal will argue that since not all Blacks are rapists or muggers, it’s bad to mention the race of some who are, because that will cause our people to be wary of Blacks generally.

And of course that’s true. People do generalize. People do stereotype. That’s why we’re still on this earth. It’s a survival trait. Our ancestors a million years ago saw what happened when one of their people got bitten by a poisonous snake, and they began avoiding snakes generally, even though many snakes aren’t poisonous. Better to be safe than sorry, they thought, even though our bad opinion of snakes generally might not be justified. The White women who got stripped and probed by Blacks and Puerto Ricans in Central Park a little less than a month ago had failed to generalize. They had failed to conclude that it’s a good idea to stay away from any area with a high concentration of non-Whites, just because some non-Whites are like those they encountered in Central Park.

The Whites of Rhodesia also failed to generalize when they turned their country over to Black rule more than 20 years ago. Their politicians and their media people and their preachers said to them, „All Blacks are not terrorists. There are many hard-working, law-abiding Blacks. The terrorists are only a minority. It will be all right to let the Black majority rule our country, because they will keep the terrorists under control. It would be wrong to generalize about Blacks and Black-run countries. It would be racist.“ And the Rhodesians believed their politicians and media people and preachers. They failed to look around them at the Black-ruled countries of Africa, every one of which is a pest-hole and a basket case. They failed to consider the lesson of history, to look at Black behavior generally over the centuries. They believed that it would be wicked of them to come to a general conclusion about Blacks as a whole, as a race, because not all Blacks are the same; some Blacks are not bad, and it would be unjust to lump them in with the rest by generalizing. And so now history is phasing out the White Rhodesians. They have proved themselves unfit to survive. Since Mugabe was reelected a few days ago the attacks on White farms and on White farm families have been stepped up. More and more of them are being forced off the farms they have owned for generations. Soon all of them will be gone.

So now, why is it fair to lump the nice Jewish economics professor you had in college, the nice Jewish shop owner you know, together with Ehud Barak and Ariel Sharon and the White slave-owners of Israel? It is fair because if we fail to do it – if we fail to draw correct conclusions about the Jews as a whole, as a people – we ourselves will not survive as a people. The Jewish shop owner, the Jewish professor, do not exist in a vacuum; they exist in an ethnic context. They are not simply individuals; they are members of a racial community, a national community. They are Jews, and that word has a real meaning for them. They are Jews whether they are religious or not, whether they ever have entered a synagogue or not. They are Jews whether they are in the White slave business in Israel or in the television business in America or simply shop owners or professors.

In Israel there are Jews who believe that permitting Israel to become the world center for the trade in White slaves was a tactical error that may end up costing the Jews as a whole more than it’s worth, just as there were some Jews in Germany before the Second World War who believed that the promotion of communism was a tactical error for the Jews as a whole and might end up costing the Jews as a whole more than they would gain from communism. But when it comes to making a choice, the Jewish shop owner and the Jewish professor will not turn against their own people just because they believe that the Jews’ trade in White slaves is a tactical error. The Jews in America overwhelmingly favored the bombing of Belgrade last year by Madeleine Albright in order to force the Serbs to be nice to the KLA terrorists who were trying to take over Serbia’s Kosovo province. But they would not favor bombing Tel Aviv to force the Israeli government to stop the Jewish trade in White slaves. The friendly Jewish shop owner and the nice Jewish professor overwhelmingly favored the sending of troops into Kosovo to force the Serbs into line with the New World Order, but I will guarantee you that they would not favor the sending of troops into Israel to break the Israeli Jews of some of their nasty habits – such as forcing Russian and Ukrainian and Latvian and Hungarian girls into prostitution – or torturing Palestinian prisoners or sending Mossad assassination teams into other countries to murder people the Jews don’t like by squirting poison into their ears or planting radio-controlled bombs in their telephones. No honest person who really knows the Jews will contradict me on that.

I’ll reiterate: despite their diversity, the Jews are a unit, and if we are to survive, we must understand that and act accordingly. In deciding our own policies we must consider the effects of the Jews as a whole on our society and on our people. The salient fact is not that the Jewish economics professor we had in college seemed to be a nice guy; the salient fact is that Jews own Hollywood and Madison Avenue and are using that ownership to persuade White girls that it is fashionable to have sex with Blacks. The salient fact is not that the Jewish shop owner we know is a friendly and helpful guy; the salient fact is that we have an open-borders policy which is flooding America with sub-human trash from Mexico and the rest of the Third World, and that policy is favored by the great majority of Jews in America, but by only a small minority of non- Jewish White people.

The salient fact is that if we do not think about the Jews as a whole and do something about them as a whole, history will phase us out just as surely as it is phasing out the White Rhodesians.

Lectures on the Holocaust – Controversial Issues Cross-Examined


3rd, revised and expanded edition


Did you know that the mass media were reporting an impending holocaust of six million Jews since the late eighteen-hundreds? Did you know that the media have repeatedly exposed the stories of Holocaust survivors to be lies? Did you know that many mainstream scholars have expressed doubts about the accuracy of Holocaust history books? Did you know that historians critically investigating the Holocaust narrative are thrown into jail in most European countries, and are not allowed to defend themselves in court?

The present book addresses these and many more such issues. In the first section, it starts by defining what “the Holocaust” is and why it is an important topic. It then gives examples demonstrating that it is well to keep an open, critical mind. The second section tells the tale of many a mainstream scholar expressing doubts and subsequently falling from grace due to this “heresy.” The third section discusses in detail the physical traces and documents about the various claimed crime scenes, such as the camps at Auschwitz, Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor. It investigates the claimed murder weapons: gas chambers, gas vans, crematoria and cremation pits. The fourth section thoroughly examines to what degree we can rely on witness testimony, and it analyzes the pertinent aspects of the most prominent among them. In the last section, the author lobbies for free inquiry and a free exchange of ideas about this topic, exactly because the powers that be can’t face critical questions.

Of all the thousands of books on this topic, this one gives the most-comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the critical research into the Holocaust. With its dialog style, it is pleasant to read, and with its logical organization and index, it can even be used as an encyclopedic compendium.

The Secret Masonic Victory of WW2 – Part 14 – The Satanic Empire


The Kun of Hungary


This article was originally published in 2015

My friend Dr. Edward R. Fields authored a booklet exposing the dirty deeds and blood-covered hands of Bela Kun (Cohen) a jewish Hungarian Communist revolutionary. The Hungarian Terror: Bela Kun Strangles a Nation was published by The Barnes Review in 2014.

The long-suffering Hungarian people have been ground up in the historical meat grinder for centuries, but the past 100 years have been especially brutal. Long tentacles of Red agitation spread over Hungary after the Russian Revolution. In addition, the Versailles Treaty reduced the land mass of Hungary to a third of its previous size. Destruction, unemployment and chaos enveloped Hungary in the footsteps of the Russian Revolution and the First World War. The beleaguered citizens of 1919, were ripe for the picking by the jewish radicals. One of them stepped onto the podium – Bela Kun, the ugly one.

Bela Kun was born on February 20, 1886, and should have been throttled at birth. He had been fired for embezzlement by his employer before being drafted into the Hungarian army during World War I. When Lenin’s Bolshevik revolution occurred in 1917, Kun was a prisoner in one of the Russian POW camps having been captured on the Eastern front.

From page 8: “Lenin immediately sent emissaries to the POW camps for the purpose of converting those from Germany, Austria and Hungary to the fight for a Communist revolution in their home countries. Bela Kun enthusiastically embraced communism and helped win over his fellow prisoners. Lenin was so pleased with Kun’s success that he brought him to Moscow and put him in charge of building the Communist Party in Hungary. Kun left Moscow with some 300 other POWs to organize a Bolshevik revolution. Lenin also provided Kun with a large sum of money.”

Budapest held a huge jewish population; second only to Warsaw’s jews. The Hungarian chosen ones supported the Communist activist Bela Kun. He became president of Hungary on March 21, 1919. The majority of Kun’s heads of governmental departments were jewish. From page 13: “He would launch a reign of murder unprecedented in Hungarian history.”

Kun’s henchmen were led by the cruel Tibor Szamuely who began an unmerciful reign of terror. Within Kun’s time as president, less than five months (133 days), Szamuely’s “Sons of Lenin” murdered nearly 4,000 Hungarians; some hanged from poles, others shot in the back of the head while many unfortunates suffered deaths by torture. From pages 16 & 17: “Prominent citizens such as Col. Dormandy and Victor Horvath were tortured atrociously in the cellar of the Batthyany Palace. They had burning cigars stuffed in their mouths, enormous amounts of water forced down their throats (Sounds familiar.) and nails driven under their fingernails.” Lenin encouraged the use of such methods against any opponents.

On August 2, 1919, the government resigned and its jews were on the lam. Loyal Hungarian troops liberated the populace and Admiral Nicholas Horthy became the regent. In 1921, Horthy banned the Communist Party and took some steps to control the parasitic jews.

Lenin did not give up on his monster Kun. After Kun escaped from Hungary, he was sent in 1920 to pacify the Crimea where he is credited with the execution of 50,000! Ultimately, Bela Kun himself was executed in Stalin’s purges on November 30, 1939. Too late for his victims.

Poor Hungary was not through with the Communists after Kun was overthrown. The World War II good ‘ole boys acquiesced to Stalin’s demands to retain control of occupied Eastern Europe, which placed Hungary in 1945, under the heavy yoke of Soviet Communism.

The U.S. failed to give anything but moral support to those courageous Hungarians who rose up against the Soviets during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. We promised, but failed to aid the Hungarians who died by the thousands during the uprising. Thousands had to flee their homeland in order to avoid execution or the gulags. Hungary was held hostage for almost half a century due to the cowardly actions of our leaders who were fearful of their own ally Stalin!

America has a history of sweet talking anti-Communists and then ignoring their pleas for assistance. The U.S. did not follow up militarily during the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion by those intrepid Cubans destined to death or cellblocks. Holy America was/is controlled by backstabbers who have given assistance to radical fronts such as the South African ANC.

Recently, while driving my old Chevy truck on a rainy December afternoon, listening to Music from Hungary on my tape deck with a copy of Dr. Fields’ book nearby, I recalled a statement made to me by a Hungarian man I knew way back in the 1960s in London, England. He told me quite bluntly that he did not like Americans, but I was too uninformed to understand his antipathy. My friend had been one of those 1956 uprising escapees from Hungary.

The U.S. liar-land failed the Hungarian people on several levels due to our subversive jewish puppet government which secretly supports Communist totalitarian regimes while publicly braying about democracy to the sheeple. Stalin scared that wretched F.D.R. and boozy Winston Churchill. Stalin demanded and was presented with sovereign Hungary. The U.S.S.R. received the largest slices of that bloodied war pie. The Hungarians were the recipients of a slice of nearly 50 years of occupation thanks in part to the actions of us “ugly Americans.”

Caricatures from “Der Stürmer” – translated in English and colourized – The Year 1941 – Part 2!

The Year 1941 – Part 2

Israel is the Worst Counter-Intelligence Threat to US in the Middle East


The FBI & Justice Department have declared Israel the 2nd most aggressive nation running espionage operations against the US… the US security establishment has always regarded Israel as its number one counter-intelligence threat in the Middle East…

Israel sold U.S. war plans to the USSR…

US intelligence officers say Mossad is a ‘second rate’ operation… ‘Israeli intelligence assistance is often of dubious value… CIA is appalled at the lack of quality… They often give the US faulty, misleading intelligence…’

“Israel, Our Best Ally”

By Ron Estes,

2 January 2021

In 1987, Jonathan Pollard, a former Pentagon intelligence analyst, plead guilty to performing as a spy for Israel, providing Israel top-secret US classified information. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison for violations of the Espionage Act. Pollard was the only American who has received a prison sentence for passing classified information to a US ally.

To set the stage, on October 25, 1985, Pollard was seen carrying a large bundle from his office to his wife’s car, and was consequently placed under surveillance.

On November 21 he was arrested as he approached the Israeli embassy in Washington and charged with espionage. After serving his 30 years sentence, Pollard was released November 20, 2015, and placed on parole in accordance with federal guidelines in place at the time of his sentencing. On November 20, 2020, the parole expired and all restrictions were removed. Pollard was a free man.

On 29 December 2020, Pollard and his wife left the United States and arrived in Israel on a private plane provided by American casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, a major funder and board member of the Republican Jewish Coalition, a pro-Israel lobbying group, and a billionaire supporter of the GOP, and both Netanyahu and President Trump. Upon disembarking from the aircraft in Israel, Pollard, who had never lived in Israel before, triumphantly kissed the ground, “We are ecstatic to be home at last after 35 years,” he said as he was greeted at the airport by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli leader jubilantly immediately presented Pollard, and his wife Esther, with Israeli ID cards, granting them Israeli citizenship.

Israel sold U.S. war plans to USSR

The American people must wonder why the prime Minister of Israel would meet at the airport a released American convict. According to a retired CIA station chief, in 1985, a month after Pollard’s arrest, the CIA director William Casey stated: ‘The Israelis used Pollard to obtain our war plans against the USSR – all of it: the co-ordinates, the firing locations, the sequences, and Israel sold that information to Moscow for more exit visas for Soviet Jews. Casey said CIA obtained that information from a CIA penetration of the Soviet Government.

The FBI and the Justice Department both have declared Israel the 2nd most aggressive nation running espionage operations in the US, against the US. China is 1st.

To support that contention, Pollard had also passed to Israel reams of reports gathered by US military attaches in the Middle East, identifying informants, and details of the radio frequencies being tapped by the US.

To put the Israeli, US relationship in perspective, the FBI and the Justice Department have both released statements declaring Israel the 2nd most aggressive nation running espionage operations in the US, against the US. China is 1st.

Israel spying major threat to U.S.

US politicians may prefer to express undying love for Israel, and hand over billions of dollars annually in aid, but the US security establishment has — at least, in private — always regarded Israel as an unfaithful partner.

Current and former CIA officials admitted that the US security establishment has always regarded Israel as its number one counter-intelligence threat in the Middle East.

At least two more Israeli spies in t he US have been identified in the past few years. In 2008 a former US army engineer, Ben-Ami Kadish, admitted that he had allowed Israeli agents to photograph secret documents about US fighter jets and nuclear weapons in the 1980s. And in 2006 Lawrence Franklin, a defense official, was convicted of passing classified documents to Israel concerning Iran.

Mossad, a second-rate intelligence service, gave U.S. false intelligence

There is a mistaken impression in the American populace that Israeli intelligence is an important and necessary bulwark in US national defense. The truth is most intelligence professionals (in major intelligence services) consider the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, to be small, under-financed (compared to major power services) and second rate.

After the US Iraq invasion, the US Senate Intelligence Committee stated most of the intelligence Mossad had passed to the US was false. A former CIA officer who was part of the CIA representation at intelligence exchange liaison meetings with Israel said: “Israeli intelligence assistance is often of dubious value, and CIA is appalled at the lack of quality. Mossad doesn’t know its Arab enemies. Its Arab political reporting is lousy, laughably bad…it was gossip stuff mostly. They often pass faulty, misleading intelligence.”

Mossad has conducted some professional operations, mostly against the US target, but they can not be compared with the major intelligence services in the world. They are not effective against Islamic terrorist organizations, and they don’t target on them.

President elect Biden will face a political and national security problem when conducting relations with Israel. Support for Israel in the US is formidable, including highly effective Israel lobbies and Evangelicals who support unfettered US support for Israel for religious reasons, the Messiah will not return until God’s promise to the Jews of the Holy Lands is realized. But the President must balance those political considerations with the fact that many aspects of our relationship with Israel adversely affect our strategic interests in the Middle East.

Ron Estes served 25 years as an Operations Officer in the CIA Clandestine Service.

Jewish ‘De-Nazification’ of National Socialist Germany


For all the readily available information about the infamous “Nazi” book burnings, next to nothing is mentioned of a far greater book burning: that which transpired during the judeo-Allied “re-education” of Germans after their defeat in World War Two.

It is estimated that over a third of all German books had already been destroyed by jewish bombing in West Germany alone1, and this does not include those books in the areas taken from Germany after the war. Added to the millions of German books destroyed worldwide during the jewish created anti-German hysteria of World War One, far more German books were destroyed in the twentieth century than likely exist today.

The judeo-Allied consensus upon victory was the doctrine of collective guilt: all Germans, young or old, shared the blame for the war. The idea was entrenched enough that it caused no surprise when jewish led U.S. President Harry S. Truman refused to alleviate the famine of the German population in December, 1945, stating :

“though all Germans might not be guilty for the war, it would be too difficult to try to single out for better treatment those who had nothing to do with the ‘Nazi’ regime and its crimes.”

Apparently this applied even to babies and young children. It was during this time, when German cities were in rubble, millions were dead or missing and anywhere up to 20 million homeless Germans were living on food rations of less than 1,000 calories a day, that both the judeo-British and the judeo-Americans took control of German media to instill a sense of collective guilt in the population.

Not only was there was unfettered plunder and looting of German libraries and schools, the Psychological Warfare Division of SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force) had been fully organized in anticipation of victory and almost instantly embarked upon an intense, well-mapped jewish psychological propaganda campaign for the purpose of developing a German sense of collective guilt and, using the judeo-American controlled German media, launched a massive campaign to shock and subjugate the German mind. This including control over what they read.

As soon as the jewish led U.S. Army entered Germany at war’s end, the U.S. Army and the Office of Military Government shut down German newspapers, journals, and radio stations in the American zone and installed brainwashing experts from the Psychological Warfare Division of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (PWD/ SHAEF) to control the German minds.

This force later became the Information Control Division (ICD). They immediately banned German “politically tainted” journalists, and prohibited any proud or nationalistic messages that could encourage resistance to their project. Jews hand picked and licensed German editors from various left wing organizations to run the media, newspapers and journals and by mid-1946, they had given press licenses to 73 mostly left-leaning Germans whose job it was to create a “new, democratic Germany.”

The ICD defined and limited what was acceptable in both political and cultural fields, and monitored and regulated all information that reached Germans in the judeo-American zone and sector. By July, 1946, the ICD had taken control of 37 German newspapers, 6 radio stations, 314 theatres, 642 cinemas, 101 magazines, 237 book publishers, 7,384 book dealers and printers and one of its main criteria was to strictly prohibit any criticism of the judeo-Allied forces of occupation and stifle any criticism of jewish Allied war crime actions such as the lethal civilian bombing campaigns. In addition, on May 13, 1946 the Allied Control council issued a directive for the confiscation of all media that could contribute to anything loosely defined as militaristic, nationalistic or any material which glorified German history.

The judeo-Allies immediately banned all German film-making in their “re-education” zeal, brutally subjecting existing German films to a process of “denazification,” destroying thousands of films in the process and subjecting others to cuts and changes to ensure that German society and its media broke with its past and “with historical traditions upon which National Socialism was built, such as militarism and authoritarianism,” which loosely meant anything that spoke of pride in their history. German film makers were arrested and “de-Nazified,” some until 1948. Their studios were ransacked and purged of any materials deemed un-judeo-American in value. Most never resumed production. Typical of the entire jewish “re-education” campaign, the judeo-American military put bitter left-leaning German expatriates in charge of their Motion Picture Division in September 1949.

During the first two years of occupation, jewish American press policy reflected the ideological profile of the ICD press officers, many of whom were recent and sometimes spitefully bitter German emigres with jewish leftist agendas they were eager to spread and these press officers collaborated with the German communists to create a “democratic German press and culture” in their own image. By early 1947, as cold war loomed, the original ICD press officers were replaced by anti-Communists and most publications that did not follow the OMGUS’s new anti-communist directives ceased or had their editors replaced. The German mind was pulled one way then stretched another. The judeo-Soviet counterpart to OMGUS was the Sowjetische Militaradministration in Deutschland who spread Moscow’s messages to the Germans.

“Re-education” had its critics. General George S. Patton was one figure who was outspoken in his disagreement with the severity of the judeo-Allied “re-education” programs instituted to “detoxify” the German people.

On September 22, 1945, while speaking to reporters, Patton compared the “denazification thing” and the controversy over “Nazism” to a “Democratic and Republican election fight.”

The jew Eisenhower consequently removed him as U.S. commander in Bavaria and transferred him to the 15th Army Group. Three months later, in December 1945, Patton suffered a broken neck in a car accident and died(assassinated) less than two weeks later at the age of 60. Mass murderer Kike Eisenhower went on to implement these oppressive policies emanating from Washington, and he strictly censored any vocal or written opposition to any part of the anti-“Nazi” program by the military. The program, left without any brave watchdogs, soon became even more severe.

A huge chunk of German history was lost forever.

All German literature found in both the judeo-Soviet and the judeo-Western Occupation Zones was subjected to censorship. In the U.S. zone, it was regulated by the occupation directive JCS 1067 valid until July 1947, and in the May 1946 order valid for all zones until 1950. Allied Control Authority Order No. 4 stated:

“Confiscation of Literature and Material of a Nazi and Militarist Nature” dictated that all confiscated literature was reduced to pulp instead of burning to avoid accusations of book burning! Unfortunately, those in charge of disposal often didn’t know Goethe from Goofy, and thousands of innocuous, even rare, books were “pulped.”

The first such list of material was followed by three supplements, totaling 35,000 books and a ban was applied to all textbooks published from 1933 to 1945. All such publications and materials were ordered by the judeo-Allied “re-education” teams to be “released to the Commanders of each Zone to be destroyed” and

all books having “National Socialist propaganda, racial teachings and “calls to violence” or propaganda directed against the United Nations, etc.” were removed from all libraries, schools, universities, research institutes, academies, technical or academic societies, bookstores, publishing houses and even from some private homes… and then destroyed.

This massive, haphazard jewish vandalism was carried out by unqualified people from 1946 to 1952, and many books were lost forever due to careless storage and handling, all under the jewish battle cry of making the world a safer place.

This was the greatest campaign of book destruction of all time and ended up being applied not only to the offending books, but to poetry, philosophy, musical verse, calendars, horse books, books about trade and agriculture, driving manuals, books about flowers, home building, barns, astronomy, plumbing, poets, tennis and books about gardening. Hundreds of years of German history and culture were lost due to this arrogant jewish abuse of authority, brazen jewish incompetence and total jewish ignorance.

Books about birds made the list, as well as books by Friedrich the Great and Bismarck and antique European military history books. Popular children’s books, including rare editions of the Brothers Grimm, were pulped on the grounds that they “provoked violence.” Everything about the Olympic Games of 1936 was banned. Books by the ancient poets were pulped. Even books once banned by the National Socialists were destroyed! Sloppy handling caused the loss of the entire musical works of Richard Strauss in this orgy of jewish stupidity.

From Time, Issue of Monday, May 27, 1946:

To re-educate Germany, the Allies last week adopted a typically “Nazi” device. The four-power Coordinating Committee decided to reduce to pulp all “undemocratic, militaristic and “Nazi” literature, museum and library material, newspapers, films and war memorials. Tombstones were excepted.

Here is how the Allies went about the suppression of ideas:

Into Berlin’s press camp breezed a pretty young ex-WAC introduced as Vivian Cox, an “expert” attached to the Military Directorate. Sitting on a desk and dangling her long, nylon-clad legs, Miss Cox answered indignant newsmen’s questions in a pleasant Southern drawl. How would “militaristic” be defined, asked one reporter. Replied Miss Cox: “It’s the way the Germans have of waging war.” How would “democratic” be defined? Said Miss Cox: “Everything American people think and call democratic.” Was the order different in principle from “Nazi” book burnings? No, not in Miss Cox’s opinion…

Just 13 years ago, the “Nazis” had confiscated and burned millions of “un-German” books. The war had destroyed hundreds of thousands more. Now the Allied order would eliminate millions more. Pessimists could see the day approaching when Germans would have nothing left to read except perhaps some of Grimm’s lighter fairy tales. Cracked one British officer to a U.S. colleague: “You people might yet be able to convert the Germans to your comics….”

The measure found its defenders. Said one U.S. official: “At least the Germans won’t be able to read Clausewitz these long summer nights.” Said a Russian: “If more of them were out ploughing fields instead of reading, there would be more food.” But most observers condemned the order as a piece of unenforceable foolishness which would only increase interest in the verboten books, and martyrize Germany’s nationalistic spirit.

Greed also played a part. The British Library was so disgusted and frightened by German books that it alone possesses about 12,000 books the judeo-Allies seized from German libraries and institutions between June 1944 and 1947. The US Library of Congress was so appalled by dangerous German books that it obtained over 819,000 Allied confiscated German books by 1948 and 2 million other pieces of German literature. Congress kept 28% of the stock, including Hitler’s private library, and sent 72% to the Association of Research Libraries. Only a small portion was ever returned to Germany. The French take is unclear, but the Soviets stole a lion’s share, especially rare illuminated medieval manuscripts, but they were at least direct: since “Germany started the war” they deserved to loot German cultural history.

Millions of other German books that survived the bombings and looting were stolen by occupying soldiers.

Beginning with “re-education” at the end of the War, Germany has continued the strict censorship imposed by the judeo-Soviet and the judeo-Allied occupiers. Even today, using the “special history” excuse, “nationalistic” books, songs and symbols are illegal even in private in Austria and Germany, and Germany has been aggressive in trying to expand its own strict laws beyond its borders. Almost all prosecutions of jewish censorship violations have taken place in connection with what they term holocaust “revisionism” or “denial.” Merely questioning an aspect, re-analyzing data, expressing a maverick theory or trying to revise a statistic pertaining to this subject is lumped under “holocaust denial” which is illegal not only in Germany and Austria, but in most of Europe.

“To have failed to write about a particular historical event in a balanced manner” (?) is a crime that can send an amateur historian to jail and he will often serve a longer sentence than a child molester or serial rapist.

Thousands of people have been convicted of violating judeo-European “denial” laws and they are currently languishing in judeo-European dungeons. Cases prosecuted under these jewish laws go unchallenged even when the convicted parties were pacifists and never proposed violence but were simply expressing their opinion. In the cases of scientists, artists, singers or writers convicted of this offense, their homes and businesses are raided and their work is destroyed by the jewish state. Worse, the definition of “denial” is being broadened and is defined today as “hard-core” and “soft-core” denial, the latter including discussion of the judeo-Allied bombing campaign against Germany as well as the jewish expulsions of ethnic German civilians after the war. Even liberal writers extremely critical of the Third Reich have been tarnished as “soft-core deniers” when they came out with books discussing the heavy toll of judeo-Allied bombing upon the German civilians in the war.

1) Judeo-Allied bombing of Germany caused extensive destruction of German libraries, including but not limited to:

the Library of the Technical University of Aachen (50,000 volumes),

the Berlin Staatsbibliothek (2 million volumes),

the Berlin University Library (20,000 volumes),

the Bonn University Library (25% of its holdings),

the Bremen Staatsbibliothek (150,000 volumes),

the Hessische Landesbibliothek in Darmstadt (760,000 volumes),

the Library of the Technical University in Darmstadt (two thirds of its collection),

the Stadt- und Landesbibliothek in Dortmund (250,000 of 320,000 volumes),

the Sächsische Landesbibliothek in Dresden (300,000 volumes),

the Stadtbibliothek in Dresden (200,000 volumes), the Essen Stadtbücherei (130,000 volumes),

the Frankfurt Stadt- und Universitätsbibliothek (550,000 volumes, 440,000 doctoral dissertations, 750,000 patents),

the Giessen University Library (nine tenths of its collection),

the Greifswald University Library (17,000 volumes),

the Hamburg Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek (600,000 volumes),

the Hamburg Commerz-Bibliothek (174,000 of 188,000 volumes),

the Hannover Stadtbibliothek (125,000 volumes),

the Badische Landesbibliothek in Karlsruhe (360,000 volumes),

the Library of the Technical University in Karlsruhe (63,000 volumes),

the Kassel Landesbibliothek (350,000 of 400,000 volumes),

the Murhardsche Bibliothek in Kassel (100,000 volumes),

the Kiel University Library (250,000 volumes),

the Leipzig Stadtbibliothek (175,000 of 181,000 volumes),

the Magdeburg Stadtbibliothek (140,000 of 180,000 volumes),

the Marburg University Library (50,000 volumes),

the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in Munich (500,000 volumes),

the Munich University Library (350,000 volumes),

the Munich Stadtbibliothek (80,000 volumes),

the Munich Benedictine Library (120,000 volumes),

the Münster University Library (360,000 volumes),

the Nürnberg Stadtbibliothek (100,000 volumes),

the Württembergische Landesbibliothek in Stuttgart (580,000 volumes),

the Library of the Technical University in Stuttgart (50,000 volumes),

the Würzburg University Library (200,000 volumes and 230,000 doctoral dissertations).

Source: UNESCO. General Information Programme and UNISIST, “Lost Memory – Libraries and Archives Destroyed in the Twentieth Century” 1996.

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